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Principles for Effective Business Communication

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Effective communication is very important when you are in the business area. Every day we encounter different people and dealing with them nicely will leave a big impact to them about us. People will remember you on how effective you are as a communicator because you catch their attention on how you speak or act in front of them. In the sector of business, the more effective you are as a spokesperson, the more your business will be successful.

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Teamwork, from the word itself, you need a team for it to work. Companies hire employees that know how to work as a team. Working hand in hand to achieve goals will make your life easier. Any job or work that is been accompanied by people who are willing to cooperate will be a sure success. Companies last longer if they have workers who cooperate with their leaders and show genuineness towards their work.

Question 1:

Analyse communication principles for effective business communication and apply strategies of business communication to prepare effective communication for managing relationships between different stakeholders in a business entity.


These days, business communication either written or verbal has become a vital part of a business and to conduct an effective and smooth flow of information within the organisation. Business can only survive if it has a transparent and effective communication within the company as well as with external parties like stakeholders. It can further be demonstrated through the example give in the case study “A nasty piece of work” where the author has expressed that if we can absorb what someone is throwing at us, it helps in defusing things. In other words, it helps in solving the problems of communication. Thus, there should be a great focus on the communication principles by a company to enhance its growth prospects. Following are some of the effective principles of communication for businesses and companies to apply and execute:

  1. Language control: for a communication to be effective the employees and the other involved people should understand the importance of the language control. They should first adhere to the limits designed by the company and see if they could use informal or formal language to communicate. Moreover, they should also use the respectful language in order to communicate effectively.
  1. Simplicity: another principle of an effective communication is to create a simple and easy message to talk to others. It is not good to use the difficult or very technical language while communicating with others. For example, if the company is communicating something to its customers then it shouldn’t use the language that isn’t clear to them. So, the message or the information should be made easy to deliver to other parties to effectively access it.
  1. Clarity: the information which needs to be communicated should be very concise and very specific to the purpose of the communication. It will save the time and efforts of both the parties involved in the process of communication; the sender as well as the receiver.
  1. Planning: these days planning is the first stage of each and every small or big execution in a business. Similarly, communication in an organisation is a big and important process to carry out day to day business activities. Thus planning is extremely important for communication as well. Sometimes there’s only one chance for the companies to communicate something to stakeholders like (advertisement to customers, offer to other companies or competitors, applications to banks, offer of investments to shareholders etc.) so it is important to plan before the communication to get it successful. (business consi, 2011-2016)
  1. Accuracy: the sender of the information or the communicators should always make sure that the information he/she is transferring is accurate, or the source of information is available or not. Because the companies should have proper logic or base evidence for what they are communicating to others. Inaccurate information might lead to loss or destruction of business relations.
  1. Attentiveness: here attentiveness refers to the knowledge of other parties involved in the communication. The message or information that is being communicated should have covered all the aspects of controversies or criticism. Companies should apply a way that one person should know how will another be going to react after the information is transferred.
  1. Relevancy: this is always important to talk relevant; otherwise it is complete waste of time if the communication is not on track. For an example if a company is offering a deal to another company then communication should have executed around the code of conduct, responsibilities and profits and not about the culture and other stuff.
  1. Brief: sometimes it is very irritating to read long messages or to listen to long speeches on something. Moreover people don’t have enough time so it is important for a company to understand the value of short and brief messages and how to explain more in short or brief messages.
  1. Confidential: another principle for an effective communication is that the information or a communication should be between those who are authorised to that. It should be publicised until authorised.

(III, 2016)

A business can have two different types of stakeholders and two different types of communication processes. External and internal; external stakeholders are like competitors, suppliers etc. and internal stakeholders are like employees and shareholders etc. Both are important and plays vital role in the success of the company. Thus the company should apply some strategies to build stronger relations with these stakeholders through effective communication.

Strategies to build good relations with the stakeholders via effective communication:-

  1. Written communication like marketing advertisements, direct mails, budget and publications, social media, surveys and feedback etc. These are some of the written communication tools that can be used to communicate with the stakeholders. So the companies should apply the above mentioned principles to make the information effective.
  1. Verbal communication like telephonic, seminars and speeches, television add etc. The verbal communication is more intensive then the written communication. Both techniques are quite common to use these days. The company should apply the principles of effective communication like conciseness, accuracy, language etc to communicate freely and smoothly. (Boundless, 2016)

Budget analysis and audit reports are the best way to authentic and accurate communication with the external stakeholders. This is the way in which the company can follow the principle of transparency. The competitors and the government can communicate with company through this way (through the website or online publications) and give feedback as well.

Stakeholders can also get information about the growth strategies, market value or positioning of the company, products and services, corporate social responsibility and lot more through this way of communication. By following the mentioned technique (all the businesses and companies do use online media to communicate these days) the companies can keep its stakeholders updated with what is happening in the company.

Question 2:

After reading the case critically evaluate communication for effective team work and engagement within organizations to promote a positive workplace culture.

Answer 2.

Employee engagement plays prominent role in developing the team and positive workplace culture within a company. Small or large teams can only achieve their set goals or targets if they communicate as well as engage properly.  A team leader has the duty to make every employee or a member of the team to feel that they all are equally important and contributing to the success of the organisation. Effective communication within the team is extremely necessary for the so many reasons and they are as follows: –

  1. To have no conflicts: – it is important to communicate accurately so that there should not arise any kind of individual conflicts in the team. Because those conflicts might lead to big issues later and decrease the strengths of the workforce. (ROGERS)
  1. To achieve goals: – working in a team refers to working for a common goal and not for individual goals. Thus it is important to have a sense of co-operation and co-ordination for each other in a team and in a company to achieve the set or desired goals. Effective communication plays the fundamental role in developing the sense of cooperation and coordination in teams.
  1. To manage time: – if the manager and the team leader communicates the day to day job roles effectively and timely then there will be no problems in terms of confusions and delays. Every task can be conducted and achieved in time with good results. Thus, time managements and resource managements are some of the positive outcomes of effective communication. (Stark, 2012)
  1. To reduce risks and competition: – it is great to say that just by having a good communication the teams might be able to reduce the amount of risk and competition from outside the company (from competitors and market trends).
  1. To promote positive workplace culture: – co-operation and co-ordination, support, trust are all the components of good and healthy communication. Furthermore, these components are helpful in building positive environments within the company where employees are positively energetic towards working hard for their goals.
  1. To build relations: – finally a team manager could also be successful in achieving healthy relations of the team members by conducting and applying the principles of effective communication in a team. This will not only help teams to build up but also help the companies and businesses to build up as strong and sustainable entities.

(Custom Insights, 2014)

If a person wants to be a good communicator, he or she must be an extrovert which means that you have to be outgoing or socially confident person. No matter what the people say about you or what words they throw towards you, never let it bother you. Just keep going on in your life because we all have problems and it is up to us on how we will handle it. We just have to be good to people even though they don’t show the same attitude towards us because it reflects on our personality.

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Companies don’t succeed if employees lack teamwork. In working with same project but with another group of people, it is important that leaders should talk well on what to do first and discuss about the result.  Listening to the people that surrounds you and who knows the job well will make your work easy and fast. Asking help also from your superiors if you are having a hard time with your project can also give a positive outcome.

In Task A, it gives us message that we must be positive in a negative world. An extrovert person will go a long way because of their driven personality NE whatever problems they have, it is not a hindrance to accomplish their dreams and not to ruin their day. Some will not treat you nicely but always be positive with your life. An introvert person were the shy one and they sometimes avoid large group of people.

In Task B, if both parties, the BP and Transocean communicated well and listen to each other then there will be no oil spill, no lives taken and no negative effect on the environment. The oil spill that happened was the worst disaster that America has encountered. It has a lot of bad effects to human, reputation, economics and environmental.

This document will include the principles of effective communication leading to the strategies that can be used or that are generally being used by the companies these days in order to establish strong relations within and outside the company through the explanation of external and internal stakeholders to a company. Additionally, it will also throw light on some of the important aspects of a communication towards building teams in an organisation. Putting along the communication as a fundamental need for all organisations to growth and success this assignment will focus on business communication and its importance.


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