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Executive Business Summary Of The ASDA Firm

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The Dairies and Queen’s Supermarkets merged and created the ASDA Store Ltd. In 1965, GEM, came to U.K with new ideas and started GEM chain in 1965. In the year 1968, associated dairies purchased the Asquith’s stockholding and the ASDA name was now owned by one company. It operates as one of the largest food retailers in the United Kingdom. The company’s stores sell a wide variety of merchandise including food and apparel, along with house wares, music, videos, and books. ASDA has approximately 259 stores in its arsenal- each stores nearly 42,000 square feet, and some are nearly around 100, 00 square feet. The company turns dairies in to Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in 1999.Under its new parent’s guidance, ASDA has been adding pharmacies, jewellery, and photo departments, opticians to its stores.

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ASDA is managing the cultural behaviours of the customer to become the one of the largest food retailers in the U.K.ASDA has there Agricultural roots, food and farming which is the heart of ASDA. It has many activities such as, pharmacies, opticians, jewellery, and photography departments, among them main activity they are following is retail. To introduce a new range of products ASDA has provided the online service to their customers, Such as:


Financial Services.

CDs DVDs & Games.

Contact Lenses.


Local Nostalgic Gifts.

Photo Processing.



The main aims of the ASDA’s are to provide the best service to customer to the regular returning customers and new customers to the store itself. To manage the business, Firstly, they are providing the high values to the needs of the customer to stand at top level. It has three main statements, which they believe will help the business to succeed. Firstly, to become Britain’s best value retailer exceeding customers’ needs. Secondly, providing the goods and service to everyone with affordable price, the third and last is to provide the excellence customer service to individual.


ASDA’s main goals are to source 100% renewable energy. To run on bio diesel, it has to converts the entire fleet of trucks. The next goal of ASDA’s is to reduce carbon emissions by 80,000 tonnes. To make possible they have to reduce the road miles travelled by 4.5 million miles from past 3 years. To transport the supply they have to found new ways like through rails, they can supply.

Human Resources (HR):

The Human Resources department play vital part in managing the business and culture. Human Resources are the department in the company which is responsible of managing the people, and employees to maintain the business smoothly. Human Resource is the weapon in managing the business in any organisation. Many other businesses prefer to create a Human Resource to try and manage the employees that they are working safely and effectively. To manage all departments the Human Resource is carry out the following things:

They will recruit the employees when there is a need, and check the qualification of the employee, and they can dismiss the employee with certain reasons as well.

HR is states the rules and regulations to the employees that work in the departments and introduce the new employees about the Terms and Conditions.

Ensure that the health, safety conditions and guidelines are following by the employees are not.

They also give rewards to the employee by promoting, or by redundancies. With right qualifications they can employ the right people.

They ensure about the training given to the new employed to develop the skills and other employees many need to develop.

They look after working conditions.

Managing Structure and Culture of the Job for Human Resource:

HR Adviser- To be competitive in the market place, HR Advisors satisfy the needs of the clients and introduce its product quickly as possible.

HR Assistant- It dismisses the employee as per the situation, as well as recruits the new employees whenever there is a need, and gives the necessary training to the new employees.

HR Consultant-It manages the problems and difficulties facing by the experience staff and the staff can directly consult with HR consultant without hesitating.

Recruitment and Assessment Consultant -They have to see the person qualification suits for the certain job or not and accordingly select the peoples from the recruitment area.

Human Resource play vital role in managing the structure, culture, and in business too. There is no staff, and no new equipments in the business field, therefore it will not function properly without the Human resources management. ASDA is successful to manage the business and culture of the department with the Human resource without this department it is highly impossible to grow the business further, as the decrease in the success of the business it is affected to the Retail activities. Human Resources giving the big importance by adding new machinery and staff contribute greatly to ASDA’s.


The Administration Department management help the businesses to meet their goals and give the support to reach at successful position. For example, it sort out the problems like if the company needs new photocopying facilities and they take necessary steps to sort out the problem by providing new photocopy in a particular office. They also provide the necessity to other departments in the business and various services to the other organisation.

The kind of service which the Administration department provide like word processing or typing.

They also provide the security, cleaning, reception services to the organisation.

They relocate staff if needed and plan accordingly.

They maintain the computer systems, decorations, furniture, air conditioning, and check the equipments whether it is in good or bad condition.

Managing Structure and Culture of the Job for Administration:

Sales Administration Manager – They analyse the needs of the customers and accordingly develop tender responses on a national basis. They manage with high level of computer literacy.

Administration Assistant – They also help in recruiting, dismissing, and giving training when there is a necessity for the apartments they are assigned to.

Administration Programme Controller -They controls and manage all the programmes which are running in the Administration department.

Management Administrator – It take responsibility to roles mail purpose and support in appropriating the operational. To manage this it required the high level of intelligence in order to investigate the needs of various departments and respond according to the needs.

The Administration department Manage reception desk, as they creates order and give the customers to enter in the building. The first impression to the customers and for the staff is the reception area which should be presented well, They manage the switchboard which will maintain help in control within ASDA, as there are different department and the customer want to contact. If the call goes to one department they are no way to transferred to the department due to which customer complaining. If they not handle appropriately it could be damage to the reputation of ASDA’s. As administration department maintain the paperwork, documentation, incoming mail, cleaning services, decorating and many other services to manage well.


The marketing department has to manage well to make the business well , and distinguish what the customers is thinking to buy the product at a price .they are four main functions of marketing department to manage the marketing environment.

Market Research -Through this department they can find out what the customers want, and it gives the idea of which product is customer is will to buy at what price. This marketing research help in identifying the fault by taking individual interviews, by asking questionnaires or sending mail , post, customer opinions , telephonic interview, and by surveying.

Advertising – They manage well by advertising the company’s products and making customer aware of the new products. The company also choose the items for advertising through media, television, posters, newspapers, radio etc and many more.

Promotion – To make promotion for they have to manage such as sponsorship, special packaging, exhibitions and trade fairs, celebrity endorsement etc.

Public Relations – To make a business well this will part is also help making good relationship with general public , other organisation which will give the company great , high, profile , image .

To manage the marketing environment most of the company pay high rate to provide the marketing services. To mange this they have to strategically plan by advertising, promoting, public relations, and by doing market research. They need to require the following skills:

They have to control the cost, make use of financial skills, budget, and the most important that ability to work in the team’s environment.

They need to manage the project, eye-catching ideas, technical skills, internet publishing, paint, animation programs, operating video cameras and sound equipment to promote the products.

Managing Structure and Culture of the Job for Marketing:

Marketing Executive – It has to diverse elements of the market and manages the product accordingly.

Marketing Assistant – To develop the business, they have to maintain the customer database, organise events, and provide the administrative support. They have to be up-to-date by maintaining the websites and by preparing the power point presentation.

Marketing Manager -It has to take the responsibility to manage the consumer, and to make the plan for the overall marketing environment.

Marketing Officer – To make the image and reputation of the organisation they have to communicate with the stakeholders and show the relevant brand to the relevant parties.

They have to take responsibility for the following:

They have to take care of the strategy of promotional advertising and execution.

They have to maintain electronic materials, copywriting for prints, newsletters, manage database, mail shots and product key promotional publications. Co-ordinating the production of key promotional publications.

To develop the business, they have to manage by developing, relationship with agencies, external publishers, as well as they have to maintain and develop the various organisational website.

This is also important part for the management structure and culture, to maintain the business within ASDA’s, this department also help in maintaining the popularity, without this department if will get the trouble. Through this department customers are get the idea about what going on in the store ,without this department they will be in lose profits, and it is bad news for the ASDA’s reputation and its business itself. They have to manage well to make the profit for the ASDA’s and to business. Marketing is the only straight road through which they have to follow the straight road to make the profit, they have to understand what the customers wants in the store to be offer and without the popularity and management the business can’t able to stand and get profit.


They have to manage and focus on the services to operate the business. Purchasing department has to manage the raw material, such as maintaining the new furniture, computer facilities, and the paper production which is need for the organisation. They have to carry out the following responsibilities.

They have to order the goods and services for the company and maintain the good relationship with the suppliers.

They also manage the needs of the various departments, and informed them about the items and services are presents, they pay invoice through accounting department.

Managing Structure and Culture of the Job:

Purchasing Clerk – They have to be focus on the process and administration of all consumables purchasing for the company, to take advantage they have to concentrate on manufacturing goods, services, metals and raw materials.

Purchasing Officers – To organise supply strategies they signed the agreement and manage the huge supplies and equipments for the business.

Purchasing Manager – They include many responsibilities such as monitoring , checking prices, analysing data ,dealing with suppliers, managing better rates for the company, and maintaining the up-to-date of contract ,purchasing stock, and utilising vehicle/container capacities.

Purchasing Assistant – purchasing Assistant manage the following responsibilities such as.

They maintain the Maintains the MRP stock; raising, purchasing, Operating according to the MRP demands.

They manage the BOM file, identify supplier, up and down prices, and obtain written quotations.

They mange the invoice queries, and performance review summary for supplier/customers.

They manage the internal departments, suppliers, and check work’s orders.

They manage the up-to-date plan for the production.

They have to be manage well to while purchasing, and without this department it is impossible to bring the new products to the company, and if no new product then ASDA’s will be in loss, so it also the important department to manage the business.


They have to manage structure and culture of the organisation to succeed in the business. The management team has to work together to achieve the aim and objective of the company. To reach at successful stage they have to manage the different departments and its culture, each department in ASDA’s has a vital role to play. Without these departments the stores easily fall down and which get difficult to operate the business too.

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There are different departments such as Human Resource department, Administration, Marketing, and purchasing they are managing the structure and culture of the organisation in different department to communicate in various way to meet the need of the ASDA’s. Without the communication there will be loss in the business. ASDA’s departments are mostly used the telephone service to communicate and instead of using the emails and massages, because through telephone they can directly communicate with save and quick. As Administration departments have the computers that in use, although there are computers available in each department through which they can record, communicate, and complete documents.

ASDA’s has to manage the structure and culture to make the profit in the business. Without this teamwork there will be serious issues to the departments, and ASDA’s will failed to reach its goal and even they have to close the stores because of not enough profits is being produced.


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