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Business Analysis and Systems Recommendation Report of Technology Consultant

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Maryland Technology Consultant, Inc.

Business Analysis and Systems Recommendation Report


Maryland Technology Consultants, Inc. (MTC) is an Information Technology consulting firm with its headquarters located in Baltimore Maryland. MTC was founded in May 2008 by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Samuel Johnson. The firm has a current employee roster of three hundred fifty employees and with gross revenue of ninety-five million dollars annually. MTC, along with the Baltimore office, incorporates two satellite offices in Bethesda, Maryland and Herndon, Virginia.

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MTC’s intends to expand its client base from midsize businesses and governmental contracts into the global marketplace. With aspirations of expansion into international markets, MTC identifies its need to increase personnel. With the inception of two large, recently acquired contracts, MTC foresees need of an additional seventy five (75) new employees. The current manual hiring process is a concern and has been identified by Chief Information Officer (CIO), Raj Patel, as a major issue that needs be addressed in a relatively short period of time. Mr. Patel has suggested the firm implement Software as a Service (SaaS) to tackle current process issues as a means to streamline future hires.  Also noted were desires to implement improvements in mobile computing, communication between departments regarding new employee processing, and a secure infrastructure for client data storage.

  1. Strategic Use of Technology


  1. Organizational Strategy


Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC) strives to provide the highly skilled consultants and consulting services to its varied client base. The organization’s future depends on the rapid hiring of highly skilled future employees, both locally as well as internationally. It is imperative MTC chooses a software suite that will streamline hiring, assist with overall decision making while staying within budgetary and organizational mission goals.

  The Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC) Senior Management Team expresses a must that MTC maintains its reputation and commitment to delivering the level of service his clients have grown to expect. The main objectives are to quickly obtain a talented staff affording expansion regionally as well as globally, without compromise to security, mobile compatibility or the needs of future growth. introducing cost efficient technology will provide a vital overhaul to MTC’s hiring procedures, allowing for human resource recruiter and payroll personnel to perform duties more efficiently while remaining able to operate the corporation reliably for a dynamic workforce. An improved data management system that can adapt to the changing organization, be user friendly and provide seamless network integration would put MTC’s recruitment department on par with its counterparts and increase its competitive advantage; equipping human resources with the proper tool(s) to identify highly competent employees in less time and effectually achieve organizational growth efforts

  1. Competitive Advantage

 Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC) could increase their completive advantage by implementing the technology in a strategic manner. An updated recruitment utilizing keyword screening coupled with an On Boarding system would streamline the employment process,  potentially make the acquisition of new contracts easier and could increase profit as well as increase employee/employer relationships. By streamlining the hiring process and attain the most qualified individuals, would ensure MTC’s ability to expand its workforce would fall in line with the desire to manage a greater client load. It would also simplify the duties while affording better time management for the recruitment and hiring staff.  By implementing efficient changes to its hiring and data management systems, MTC can increase their competitive advantage exponentially.     

  1. Strategic Objectives

          Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC) strategic objective should be to streamline its hiring process allowing them to identify the proper human capital based on future business need. Implementing a modernized hiring process, MTC will be maximize its efforts while scaling back of expended man hours during its hiring practices. By finding the right employees in minimal time, MTC will be able to meet it growth potential goals and maintain its competitive advantage.

Strategic Goal

 (from case study)


(clear, measurable and time-bound)


(2-3 sentences)

Increase MTC Business Development by winning new contracts in the areas of IT Consulting

Rapidly hire additional workfoce

The New system would allow MTC the ability to recruit and hire the talent needed to meet contract requirements. Previous practices made process slow and tedious, resulting in loss to competitors.

Build a cadre of consultants internationally to provide remote research and analysis support to MTC’s onsite teams in the U. S.

Increase international recruiting efforts and employ 5 research analysts in the next 12 months.

The new hiring system would allow applicants from around the world to apply online, increasing the number of international applicants.  It would enable the recruiters to carefully monitor the applications for these positions, identify the necessary research and analysis skills needed, and screen resumes for these key skills.   Recruiters could quickly view the number of applicants and identify when additional recruiting efforts are needed to meet the objective.

Continue to increase MTC’s ability to quickly provide high quality consultants to awarded contracts to best serve the clients’ needs

Utilize aggregated data from employee applications to determine level of expertise

The new hiring system would utilize keyword searching. This would  determine employee capabilities to fulfill specific task requirements

Increase MTC’s competitive advantage in the IT consulting marketplace by increasing its reputation for having IT consultants who are highly skilled in leading edge technologies and innovative solutions for its clients

Ensure less likelihood of losing potential employees to competitors

The new system would pinpoint employee strengths and weakness quicker and more efficiently that the pervious method through use of keyword data search.

  1. Decision Making

          We will discuss the strategic use of technology for employing new candidates at Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC). MTC is a competitive Information Technology consulting company that requires management and IT strategies to achieve measureable results for its clients. MTC’s longevity and prosperity depends on its flexibility and accuracy in candidate identification to be delivered through a streamlined hiring process. “Decisions made at companies without any strategic planning process are twice as likely to have generated extremely poor results.” (Massimo , Lovallo, & Viguerie, 2009)

 The decision making process is critical, but it is only one of many factors we must explore in the strategic use of technology. The roles and responsibilities in the decision making process for MTC shall be presented in the chart below:


Level as defined in IS Course Reading

Example of Possible Decision Supported by Hiring System

Example of Information the Hiring System Could Provide to Support Your Example Decision

Senior/Executive Managers

(Decisions made by the CEO and the CFO at MTC supported by the hiring system.)


Number of employees needed to grow organization.

Increase in contracts/customer base

Middle Managers

(Decisions made by the Director of HR and the Manager of Recruiting supported by the hiring system.)


Employee work position- intern vs. project manager

 Employee certifications, education &/or experience

Operational Managers

(Decisions made by the line managers in the organization who are hiring for their projects

supported by the hiring system.)


Contract/project assignments

employee knowledge base



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