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Examining Quality Management Across Cadburys Coca Cola And Vodafone

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1. Introduction

The total quality management is customer oriented, with all the members of the organisation striving to systemically improve the organisation through the partial participation of the employees in problem solving efforts across the functional and hierarchical boundaries. The total quality management includes the concepts of quality products, process control, quality assurance and quality improvement on an fragmentary basis. All the transformational process in an organisation to improve the customers satisfaction in the most economical manner for all these the control is taken by the quality management. This process works in each unit of the work system with the internally self control. The problem solving action is given to the lower level in the organisation, allowing the responsible people to take the quality control and corrective measure where necessary in order to deliver a product or service that meet the needs of the customers.

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Total Quality Management has a management philosophy, a paradigm, a continuous improvement approach to doing business with a new management model. The philosophy of quality management has evolved a philosophy of continuous improvement focusing on the quality and the most important dimension of the activity. Meanwhile, dominant highlight the quality of the product or service. The total quality management goes beyond statistical process control activities to embrace a broader management on how we manage people and organizations by focusing on the whole process and not mere measures.

Keeping the customers in mind at all time is when the company makes the quality products and services, which is always the highest priority of the organisations. From quality guarantee hard work of each employee for the quality of society as a whole. The company which wants to be success in the market and among its customers devotes itself to make quality products and service for its customers.

TQM (Total quality management) is a way to manage the future of the organization and have much wider application only to ensure the product or service quality It is the way of managing the people and business processes to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the organisational activity, internally and externally. It is a combined effort of the effective leadership, results organisations doing the right things and right first time.

The core of quality management is the customer- supplier relation edge, both externally and internally and in each edge lays a number of processes. This is the main activity that surrounds the organizations promise to quality and quality of the message and recognisation needs to change the entire organization to create quality. These are the basis for quality management and support of the leadership roles of people, processes and systems.

For the quality management, the chosen companies are from different industries and they have different systems and requirement for their quality management for their product and services which are to be introduced to the market. The companies are Coca Cola, Vodafone, Cadbury. These three companies provides its products to the customers with products and services quality checked before introducing in the market so that the customers are satisfied and the company makes the effective and efficient use of the material and making profit at the end.

2. Quality Management at Coca cola

The coca cola company ensures the best quality of its beverages by implementing globally accepted authenticated manufacturing process and quality management system. The company measure the products and its package quality attributes to ensure that the beverages products in the marketplace meet the requirements of the company and expectations of customers. Consistency and reliability are the two key factors to the quality of the product. These factors are critical in meeting the global regulatory requirements and the company standards. The global nature of the business requires high standards and processes for ensuring consistent products and quality from the concentrate production to the bottling and product delivery by them.

For ensuring the consistency and reliability, the company’s quality system is directed by The Coca-Cola Management System (TCCMS). TCCMS is their integrated quality management program which holds all the operations of the company system wide to the same standards for the production nad distribution of the beverages. It assures the highest standards in the management of the product quality, the environment and the health and safety throughout the Coca cola system.

TCCMS is supported by the heads throughout the company as it guides the product safety and quality by bringing together the ultimate objective of the business and quality simultaneously with consistent metrics of monitoring the performance of the product, integrating the preventive actions as a management tool. It demands rigorous efforts while planning for introducing a new product or service including the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) into the company’s system standard. This management system includes defining the problem solving methodologies and tools to make continuous product safety and quality improvements.

The relevance of the product safety and quality guidelines are evaluated again and again so as to stay updated with the new regulations, best practices in the industry and the market conditions to help them sustain in the market with their competitors. The food quality and safety awareness are provided to the manufacturing as well as the entire supply chain.

The company maintains a safety and quality system for the TCCMS requirement by establishing, implementing and documenting each business within the coca cola system. The process and quality assurance program conducted at each of the manufacturing facilities are with world class standards. The following are the programs.

2.1 Proof and testing source of water for plant site selection

The manufacturing plant site is finalised only after the source water is tested for the requirement. The testing of the source water are conducted by the third party accredited laboratories, the analysis are conducted are based on the requirement of the globally standards. After the selection, the source water is checked and tested on a regular basis to ensure that the international standards are met. The water for the plant are taken through the sealed pipelines and stored in. tanks placed in secure areas of the water treatment plant.

2.2 Purity of Sugar

The sugar selection process as severe as our water selection process. The sugar is brought from the high grade authorised mills, which is then cleaned with global acclaimed carbon treatment process. The sugar is then converted to purified sugar syrup which is that mixes with the soft drink beverage concentrate.

2.3 Carbon Dioxide Meeting International Purity Standards

Carbon-dioxide is manufactured from authorised suppliers which meets the international purity standards. The gas is then taken through a severe quality control confirmation prior to using it in the beverages etc.

2.4 Automated Bottling Process

The bottles returned from the market are recycled through automated process; these bottles are sterilized at a very high temperatures with formulated cleaning agents. The bottles are then transported to the filler for filing with the automated filling machine, the bottles are then capped, date coded and packed into crates.

(Quality commitment, http://www.cocacola.in/quality/quality_commitment_policy.aspx)

The company has a well clear and structured manufacturing procedure quality control and guarantee program. All manufacturing services of the company are skilled, experienced and professional training to manufacture and test the product.

The company has a strong internal audit system to monitor the compliance to international and local standards. The manufacturing facilities are audited by the external audit agencies for the quality management standards.

The company make sure that the beverages are tested by acknowledged quality assurance mechanism before it is brought to the market. Company meets the international standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 SGS and Lloyds of London, an internationally recognized registrar, to assess the quality system against Coca-Cola ISO 9001:2000 (quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) .

Department supports the activities of the company for each of the packages to enable them to offer world class products. The system applies to the bottling company, and activities are also supported by the same technical and quality systems and standards.

2.5 Quality Assurance and control

The coca cola company has one global standard

Coca cola operation in different areas follows the same international quality standards across all the bottling operations.

Every ingredient used in the manufacturing process of the beverages meet all the local regulatory, company and international standards. They undergo through extensive testing and inspection before it is introduced. These ingredients are regularly tested by the external accredited laboratories so that they are updated and they meet the standards of the company

3. Quality Management at Vodafone

Vodafone has adopted specific framework of analytically assessing the excellence of the services which are given to the customers. These frameworks are assessed from the concept and planning phase to their delivery of the product to the ultimate customers in the market. These frameworks include the following:

3.1 Service Evaluation

Service Evaluation is done to ensure that the innovative services and products are planned, developed and implemented based on the quality requirements, keeping the company policies in mind and processes aiming to meet customers need. The quality standards of the new products and services are checked through specific number of trials with certain level standards, with prior and post launch of the product against the initial technical and quality specifications.

3.2 Quality of Service monitoring

The most important method before going to set the target and network development on the use of mobile telecommunication network is to understand the customer perception on these matters. Pioneer indicators of quality of service is a successful company Call Rate-parties to successfully establish, maintain and released claims as perceived by customers, bad sound quality, reach and communicate a weak signal Leg estimated low. Service quality should be monitored is made for GPRS, GSM and UMTS services.

3.3 Suppliers and Partners Performance Evaluation

Vodafone access the quality of the product and service and identify the areas of development and execute proper action in order to maintain a mutual trust and cooperation with its partners and to achieve mutual beneficial synergies.

3.4 Participation in Vodafone group network and Service quality team

Vodafone aims to ensure the quality of the product and services especially on the new technologies which creates the new demand for the company in the market. Special care is been taken about the participants in the Vodafone group network and service quality team.

The purpose is to-

To introduce the service quality indicators for the products and services carried by the framework of corporate projects.

To ensure the use of quality checked plans and measure its implementation

To identify the required changes in the company, in order to update with the new technologies

Vodafone is the first and the only telecommunication company in Greece and the few internationally certified for the development and implementation. The management systems within the framework of an integrated management.

According to ISO 9001:2008 standards the Quality Management for the systematic and continuous improvement, development of its activities, and the customer satisfaction. Certificate of Approval (No: 362 212)

Quality Management System according Vodafone retailer to ISO 9001:2008 for the company’s commitment to offer products and services to customers through its passion for retail chain and in particular, a chain formed by the property and franchise stores. Certificate of Approval (No: 362 212)

Environmental Management System under ISO 14001, which aims at the systematic management of the company’s activities that affect the environment. Certificate of Approval (No.: 362 212 / D)

Health and Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001 / ELOT 1801, aims to provide a safe working environment and safe for all employees. Certificate of approval (362212)

According to ISO 27001 the Information Security Management System , which concerns the security of information security in the enterprise, customers, shareholders and partners. Certificate of Approval (No.: 362 212 / F)

According to BS 25999-2:2007, Business Continuity Management System is to ensure continuity of critical business operations and ensuring continuity of essential services to customers in case of unexpected incidents. Certificate of Approval (No.: 362 212 / H LRQA)

(Integrated Management System, http://www.vodafone.gr/portal/client/cms/viewCmsPage.action?pageId=1620)

4. Quality Management Assurance at Cadbury

Market high quality, excellent value products that consistently meet business requirements and comply with local standards, but continuously improve and exceed the expectations of consumers. It ensures that customers and consumers first become actively listening and understanding their expectations for quality and value points of purchase and consumption. Ensure that the representation of corporate image, including products and brands, meet the recognized standards, strengthen the commitment to quality and to safeguard the reputation of Cadbury. Preserve the “right best time” before culture, which continues to absorb the food quality and safety, where everyone understands their responsibilities and accountability. Use a quality system is monitored continuously improves processes to provide these policies and standards.

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Set clear management responsibilities and strengthening the achievement of measurable goals and objectives of quality and food safety. supply chain and business partners work to ensure compliance with quality policies and systems, ensuring quality throughout our supply chain. Place of continuous improvement is critical to performance, which allows us to offer better products and services to consumers and customers. Create a passion for quality, which are the successes and achievements are recognized and celebrated. Re-examine and bring up to date this policy to ensure that it continues to reflect the values and outlook of customers.

(Quality and Food Safety Assurance, http://www.cadburyindia.com/cadtoday/qualityfoodsafety.asp)

5. Compare and Contrast

Coca cola company has introduced a system named The Coca Cola Management System (TCCMS). This system is introduced in all the stages of the organisational level and also to the bottling agents so that the global standards of the company can be maintained with the bottlers. The company takes care of each of the process the product goes through, from the source water to the bottles used for the packaging for the beverages.

Vodafone has adopted a specific framework for the assessing systematically and logically the quality of the services which are provided to the customers. These frameworks are assessed from the concept and planning phase to their delivery of the product to the ultimate customers in the market. These frameworks are set with the service evaluation of the product and technologies up gradation in the industry.

Cadbury adopted the quality assurance for the products which are introduced to the customers. Maintain a “right first time” culture that constantly ensures the quality and food safety, every employee understand the responsibility given to them and they are made accountable for their activity. Quality management system is audited periodically to improve the process to deliver their policy and standards.

All the three companies are giving great importance to the total quality management of its products and services. These quality management are considered as the responsibility of the company to its ultimate customers in the market. Different systems and frameworks are followed for the quality management. Whereas some companies have create a program for the quality management and some have just included it in its process. The quality management for each organisation differ based on their activities in the market. The system introduced in coca cola is implemented for all the regions and the bottlers as that they can have a global standard. The service evaluation at Vodafone is done for ensuring that the product and service match with the company policies and market demand. The Cadbury assurance is done with the aim of quality and food safety for the customers.

6. Impact on Innovation, Changes and Competitiveness

Coca cola Company’s system on quality helps them as a support to introduce new products in the market. The major competition faced by coca cola is from PepsiCo, TCCMS makes the difference between the two companies’ product and service. This helps the company to follow the market trends among the customers so that they can be up graded with the market trends.

Vodafone has the systematic and logical framework for analysing the quality management. With the better quality product introduced in the market the R&D of the company will be able to make new innovation to the product and which will be helpful for the company to compete with others in the market.

Cadbury follows a quality system which helps them to provide the quality product to the customers. The company has a deal to innovate new product to the market and can be bringing out the efforts to face the competition in the market.

7. Recommendation

The companies need to take care of the activities when given to the agents; they should have a proper light of the quality aspect of the product.

The periodical checking and testing of the quality system should be made so that the systems can be up graded.

The R&D of the companies should be given the resources for the research. They should be made available with the equipment required.

While innovation of the products are done, they should be marketed in such a way that they are they attracted to the customers.

8. Critical Reflection

It was always known that Quality management is important in an organisation but the importance of quality management and its implementation in each and every process of the each activity is understood after making the research for the assignment. While studying the quality philosophy, approaches, systems and its management of each company selected, only then it was noticed that the companies R&D division and top management takes a lot of efforts in making the product a success in the market. The product or service from the start of its planning it takes the lot of contribution for the quality in the company.

Before making the systems for the quality management, the company need to make the market research for the product and service quality. They have to make note of the each and every process in the manufacturing and distribution of the product to the market. The employees have to quality check the product in every single step to ensure the quality. The resources required for the product to be made are to be checked and tested from its initial stages.

Quality management is an important aspect in an organisation which the employees have to follow while manufacturing the product and services. The employee which are given responsible for the activities in the organisation, are made responsible for the corrective measures, this way it is easy for the employees to understand the mistakes made in the first process. It helps them to understand the actions required to follow while doing the activities.

In every organisation, quality system should be given equal importance because the products are ultimately made for the customers in the market and they are the one to who would the critical viewer of the products in the market. The quality system should be checked and updated continuously so that the organisation should be left behind in the market. The quality in the product should be ensured before it goes to the market to the customer.

Being a manager, I will be making the quality check conducted at every step to ensure that the products are safety and fine to be used in the market. This may increase the time in each process but can ensure a good product to the customers. Being a customer of several products, I will definitely prefer the products which are good in quality and will ensure the quality before use. Therefore any customer will think the same way.

The quality of the product contributes to the organisation success with effective and efficient use of the resources in the organisation for the products. The organisation are never ready to compromise on the quality of the product since the quality creates an image of the product and ultimately the image of the organisation in the market.


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