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Organisational Structure: Profit and Non Profit Organisations

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Cancer Research UK is a non-profit organization formed in the United Kingdom on February 4, 2002 in cooperation with The Cancer Research Campaign and Imperial Cancer Research Fund (ICRF).

Cancer Research UK’s primary purpose is to put mortality down caused by cancer through extensive science research. Cancer Research also provides information on cancer and organizes projects and activities to provide awareness for the general public in fighting the combat against cancer.

The charity grew in a period of time and in the next twenty years became one of the world’s number one cancer research charities. Until the merger, it made wide range of contributions to every area of cancer research. It has established their laboratories at Lincoln’s Inn Fields and after known as the Cancer Research UK.

In line with their strong determination in reducing number of cancer patients as well as saving precious lives, the organization has committed to make their research strategy strong in the next five years through focusing thoroughly on research, provide and look for the proper environment where research is to be conducted and lastly, put in place the right people who will do the task in providing excellent research.

Cancer Research UK Organizational Structure

Chief Executive

Executive Board

Scientific Executive Board

(CEO/Exec. Directors/Chief Scientists & Clinicians)



Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. Its primary aim is to save millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. For them to serve the purpose, they set 3 broad areas of work which are research, information and influencing public policy. However, research is the primary focus and best funded by the public and through the generosity and commitment of supporters with a strong determination to beat different kinds of cancer.

The Executive Board which manages the organization sets out the short term and long term strategy which covers everything from scientific research and fundraising to resources. They do proposals in setting the annual budget to fund projects then submits it to the Council of Trustees for approval.

Since research is the the main focus, the flow of work basically deals with the Scientific Executive Board (SEB) which develops and implements the organization’s scientific strategy and policy. Although they are not considered as a funding committee, they closely interact with the Council Research Strategy Committee. They have the power to hold budget and have a strong influence in deciding whether a certain initiative will be funded or not. Usually, their decisions are still reviewed by their own funding committees. If it really concerns a big and strategic project benefitting not only cancer victims but the public as well, a good budget will be allocated and approved so that all impertinent work will get started and done.

Majority of their Funding Committees are responsible to SEB in reviewing , evaluating and funding each project being undertaken by the charity. Among Cancer Research UK’s Funding Committees are the following together with their corresponding roles:

The Biological Sciences Committee (BSC) – responsible for the research programmes and projects which concentrates mainly on the basic understanding of cancer.

The Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee (CTAAC) – reviews and funds cancer clinical trials which includes feasibility studies for testing, clinical trials in terms of therapy and other sample collections.

The Translational and Clinical Research Committee – responsible for the research programmes and projects which concerns clinical and translational researches

The Discovery Committee (DC) – focused on developing research for the benefit of cancer patients. .

The Population Research Committee (PRC) – responsible for research programmes and projects grants in population science.

The organization is also governed by the Council of Trustees which also consists of the Board of Directors.. This body supports and gives advise to the Chief Executive who is also part and leader of the Top Management Team in achieving the Charity’s vision and purpose.

Lastly, the organization is governed by its Members (appointed by CRU) and are similar to the shareholders of the company with the entitlement to attend all general meetings and fulfill their most significant duty of electing the Trustees. Each member possess high level skills, experience and professional backgrounds in their own personal fields (business, arts, politics, finance and healthcare) but work as supportive individuals with a common goal of achieving the Charity’s aims and objectives and not just working only to satisfy and represent their particular fields. If necessary, they must evaluate and challenge the assumptions from which scientific advise was formulated and ask explanations of scientific terms and concepts that are not clear to them to benefit all the people concerned.

Key Stakeholders

Cancer research UK is charity organization and its non profitable organization and considered as the best charity in entire world in fighting cancer through research. Among the organization’s stakeholders are the following:

Chief Executive:

They spend their time, money and their strategy on all level of research. They take all responsibility to arrange their short and long term strategy to manage everything like budget, strategy of research, implement on medicine. They take all information from the executive board and if they need money they send their request to trustees for budgets.

Executive Board:

They do their job to improve the organization’s strategy and policy. They meet every month to grow their strategy and solve their problems.

Scientific Executive:

Their role is most important in this research because they give necessary advise to the executive board and they also explain which strategy is successful for their work and they also give the support to solve issues but problem is that they meet only one time in a year so because of this they have to be very careful because it’s a question of people’s life. If they do small mistake during their research, it is very dangerous for their organization’s reputation. They are considered the most influential body in making strategic decisions specially concerning research studies.


They give financial support to the organization. They arrange the direction of organization. They maintain the stock of organization. They also play a big role when it comes to strategic financial decisions


Member is a main part of organization because they have good knowledge, skills and experience from all fields like health care, business as well as finance. They take personally interest to bring the organization in first number.

Mission, Vision, Value, Objective & Goal


They save people’s lives .They ensure that to create medicine for tomorrow to treat the cancer.

Cancer is expanding more in last many years and because of this they have been at centre of the process.

They give cancer related all information to people.

They want to put the cancer at the top level of health agenda because cancer is not common diseases, many people is getting victim of cancer since many years.


We will fight together to cancer.

They want to concentrate on research.

They support good environment for research.

To give the work to the right people for research.


Their work is help to change the way of cancer, which is found today.

Many of charities are registed. They drive by the charity commission; along with they work with other charities and Government.

The most important thing is in charity is Fund. People give fund in different way like on some occasion (birthday, anniversary and wedding).They have more than 500 charity shops in the UK so people can buy or donate the goods.

They have proud of their achievement because they are doing implement on research, they want to help that people who are suffering from cancer.

They work in partners with others to get the biggest influence in the world to fight with cancer.

Many people work together to promise that they create the right way to use this fund whatever they receive and they want to bring to cancer research UK in top level of research in the world.


Cancer research UK has established set of goals to get their success over next years to beat against cancer.

Survival ratio for all common cancer will gain.

Most of the people will get the information whatever they want for cancer.

Cancer will be collapsed successfully.

They will have all information to understand the impact of the cancer in the body.

They will have more powerful research strategy and which level of research they should apply the strategy to control the cancer.


To destroy the cancer at the starting level it’s a very difficult but they already accepted and they will finish their duty.

They want to inform the people, they find out their understanding of cancer and how to beat different type of cancer.

They want to help people to understand the process of cancer, why and how it starts? And what they should do? And what they should not do?

Analysis of Current Strategic Plans

At present, Cancer Research UK is committed to develop and do a more comprehensive medical research activity still to support their ultimate mission and vision. They are putting the right people in doing these researches as well as giving them the proper and high technology training. Re-arranging and making further improvements in their strategic plans on all fronts like scientific, clinical are clearly stated in their plans at present and will be further carried out in the future. In doing this, they will join other countries’ scientists, researchers and doctors so they can get more indepth information in fighting cancer.

While they are fully funded and supported by certain committees plus the generosity of other people, the utilization of high technology which is still in practice will further be improved by allocating additional funds/budget. This way, studies/research works will be fully supported and researches will be aided accordingly.

Uniqueness of Non-Profit in Strategic Planning

Cancer Research UK is a non-profit organization. They tend to focus more on matters of board development, fundraising and volunteer management as compare to profits. For profits tend to focus more on activities to maximize profit. Following ways of income for this non profit organization.

· High Value Relationships

Maintaining a healthy relationship with its coporate partners and well as the individuals they are working for.


There are plenty shops and online shopping whose income goes to the cancer research.

Local Fundraising Groups.

There are many groups who work volunteer for fundraising.


Organizing and holding fund-raising activities.

Awareness for the Public

Concentrating on the needs of each individual and giving solutions to their needs and wants


They have a scheme of recycling that is recycle your books, toys, jewellery, etc. to raise funds for children and young people with cancer.

Online donation

Links with different most popular websites for donation

Everyday ways to help

They have a range of Everyday Ways which enable people to help children with cancer every day, and at no extra cost to you.

Reference: (www.cancerresearchuk.org)


History Of Coca Cola


The product all started in 1886 when John Pemberton (pharmacist) cooked up a syrup and with the aid of his assistant used a carbonated water tried and tested it themselves by adding iced water. What they planned of producing a medicinal drink turned out to be a tonic/fizzy beverage. Although they also experienced losses in the earlier part and didn’t become an instant success, they didn’t stopped developing it that when consumers finally accepted its taste, the product, Coca-Cola became the popular drink and consumed around the world.

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At present, it is the number one manufacturer and distributor of non-alcoholic drinks and markets the product very well. Not only do they produced bottled softdrinks but canned beverages as well. They are very successful in production using concentrates and syrups that nearly about 400 brands are now in position in the market not to mention other product lines such as sports drinks, tea and coffee. For more than 100 years, The Coca-Cola Company established its image in the global network operating in more than 200 countries providing satisfaction in every consumer’s mouth, which is the organization’s main idea.

It has two operating groups such as the Bottling Group and the Corporate Group and each are designed to carry out specific tasks/resonsibilities and operation goes down to the regional divisions. The main aim of the company is to increase sales and profits and give satisfaction and value to customers by providing high caliber service and production of the best possible brands.

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to maintain a strong brand name and brand image globally and there’s no stopping them from doing it while they still strive hard to climb even more high.

Coca-Cola Organizational Structure

Corporate Level

Board of Directors



Division Managers

(Heads of each Regional Divisions)





Latin America

North America

Functional Level

The Coca-Cola Company is a big organization who’s main focus is customer satisfaction specially with the changing demands of its customers. It covers wide regions and each region has different regulations, different consumer needs and different problems to deal with. They realized that majority of the company’s problems are based geographically and this led them to push towards decentralization in the nineties. The organization has two operating groups called Bottling Investments and Corporate. There are also operating groups divided by different regions such as: Africa, Eurasia, European Union, Latin America, North America, and Pacific. Each of these divisions is again divided into geographic regions. With this divisions broken down, it allowed decisions to be made on a more local level so that they can respond fast to the ever changing behaviour of the market. and higher-level management can focus more on long-term planning. However, for the company to formulate and focus on one global message, its marketing and innovation functions remained centrally located and further tailored at the local level.

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Within the Coca-Cola Company most decisions are made at the top hierarchy and an example of this was when it decided to sponsor the World Cup in 2002. However, all the advertising decisions were left to the local divisions since they know very well how the market behaves specially customizing each campaign materials that would appeal to the local market.

The company’s divisions such as finance, human resources, innovation, marketing and strategy and planning are centrally located within the Corporate division of the company. Some of these functions take place at lower levels in each of the regions of the company.

In 2004, when the company faced an extremely low growth rate, they began using a more complex integrating mechanism wherein top managers created a solution through face-to-face meetings held regularly at the local levels so employees could remain informed. Besides the use of teams and meetings, the intranet was overhauled to provide a source of real-time sharing of up-to-date information quickly with each function of the company. With this move, employees feel more engaged and turnover has been reduced, it led to increased growth rates for the organization as well as positive return on equity for stockholders at 20 percent.

The Coca-Cola Company’s structure is a hybrid of both mechanistic and organic models. Mechanistic in the sense that the company maintains a high standard organization and organic wherein surveys and interviews used by the company allowed information to flow from the bottom-up while the intranet allows for information to be exchanged laterally. It was a big help for the company in pursuing simplification and standardization.

The Coca-Cola Company is driven by some rules of corporate governance.

Elected by the share owners, The Board’s role is to oversee the company’s long-term interest and overall success of the business as well as its financial strength. They give ultimate decisions of the Company but they don’t touch more on matters concerning shareholders scope. They review and make sure choose the best members of its top management who in turn are responsible for conducting the business of the Company.

The CEO obtains information from other divisions through Presidents of each regional operating group as well as high executives like the Chief Marketing Officers, Commercial Officers and Chief Innovation and Technology Officer.

The Coca-Cola Company’s business-level strategy is considered as differentiation. This is so because they have been successful pursuing their focus on how the company and its products will be marketed strongly and remain competitive in the market. The Coca-Cola Company is known for innovative marketing that constantly promotes their brand names and at the same time protect their domains from competitors. It is tactical in structure because it supports and responds to the company’s strategic plan on how the company will work well and stay on top of competition. The divisional managers (heads of each regional divisions), business managers decides on how the company and its products will grow and earn more profits through proper research and marketing.

The marketing department is the most powerful sub-unit in the organization because it can attract customers who are the critical scarce resource. The heavy emphasis on marketing will help the company in finding ways to become more efficient in production

or distribution.

The lower levels for each division are responsible for the day-to-day activities of the organization and they closely coordinate with their respective seniors/team leaders in coordinating and reporting the effectiveness and feasibility of some operational decisions made. They are given the chance to suggest and voice out if there are more effective ways in implementing developed plans because they are the ones involved directly in carrying it out. This way they feel important and engaged in their work as well as the organization. Everyone is given a chance to be heard and it shows that even on this level, opinions and suggestions are being taken up to the higher level which makes the flow of work within the organization smooth and easy.

Key Stakeholders

The Coca Cola Company has many internal and external stakeholders. The following are its main internal stakeholders:

Shareowners – they are the main investors of the company who’s main concern is to earn profit. They have the power to select members of the board. However, The Board of Directors has influence in making strategic decisions because they are responsible in overseeing the company’s long-term interest and overall success of the business.

Associates – they work closely with the stakeholders as partners but not influential in making strategic decisions.

Employees – people working within the company with dedication and with a common goal of fulfilling its aims and objectives to help management in making the business grow and stay in competition.

The Senior/Upper Management team handles a difficult task of operating the business in the right track making sure all the sales objectives will be met and work done well following a systematic way. They also have the power to make strategic decisions specially that the company operates regionally with different regional behaviours.

Aside from its internal forces, the following are considered its external stakeholders:

Bottling partners – they are in close partnership with the organization for they provide the distribution, packaging and proper handling of products.

Government – they are concerned with environmental health and the taxes they will impose on the company

Suppliers – in close partnership with the organization who supplies the materials they need but are also concerned of making the most money out of their products

Consumers/Customers – they are the end users and the main reason why the company exists. They possess different market behaviours all over the globe which is the reason why Coca- Cola Company never stops in developing market research and customize advertising to satisfy their needs and wants.

Mission, Vision, Value, Objective & Goal

Mission, Vision & Values define that what they are, what they sought to achieve and how they want to get and they provide their clear management for their company and they all are working together for the same goal & objective. Coca cola is a more profitable company in the world.


Coca Cola is creating a strong impression in the market. It announces that their aim as a company to provide a standard brand. Coca Cola wants:

To produce a product which the customer needs.

To give something new to world for today and tomorrow.

They want to encourage their future success by building a strong brand that has longevity.

To create value for investors but also make a difference in the world


They have established their goals, which they will work with their distribution channel for getting their mission.

Profit: Maximizing return to shareholder while fulfilling all responsibilities.

People: To create great place to work where people are encouraged to be the best they can be.

Portfolio: Giving to the world a portfolio of biggest drink brand that satisfies people’s demands.

Partners: Nurturing a winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty.

Planet: To be a responsible in all over the world.

Productivity: Very innovative and fast management in product line.


To be a leader, they want to be flexible for their supplier, buyers and staff.

They are innovative in their product process.

They put their total focus on their management because they want a quality of being morally good.

They want to be first to the market in responding to the changing needs of their consumers.

They want to collaborate with their consumers forever.


They want to expand their global business by reaching their consumer and they want to know who will enjoy their product.

They want to excel as a business in the areas of health consciousness. Environmental protection, community participation and workplace standards.

To gain profitable share of the market in the entire world.

They believe in building long term profits.


To be a first thought of customer’s satisfaction.

Advertising is the main source of increasing customer demands. Celebrities such as actors, actresses and cricketers are playing a most important role in massive advertising campaigns.

Analysis of Current Strategic Plans

In line with the company’s ultimate mission and vision, Coca-Cola is still fulfilling it’s promise of delivering customer satisfaction a proof that up to now they maintain a strong brand name globally and still promises to be on top of competition even with the strong presence of competitors. They still exert effort in developing market research and advertising to study each and every consumer’s behaviour as well as continuously innovating and differentiating their products to be unique and appealing to the general public.

They maintain good business relationships with their stakeholders, flexible with their consumers allocating more funds for innovation, technology and fast distribution.

Coca-Cola is a very profitable company even from the past and are still committed to earn more profit at present and in the future.

Regional divisions are implementing their tasks in a more customized way still following the organization’s main mission and objective in satisfying customers needs and wants.

Uniqueness of Profit in Strategic Planning

The Coca Cola of the planning activities is often different to non-profits. The Coca Cola tend to focus more on activities to maximize profit.

The thing through which they determine budget, that is profit . They fulfill this priority by different strategic planning as mentioned below.


Some major ways are as follows.

How to gain consumer’s interest?

They increase the volume of sales by intensive advertising and launching different product flavors like Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Oasis, Lilt, Dr. Pepper, Fanta, etc.

How to attract people in taking part with their activities/festival?

They offer different attractive things in their festical and through this, Coca-Coal gained high profit and consumption increased during these occasions.

Among their activities are the following:

Coca-Cola Games

Coca-Cola signed a sponsorship agreement with players. Coca-Cola realizing the fact that games are very short way to provide their brand to consumers like Indian cricket team who did contract with them. Having contract with teams also created an image that Coca Cola can be a refreshing drink and not just an ordinary daily beverage.

Coca-Cola Concerts

Many celebrities signed contract with them as exclusive product endorsers with the likes of Amir Khan and Aishwarya Rai.

Coca-Cola & Nokia

Promotional type wherein people will have a chance to win Coca-Cola branded cellphones (Nokia 3310), which made their sales go high as well as their profit.

Analysis of Strategic Business Planning Model (Coca-Cola vs. Cancer Research UK)

At present, both organizations are very much engaged in developing their own Research works with a common goal of serving and satisfying each ones market. They might only differ in such a way that Coca-Cola’s research deals more of their products which are consumable while Cancer Research UK is more inclined in scientific and clinical studies to combat a deadly disease.

Both are concerned on the environment’s health and safety which is very much important to end-users as well as cancer patients or even the general public.

Both can be considered as implementing innovation and differentiation in their own fields in such a way that both are utilizing high technology to improve their products (Coca-Cola) to be unique to competitors and research innovations (CRU) to determine and dig more deeply in getting data and information on how to beat cancer.


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