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Employee Motivation Case Study: Specsavers

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Culture is made up of values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors shared by a group of people. Culture within a organization can also be describe as behavior s that results when a group arrives at a set of general unspoken as well as unwritten rules for working together.

Base on data studied the culture at “Specsavers” is all about serving people. Such culture involves a lot of interaction with customers. As part of its culture “Specsavers” depends on its people to deliver the highest standards of customer care and service. To accomplish such the organization provides a variety of interesting job roles, as well as opportunities for career development.

In culturing the organization the human resource department must play a vital role in paving the way forward. These roles include:

  • Increase workforce activities: In doing so human resource personnel must ensure managers are properly trained as to how to manage and utilize resources from different backgrounds not just efface diversity.
  • Creating and maintaining systems that will motivate and develop individuals employed to the company. Such move will only motivate employees to put their best foot forward thereby going the extra mile where necessary or when needed.
  • Considering the kind of culture in place at the above mentioned company, providing and deploying the right mixture of skills, knowledge and experience will be essential in maintaining the culture type already in place.
  • Create and maintain relationship between the people who work for and with the organization. Thereby catering for the changing needs of those employed to Specsavers.
  • Undertaking measures that will ensure proper execution of action that will promote success for all.

“Employees are expected to share “Specsavers” vision of providing patients with the best possible service. In realizing the company’s vision Human resource must assist by ensuring proper training for the human resource workforce. Before sharing the company’s vision one must first have full knowledge as to what are the company’s. Therefore it creating a manual outlining the company’s vision and objectives would be a good way to start, then ensure that all staff is furnish with a copy.

While not everyone enjoys reading; the next step for human resource would be to host seminars explaining the document in its entirety, giving individuals a chance to voice their concerns and have their questions answered. With full knowledge as to the objectives and vision of the company all parties involve will be better able to embrace and realize the company’s vision, thereby enhancing their personal growth as well as the company’s growth.

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One key factor in employee motivation and retention is the opportunity employees want to continue to grow and develop job and career enhancing skills. In fact, this opportunity to continue to grow and develop through training and development is one of the most important factors in employee motivation. Other ways of ensuring staff has the potential to deliver quality customer care and are motivated are:

  • Ask the employee to train other employees with the information learned at a seminar or training session. Offer the time at a department meeting or lunch to discuss the information or present the information learned to others.
  • Expand the job to include new, higher level responsibilities.
  • Provide the opportunity for the employee to cross-train in other roles and responsibilities.
  • Assign the employee to head projects or teams.
  • Provide more authority for the employee to self-manage and make decisions.

According to the overview “Specsavers” depends on its people to deliver at the highest level, thus with such measures and more implemented the directors and owners at “Specsavers” along with its customers will be in for a treat as it relates to customer care.

While all three (3) terms are job related and can be observed within most organization worldwide, one should always bear in mind that there are differences between the terms explained below.

Job roles within organizations come with different levels of responsibilities. Such levels are directly related to person’s expertise and training.

Job description is a written statement that defines the duties, relationships and results expected of anyone in the job. It is an overall view of what is to be done in the job. Typically it includes is a written statement that defines the duties, relationships and results expected of anyone in the job. It is an overall view of what is to be done in the job.

On the other hand, job specification can be deem to be a statement of employee characteristics and qualifications required for satisfactory performance of defined duties and tasks comprising a specific job or function.

Technology and Human Resources

In today’s world information cannot be carried out effectively without high-tech tools.

Technology has simply changed the way in which companies communicate overall. By extension technology has changed the skills that employees really need. While trying to cope with such changes companies word wide has to also deal another growing disease known as globalization. Globalization simply reduces the autonomy of the nation state. Hence, provide less protection and barriers to trade; allow companies the freedom to move their jobs elsewhere; in the end force companies to choose the lay off or redundancy path. As a result firms today are threatened by globalization, technological advancement and sustainability challenges.

In handling each challenge the human resource managers do have a role to play. He or she must direct the firm in dealing with as well coping with the rapid changes. Such HRM must develop systems to ensure that their human resource is highly productive. Such a person must ensure that their way of doing things is highly adoptable. Thereby able to change quickly to suit the needs of the market thereby meet the need of their customer and at the same time outperform their competitor.

To further deal with the sudden changes HR must familiarize themselves with sophisticated devices, this while educating others employees. In the same breath use electronic communication to develop measures to safeguard data integrity; protect customer data thereby preventing identity theft. Motivating employees to perform effectively from remote locations; as well as managing IT cost and new developments are also great ways of directing a firm.

Raise standards: The human resource manager is responsible for the establishment of standards that provide quality management guidance and quality assurance requirements for business. These standards allow manufacturing to receive certification for complying with world-class standards for quality. This certification is important to have especially if you are handling large global accounts and need for your customers to trust that your product is in compliance with set standards of quality.

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According to Gary Dressler; Human Resource Management is “a process of creating and maintaining relationship between the people who work for and with an organization.” At Specsavers a lot depends on its people to deliver the highest standard in terms of customer care. In return staff members are provided with variety of interesting job roles, as well as opportunities for career development. With such culture in place at Specsavers poor management and leadership style will have adverse effects on relationship with staff; thereby interfere with performance of the business.

The harmony and quality of the team revolves around good leadership. The impact of bad leadership can turn out to be an expensive experience for the company. Good leadership is the driving force that pushes the members forward to the company objectives. Management must understand the strengths and weaknesses of its members or team and provide the encouragement to the team.

Praise and encouragement on good work has immense power to bring out the best in a person. However a poor leader only sees the weaknesses and uses it as a way for blaming the members which results in a low morale within the team. A team with a low morale loses interest in their tasks, leading to delay in the production of outputs. Delay in the results leads to the payment of penalty, thereby eating up a huge portion of the company’s revenue.

Similarly a highly de-motivated team on losing the passion to work fails to come up with innovative ideas and has a lower level of commitment to the task allotted. This has a negative impact on the productivity of the products and services. Inability to come up with imaginative and innovative ideas can lead to the loss of business, especially in knowledge industry as the customers prefer those companies which can aid to its profitability through significant brainstorms.

The team leader assists the team members to identify their individual goals on the basis of their strengths and weaknesses. An individual who lacks the leadership skills fails to assess the strengths and weaknesses of his team and thus would not be able to guide his team in attaining the goals. Absence of an effective counsel leads to ineffective time management. The long hours put in leads to a disruptive work-life balance bringing about a high level of physical and mental stress. High level of stress ends up in physical and psychological diseases, thereby making one abstain from office for days. Failure to provide the output on the pre determined date leads to the payment of huge penalties to the customers and loss of business. Thus a quick recovery from this cycle is inevitable for the survival of the business entity.

A poor manager has little control over time management. His ineffective leadership fails to draw commitment to work resulting to long hours in the office. He also fails to understand the individual capabilities of his members, pushing unmanageable work load on the team members. Lack of an effective communication amongst the manager and the team members, the heavy work load, and the immense dissatisfaction forces the individuals to move to another project within the same company or to resign from the company. Thus poor leadership qualities are one of the major causes for labour attrition.

The importance of induction training must not be underestimated at anytime, this as it signals the start of the relationship between an employer and employee. It is during this time important standards and patterns are set so as to enhance good behavior for the future. Inductions should develop the skills, knowledge and behavior that an organization needs. These requirements need to be defined beforehand in order to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Induction training should entails immediate needs and priorities, so health and safety, facilities and conveniences should always be explained immediately. It is also important to ensure employees understand any contractual relationships they are entering into.

Other aspects of such induction should focus on the organization and the job. Regarding the organization, new employees should be given a structured view of the organization by receiving mission statements, structure charts and business plans. They need to know how they fit into an organization, so meetings with appropriate people and accountability charts are vital. Inductees must also be familiarized with the culture of an organization and also need to understand all relevant rules. This way when given the job persons will hit the ground running have full understanding of what is required of him or her; thereby not hampering production in any way.

Balanced Scorecard

The purpose of the balanced scorecard is to implement a business strategy thereby translating it into a set of performance measures derived from strategic goals that allocate rewards to executives and managers based on their success at meeting or exceeding the performance measures.

Balanced Scorecard enables companies to evaluated activities from various perspectives such as:

  • Financial perspective
  • Customer perspective
  • Process perspective
  • Innovation perspective




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