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Evaluation of human resources management

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Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets – the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business.

The division of a company that is concentrated on activities relating to the employees. These activities by including normally conscription and fact to rent/hire new employees, orientation and fact to draw away actual employees, advantages of employee and retention

A human resources department of means is a critical element of ease of employee in any business; it doesn’t really matter how small it is?. The responsibilities of HR include the register of the personnel, advantages, fact to hire and fact to improve with public and federal fiscal laws.

P1.1 Identify three key HRM activities of an identified organization

Planning and analysis:

The planning of HR is a process to analyse and to identify the need for and the availability of human resources so that the organization can meet its objectives, therefore the managers try to expect force which will influence future reservations of and ask for the employees.


Obtaining of people with appropriate skills, abilities, knowledge and experience to fill jobs in the work organization. Pertinent practices are human resources planning, job analysis, recruitment and selection.

The first step in the staffing is recruitment. Especially, before the first candidate of job is searched, the specialist HR must board on SHRP strategic human resources planning. This only region probably encouraged the most part of change in the human development of means during last fifteen years

They cannot hire individuals any more anyhow. It is necessary to have well – reason defined to need individuals who have specific addresses, knowledge and capacities which are directly compared with specific jobs demanded in the organization. Critical question becomes then, how do they know that jobs are critical? The answer to this question is in the process of SHRP. More makes the Manager HR exist in complete darkness, or besides, in a reactive mode. Not before mission and strategy of the organization are being absolutely developed can of human managers of means to begin determining the human needs of means.

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Especially, when a company plans strategically, it determines its purposes and objectives for specific period. These purposes and objectives often follow in the structural changes being made in organizations; that is to say these changes encourage changes in requirements of job, by signalling reports, how the individuals are put together, and others of this type À this title, these new or reviewed structures bring with them a crowd of essential job. It is these jobs that they must stipulate that HRM fills.

Some other requirements for staffing are Job description (highlighting the tasks and requirements of a job), Job analysis and its specification (about skills, capabilities and calibre about the job)


Employee development and Training:

Providing them all kind of training to insure they can work better in their job. The aim of this activity is only to make the better performance of their individuals. These can be for future planning, upcoming targets, new tasks or anything which increases the profit of the company and their individuals don’t know.

P 1.2 Justify how the objectives of these were achieved by effective management of human resource.

The main purpose of these activities of the organizations is to run their business properly and to get more and more profit/ benefit. And that is why the national trust hires the employees every year and give them proper training so that all individuals can perform well and good for their business. They plan every year and forecast their targets and for their completion they do these activities, and they are getting edge every year. National trusts business runs by their potential employees and their HR department’s main activity is to select the right and competent staff and give them required training

I would like to discuss the method used by the organizations for their objectives. The first objectives of services of Personnel are effective and effective personnel the system of register of the sensitive personnel to equip needs together with the system of flexible remuneration. These objectives can be attained by the implementation of different units, as the unit of budgets and beginnings, the candidate that stalks unit, the health and safety unit

None the objective of less than important HR is the services of industrial relations that imply to establish effective relations between the employer and the personnel. Complete framework of political and complete one should be established for the risk direction, the problems of security and health. Equipper should well be informed problems of security and health in the work place. Human resource maintains the provision is connected closely with the political strategic one, planning and the coordination of an organization. A big variety of human strategies of aimed resource to the more flexible planning can include improved links between the execution and remuneration, the procedures of measure of improved executions for the whole personnel, improved the strategies of recruitment and retention, and the encouragement of development of competences. A more objective has for result the support of furnished counsel while basing itself on improved the news of the employer and the needs of personnel of HR and works the conditions.

The objectives of HR stimulate the people development to be their better one to meet the needs of an organization. A successful system of direction of execution including the department, the team and the objectives of individual matters, the personal projects of development, the execution estimation, the career planning, etc., the objectives to improve the engagement of the personnel to develop the matters in the long term and can give challenges that will improve the personnel the personal growth. Of more, if an organization can evaluate the necessary changes of manpower by the matters, execute the necessary optimization and measure the results that use systems of technology to day, it will obtain from the data that have a role criticizes in interception and check the general execution.


P 1.3 Refer to at least two HRM models.

TEN C Model of HRM: 123.gif



The strategy of human resource management of an organization must understand all aspects of managing people, usually from recruitment programs to post separation.


Giving trust between lower staff and upper management their interest and belief about human resources management strategies.


All employees should accept all the requirement and objectives by their organization and Human resources management. And the environment of the organization should encourage new comers and should be free from all hindrance or any barrier.

Cost effectiveness

There should be proper, fair and perfect reward system to encourage all employees for their performance.


The only 1 and unique motivated human resources strategy should be used for competitive advantage.


Human resource activities should be in same orders and must be of a significant body.


The strategy of HRM will be done some such a manner that the organization becomes competent to attain its objectives with the support of single employee’s competences.


Politics of HRM and the practices must guarantee that the execution of HR is in accordance with the matter objectives.


Continues improvement and betterment is an essential strategy for any kind of business, so their basic objective must be according to this strategy.


There should be proper training and development of the staff regularly to maintain the performance for the business and attain its goals easily.

(Srinivas R. Kandula, HRM in practice, 1st edition 2004, PHL learning Pvt Ltd, Pg of 369.)

The Fombrum Tichy and Devanna’s HRM model:


The first model of HRM developed by Fombrum underlines the interrelatedness and the coherence of the activities of management of the human resources the cycle of management of the human resources in their model consists in four components of constituent key: Selection, Appraisal, Development and rewards. The main purpose of these activities is to expand the performance of the organization. But this model ignores some important facts and activities of human resources. The weakness of this model is its nature prescriptive apparent with its direction on only four practices of HRM keys. It neglects also the different interests of gambler, the factors and the notion situational choice of the strategic direction. The plus aspect of the model is nevertheless, that it expresses the coherence of policies of HRM internal and the importance of policies of HRM and the corresponding internal practices to the business strategies of the external organization. The cycle of HRM is also a simple model that uses an educational framework to explain the nature and the meaning of practices of HR keys and the interactions among the factors that form the complex fields of direction of HRM. As we progress through the book, we will look to the cycle of HRM to express the relationship of each employees human resource management function to other HRM Practices

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Task 2 P 2.1. For an identified organization, select at least three HR planning and development methods.

No of staff

The basic planning and development method of ‘the national trust’s HR department is to select the required no of staff every year for new or old location, their most work is done by volunteers but they need paid employee too every year for improvement and as it is a big independent charity in the UK can’t over hire the staff or vice versa. So the basic thing they do for development is hiring the staff up to their required limit. It depends on their workforce requirement. For example if they overdo the size of their workforce, then it can carry out the surplus or the staff can be underutilised, or by mistake if the staff overstretched this can make a big hindrance against their goals and plans for profit.

Retaining Highly skilled staff

The second method is to select skilled staff and cutting out the recruitment cost, and hiring the suitable individuals in the job places/market. Hire the potential staff only up to the management requirement. And for this their HR Department advertises the vacancies on their website and uses other medium for advertisement (news paper, jobs agencies, jobs sites etc). It is clear that a lot of these decisions are basic to an organization, if the HR department takes the main and strategic decisions at the middle of the business. And during the recruitment national trust uses different method to select the competent staff for example, group interviews, job sessions, group assessment, written tests, and in the end one to one interview. And again it depends on the job requirement. And set out the rota and dates of the employees’ contracts (beginning and ending dates). And planning about the no of employees needed next year.

Forecasting future manpower requirements, sales and expenses

The third planning and development method they use is forecasting futures no of employees required. As I am working in the one of the national trust’s properties, every year the HR departments of the properties forecast the staff required for the following year after looking their last year performance and they then set out the final turnovers and sales record to compare it with the next year sales and turnovers. This gives them complete detail about expenses, benefits, and cost report. So their other important plan is forecasting manpower requirement, sales and expenses for the next coming years to run their business in the right way.

P 2.2 Critically evaluate, their effectiveness to meet organizational objectives.

The process furnishes a visibility to the operational tasks and the strategic projects such as the resources can be allocated to the activities of high priority. For this, general effectiveness of resource could be applied to the equipment, the resources and human infrastructures. Equipment effectiveness treats the time take by an equipment piece to make a vendible good, while effectiveness of human resource takes care of the time that an individual takes to execute value to add the activities. Nevertheless, measure infrastructure effectiveness, a detailed comprehension of all the players and the implied systems could be demanded.

The effectiveness of the national trust’s HRM


One of the best effective systems of the national trust’s HRM is their HR staff is so kind and cheer full. This makes a perfect influence on their employees and gives them surety that they are working in a friendly environment and their contact with the upper management is really helpful. And then no one wants to leave this organization and works proper. The continuously appreciation of the employees encourages them to give more progress and work hard, and this is the main tool they use and get result.

Customer Focused

Customer is an asset of any organization, every business relies on customer. The national trust’s properties are known as a good tourist attraction places in all over the UK. As they are cooperative with their employees they give perfect customer service to their customers and that is the reason customers go there so often, and they have large no of members and permanent customers.

Clear Man’s specification

Effective hiring method is superiority of the national trust. Skills (like standard of proficiency), experience, and related field is a requirement when they hire new employees and this method gives them skilled and right staff which is also the effective plan for their objectives. Assessment tests and determining the strength of the individuals as well as their potential about the required job is also the one of their requirements when hiring. Then further training and development of the employees is the plus point about their work.

Furthermore there is some other effectiveness of HRM below

Right polices and the specific systems, Process of Norms and work Sequence.

Proper and clear orientation program.

Incentives, reward and merits creation.

Helpful corporate, easy contact with upper management, supervisors, line managers and even property manager.

Organizations clear table.

New promotions, using effective advertising method.

Free entry days during the session.

Maintaining the history.

Extra employees benefits and bonuses plan

Guideline and work flow processes.

Task 3 Analyze ways in which performance of HR may be enhanced.

P3.1- Critically review how Hr performance in an identified organization is currently indicated and monitored.

While returning able superior quality in the manpower remains the ultimate objective, the home of the human recent resources was to careen the function to reduce the cost to use the employees. The analysis of execution of HR of Accenture uses an evaluation of execution of human resource to help brand effective and effective HR that this must be to construct the organizational capabilities that transfer the book of the results and drives matters of superior quality. In a transformed model of HR, the delivery of service of HR continues is taken care of by a model of delivery of service sustained by the political standardized one and the processes and a computer system of integrated HR. Administrative and compromise activities are delivered by HR A Divided of the Services, allowing the roles of HR to improved to be developed that sets up itself on the execution of manpower and the capacity of the organization to change

Their HR department counsels the general direction on the problems capitals human and aligns the strategy of people business wide with the general corporate strategy. The Direction of HR is responsible to define a brand of employer, determining the talent strategy, creating the perfect form of organization of HR to meet these objectives and to manage the organization of HR to get the results.

The centres of conception of Expertise and built the programs of HR through the local ones to commercial usage to drive the manpower execution base on HR needs commercial Partners and the general strategies of manpower of the Direction of HR. Every Centre of Expertise corresponds to a HR the functional sector, as the compensation, the advantages, the erudition, recruiting and the talent direction, just like the functions of upset local to commercial usage, as the change direction, the mergers and the acquisition support and the relations of employee.


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