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Management Of Physical Resources Business Essay

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In todays world Human resource is known as the big asset of the organization. The organizations were more profit oriented in the past but slowly situation is changing. Now Human Resource department are changing for future. They are getting more insight driven. The situation, factors use to do the Personnel and Development (CIPD) said that the future of HRM will be Insight-Driven. The future of Human Resource Management (HRM) will be more explainable and focus.

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The purpose of this essay is to make clear about the statement. So this essay will explain Insight Driven factors and the current HRM. Also this essay will include the organizational sustainability. The first part of the essay will provide the current HRM. The second part of the essay will talk about the change we need and the problem we are focusing. And finally the essay will explain the important of Insight Driven.

Human Resources Function

Human resources management or Personnel is such an area where we find a lot of contrasts between the theories and life practices. Human resource’s main responsibility is the recruitment, selection, training and development of staff which includes training and retaining [Mumford, 2004]. The training and development will involve developing staff to maximize their potential so that the employees play a vital role in organizational growth.  

Most of the cases, Human resources comply or need to comply with the country;s legislation to be applicable. As example we can say that, according to the UK Data Protection Act 1984 the employees must need to maintain accurate personal record in a manner that is compliant. In many cases Human resources also adopt a welfare role which includes looking after employees whilst they are at work which in other way we say maintaining health and safety at work. Human Resource should create policies that balance organisational needs with those of the employee [Preffer, 2005].

Management of physical resources

An organization need to combine Labor. Capital, Energy, Materials and information to generate a product or service [Nadler, 1992].

Labor is the work the employees are providing to the organizatiion. It can be mental and or physical effort of employees and can take a variety of forms including filing, lifting, data processing, decision making, and line management [Bradwel & Holden, 2004]. It is very important for the organization as labour is any kind of effort/task that an employee needs to undertake in order to produce the product or service.

Capital is the strongest too to produce the product or service. It can be in the form of machines and tools. The physical capital is more likely purchased through financial capital such as loans, sale of shares in the organisation and use of profit generated by the organization [[Bradwel & Holden, 2004].

Energy is making the production easy for all. It is provided through the use of gas, electricity, solar power and steam. It is needed to heat/light up the organization premises, make the machinery work for production and to ensure that the organisation is a comfortable place so that the employees get the right work environment [Bradwel & Holden, 2004].

A material comes in raw form. It is needed to produce the product or service. As example we can say, a restaurant cannot make the make the food that they serve to their customers with any raw material which id the ingredient [Bradwel & Holden, 2004]. . 

Information is very important for an organization. Because it is a competitive world and information gives us the continuous update. It is the knowledge that the employees need produce the end product [Bradwel & Holden, 2004]. 


The work of marketing department is to research the market to know customer needs to develop strategy and produce the right product to satisfy the customer need. The research is done in targeted market areas in addition the age, sex, background, preferences etc [CIPD] [Online]. After doing the survey, the marketing department need to produce the product according to the consumer need that is profitable. After finishing the product designing by the production department, the marketing team need to go for packaging, advertising, and promotion of the product.


The Sales trams are responsible to make the customers to purchase the end product. This includes Sales Department’s selling strategy which can involve various advertisements, travelling sales representatives, telephone sales and devising the sales interview.

Research and Development Function

The research and development aims to improve existing products, to create new and better products. It also improves production methods to create effective processes. The research and development eventually enable the organisation to reduce costs, increase profitability and remain ahead of the competition [Aragon, 2003]. But not all research will lead to new/improved products/processes. The organizations need to allocate a specific portion of their budget to research and development activities to get the better result.

Information System

The way that human work is measured, controlled, or reported is almost changed on invention of computers [Baker and Hubbard, 1999]. This change will create a number of additional indirect flows from computers to labor demand. The information system flow will also mediated by organizational change.

For any organization, the centralized databases enable individual workers to have the necessary information to complete an entire process that was pretty much impossible in past. This way shifts the employees from a role of functional specialist to process generalist [Hammer, 1990]. Now days, in manufacturing, the use of flexible machinery and computerized process controls is often attached with greater worker caution, which in turn requires data analysis skills and general problem-solving ability.

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The shift in incentives and work structures may also taking place to meet the greater demands. People are working from distance, earning and working sitting at home because of the information technology. Employees vary in their ability to work in teams. On the other side, the change calls for changed human interaction talents in supervisors. As example, supervisors will need more skills in dealing with customers and suppliers, influencing teammates and colleagues, and inspiring and coaching subordinates [Brynjolfsson, Renshaw, and Van Alstyne, 1997]. More generally, the changes involve providing the “people skills” that computers lack.


The future of HRD depends on organization those are sustainable. The organization should focus more on talent management (T&D) [Online]. These days the retaining employees are getting in better shape. The training also given to the employees with a purpose. The HR department finding the right gap the employees have and trainee them according to their need.

The future of HRM will be Insight Driven. The HR will have the power to make decision. They will be also involved in organizational growth (Burack, 1991). Their suggestions and feedback will be valuable to the organization. As the society become more insight driven, the relevance and impact of work increases and HR plays the role of trusted advisers.


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