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Comparing an Elite Footballer to an Elite Cyclist

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Reference this

-Own Vo2max measurements




Level 10.5



-Compare your score with an elite athlete from 2 other sports (use table)

Elite athlete


Soccer – Cristiano Ronaldo


Cycling – Lance Armstrong


-Using the supplied data and any other research data and using specific context, explain the advantage of high vo2 max in game performance.

The advantage of high vo2 max in an exceedingly game performance is that the very styles of exercises that support your wellness level additionally limit muscle misfortune, keep your bones solid, and even keep your mind sound. Different investigations have likewise connected higher VO2max scores with decreased danger of making an infection. VO2 max is important because it tends to be utilized as a portrayal of what quantity oxygen your body utilizes during exercise at a most extreme exertion. VO2max in soccer can differ from 50 to 75 ml kg min, which upholds the thought during this which regards about 90% of the all-out energy during a football match comes from the oxidative framework.

Explain another physiological factor that will enhance performance in one sport listed above.

The psychological factors are the portion of sports neuroscience that focuses explicitly on instructing soccer players on the foremost proficient method to induce through the psychological boundaries that hold them back from performing up to their potential. soccer players who can run at full potential speed up and down the soccer pitch for 90 minutes with not that much of l recovery time, is usually traveling several miles over the course of the sport. this needs incredible cardiovascular/aerobic fitness. Excellent Ball Handling Skills.

These are dot points of the Physiological factors that will enhance the performance in soccer

  • High-speed Running and Standard of Play
  • Positional Differences
  • Other Demanding Match Activities
  • Influence of Team Tactics on Physical Demands
  • Fatigue During a Football Game
  • Energy Demands During a Game

Total time min


Aerobic system

Total distance KM


Aerobic system

Mean velocity KM/hr


Anaerobic lactic

Exertion index



Acceleration over 4KM/hr


Anaerobic Lactic

Surges above 18Km/hr


Anaerobic Alactic

Longest continuous time over 20Km in min


Aerobic system

Steady state time over 8KM/hr


Aerobic system

Moderate accelerations


Anaerobic Alactic

Part B: Table Discussion:

The three main energy systems in AFL are the ATP-PC, anaerobic glycolysis, and aerobic systems. The way it's utilizes is from glucose from the blood or glycogen from inside the muscle fibre and unsaturated fats because the primary fuel. Protein may be a fuel that may possibly be utilized when sugar and fat stores are especially low. Then Oxygen is required for this framework, however, no lactic corrosive is made. The anaerobic alactic is that the quickest and most impressive framework. This framework works without oxygen, which then doesn't create lactic corrosive, and goes on for over 6-15 seconds then anaerobic lactic works without oxygen which then produces lactic corrosive and endures around 2 minutes. the current moment, or anaerobic lactic (without oxygen, with lactic corrosive) framework starts to supply more energy to fuel the muscle. The Fuel for this framework comes from glucose within the blood and puts away glycogen within the muscle Alongside energy (ATP), lactic corrosive which is delivered as a side-effect of this framework.

Graph discussion:

Using the information below evaluate the interplay of energy systems of the runner in the fun run.

  • The runner is 20 years old who trained three times a week for four months.
  • The fun run is 14 km.
  • It was held in hot and windy conditions in a coastal setting.
  • The fun runner completed it in 1 hr and 10 minutes.
  • The fastest time for an elite runner was 41 minutes and 30 seconds.

The runner that's 20 years old who has trained quite 3 times every week for four months who had completed in a very 14 km run which was held in hot and windy conditions. The runner had completed the 14km run in 1 hr and 10 minutes, a elite runner had completed the run in 41 minutes and 30 seconds. The Anaerobic System provides the body with explosive short-term energy which isn't needed for oxygen its then stored within the cells within the chemical nucleotide (ATP) . Anaerobic system delivers powers within the working muscle cells when the blood is unable to produce them with oxygen quickly enough. Running within the warmth makes the body's centre temperature rise which then you tend to sweat and will mean your very dehydrated. The body works better when the centre temperature is exceptionally very high to assist keep the body cool, the body begins to perspire, permitting the heat to disappear When running within the breeze it constrains you to figure more enthusiastically and utilize more energy to push ahead. The way the runner had completed the run in 1 hour and 10 minutes was using the aerobic system which is predominant energy system which is employed for races lasting longer than 3 minutes. Distance running is principally limited for the employment of oxygen which implies most of your training which target improving on the aerobic system which may supply oxygen to the muscles after you are running.


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