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Disadvantages of Organizational Culture: Dell Case Study

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There are many aspects of organizations in today’s business world. Each institution in the market over all stock market profits and achieve competitive advantage sought. A variety of organization structure, which is working according to their needs. These structures collectively through effective management and behavior contribute to the success of these organizations. Popular business students study organizational behavior, “these days, and managers, and organizational structure related to the behavior of experts and systems practice and practice to achieve progress in the future of any business and organization to find the best strategy is relevant to the study economies. In this test, many in practice, culture and organizational structure see related aspects.

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Dell in the computer industry that the new company is a successful global networking. In this study, we will find how the Dell company in the development of a competitive environment and treated with a certain kind of structure to a different strategy implementation. Dell technology development is an American multinational company, and sells some of the products and services associated with computers supports. Michael Dell founded Dell in 1984, the company ranks as one of the largest computer related. Majority in the United States between 96 000 employees in all parts of the world. In 2009, a company that personal computers, servers, data storage equipment sells, network, few programs, as well as computer accessories switch. Dell now sells high-definition television, camera, printer, and MP three players and electronic, which are produced by other manufacturers. Company’s supply management and is known for innovation in electronic commerce.

Fortune magazine in May 2010 and Dell as the largest United States and 38 in Texas, developed by Big 5 corporations. This is the second largest non-oil. Michael Dell started selling directly to customers, and computers, Ltd. is trying to understand customer needs. It was Michael Dell dropped out of school to keep their poultry family, also received $ 300,000 to expand their family. They first designed in 1985 the company successfully “Turbo PC”, which sold $ 795 in the United States was called to produce its own computer. Computer Computer, the consumers and all of the above allocation of assembly for the direct selling regulations were limited advertising in national magazines. Companies more than $ 73 million for the first year are growing.

In 1988, the company changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation also has the world will begin to expand. जून 1988 Dell 30 million to 80 million have been. In 1992, Fortune magazine’s World’s largest 500 companies in the Dell Computer Corporation put even Michael Dell, a Fortune 500 company than a smaller company’s chief executive announced. Of 1996, Dell started selling computers in 2002 to its website, Dell TVs, printers and digital audio players and portable devices of the computer product line expanded. Lackluster performance, however, in low-end computers has led to Michael Dell as CEO to take over again. Founder and announced a so-called change campaign to reduce the number of employees and the company’s products to diversify “Dell 2.0”. The company argued in January 2008 to achieve equality in the market for iSCSI storage become stronger. Dale effective manufacturing process already because of the company’s products under the equity and reason to the prices of manufacturing industries integration. In 2009 Peru Dell systems technology and outsourcing services company founded by H. Ross Perot.

In September 2009, Dell announced its intention to Peru, to $ 3.9 billion in a deal Systems (Plano, Texas-based) get reported. Peru brought the application systems development and systems integration, the United States and 10 other countries through its operations and strategic consulting services. In addition, it offers a variety of services, business process operations including claims processing and call center outsourcing. August 16, 2010 in, Dell to get your data storage company 3PAR announced. On September 2, 2010 Hewlett-Packard Co. launched the $ 33 per share, which Dell refused to match.

In this study, we see the behavior of organizational culture and Dell. Server: Our products and services include the following:

  • Storage
  • Printing and Imaging System
  • Workstations
  • Laptops
  • Desktop Computers
  • Networking Products
  • Software and peripheral products
  • Managed Services
  • Professional Services
  • Deployment Services
  • Dell Support Services
  • Training and Certification Services

3. Organizational Structures

Organizational structure is defined as “institutions that support and contribute to a common goal to serve the concept of hierarchical subordination?” I like this definition for several reasons. One is that it is easy to understand and the point where the reading during the transition to the next after the last sentence of the definition of long ago forgotten to the contrary. The other is that it defines the word as the organizational structure spoke to him harshly. Management and organizational structure for Talisman and out of all the requirements because only the truth – a hierarchical structure that takes place each employee in the organization.

Organizational structure and thus a total of all material and legal aspects concerning the structure and organization of work.

Organizational structure while there is still a very old concept, and develop business models for years to keep pace with today have passed on. New models continued to work in crop cultivation, and management processes required to keep pace so that organizations can take the best of its structure. And organizational structure and bureaucratic red tape after the first line can be divided. And organizational structure and leadership and communication on the line in terms of industrial base on the old state, not only in one direction to lower a high level of authority. Lower level is also expected to follow any ordered not to respond. The latest structures that have emerged in the 1970s, and encourage two-way communication and consideration of proposals to allow the lower level.

Mid-1800s, which was effective during the 1970 first period of organizational structure. In this era, an organization that was perfect in itself. Organization, the presence of clear boundaries between suppliers and customers. The next input at the gate of the institution, and the final product or any service that the organization was going on. Everything was provided with the internal process.

4. Types of Organizational Structures

Type of organizational structure means that the institution’s organizational structure is designed business area. Organizational structure based on either work or people can be. Let’s look at them one by one.

4.1 Functional structure

Functional organization is divided on the basis of acts performed by them, and the division manufacturing, sales and marketing and human resources departments such as accounts management, and so forth in each of the departments of art, and employees alike implement a series of tasks. Within each section there is a new structure. For example, a model for marketing management.

4.2 Structure People

There is the structure for the division responsible for different products divide. As the description suggests, the structure of the companies that produce products will be used by more than one. For example, you division for small cars, and SUV category and division, the company car can split Trucks

4.3 Matrix structure

It is quite clear that very large enterprises that have only two structures is not possible. Large institutions, which have different structures, all structures and functional division is a combination of people or need to work a large number of people and is based on both a timely manner. This structure is called a matrix. Matrix structure and is divided into sections: The first organization and the departments. As big companies Dell, the matrix or mixed culture and structures.

The best organizations in the world today are outside the formal organizational structure and trying to form structures minimums. Although very few of today’s enterprises have successfully implemented the idea of implementing agencies and large companies are very simple, it is an organization where none may be inevitable. And lines and other government departments that work across the company encourages everyone “Employee destruction.”

Matrix organizational structure that combines two types of organizational structure and the structure of a unique combination of people or purely service-oriented work environment for people to create a unique combination. The organizational structure and design is useful for most of the appointments that you have projects, the many different professionals working with the troops, and will be contracted to work are working. For example, the matrix organizational structure employed many engineers work in a similar compilation of their experiences. That is where a company of professionals with the same team produces two types of products.

Each entity in the company structure should be working correctly. Arrange

To get into the world of chaos and structure and organizational culture so that it becomes possible to perform effective returns. Organizational structure means that any kind of hierarchical organization is needed so that there is an appropriate division of duties and responsibilities of various units of work can work in harmony so that the final goal is reached. The need for which the organizational structure of companies is responsible for the formation of many types. In the following article, however, we focus on one type of structure and composition of the matrix should have. If this issue than ever was any confusion, read the following articles to learn more about the organizational structure and whether it involves a matrix.

Typically, the structure for each and every one of them a report on the project two or more employers and employees. Hence the matrix organizational structure, and exchange of information for the effective and smooth implementation is essential. Each project and project manager of different teams, and that is expected to provide him with work. Turn report directly to the organization or authority, such as the proposed Vice President to head. There is also a functional management (chaired by the Director of the Department) for a sound technical and leadership skills and organizational excellence through the work to maintain progress by making sure the organization responsible for maintaining the technical operations is.

4.3.1 Benefits

Due to the unique combination of the structure, there are advantages to be seen. Here are some of them:

  • Dell has a dedicated team in their work tasks based on the properties and functions are selected.
  • Dell to create a standard for hiring professionals for project needs. Allow more opportunities for success.

Part of a team working within the framework of other teams after the appointment of key people

  • is a question of cost-effective because the project cost to Dell corporate culture, its importance is less.
  • Where the structure is not balanced that there is time, and Dell will be a proper balance between the cost performance.

And conflict resolution • Del are the least likely, and even if they do, because they are easy to set up the hierarchy.

  • Project Manager at Dell just to make sure the project is completed on time and within budget is responsible for. Therefore, no obvious problems that arise, and there is less chance of external factors affecting the project other than.
  • There is a greater chance of success of the company because of various forces working on the project has a lot of thinking, and thus pressure on energy and problem solving abilities are strong.

4.3.2 defect

Although there are benefits matrix organizational structure, and aware of some disadvantages that should be as well. Here are some of them:

  • There may be a lot of confusion and conflict if there are resources shared by teams or group of factors such as ambiguity, two or more at Dell can work.
  • You increase the cost to Dell for the job if there is a lot of contract project manager could.
  • After the main show goes to the heart that there is power and freedom of decision and development of team members or even the project manager is a lot, there used to delay completion of the project is .

5. Organizational Culture

Make good on our understanding of organizational culture, and we need to know to what culture? Culture, values and customs that basically people who live anywhere in the world, followed by a set of. If we apply this definition of culture with the word phenomenal, we have a bias or prejudice, without fundamental principles and organization that is fixed and applies to all staff, prices are a matter of organization. The public and private behavior and organization in all of this work is based on people’s reactions.

Organizational culture is not convincing. It’s best behavior and attitudes, values and belief system of employees can be understood through the study. The color is what distinguishes our perception of the business unit. Any employee to be effective regardless of how efficient it is unable to adapt themselves to the work culture. Organization with a focus on culture, since the growth and success depends on the prevailing culture types company.Does threatened staff members do not feel or daughter there a way to work, grow desire, and they do not prepare for or as a group to go their separate ways? Companies like Dell, traditional management systems, organizational culture is rich with some of the innovations.

5.1 Understanding Organizational Culture

I protect my job related as far as the employees do not feel? Manage a difficult boss? Answering these questions will help the organization’s culture can appreciate. Some organizations began working on behalf of employees up to encourage. These organizations have a large number of employees who have been with the company for many years, is characterized by the presence of. Seniority is a very important role in these organizations are to a certain degree of job security guarantees. A culture that promotes work and for a short period of time, some business organizations family.In people get together before leaving for good. And managers to consider and hard taskmasters. It is expected the staff to follow strict deadlines. “All work and no play” culture of these organizations. Of course the interaction between the staff is limited. Might not work or a place is very friendly and comfortable. There are people of intense competition and strive to provide the best can be. Also, people burn out because of stress to be.

People’s expectations of the organization reflect the organizational culture.

Key features and innovative culture within Dell claims the support and ambition. Commitment to the unique solution. It is based on the merits of this culture,

All business functions as an essential part of the team here and measurable success by meeting the objective says.

  • Direct connection
  • Empowerment
  • Dell sense
  • Tell Dell

5.2 Type of organization culture

In today’s business environment consists of the following types of organizational culture.

5.2.1 Standard culture

Organization standards, and accurately according to specific standards and regulations focused on implementation of regulatory functions. The film, to a high standard of business ethics culture is like. Dell sets standards, but to make employees afraid to get a job in the nervous system horibl not.

5.2.2 Practical Culture

Unlike standard cultures, the focus is on meeting our customers desire. In this type of organizational structure, no rules are set by the company and the customer’s needs is of utmost importance. Dell is keen to more customers, and practically can be named.

5.2.3 Academy Culture

This type of culture, highly skilled workers in the organization to develop and improve skills of staff atmosphere offers. This kind of culture, in contrast to hospitals, universities and big companies always do not follow the example of Dell, but still a good learning environment where employees remain with the organization, and grow within do.

5.2.4 Culture Club

Usually a senior staff position or level for a long time for an upgrade to keep up with the organization. In the case of using these workers, it is necessary to have special skills needed and desired by the organization. Regulation and corporate law, are examples of this type of force, and Dell do not follow this type.

5.2.6 Castle culture

Staff believe that he not be put off or organizations are not. In many cases, the organization is subject to tremendous change. This type of culture, and loans, savings, and big auto companies, in some instances, Dell does not come in this culture.

5.2.7 work hard / play hard

This type of regulation does not involve a lot of risks, and organizations originally well-established customer a strong relationship with the party composed by. And large organizations that have strong customer service culture by most of the type selected. Organization with special jargons been equipped with this type of culture and several group meetings with eligible. This is where Dell is focused and they halthy such a culture where competition for employees to learn and try to get.

5.2.8 The process of culture

This kind of culture does not include feedback process. This type of culture, and in the organization for the maintenance of law and commitment that are cautious about the choice. The culture of the organization provides stability and better public services.

5.3 Changing work culture

The most difficult tasks in the organization, the work culture is changing. Organizational culture change in the presence of the organization for its policies, business ethics and management system needs to be amended. The basis for operations, which support functions, and production processes and the floor, which ultimately affect the organization’s total output included the need to start. Comprehensive reform of the whole system, and preferably not as many organizations require a long and boring, which requires patience and tolerance.

6. Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior and personality, cognition, behavior and job satisfaction, group dynamics, politics, and design and leadership role in the organization of work, and pressure is the sum of the effects work and decision-making process, and a series communications company , culture and weather.

They technology and these elements and assess their impact on individuals and groups each have a variety of methods, and organizational efficiency and effectiveness of use. “Science and practice,” said Gibson and others (Gibson, et al, 1994) “We structure and organizational behavior, behavioral science field a bit for each discipline offers a different focus, and analytical framework provides the basic principles , and the subject. to help managers answer questions about themselves, and administrative staff, and environmental forces. “

With individuals and groups, and researchers in relation to an attempt to determine why people behave the way they do.

They explain the behavior of individuals has developed a variety of design models. The factors that genetic factors, and conditions and environmental development, cultural and social influence individual development, including checks. The researchers also different personality types and examine their impact on business organizations and others. The study by researchers at a major organizational behavior used in these and other areas of work satisfaction study tool. And the use of these tools not only in specific areas wages, benefits and promotional opportunities as to measure job satisfaction, and working conditions but also corporate culture, individual and collective measures of influence behavior patterns, both positive and negative.

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6.1 Organizational Behavior and Corporate Culture

“Corporate Culture” and “organizational behavior” is sometimes used interchangeably, but in reality, there are differences between the two countries conditions. Corporate culture, shared values, attitudes, customs and beliefs and other characteristics that determine the company’s operating philosophy includes. Organizational behavior at the same time, it may be under way and some academic studies of corporate culture and its various elements, as well as organizational structure and organizational processes as other important elements of behavior stood. Gibson said, organizational behavior, Ivancevich, and Donnelly (Gibson, et al, 1994), studying the methods and theories and theories from different disciplines to find out personal values and ability to learn depends on the ideas of the “area and procedures while working in groups and at home overall, and organization and human resources impact analysis of the external environment, mission, objectives, and strategies for effective managers … you know what you are looking for in terms the structure, process and culture, and knew how to do it the status of agents, managers must therefore develop clinical skills, and characteristics of the problem should be trained to determine the circumstances require further attention to the problem at Indicators include low quantity or quality of work, and in the absence or delay increases, and negative attitudes of staff members from each of these issues profit organizational issue.

Organizational studies and organizational behavior, organizational theory pointed to, and a systematic study of how people work within organizations including the correct application of knowledge. Dell and unique culture in which companies, and the most appropriate strategy to adopt maximum and a high-performance behaviors that contribute to its success and employees with a sense of your estate is responsible, leading to London, get the shipping culture production. Cultural changes over time as yield concrete results, however, some urgent and meaningful for Dell, as specified in the quarterly evaluation studies told Dell was able to keep track of. Management says employees and their work and efforts to achieve a better balance between life support is expected. Employees more clearly the relationship between their actions and see the Dell company objectives. Those who live in other places the percentage of Dell rose than the fact that 57 per cent, it is still as high as the administration wants despite the offer, noting.

Dell original size in any way change our culture? Probably not. But he clearly culture that allowed him to come quickly now that the positive aspects was used.

“Relevant company to introduce ‘Dale’s 20, Dell still feels like. But also admire the strength and achievements of the company would not much flavor.” What’s better now 38 years old I . I m 40 years to look back and be proud of? .. “

6.2 System Structure

System is also important within the framework of organizational theory, organization and complex dynamic goal-oriented processes. Kurt Lewin and special regulatory system and the term “ideological systems” principle of effective ethical conduct in the context of developing countries, which in psychology has become an obstacle to sustainable work was the disappointment. (Ash, 2008) and complexity theory perspective of systems approach to other organizations and associations.

Negative entropy through openness and feedback system depends heavily on organizations to gain perspective. On illegal disciplinary integrated look. In other words, the ideas of individual subjects, and the integration of the “code” is common, or more precisely on the basis provided by public bodies based on systems theory is behind. System approach to cross, and not the system gives priority to the elements. Some of these relationships, emerge.In recent years a new system, the dynamic characteristics of systems thinking to the reductionist conventional methods widely studied technique to provide fully developed.

  • Frederick Herzberg two factor theory
  • Expectancy theory
  • Organizational culture and behavior

6.5 Organizational culture and practice correlation

An organizational culture and practice in the management of these days the most common words. Organizational culture, although the meaning of them there are differences in the importance of managing people is very clear. It is mainly these employees need to understand all the circumstances relating to the organizational psychology, and there are many tools that department efficiency and increase the employment rate for workers in the organization’s ability to achieve effective for use can be.

Culture and organizational practices associated with each other. The two are interrelated, and all roads other inter-changing influence. Links to organizational behavior to examine how employees act as individuals in their organization. These are important areas of human resource management. Individuals who are viewed by their organizations to study the behavior of organizational behavior. About workers and the response of the public and private conduct that they are used for certain purposes. It is expected that individual group dynamics and team is important in creating an organizational culture. Managers and employees to understand their behavior in a certain way so understanding the reasons behind their actions that they later make it better when the work is needed to reduce errors is needed.

Over the years many theories have been proposed for organizational behavior. These principles have different models of organizational systems. Organizational behavior, and says a shared vision and inspire employees to the success of the organization’s leadership, and are developing such an organizational culture intact.

6.6 workplace relations

Whether personal or business, you should be building relationships in the workplace. However, fishing how to deal with these relationships because the person with the fall of his career can lead to success. Workplace following a link with a partner should not be considered to fall again about some aspects of the relationship.

It is true that the workplace where you have all the business acumen and skills gained through training and experience we put to use. However, we all know that work is not just numbers, and conversation. Associates with the president, relationships, and other staff, as well as with business partners – so much about relationships. Relations in the workplace that are based purely on a commercial basis, and get emotionally close to colleagues in the workplace also are also common.

6.7 Maintaining relationships in the workplace

Dell employees in the workplace to establish good relations between different strategies. However, it still has the skills of workers that determines success, but also how they behave and that behavior is controlled and the organization is to achieve maximum results. Here are some ways to the extent that Dell tags to monitor and maintain a positive image in the workplace to the employee’s conduct within the control are:

However, professional and friendly: Manager staff believe that the employee is at work in their offices to be sure. To work for them before it all comes clear. However, they are not far away in times of need are. This is a good workplace relationships and who stands in a good position to manufacture.

Professional boundaries: it first started a friendly but the person may later have problems at work. The professional staff and secure long-term problems as everything is fine for Dell managers. However, they are the kind of careful. They give a clear signal to allies Dodd they are at work. They always maintain professional ethics. They are professional and personal aspects of a mantra for success in the workplace the right balance between form.

Avoid gossip: Dell desirable and is encouraged in the workplace communication. However, as very limited office gossip is detrimental to the organization and its employees. Waste of time to indulge in gossip, the main thing. Dell also managers keep order /

Confidence parameter: Although called a professional relationship in the workplace, and ideas that may not be professional in all of nature for the exchange to maintain everyone’s needs. Each one has a friend in the workplace so there is no problem in the workplace a friendly Dell’s more because it encouraged the Dell is one of the industry-friendly work environment.

6.8 Impact of technology

Dell is a global technology leader and has a good reputation for advanced technology. Always according to the needs of new technology adoption. Technology, organizational structures, cultures and practices has brought many changes. I last changed the relationship between man and technology in the workplace because of the associations between rapid progress. Companies now producing a quick decision and impressions, communication and implementation of the resolution. The change management processes and departments has changed now.

7. Conclusion

Different organizational structures used by man since the creation of human organizations. People who were hunters and farmers start of military or tribal right to a man’s decision to lead the pack in the team delivery of everyone’s daily operations will be treated as some have. From ancient times, a pyramid scheme that was being followed everywhere. Appointments and tasks and people according to their abilities after learning the definition. Each person has the responsibility to set aside certain actions were required to become a key role in the distribution. Finally there is a strong reporting system structure, where he analyzes and questions have been under the responsibility and accountability, and there was a kind of performance evaluation. Itself a formal community organizational structure that is selected. Business and human rights organizations still change with advances in new forms that all organizational structures, cultures and practices was made. Dell is always taken as needed changing. Other innovations such as Dell and its culture, structure, and behavioral adjustments to meet the needs of the market to achieve the maximum.


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