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The Basic Organization Structure Of Carlsberg Brewery

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The organizational structure match with the strategies of the company. However it can be improved to bring maximum benefits to the company.

For market strategies, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad provides a wide range of beer varieties, from light to mid and full strength beers. Besides premium beers, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad also produces lower-priced beers so it can be affordable by more customers and increases their approach to the market. The strategic business unit, Carlsberg Green Label is applying a multi-market approach in its market strategies which means the company will not only target on specific market segment. For example, the company is targeting from group of young consumers to old consumers and also both gender of consumers.

For product strategies, Carlsberg Green Label is currently employing product-positioning strategies are as follows:

Sponsoring of neon-light banners for business outlets throughout Malaysia. Sponsoring the Maybank Malaysian Golf Open 2012

Sponsoring the UEFA EURO 2012â„¢competition at Trophy Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre on 7 April.

In marketing, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad is promoting the quality of Carlsberg Green Label more effectively to the Malaysian market, hence it is improving and maintaining the current quality of the brewed beer. Research & development is carried out on the current taste preference to assess the quality expectations of beer in the Malaysian market. In addition, due to the ban of advertising alcoholic drinks in the media, Carlsberg Green Label has been relying heavily on other forms of indirect promotion. The integrated marketing communication strategies currently used by Carlsberg Green Label include promotion through logo placements such as, sponsorship of sport events and sponsoring banners and signage at coffee shops.

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In pricing, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad is using one-price strategy. Carlsberg Green label are sold at the same price to every customers who purchase them under the same conditions and in the same quantities. This makes the pricing process easier and is administrative convenience. In addition, customers will not feel unfairness and bias over another customer because of different pricing issue. Besides, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad is maintaining its price because the beer price in Malaysia is relatively high and the cases for smuggled beer. Furthermore, price change may affect the reputation of the company, which may lead to outflow of customers to the competitors.

On the other hand, Carlsberg Green Label is distributed to every convenient retail outlets in Malaysia. For example, supermarkets, coffee shops, sundry shops, convenient stores like 7-11. Carlsberg Green Label is also a licensed product for distribution in every single night entertainment outlets in Malaysia. Example: Pubs, discos, karaoke lounges, and clubs.

The above strategies clearly shows that, there are varies of tasks to be perform by different department of the company. As a suggestion, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad should not totally arrange their organizational structure to be functional. Although each department has different tasks and functions accordingly, but they share the same missions and visions of the company. Departments can share opinions and cooperate in some details of projects, communication between departments is essential and helpful in achieving missions and visions of the company.

In Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad, employees is the greatest asset and their health and safety is paramount. The company recognize the importance of good health and safety practices on overall business performance and are committed to making continuous improvements to occupational health and safety measures at our workplace. There is a Carlsberg’s Health and Safety Policy, which stated the company are committed to taking reasonable, adequate and practical steps to prevent and control potential risks that may affect the health and safety of employees or may cause damage to property, products and to the environment. The Group’s Central Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committee is the organization to ensure the objectives of the Health and Safety Policy are met. The policy promotes an environment of safety as well as creates awareness of the need for safety checks and drills to be adhered to in line with local and Group OHS standards. The policy also advocates that continuous improvements be made to methods and systems to enhance the Group’s overall OHS standards.

In Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad there is a Learning & Development (L&D) programs. L&D initiatives focusing on train up leaders leadership coaching training workshops. There is an external coach was engaged to provide one-on-one coaching sessions for managers over a period of six months to sharpen the leadership skill of the management team. A mentoring system was introduced for more experienced managers to mentor much younger managers to help build team support and relationship.The Carlsberg Sales Academy (CSA) was launched with the aim of creating more structured training and development opportunities as well as a career map for new sales hires.

Besides, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad initiatives to further build great people. The “highpotentials” (HiPos) continued with the Carlsberg Accelerated Leadership Development Programme (ALDP). These HiPos are individuals with leadership capabilities earmarked to move into key management positions as part of the Company’s succession planning strategy. The ALDP is a global Carlsberg initiative aimed at pooling and grooming HiPos to move into international leadership positions within the Group.

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Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad provides platform to build up the relationship between employees. For example Thirst for Great Carlsberg Hour was introduced in 2011, participation of employees help to inculcate the culture of the company among the employees. C-day an event of Carlsberg was organised to acknowledge and reward employees. Activities are organized in helping to strengthen employer-employee relationships and drive up the performances of employees.

Furthermore, Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad also giving out rewards for great performances. Example: In recognition of the outstanding achievements of Duty Free and East Malaysia Sales teams and the strong performance they delivered in 2010, the senior management team took our Sales teams of 31 employees on a sales incentive and team-building trip to Macau. There were more great team-building moments Supply Chain Department took a day-off in June 2011. Great excitement and many surprises were in store for the Supply Chain team during a day of great fun and great teamwork at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

Continuous Improvement and LEAN (CI-LEAN) of Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad encourages ideas from the shop ¬‚oor which contribute to increased productivity, cost savings and ef¬ciency. It involves all parties making continuous improvements and ensuring the smooth implementation of effective and sustainable systems. Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad provides opportunities for exchanging experiences across country. In 2011, Carlsberg Malaysia initiated an exchange to Holsten Brewery in Hamburg Germany, which is a part of the Carlsberg Group. Six members of the Supply Chain Department saw ¬rst-hand the CI-LEAN practices undertaken in Europe.

In overall Carlsberg Brewery (M) Berhad,

Offer a competitive and flexible oppurtunities to attract and retain the right people

Provide a wide range of career and personal development opportunities

Reward short-term financial performance

Provide incentives to progress long-term business goals

Reward individual effort that performs excellently


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