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This chapter presents the conclusion and recommendations based on the results of the study and are divided in two sections. The results of the research study have been illustrated below with the findings. The results have been presented according to the methodological approach defined in chapter 4.


In this section the researcher would like to suggest some recommendations that could be applicable to the Dell’s situation but at the same time for other companies that faces the similar dilemmas.

The organizations should not over focuses on making their employees committed to the organization. Instead the companies should facilitate the employees to fulfillment of their career patters. The organization should implement high level of professionalism within the organization and should be loyal to the employees in their employment commitments. Keeping the commitments and career opportunities will retain the employees.

As we noticed the majority of the employees in the technical department are male and they have a short organizational tenure, the Dell should try to include more female employees especially from the city surroundings to diminish the turnover tendencies.

The Dell should make effort to make the clarification of the employees on the career paths and the possibilities within the organization. The organization should try to enhance them by communicating the possibilities of learning and development.

The Dell should concentrate on human resource policies in recruiting the fresh graduates and training them. Most of the fresh candidates consider the BPO job as a backup until getting a suitable one. so the management should try to focus matured candidates and retain them with associated benefits.

One of the reasons come out of the research is supervisor’s communication problems with the employees. The dell should maintain a fair organizational culture to minimize the gap between the employees and supervisors.


It is to reckon that knowledge is the most precious resources. Knowledge is like on other resources, it is constantly made obsolete, as today’s advancements are tomorrow’s ignorance. Accordingly the knowledge needs of the firms will change continually. It is to be noted that the quality of the organization’s employees and how well the organization can retain them in the long run will largely depend on the critical factors in for sustainable competitive advantage in the current BPO industry. A shortage of employees or knowledge can change the destiny of the organization where employees take control. So the loyalty based on being loyal to a certain organization for having a job doesn’t exist anymore on to the same extent. Instead the employees are looking for more comfort and benefits in their job and do not want to be worse off than others. The fact that employees seems to be less loyal to their organization also present a challenge when formulating the human resource strategy for retaining the employees. In fact this is the strong argument for many human resource departments and not relay on building the employee loyalty. One of the disadvantages of the high retention would be the decrease in entrance of the qualified employees in to the firm. However, an all too high turnover can cause the loss of valuable quality workers who are base for the organization’s competitiveness. The capabilities of the firm to provide the benefits and care depends up on the size of the organization, small firms usually cares their employees in a good manner because their capabilities are spread over fewer employees. Therefore the high retention rate in the small firm greatly affects the organization.

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In the data analysis section It is found that the employees are more demanding in terms of challenges and development opportunities, but providing these opportunities doesn’t keep the employees for long, since once these challenges cease to exist the employees will look to start for new challenges. This flexible work force doesn’t rely on employees to take care of them and it can be seen that the training and development opportunities the employees go through are only used in the job market as a means of attracting potential employers.

The retention strategy is a very tricky function of organization, as firms need to consider both retention as the decisive factor for sustainable competitive advantage and also becoming successful in their efforts. Employees can utilize these facts as they use the organization’s development opportunities to increase their attractiveness in the job market but are completely provided by firms in their attempts to develop and retain employees. Therefore it is important that the firms will increasingly need to consider the subtle of retention. One of the most crucial subtleties of retention is, no matter what a firm offers and what their efforts include to keep an employee it still does not assure the retention of employees. There may always be some other firm that can offer more. This fact also compromises sustainability of competitive advantage, as people are not completely sustainable within a firm. It can be argued that firms in knowledge based industries should not try to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, but instead focus on having a competitive workforce. Even if human resources have the characteristics of offering a sustainable competitive advantage it is by no means a sustainable approach to strategy formulation and execution.

Although retention strategies can help deal with the challenge of motivating an employee to stay, theory seems to generalize individual needs. Pay is considered not to satisfy internal employee needs. However, we find that the perceived importance of salary as a retention strategy is highly dependent on an employee’s personal and social situation. For example, an individual with high debts would presumably value the opportunity to pay off his or her loans and therefore consider salary to be a decisive factor for their retention. On the other hand, an employee whose social situation is not dependent on increased wages will tend to value other things such as career opportunities and challenging work. These two examples show a polarized view of salary as a retention strategy but we find that one strategy does not exclude the other. What is offered to employees should be considered as a bundle of various rewards and offers that match individual employee demands. Even though this might entail administration costs, since it is no simple effort to map individual needs, they are far less than recruitment costs. We find that the most effective retention strategy is one that attentively considers individual employee needs.

This thesis has ranged over many issues of the employee turnover and retention strategies in Dell, it has put forwarded some recommendation but the most important thing to be considered is the suitable subtle of retention that would make the base for a suitable retention strategy.


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