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J20 Brand Management and Marketing

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Executive Summary

Britvic’s J20 has retained the same branding style for an approximate of twelve years by using the regular shape of a bottle incorporating simple graphics and labels. The research conducted focuses on discussing the essential aspects behind the factors of the bottle that makes it purchasable and interesting. Internet research that was performed by use of online studies, the study of questionnaires, and other existing relational commodities, a trend was discovered in the recent bottle market. The styling aspect that stood out is the use of ergonomic and anthropometric designing styles used on the product. In turn, this trendy branding style has impacted to a significant decrease in the shape of the product thus causing the bottles to be filled with less liquid than the use of standard bottles.

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On the other hand, the questionnaire analysis results were intriguing because it outlined that 53% of the interrogated people suggested that the styling and bottle design captures their attention thus inclined to purchase the soft drink. Nonetheless, an approximate of 44% negatively responded towards the current styling and designing of the bottles and perceived the whole styling idea as boring and too standard. Further, studies indicate that most of the customers choose to go in pubs when wanting to socialize thus the new design of the bottle clearly fits and is applicable a bar, this raises the company’s competitive advantage in the soft drink market. The bottle is perceived by many as unique in design and the brand significantly stands out particularly in dark atmosphere. The research that was conducted highly indicated that there is a need for change in the outlook of the J20 bottle. Therefore, there is still room to enhance the whole brand outlook especially in making the bottle appears more elegant, organic, and there was the need for the unique product so as to secure the future sales in the trendy competitive market.

Product Overview

The J20 Bottle was launched in 1998 aimed at providing people who were going to bar or club but do were not drinking alcohol. “The initial flavor of J20 bottle drinks had incorporated the Apple and Melon which became overly popular with the customers because of the unique taste it exhibited, current the flavor is available in the market in six varieties that include; Orange and passion flavor, Apple and blueberry flavor, Apple and Raspberry flavor, Mango and Apple flavor, Melon and Apple, and Orange and Pomegranate fruit” (Vrontis, D. &Thrassou, A. 2006, 137). The initial aim of J20 Bottle was to penetrate through a market in restaurants, pubs, and in bars. Therefore, because of the enormous growth of the organization during the four years since 1998 up to 2002, it has recently been able to increase its sales in the supermarkets. Statistics indicate that over seven bottles are being purchased in every second from either the pubs and restaurants or the public domain in its global networks. Thus, the brand is acknowledged as the single selling product of soft drinks available in the market, this makes J20 globally known as the best seller of unique soft drinks.


The organization should develop a competition strategy to style a new brand for their bottle by use of design and graphic and point-of-sale items. “It is required that the final product is branded with creative ideas and should be appealing to the current and future customers without tampering with the core principles of the brand” (Russell, R.S. & Taylor-Iii, B.W. 2008, n.p). This task is aimed to generate a design that increases the brand awareness and increasing its share value within the soft drink global market segment. In addition, the strategy is mainly focused towards the market segment that is sociable and impulsive that includes customers that are aged in between 25-30years old. Ultimately, the appearance and sensation of the designed brand should be entirely different, developing something new, and interesting. The company focuses on the 275ml bottle through innovation and putting an emphasis on marketability within the on-trade markets such as the pub, restaurants, and bars. The new branded bottle requires the support of the POS (Point of Sale) items in order to effectively launch the brand by use of posters, bar-runner, and use of drip mat.

Determining how it will be accomplished

Firstly, the company can speculate at the aspects that the trendy bottle can be updated so as to effectively determine which graphic and designs should be incorporated. Having acknowledged this the research requires being undertaken with the attempt to discover why the commodity has been overly successful up-to-date. Further, it is wise to understand its credentials and how the product became so popular.

Secondly, by use of online questionnaires the research team should be at a position of collecting the overview of clients in relation to J20 product in order to assist in designing trends. Therefore, with this follow-up of the research, it would be prudent to suggest that the designs can be fashioned with the collaboration of J20 customers to ensure the correct and captivating product appearance is achieved.

Thirdly, it is essential for the organization to evaluate other soft drinks brands and how they managed to evolve since the establishment of the company, this assists in constricting a number of designs that could have been used. This strategy will significantly narrow the end results to a single product.

Lastly, there should be the development of the selected design in order to formulate to incorporate all the dimensions or the required technical information. Thereafter, an appropriate PDS -Product Design Specification- can be scribed.

The outline of current bottle appealing and design whereby the information discussed in this section will be used to portray the failures as well as the possible enhancements within the packaging and the shaping of the bottle.

The packaging

When a customer purchases a drink from the supermarket, he/she expects the drinks to be sold in cases of four in which all the bottles contain the same flavor of the soft drink. The customer is provided with a cardboard casing that is simply designed to help the customer to carry and hold the drinks with ease, easy to tear when attempting to get the drinks out, and very strong to hold the bottles during the transportation from the supermarket. Thus, all the above-outlined aspects are referred to as packaging of a product, whereby, the product impresses the customer from how it is stored and all the benefiting factors that come along with the acquisition of the drink. This is a perfect example of how the J20 Bottles currently packages its products; the soft drinks are packaged in a circular shaped package with filleting before the neck. The main body of the bottle has measurements of an approximate of 60mm in diameter that lofts to 27mm on the extraction point of the drink. The production procedure of the Blow is molded to bring about certain shapes at the bottom thus instigating a slight indent that allows fast removal of the bottle. The types of bottles shaped in this manner, the top is usually integrated with the body of the bottle this is achieved by developing two wider sections within the glass to ensure easy to use and function ability.

For the product re-launch J20 bottles aim at keeping up with the trend of incorporating the same colors that are the Orange and Green. Thus, this forms of packaging exhibit a sense of a material that is environmental friendly having a rich and enjoyable taste. In the case of the fruit drinks such as the Apple, Bananas, and Orange, their main colors are the Red, Yellow, and the Orange respectively. By incorporating these brand elements the company is constructing the personality of the brand by ensuring that it is in line with its customer target markets.

Digital Questionnaire

This section focuses on determining the fundamental reasons as to why consumers purchase the commodity by analyzing elements such as the taste, social factors, or its non-alcoholic nature of the product. The data can be acquired through evaluating the pub clients via the platform of an online questionnaire. In a survey conducted, it showed that between the ages of twenty-five men and twenty-six women the 90% of them suggested that they enjoyed consuming J20 soft drinks using the product as a substitute for coke. A total of 49% of the customers stated that J20 is their favorite drink on weekends and in their socializing joints (Britvic Annual Report, 2015 n.p). Therefore, this possesses as the reason to why there is a high percentage that the drink is the preferred selection for designated drivers drink persons.

However, it was discovered that by the use of online questionnaires the people were reluctant to answer therefore, the researcher asked them to state their opinion, 44% reacted negatively towards the bottle design which was defined as boring and lacked uniqueness. 10% of the interviewees have no comment about the bottle or the branding and others having issues with the bottle’s usability and issues concerning the material. The final question entailed asking the consumers as to whether they change the brand and if so what would be incorporated. The results showed that 23% requested that the brand should be updated and 20% suggesting that the brand requires a change but did not state the particulars. While the remaining percentage suggested that the company should design a brand that is suitable for the customers but did not comment of how to enhance the brand (Britvic Soft Drinks Review, 2014 n.p).

Trends in designing the J20 Bottles

Observing the historical trends in branding the Coca-Cola bottle is can clearly be seen that they have enhanced their strategic designing and graphics towards ergonomic and anthropometric design. The oldest bottle design included the high-end cooking oil container that is currently used. Overall, studies indicate that the current designs focus developing thinner and smaller products however the final bottle to be developed is seen to acquire a reverse design. “Therefore it is of importance to acknowledge the originality of the making of bottles and their individual designs in relation to their shape, function, and aesthetics” (Trotman, S.C et al. 2007). The current layout of J20 bottles is similar to Archers and Smirnoff bottles. It can be denoted that each of the organizations is reluctant to enhancing their designs and thus they choose to stick with a standard bottle that they are confident will make adequate sales, hover in the end these designs are presumed as boring. In relation to aesthetics, the individual bottles exhibit a unique color and appearance of labels thus assisting the customers to make an informative decision on which product to buy.

The volume of production

The target market is an essential factor to consider in expanding the organization market and in the case of J20, it targets customers between the ages of 25-30 years old. According to the market observations, the researchers report that the product is loved and bought by customers of all ages thus the organization has a well-established customer base. J20 Bottles has the pressure of designing a commodity that will uphold the reputation of their product’s brand in the long run. The final design includes the concerns that are related to the Mass Production manufacturing industry. This could involve the automated input, withdrawal of the recent bottle designs and issues of how the bottle designs can automatically be pushed along the product line. The Britvic organization acquires a manufacturing chain set up for mass production of their products, therefore, the only aspect that needs changing is the replacement of equipment.

Quality and Consistency

Due to a number of bottles produced and sold it obviously seems that the manufacturing process will run in an infinite period of time as quality and consistency being the core issue for Britvic. Certain factors such as current trends and expansion of the organization can result in inaccuracy in the operational of some company’s equipment, worn out and causing the production process to slow down. To ensure there is a high level of quality production the company should introduce a check-up plan for every 1500 bottles manufactured. The more thorough the production the more check-up should be done thus reducing the risk of having problems with customers and increasing customer relations.


The increase in the use of the product there should be carefully considered to ergonomic hand sizes must be integrated with the design. The ideal scope of the bottle must underlie within a maximum cylinder grip of 53.34mm in size and the minimum should be at 40.46mm. “Therefore basing the various sizes of the bottles on the recent J20 will eventually give the customer an ergonomic product because the issues will have been solved” (Kibar, A. 2007, n.p).

The Designing, Shaping, and Aesthetics

The previous market research denoted that there was the need for the bottle to be drastically changed thus a new appealing and conventional design is required. The concept of design started with a drawing of sketches of ideas that could possibly suit the consumer base and further enhance the overall outlook of the commodity. By drawing collection of designs, some are pushed to the growth stage which consists of a conservative and eccentric bottle. However, it is important to note that each of the designs tabled out has their advantages and disadvantages. In the selection of designs, it is prudent that the organization chooses the simplest shape because it uses minimal material and it is the best. This is clearly seen being implemented in Britvic because they are cutting the quantity of glass used within each and every bottle. Thus, the company is seriously taking into account the environmental issues.

Design Development

The design of the bottles should be developed in a manner that is appealing to target market especially the existing and new clients. Further, the shape of the bottle should reflect the current trends, dissimilar from the predictable designs, compliments the brand’s flavor, and sold at affordable prices. In relation to the health of the customers, it should be made of non-toxic substances having chemical resistance. The current brand used by the J20 Bottles should be of 22% larger so as to hold the correct level of liquid.


The current prototype in the market needs to be readjusted to roughly 20% bigger than initially, this way then the bottle can hold the correct amount of juice. By continuing to use the initial bottle the customers may be getting what does not appropriately reflect their bargain, it can be considered a fraudulent move by the company as well as a failure to meet standard requirements by the regulatory bodies. Customers need to remain the priority and therefore it is essential by the company to meet the customers’ requirements such as operational transparency by the company thus according the company the necessary loyalty.


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