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The world of French Gastronomy cooking is dominated by men, but when Anne-Sophie-Pic took over her father’s restaurant she took the world by storm. Anne-Sophie-Pic had a simple life growing up with food. She learned how to make many feminine dishes and opened successful restaurants. Anne-Sophie-Pic was an extravagant chef who grew up in the kitchen, she later moved on to create many famous dishes to serve at her numerous Michelin star restaurants.

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     Anne-Sophie-Pic was born in 1969 on July 12th in Valance a community in France. Anne-Sophie-Pic ancestors were a line of famous chefs. Anne-Sophie-Pic great-grandmother Sophie-Pic started off the Pic legacy. Eugene and Sophie Pic opened Maison Pic in 1889 and it was not very successful. Later their son Andre-Pic took over the restaurant and gained 3 Michelin stars for the restaurant. To Andre Pics demise, the restaurant lost its 3rd star in 1946 and its second star in 1950. Andre Pic had a son named Jacques Pic, he wanted to regain the starts back for Maison Pic. He won back the third star in 1973 but sadly in 1995, Maison Pic lost its 3rd star again 3 years after Jacques death. While still alive Jaques had a son Alain Pic and a daughter Anne-Sophie-Pic. After Jacques died, his son Alain Pic took over Maison Pic. In 1977 Anne-Sophie-Pic took over the restaurant and regained its 3rd star in 2007. Before Anne-Sophie-Pic took over Maison Pic she did not want to become a chef. Though she grew up in the kitchen, cooking was not something she wanted to pursue as an adult. Anne-Sophie-Pic spent several years traveling to Japan, the United States, and overseas to work in management. It wasn’t until her father Jacques died in 1992 that she diced to move back to Valance. While traveling overseas she met her now-husband David Sinapian and has a son named Nathan. Because of the history with cooking Anne-Sophie-Pics ancestors have she was destined to become a chef.

     Anne-Sophie-Pic is most famous for her amazing gastronomy cooking. People adore her food because of the numerous flavors and how aesthetic her dishes are. Anne-Sophie-Pic has many recipes that are popular but there are 3 that are the most favored. The first is Berlingots, “lightly smoked and creamy Banon goats cheese served with ginger and bergamot-infused cress sauce”. Anne-Sophie-Pic created this recipe because she wanted to make a pasta dish “unprecedented in its taste, color, and shape” This dish was inspired by Ravioli de Romans. The next is Langoustines (lobster), “Langoustines seared in butter with a light green apple broth, cinnamon leaves, aniseed, and celery stalk.” This recipe came to Anne-Sophie-Pic while researching cooking sauces. The style for this dish was hard to make but easy to eat, she wanted to make a complex sauce but letting the palate be able to identify all of the flavors. Anne-Sophie-Pics most famous dessert is White Mille Feuille. “Light Tahitian vanilla cream with jasmine jelly and a Voatsiperifery pepper emulsion.”  The goal of this dessert was to put greater emphasis on the aesthetics of the desert. The dessert means “a thousand leaves” because of the various folded layers of puff pastry.  All of these dishes are very elegant and complex but easy for the palate which contributes to her Michelin stars.

     Anne-Sophie-Pic has 3 Michelin stars that were awarded to her numerous restaurants. Her most popular restaurant is La Dame Pic. La Dame Pic has 2 locations, one in Paris and one in London. La Dame Pic in Paris was geared toward having a taste of Valence in Paris. She wanted someplace with a gentle feminine atmosphere so guests can relax. La Dame Pic in London is located in the four seasons hotel. In this restaurant, “the visitor enjoys dishes that reflect my(her) French identity but sublimate English products.” said Anne-Sophie-Pic. Anne-Sophie-Pic has an odd location. She was very proud to open Anne-Sophie-Pic at the Beau Rivage Palace in Switzerland. Anne-Sophie Pic is also located in Valance. Anne-Sophie-Pic in Valence is Anne-Sophie-Pic favorite. Valance is her hometown so this restaurant holds a special place in her heart. It is intimate and cozy but all tie back to three main themes. “feminine pink and gray powder colors, details linking back to my family history, my beloved Japan, the presence of plants, and serene, sophisticated design.”Valance is the most popular locations for her restaurant. Anne-Sophie-Pic has a total of two restaurants, one cooking school, one bakery/store, and one hotel in Valance. She owns a hotel called Maison-Pic that was made as a welcoming home to encourage friends and family to get together someplace elegant. Andre is the restaurant with the most history, the menu is based on family history from the Pics. L’Epicerie is a wine cellar, bakery, and grocery store. The cakes are handmade by the best chefs and all the products are chosen with care. Lastly, the Scook School is one of Anne-Sophie-Pics the biggest accomplishments. Anne-Sophie-Pic wanted someplace where everyone could learn, “discovery of taste, techniques and culinary gestures.”  Anne-Sophie-Pic has won many awards for her many restaurants. Her most proud awards are her 3 Michelin stars. The stars are not easy to obtain and are awarded to the best restaurants in each particular city in the guide. “One star: The restaurant is considered very good in its category but is limited in some way. Two stars: The restaurant has excellent cuisine delivered in a unique way. Three stars: The restaurant has exceptional cuisine and is worth a special trip just to visit.” Another award Anne-Sophie-Pic has received is the Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef award- top 50 restaurants, and the Eckart Witzigmann Award for excellent culinary art. All Anne-Sophie-Pics restaurants and awards have made her always try and improve her culinary work and strive to do her best.

     Later moving on to create many famous dishes to serve at her numerous Michelin star restaurants; Anne-Sophie-Pic was an extravagant chef who grew up in the kitchen.  She has a long history with many famous chefs that helped her learned to dominate the male world of French gastronomy cooking. Anne-Sophie-Pic is successful in her many restaurants. Today many people focus on male chefs dominating the French word of cooking while Anne-Sophie-Pic is striving for greatness.

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