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Dominos Core Shared Beliefs

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Domino’s Pizza an international fast food corporation they bake and deliver Pizzas around the globe. Domino’s started as a small store in 1960’s by Tom Monaghan and his brother James with different name and in 1967 it named as Domino’s. Today they have about 9000 branches and stores around the world these include all branches in 55 US states. Domino’s is a second largest Pizza baking and delivering after Pizza Hut in USA. The First Domino’s pizza store was opened in 1967 at Ypsilanti. As continuous growth Domino’s open its 200th store in 1978. Domino’s open its 1st international store in Canada (Winnipeg), on 13th May 1983. Domino’s opened its 1000th franchised store in 1983. In 1995 Domino’s had 1000th international stores. In 1998 Tom Monaghan announced his retirement and sold 93 percent of the company Domino’s to Bain Capital. After one year Mr David A. Brandon become Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Company and start involving in daily operation of the company.

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In 2006 Domino’s opened its 3000th globally and 5000th store in USA in Huntley, Illinois. In 2009 company’s total gross income was $17.8 million, US dollar with 9000 stores worldwide. In September 2001, attack on the World Trade Centre and Washington DC, Domino’s provide more than 12000 pizzas to relief workers. Company donates $350000 to US Red Cross through matching funds program. Domino’s named as “Chain of the Year” in 2003 by a magazine publishing company.

KEY Information

  • Company Name: Domino’s
  • Founded : Ypsilanti, Michigan, U.S. (1960)
  • Headquarters: Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.
  • Founder : Tom Monaghan
  • Chairman& CEO: David Brandon.
  • Industry: Restaurants
  • Products Pizza: sandwiches  ·pasta  · chicken wings ·desserts
  • Employees : 145,000
  • Type : Public (NYSE: DPZ)

Website: http://www.dominos.com/

Core Values of Domino’s

  • Place the customers value on everything we do

Their main is to provide high quality food, superior service, cleaning, welcoming environment, and great values to their customers.

  • Committed to their People

They provide opportunity, care for talent, give rewards for achievements, and build up Leaders. They believe that well trained employees with different backgrounds and share their experiences and delivers high level of quality.

  • Domino’s System

Domino’s business model described by “three-legged stool” Proprietor/worker, Provider, and company’s member of staff.

  • Business Ethics

Domino’s perform high standard of equality, sincerity, and reliability in their business.

  • Social Responsibility

Domino’s take responsibility to develop better community, they support charities, influence their size, extent their funds to make better place in the world.

  • Business profitability

As Domino’s is a public limited company. Their aim is to continue growth, increase in revenue and shareholders income. For that they require high level of customer’s satisfaction.

  • Strive continually to improve

In Domino’s they need continuous improvement, high research and development because of changing customer’s need, satisfaction level and high competition.

HRD in Domino’s

There are different levels of training program in Domino’s these are as follows:

  1. Corporate training programs
  2. Supply chain training programs
  3. In-store training programs
  4. College students
  5. Leadership development program
  6. HR development program
  7. Summer internship program

Corporate training programs:

This program is divided into further four groups

  • Domino’s pizza Prep school
  • HR Development program
  • DPZ University
  • Accounting/Finance program

Domino’s Pizza Prep School:

This program is designed for those people who are not working every day and night. It is very difficult for them to understand that are the support roles and the solid understanding about what is happening in the store. This program is very important for them to give knowledge about the store operations.

HR Development Program:

In Domino’s they have a unique platform which help the professional to select their field as HR to gain knowledge, develop plan and get experience in all fields. This program is only being successful if the entire participants are fully committed and take the responsibility. They expect participant get as much as they can from each rotation and support the company’s objective with no matter where they work. This job rotation is done in three steps

  • Core Assignment

Core assignment depends on shared services, electronic record on team members, communication and support, support team members according to the company’s policy.

  • Market Place

In corporate market support team members, resolve employing problems and coordinated with staff members for retention.

  • Additional Assignment

Additional work includes compensation, employee relation, training program, learning development, HR information system.

  • DPZ University:

This training program is developed by Domino’s partnering with different organizations like Harvard Business School and Ninth house. Every team member has its own login name and password to access it. dominos.skillport.com

  • Accounting and Finance Program:

To get easy access in their cash and ledger accountant position professional needs to go through that training this includes communication with internal customers, review account payable /receivables, inventory, payroll. Analyze and position weakly sales data etc.

Supply Chain Training Programs

Supply chain centres in Domino’s are responsible for its dough production, delivery from warehouses to stores it requires special training programs that make them enable to prepare a dough certification class to ensure quality of the product, safety forklift certification, and defensive driving classes. Followings are the areas need for training and improvement for these purposes:

  • Chemical hazards
  • Physical hazards with jobs
  • Administrative control
  • Electrical safety training
  • Safety course
  • Back injury prevention
  • Accident investigation
  • Emergency action plan
  • Blood bone
  • Facility safety organization
  • Safety guards
  • Personal proactive equipments

Store training programs

The main training in this corporate sector is store training. Staff members and managers receive an extra ordinary training in this concern because they make, bake and deliver pizzas to the customers. These training completed by training in crew training program, and leadership training program.

Crew and assistant training

This training covers in 3 workbooks. 1st workbook covers training in operational activity like product quality, customer services, cost control, product quality, and sales building. Workbook 2 includes old CBT classes and multimedia CD. Workbook 3 includes Multimedia, action planning, classroom workshops, SMAC objectives, and leadership.

Assistant managers training

Assistant managers training covers book 2 and coves the topics like product quality, customer services, opening, closing, sales building, people first, cost control safety and security etc.

High performance GM’s

There is a two day learning program designed to improve skills in different areas like customers, sales builders, trainer, operator, and leader.

Effective supervision

A three day training workshop is designed for effective supervision from CEO and helps GM to develop skills like visits, meetings, internal theft detection and investigation, building strong bench, planning an effective or productive week. This workshop is named as “The Team, The Team, The Team”

Domino’s Pulse training

This training almost covers everything from the first shift to labour management.

College Students

Domino’s have some great programs for the recent graduates and students on term holidays. As their summer internship it helps them to understand the company’s leadership, procedures and explore all aspects of business. This program divided into three categories

Leadership development Program

HR development Program

Summer Internship

Leadership Development Program

This program is structured to develop future leaders. Future leaders are developed by providing operational training, business training, and preparing participant to lead and grow the business in future. Following table shows hows this training does work.

Core Positions

HR Development Programs

As Domino’s is a fast growing business they require professional and experienced people who and work and control their business professionally, for that reason they developed and prepare Domino’s future human resource leader. The following chart shows that how this training takes place.

HR Development Program Positions

Summer Internship Program

At Domino’s they always looking for effective team members and leaders for that reasons they designed this program in which students from different t colleges participate and learn the skills and participate in different team building activities. They pay for internship and it runs from Mid May to Mid August. After getting this internship students have opportunities in following sectors


Human Resource

Information System


Store Management



Supply chain


Domino’s Pizza began nearly 50 years ago as one small pizza shop in Ypsilanti, Mich. Today, recognized world leader in pizza delivery and can find it almost everywhere on the planet, growing to 9000 store locations worldwide in more than 55 countries.

That kind of growth doesn’t happen by accident. It takes leadership, commitment and an ever-evolving team of passionate people who love what they do. Their success is accomplished when exceptional team members WOW their customers!

Company’s Chairman and CEO, is fond of saying “the pizza company with the best people will win.” Clearly, the team members in domino’s stores who make, bake and take more than one million pizzas to customers’ doorstep every day are the backbone of the company.

The Domino’s Pizza Team is hard working, committed to excellence and serious about having fun. There are more than 170,000 team members employed by 600 corporate-owned stores, a system of 5,000+ domestic franchise-owned stores and international franchise base that operates more than 3,000 stores in more than 55 counties around the globe. Of those, 13,000 are corporate team members, and more than 400 at the World Resource Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Continuing Success

Through the efforts of a dedicated team, Domino’s Pizza offers great job opportunities and long-term career options to grow and succeed. They are looking for the best people to drive their business – managers, store crew and corporate team members with strong work ethic, character, passion, integrity and dedication to delivering results!

Building the network

Need for quality team members is rapidly growing as Domino’s experiences the strongest expansion in history, so recruitment and training programs play an essential role in identifying and nurturing team members to help boost growth. Age is no barrier at Domino’s. They look for people who are driven to succeed, with the right approach to hard work and a genuine desire to learn. In fact, many franchisees and members of the Domino’s leadership team started as pizza delivery drivers and pizza makers.

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