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Example Answers for Questions on Nestle Organization Resources Management

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Corporate strategy design to achieving the goals of organization in the profitable means in this case any organization has specific corporate strategy, which help the organization to fulfill its requirement. There are some corporate strategies and human resources of Nestle firm that evaluate the critical condition that is under below.

(i) Corporate Strategy of Nestle firm

Value and expectation

Value expectation define the value of firm in the market if the value is not judge by the higher management so it will fail to complete its goals the expectation define what happen if we will implement all the corporate strategy in the market level the expectation is the result of firm.

And in the Human resources strategy the value and expectation define about the employees working condition and what is the expectation when they find out the result. The worker what expect form organization in the case of incentive and other bounces

The Environment

Changing environment is better for organization because the environment defines the innovation product in the market the corporate strategy is already define the environment changes in its plan.

The environment for the worker or employees provide the facilities like the incentive, salary, wages and other perks if the environment is better for worker and have enough facilities so the worker will willingly to work with organization.


Resources is blood of organization if the organization have better resource for production like low price of raw material and long term in production so the firm will be better competing other.

Resources for worker like medical expenses TADA expenses and other utilities allowance provide the better idea for worker to do more work for firm Nestle firm provide the better resources and facilities to their worker.

Resources planning

Is the major issue in corporate strategy it is design before starting the annual plans one the resources planning structure is define it modify with the passage of time Resource planning provide the large profit to organization.

Resources planning in Human Resources strategy is how to deal with employee if the other firm provide the better incentive to their worker so the organization provide large amount of facilities to their workers.

Generation of options

At the level of generation of option means how to find new ideas if new thing demand new ideas so the option can solve this problems.

Hiring of new employee can create the problem after the time pass because the environmental changes reduce the resources for worker so the generation of option is come front the firm in which the decision make like where is the right place of worker and where they will fit.

Evaluation of option

Evaluation of option in corporate strategy provide the better consideration to whole firm plans this kind of evaluation give the strength to firm that all the work is done by the planning system. If the plan is not done properly so the firm locate other option after better judgment

The evaluation of option in Human resources strategies how to find out the new resources for worker if the existing option is working better then the result what will.

Organization option

Organization option Corporate strategy is in the case of loss circumstances then the organizing will liquidation or will merge in other firm for recover of loss.

Organization option in human resource in the case of loss of organization the organization will firing the employee or suspend the work for some short period.

Selection of strategy

Selection of strategy in corporate process after the evaluation of option when firm design any strategy so it will implement for temporary bases so after come out the better result that it will modify other strategy and then selection the right way for firm.

In human Resources system the selection of strategy can define when the existing policy in not working with the time. The human resources define the better way to communicate with worker to select the strategy.

All This kind of corporate strategy focus on three option that is under below

Strategy implementation

Strategy implementation is after the analysis of all corporate and human strategy. Implementation how to apply all the strategies with better working environment.

Strategic analysis

Strategic analysis is how to evaluate the strategic goals the strategies are correctly apply with the existing goals.

Strategic choice

Strategic choice how to choice the strategic formulation in recent goals if the choice is according to the goals and the goals are working with the prior choice so the choice will be same if there is some problem with goals the choice will be change and new idea of strategy will apply.

The major object of Nestle Corporation strategic is how to make its good image in changing environment. Corporate strategic can call the main idea or central planning of firm if the strategy is less effective to implementation in organization so it will fail main maintain its worth in market so the main point is define prior for corporate strategy.

(B) Evaluate whether chosen organization has success in chosen corporate strategy and human resources strategy.

Nestle has different product that provide the proper customer satisfaction because it has the unique name in all over the world the corporate strategy of Nestle provide the long term planning for better profit it also provide the market strategies. This firm is successful because of its corporate strategies. There are some specific corporate strategies that make it different form other organization and compete all the level firms the corporate strategies of Nestle is under below.

Raw Materials:

Raw materials is basic point of any firm it consist not only at the level of one firm if the firm has thousand of sources to collect the cheaper raw material so it will gain best profit in the market because Raw material is the basic need of firm so the Nestle firm received the raw material form efficient way and provide the better product and services to their customer in the market.

Manufacturing: –

Manufacturing is base on the modern techniques so the imported machine and modern plant provide the best and clean product to their customer. The modern manufacturing plant gives the more quantity in minimum break down or more productivity in less time. This is the corporate strategy of Nestle firm.

Distribution and sales: –

Distribution and sales is major problem form any firm specially the Nestle company. Nestle has the master planning to distribution of product to their customer with low time on less cost this master corporate planning is design at the start of the product distribution if the distribution will at the right place at the right time to right customer so the sale will promote rapidly.

Marketing: –

Marketing define what is the worth of firm in the market level if the firm has complete or already create the market worth so it will less expenses to efforts. Nestle company Corporate strategy priory define the Marketing position how to target the market in what time.

Services: –

Services is more vital for all product if the company has low service but the product is well so the market will destroy and all function of corporate strategy will loss so the Nestle has unique services at time bases provide the better approach to customer.

Key Employees: –

Key employees are backbone of company. Key employees has innovate new way to promote the production if the key employees provide the laziness services to customers or firm so the central point of firm will discard key employees have new ideas to product promotion and productivity.

Financial and Operational Strategy: –

Financial and operational strategy has the blood value in Nestle firm financial activities give the better understanding how to use the finance in different ways if the financial in not insert in business at the time of nasality so it will collapse its business. Nestle firm has different sources to finance in business when it needed. The corporate strategy has define the different way in plan for collecting the financing form government and shareholders

Human Resources Strategies:

Human resources strategies provide the better use of resources of workers in the organization if the form or organization has no better strategies form worker so it will loss the major skillful property at the time of demand there are some human resources strategies that provide the better understanding to Nestle firm.

Hiring the skillful employees

Nestle firm has better hiring planning for skillful employees because this organization has more intelligent and efficient worker for better product if the worker or employees will understand working condition more it will have low chance to less productivity so the main aim in human resources in nestle firm hiring the skillful employees in the organization.


Salary attracts employees very quickly if the salaries are less that the expectation form employees so they will turn over the firm and lay down the organization. So nestle human resources department provide the best salary package to their employees.


Incentive pay by the firm time-to-time incentive is extra award to worker in their working this strategy allure the worker for more hardworking and over time.


Bonuses is pay at the specific time that provide by the firm this kind of allowance is on the profit organization and bonuses create the worth of workers in the firm.

Firing of workers

Human resources planning has another way to downsizing the staff this strategy happened when worker are in huge volume and the business in less then its boundary the firing of the worker is include loss productivity, time wasting, fun at the working time and low profit time.

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is also define in the range of human resources strategies job satisfaction means the right person at the right place if the worker is assign at the wrong the work will not done by the organization quality and it will provide the less productivity to firm so the Nestle human resources strategy assign the efficient worker at the right place.

Job enrichment

Job enrichment means what is the job providing to worker even in the shape of incentive of learning the working environment if the job provides the better satisfaction to their worker so it will call the enrichment of job.

(C) Recommend changes that the chosen organization would need to make its human resource strategy if confront by the merger, acquisition, Strategic alliance and joint venture.

Human resources strategies define the better sources for merge the organization in to other organization in the case of loss selling or in new form the merger of nestle is under below.

Mergers of Nestle:

Mergers of Nestle in market in Cadbury chocolate.

Joint venture of Nestle:

Nestle and Pillsbury recently formed a joint venture named Ice Cream Partners USA

Strategic Alliance of Nestle:

On the other hand, a strategic alliance between General Mills and Nestle,

through a firm called Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW).

Acquisition of Nestle: –

Nestlé has agreed to acquire Kraft Foods’ frozen pizza business in the US and Canada for USD 3.7 billion in cash. The business includes brands such as DiGiorno, Tombstone, California Pizza Kitchen, Jack’s and Delissio. This frozen pizza business provides a new strategic pillar to Nestlé’s frozen food portfolio in the US and Canada, where the Company has already established a leadership in prepared dishes and hand-held product categories under the Stouffer’s, Lean Cuisine, Buitoni, Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets brands. The acquisition brings leadership in the frozen pizza category, where Nestlé only had a minor presence until now, and builds on Nestlé’s existing pizza know-how and operations in Europe. It is a natural fit with Nestlé’s focus on delivering convenient, premium, wholesome and nutritious frozen food for consumers around the world. The transaction is subject to US and Canadian regulatory approval and is expected to be completed in 2010

(2) Evaluate the organizational strategies for retention, recruitment, training and development



Training and development

(3) Critically review the purpose and benefit of performance appraisal and reward management including financial and non-financial reward.

Performance appraisal

Critical incidental method

In Nestle firm the critical incidental method is complete image of worker through the different ideas and debates in which many incidental method use like when worker perform well in problematic situation.

Weighted checklist

Weighted checklist provides the weight of worker at the every task through this method many appraisal can be judged at annually basis.

Graphic rating scale

Graphic rating is converting form statically number it only take look at the graphic on perform level.

Essay evaluation

In essay evaluation the ability of worker can be judge by the written pages that is use for performance of the years.

Performance rating

Performance rating provide the annul, quarterly, and semi annual record this performance rating give the better idea of worker performance appraisal.

Management by object

MBO is other idea for performance appraisals in which the performance and management do every object take every step by object system and then define he worker performance.

360 degree performance appraisal

360 degree is scanning all the performance of employees at every level, which provide the complete image to performance appraisal.

Force ranking

Force ranking means how the authority workers control all the staff and how much efficient way he creates on its working environment.

Behavioral observation scale

Behavioral observation scale is consist at the attitude of worker in the more problem situation this kind of the appraisal can be judge at he complexities of workers.

Reward management.

Pay and compensation

Pay and compensation means pay some finance to employees at some incident or accident in the case of medical and other even damages pay etc.

Fixed level of pay

Fixed level of pay in not very famous in the firm in this the chances of progress become less and the performance works to low.

Reward link to performance.

Reward link to performance means the better reward for efficient performance on this the reward management pay the reward in the shape of financial and non-financial system.

Financial reward

Wages and salaries

Wages and salaries is basic reward to workers and worker work for the wages at the monthly and daily base.

Fringe benefit

Fringe benefit extra allowance like TADA and Car charges to their workers.

Performance rate pay

Performance rate pay apply the performance of worker if the worker perform the better act to more productivity so the Nestle pay the better advantages to performance like in the shape of finance.

Profit sharing

Profit sharing scheme is mostly in multinational company in which the profit is sharing in the form of bonus and other incentives.

Share ownership

Share ownership is another kind of financial reward system in which the higher management shares some profit or salaries in share ownership Nestle is multinational company and provide the facilities to their workers.

Non financial reward

Job enrichment

Nestle human resources provide the facility to right person on right place so that can create the image in firm job enrichment.

Job enlargement

Job enlargement in nestle firm provide the large task and complexity to one worker its call job enlargement.

Team working

Team working reduces the complexity of work that may face by the individual workers. Nestle firm believe on team working because the diversification can reduce the problem of task.


Empowerments means provide the authority to one worker to hold on big task this kind of working usually involve enhancing the performance of worker.


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