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The Case Study Of Ecowash Mobile Business Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Business
Wordcount: 4409 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The essay are presented to identify problem and collecting information about the case study of Ecowash Mobile, also to generate the most possible topic of strategy and its implementation to the business, and to find at least 5 relevant academic papers of the topic which are relevant to the issues at Ecowash Mobile.

Focus areas include Strategy, Sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive environment will be developed, general topic such as business culture, innovation, management for change will be the aspec to consider in analysing the case.

The Continuity Planning & Solutions on Business to Technology Alignment, bring strong and sustainable value to the business today.

In any business Growth is a key goal and objective for emerging companies. good management must carefully determine the best way to combine the core competencies within ecowash mobile company. Functional departments to provide the company with the best opportunity for achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage in its environment.

This essay focuses on analysing and comparing between the case study and the article and what needs to be done for the best solution for the business of setting business strategy and its implementation which includes proving that organisations sustainability thinking and practices enjoy positive benefits. and is dependent on their particular sector, strategy and stage of development. Potential the company benefits are illustratively listed below:

Improved operational efficiency

Preservation of licenses to operate (Franchise)

Enhanced brand value and reputation


Customer attraction and retention

Access to Capital

Employee satisfaction

Enhanced human and intellectual capital

Perceived as contributing to the wider community

Company Background

Ecowash mobile has become the leader in the service to gain opportunity to establish itself as a leading mobile, waterless, carwashing and franchise in Australia and globally. With the vision that people should not have to waste their precious time keeping their cars clean; nor should they need to worry about water being wasted, when washing their cars. With their ‘Save water, love lifeTM’, this method are their core competencies to make the stongest capability in the business.

The core business for Ecowash Mobile is professional car cleaning and detailing. For car cleaning, Ecowash Mobile uses a special compound that lifts dirt so that it can be removed without scratching paintwork. The process leaves behind a polish residue that is removed with a soft cloth to reveal a clean, polished and protected surface.

low initial investment costs and a strong return on investment is the key to succed in the business. it has attracted numerous international parties interested in setting up an Ecowash Mobile franchise in their respective countries.within the MiddleEast, Europe and the United States.

There are three that makes the company different to their competitor:

Water consumption and the sustainability of water supplies have become important issues for many people and organisations throughout the world.

being environmental but withoutcompromise’.

provide customers with high-quality environmental solutions that are commercially sustainable.

Sustainability as a corporate responsibility

(the environment), commercially (the business) and personally (the people). All three are interconnected to such an extent that failure of one part risks the stability of the whole business sustainability concept.

Services with innovation

services offered include carpet shampooing, leather seat treatments,

superficial scratch removal and bumper renovation. Protection services offered include

paint protection, with up to a five-year warranty, as well as fabric, carpet and leather

seat protection, with a one-year warranty. The range of services caters for a variety of

motor vehicle sizes, as well as motorcycles. Furthermore, Ecowash Mobile has the ability

to provide services on a larger commercial scale for car dealerships, manufacturers and

government agencies or for special events such as motor vehicle exhibitions where there is

management for change

Ecowash Mobile’s management quickly determined that it was not enough to simply offer environmentally safe products. The business also has a strong focus on extending its range of services as well as constantly improving the delivery of services to its customers.


Information is freely communicated throughout the organisation and franchisees know they can always contact people in the head office whenever needed. This includes contacting the co-founders themselves.

Having the right people is an extremely important factor in cultivating and developing the Ecowash Mobile culture. For the right person to become an Ecowash Mobile franchisee, part of the selection criteria involves having an entrepreneurial spirit, a willingness to be coached and believing in Ecowash Mobile’s vision of providing high-quality environmental solutions which are commercially profitable.

Critics to ecowash company

It comes to intention that it is necessary to analyse the market opportunity where in the car wash business, there 3 main leader in the carwash business, such as

Recycle water car wash

Automated car wash

waterless car wash (ecowash Mobile)


Not be able to locate in detail their store over local and other country

Limitation in time, to clean car without any water.

Competition with car wash who provide recycle water is also good for environment, as recycle water also use for gardening.

Automated car wash provide speed and recycle water

Online service is not provided in ecowash mobile, as they are not fully service online, the business today are very update to what the website could profide to customer.

As we could see on their website at http://shop.nanotek.co/, there are no product specification about price, or information about how to buy the product and where to buy, the price also not included, this can be their limitation in the business, that their competitor will look up this as new market entry.

http://www.insidefranchising.com.au/ecowash_profile.php, while their product are focusing on expanding their francising of offering service, not focusing on selling the innitial product to clean the car, this is has become their weekenesses, while focusing their business in auto detailing inside the car, not outside look.

There are other competitor that we could browse on the internet, providing similar strategy but with better knowledge such as:

1. http://www.enviroconcept.com.au/contact-us/

2. http://www.wagnercarwash.com

3. http://www.ecowash.com.au

4. http://www.washtec.com.au/

5. http://www.shiners.com.au

6. http://handcarwash.com.au/

7. http://www.imocarwash.com/

8. http://www.autowash.com.au

9. http://ecocarwash.com/

10. http://ecomobileautospa.com/


Article 1

The case of the Amazon’s company is to process the business strategy through the solar energy in the industry and implementation of suitable source in company to help gain competitive advantage in the market. Under the highly competitive global environment, Amazon’s base on its innovation capacity of production by using the solar energy in goods production to gain the company competitive, to reduce the cost on production hence to make more profit. The world population had increase but the resources are not increase and coming less and lesser. solar energy helps the competitiveness of contribution to the economic development strength a new hope for the society, through the use of cleaning energy it is tend to be viewed as environment friendly, and also profitable for the market in the polluting companies(Chavaglia & Filipe 2011). In today’s competitive environment to use the renewable sources making the innovation to make the production and also for the better future environment which is make the advantage in competitive.

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By using the suitable energy it tend to create a more environmental friendly environment gain the market competitive in the consumer mind’s effect. Consumers discuss and interest for the renewable sources of using, also which are making the highly profitable, more and more people accept the suitable sources. Consumer’s awareness to social responsibility and environmental responsibility, this license conform to the requirements, the company will be positively evaluated comp aired to the company (Chavaglia & Filipe 2011). Under the competitive in increasing environment, to get the sustainable competitive advantage which is to make profit in the market and also need to find the competitive advantaged in its production process to get low production cost then have profitable in the market.

Article 2

Ufone is the brand of Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) a leading company in Pakistan. It has recently got a decline in their marketing number. Ufone GMS recently found out that in the current competitive market, they need to find a marketing strategy that suit the environment adapting to the world class human capital competencies and the management processes (Dar, Md. Yusoff & Azam 2011). The company’s development depend on the employees, the way they manage human capital development ensure competitive advantage, that can be targeted to a larger marketing human capital hence making more profit and competition the market share, to achieve the best future of company. So to have good managing human capital the organizations must be fully recognized by its employees creating a sense of belonging hence they will use all their wisdom to build lots of channels for its organization to make it successful. Then to development focus on staff as the innermost element of

the organization, giving recognition to outstanding employees who has a rich description of the role and great contribution to the organization(Dar, Md. Yusoff & Azam 2011).

The Ecowash Company uses great technology hence creating competitive advantage but in the future it will be catch up with the other company by using the similar way, hence it is better to develop suitstainable competitive advantage. Human Capital will look at the intangible resources which are produce to get more competitive advantage than the tangible resource, that can help the production to add value (Dar, Md. Yusoff & Azam 2011). To have great managing human capital, that’s provides added value. First of all, from a completely different starting point has a central location and that makes it possible to use the full potential of human capital. Secondly, cultural dimension managing human capital, within its capabilities is important as it can effectively stimulate corporate culture, as well as employees that lead to mutual binding and bound with the organization. Third the managing human capital to coordinate individual and collective education major operations in a better way. Managing human capital make the good develop in the human capital so that to have create in the people.

Article 3

Ecowash Mobile has got an environmental protection idea in the early days, they found that the new method – using compound instead of water – to clean the vehicles could save energy. They had three products to provide no water cleaning, and other car services to meet all kinds of motor vehicles and motorcycles. During a five-year period, its turnover has a quickly raising from $500,000 to $7.88 million in different fiscal years. This speedy growth has made Ecowash Mobile ranking among famous BRW top hundred franchise models in Australia.

On the contrary, for example this case is focus on what lessons Nokia ‘s story holds For Nordic and European innovation policy makers. Nokia’s shares in Europe declined because of the failure of its new policy. The important thing of innovation policy is the competition technology. Service innovation needs new understanding of knowledge and the organization from management. It needs new skills and the abilities of managers and employees.

The failure management of Nokia is very obviously. It’s too long to understand these changes happened in mobile industry and not installed sense of urgency in the organizational change. Management stuck too long in its “comfort zone” design and superior mobile video camera. And having a view of Nokia’s losing a connection and mobile software developers, thus missed the chance to get new application from the global common create entrepreneurship and innovation ecological system

Article 4

Samsung is building a creative corporate culture by four policies

1. ‘Encouraging Suggestions for Work Process Improvement’. Samsung Electronics supports the results of the employees’ suggestions and ideas in a variety ways. With the knowledge management systems, staffs can share their knowledge and skills

2. ‘Adopting a Flexible Time Program’. The employees are allowed to manage their working hours flexibly, as long as they do eight hours’ working every day.

3. ‘Work-Life Balance’. Samsung Electronics supports and encourages employees to balance work and life. It also provides self-management and other holiday programs, including a family vacation projects.

4. ‘Welfare Programs’. They believe that a creative corporate culture grows from the quest for new technologies and applications. Samsung electronics improves employees’ satisfaction and provide better working environment. Besides the basic statutory welfare projects, the company also provides medical subsidy, enterprise annuity program, physical exercise facilities and apartment leasing services

Compare with the Samsung Electronics’ pattern, the difference between Ecowash and Samsung is that it uses information to organize and communicate with their staffs, choose the right person to make decisions and solve problems., and finally they want to create customers’ awareness and use the method of promotion to create a brand loyalty.

Article 5

The Coca-Cola has the unique enterprise culture that is different to those two companies, which called “One Company. One Team. One Passion.”

One company means the employees would use their shared passion to convert the company. When new employees join the company, they would prefer the surrounding where ideas are free to find; supports are all around and proud stimulates them to grow. They would accelerate learning chances and prospect the skills and resources to satisfy their future demands.

One team means that the relationships which employees build every day will not only be helpful to their job success, but also go far towards their careers.

One passion includes spreading the happiness through the company by efforts to make a fair and inclusive workplace, which believe in all of employees’ unique abilities. The company is devoting itself to communities, and applying itself to preserving and protecting the planet as well.


Article 6

Knowledge management

The definition of knowledge management for, in the organization is building a culture and technology of both knowledge system, let the tissue of the information and knowledge, through acquisition, creating, sharing and integration, records, access, updating, and process, to achieve the ultimate objective of knowledge innovation, and feedback to knowledge system inside, individual and organization of knowledge to our everlasting accumulation, from the point of view of system thinking this will become the wisdom of the organization capital, help enterprise to make the right decision, in response to the changes of the market.

Knowledge management is the company’s a formal, standardize the process, through this process that first company owned what kind of information to the benefit to the company to others, and then try to make about the company can be easily get this information. In the practice of different organizations using different knowledge management model, but usually include the following steps:

1. To create the best practice databases;

2. Customer service personnel in the company and product manufacturing personnel set up information communication between networks;

3. Establish formal process to ensure that the execution of the projects have lessons to teach to the similar tasks colleagues.

From management point of view, managers must take the lead in organizing a study, make competitiveness in the market can improve, jump higher and farther than in the past, the power is from the organization of knowledge management and innovation. MOTOROLA recently in m&a wave in succession and other enterprise alliance under, in order to adapt to the change of market environment explosive. To ensure that the company reform after the inheritance forever, but on knowledge management of the transformation, the innovation and constantly learning, toward the cut, the development of the elastic and network, to cope with the market uncertainty change challenge.

MOTOROLA knowledge obtained from “organization inside and outside”, the so-called “organization inside and outside” refers to the source of knowledge are not confined to the business enterprise inside employees, also covers the enterprise customers, suppliers, competitors etc partner. MOTOROLA set by the enterprise university, employ many professional fields of experts on the curriculum design, doctor, let the customer and suppliers and participates in the implementation of learning, establish a professional knowledge sharing channels. In the knowledge integration, MOTOROLA on the practice at the use of photography records and Lotus Notes will file standard together in the way to system, the integration of all knowledge resources, and promote the convenience of users, and shorten the staff more than half of the study time, improve the working efficiency. Knowledge is continuous, must be passed down from generation to generation, to accumulate, can let posterity stand on the former shoulder to see higher and further. MOTOROLA use “engineer rdquo; report & and” failure mode analysis “, will be bad product is steadily developing problem analysis, the defective rate analysis there are specific reference process, avoid a similar fate of experiment, let the accumulation of knowledge continuously

Knowledge management requires companies to realize the sharing of knowledge, the use of the wisdom of the collective will enhance the enterprise the strain and the innovation ability, and can make the enterprise external demand a rapid response, and use of knowledge resources prediction of the external market developing direction and change. In the knowledge economy era, the enterprise if left the knowledge management can not be competitive. Xerox realized this. As xerox chief scientist John Brown (John Brown), the era of knowledge economy, said the company to be able to quickly increase the competitiveness of the company with knowledge. As early as in the s and 60 s, xerox has is the world famous office equipment producers, it produces each kind of the world famous copier. Later, a dominant position by the Japanese copier threat, in order to consolidate their copying equipment in the leading edge of xerox companies in the 80 s was the first set up the benchmark test (benchmarking) system, to other industry outstanding company study, improve the enterprise competitiveness. After the 90’s, xerox and a strategic vision, regardless of the investment, take the lead in build up a perfect knowledge management system, and demonstrate the enterprise to meet the coming of knowledge economy and take the development strategy, and thus for enterprise competition and development into the new energy and power.

Article 7

British Oil Company in knowledge management is recognized as one of the leading position in the world. Their successful experience including: senior managers to get the support; High quality of full-time project; “Guide” and not “teach”; Take pilot way; Pay attention to measurement and evaluation results.

In 1994, the British oil company (British Petroleum) launched a called Virtual working group (Virtual Teamwork) project. The goal of this project is to through the advanced technology, build a across geographic and organization of the virtual organization boundary, achieve will need to share the experience, skills and collaborative working employees, contractors connected purpose. In 1995 the project is completed, the British oil company employees can be remote TV system mutual work together. In 1995, British petroleum drilling ship had problems. In the past, to solve the problem of similar to experts by helicopter to the scene to solve problems, costs an average of $150000 per day. In virtual working group into after use, drilling ship engineers in a small camera malfunction with the maintenance of the equipment before, this camera through satellite communication systems and British petroleum virtual working group linked to the base. They and the miles of experts contact through the real-time TV system, these experts and the ship’s engineers common diagnostic equipment failure. Failure is in a very short period of time can solve. This is the British oil company virtual working group system application cases. Through the virtual working group system, the British oil company greatly reduces the operation cost. British Oil Company in knowledge management is recognized as one of the leading position in the world.

Here are their successful experiences:

1. Get the support of the top management knowledge management project if lack of top managers of support, it is doomed to failure. In addition to provide additional support on the budget, the British oil company executives support even part of the aim of the project involved in making. They think that virtual working group project is to improve the enterprise cooperation carry on the main work, rather than individual groups or knowledge sharing supporter, a glitzy ambition of the project. Get the highest management support to set up a cross each department’s core team into may, at the same time, make the plan easier to get the recognition of the employees.

2. High quality of full-time project team to design a wide range of planning, management and support are able to make the whole of the reasons for the plan to succeed, the project team by skilled employees composition, they can put his whole heart into work. Their other companies in the successful experience for them to make the right decision laid for the foundation, but also improve the confidence of the participants. In contrast, the use of the part-time means to participate in the project, the last effect will be greatly reduced. They can’t get the support from the positive besides, still think that task to enterprise mean little, it will reduce the project team members enthusiasm.

3. “guide” and not “teach” virtual working group in the implementation of the process, not only ask the participant to change work way, and asking them to learn to use new tools, this change will require the way through the guidance of support. So called “guide” and not “teach”, because the whole process more emphasis on the interaction between people. In the “teach” the process, the project team members as “teacher” and “gamer” interactive, not act as the instructor for employees to passively accept knowledge. They through the virtual working group of the terminal interaction system, so that, in the exchange’s at the same time he can feel this system employees in collaborative work and knowledge exchange value. Finally through the guidance, to found their own employees and the purpose of the value system implied.

4. The pilot. Obviously, take the way of pilot investment will be far less mass implementation. In addition, carefully chosen pilot object and serious design can measure evaluation index, make the pilot dramatically increase the odds of success. At the same time, in a small range of testing is also can measure indicators more easily implemented, it pointed out the direction for project development.

5. Measurement and evaluation results though knowledge the end goal of the project is more in quality rather than quantity was improved, and the evaluation work for evaluation of knowledge management project results also is crucial. The project team members to very clearly indicated through the implementation of the “virtual working group” to a project, the enterprise which saves overhead, where promotes enterprise production efficiency, all of these as proof of the value of the project. More important is, although the measure of the long-term benefits the project is very difficult, but, through some aspects of the data, the story to evaluate the value of the project, such as user experience, and participants enthusiasm, also can well explain the benefit from the project.





Chavaglia J & Filipe J, 2011, ‘Photovoltaic Solar Energy Contribution for Amazon’s companies’, International Journal of Academic Research, Vol.3 Issue 4, p225-231.

Dar I.R, Md. Yusoff R.b & Azam K, 2011, ‘Managing Human Capital for Sustainable Competitive Advantage: A Case of Ufone GSM Pakistan’, Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, Vol. 2 Issue 11, p498-510.



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