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Impact of Non-Financial Resources

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Physical resources are the tangible resources used in a certain company or an organization. These resources makes their work processes more appealing and efficient. One the other hand, technological resources are the resources in which an organization or company uses to promote and increase efficiency in the company, sometimes these technological resources can also be used for security purposes. The following are the physical and technological resources needed in Mohammed’s company dealing with advertising and publishing:-

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The physical resources needed are: a building or a rented shop. The location of this building has to be in an area where it is possible for people to notice the company. The best area is in Qurm since there are a lot of residential areas, schools and other companies around that area. It is a busy area so if the company is located that area, it has a high possibility of being known all over Muscat and in couple of years it will expand to all around Oman if the business goes as planned. He should rent a shop for a while until the business goes well and in the meantime he should continue finding another area of which he should have his own building and not rent for his whole life since his business won’t be small for life but expansion of his company is his mission in life.

Furniture. Furniture such as office tables and chairs are essential in a company. These furniture are the ones that provide appealing environment for a customer when entering the office. For instance, a customer gets in the office and already explained his/her problems to the receptionist and was told to wait, he/she would definitely expect to see a sofa or a chair in which he/she can sit as he/she was told to wait. The work environment also needs these furniture since a computer cannot just stay on the floor and expect a customer to deal with that company after seeing that. Appearance of the work area by the use of furniture is an essential thing to consider when starting up a new business. Fahmy Furniture LLC is the best place to get these furniture from since they have good quality furniture with reasonable prices. Filing system is also needed in certain situations so, shelves are also appropriate and can be also found in this company.

Toilet equipments. These are essential because every human has to visit the toilet eventually at any time. These can be kept in both male and female sections of the toilet since the toilet cannot be bisexual and used by both genders. These can be bought from any local dealers who have provide with good quality and affordable prices. Toilet equipments meaning sinks and the actual toilet in which a person uses for specific reasons and the sink to wash hands after the usage of the toilet since it is healthy to do so.

Safety equipments. In any company, there always have to be safety precautions in case of any emergency occurs. Safety equipments such as fire extinguishers should be installed around the office in case of any fire outbreak that might happen. These fire extinguishers have to be the ones that can switch off fire of any class.

In publishing, papers are needed so as to portray all the work that a person kept effort in when wanting to advertise something that a person hired the company for. These papers are special since publishing a pamphlet or brochure isn’t done by normal A4 papers but with a required paper material needed for the process to take place. These papers can be bought online or imported from out of Oman and reach the office for the publication to take place.

The company should have a trademark and a copyright protection that will avoid other people to use the same mark as their own. According to Wikipedia, “Trademark law is designed to fulfill the public policy objective of consumer protection, by preventing the public from being misled as to the origin or quality of a product or service.” The Omani Copyrights laws will actually help in this kind of situation since whenever someone copyrights the company’s work, the company will always be protected by having the law on their side.

Technological resources needed include communication devices such as telephones. These devices are important in a way that the company is able to communicate with their clients in the progress of their work. Also communication is available to those people who are interested in knowing more about the company and wanting to know where it is located and making appointments. A contract with Oman Mobile will be suitable since they provide better landline services than any other networks in Oman.

Computers. Computers are needed for the operational activities of the company in the process of advertising and publishing what a client hired them for. These computers are installed with a publishing software which it makes it easier for the designer to complete his/her work in a short while. Bear, J.H (n.d), “Desktop publishing software allows the user to rearrange text and graphics on screen, change typefaces as easily as changing shoes, and resize graphics on the fly, before finally committing a design to paper.” Computers are used when designing features that can be kept in brochures and pamphlets.

Websites. A website is there to provide awareness of the company’s information. Since the technology is developing and most people are always surfing the internets, it is easier for them to know about the company online than going to them and ask them about their information. According to Wikipedia, “Electronic publishing has become common in scientific publishing where it has been argued that peer-reviewed scientific journals are in the process of being replaced by electronic publishing. It is also becoming common to distribute books, magazines, and newspapers to consumers through tablet reading devices, a market that is growing by millions each year,[1] generated by online vendors such as Apple’s iTunes bookstore, Amazon’s bookstore for Kindle, and books in the Google Play Bookstore.” Instagram accounts can be useful sometimes since it’s a new application and most people have it, they will be able to see the quality of publications and the previous contracts they had.

Publication machines such as printers. These printers are used in the publication processes that requires brochures to be spread for the knowledge of what the client asked the company to advertise about. These publications act as an advertising tool and also advertising can be done through websites but all of these are choices done by the client himself/herself.

Smoke detectors. In case of fire outbreak and nobody notices, the smoke detectors will detect the smoke since fire produces it. These smoke detectors will be installed with a water system which will automatically activate when there is fire in a certain area and an alarm will go on to alert the employees about it so they can put it off as soon as possible so as to avoid destruction of properties in the office.

Projectors are needed so as to present what will be done to the clients. This presentation is to confirm what the company is doing and the client to say if it is okay or something else should be done with the publications and the advertising as per the contract agreement.

Security cameras. These are to be installed so as to know every single person who came in the office and went out, and whenever something bad goes wrong such as theft, the cameras will definitely show you who did it since they record everything that’s happening in the office.

In conclusion, the company will work according to efficiently since it has all the technological and physical resources. This will also depend on the human resources present in the company for the operations to work as planned. Without human resources, there won’t be a company since they are the ones responsible in operating all physical and technological resources.


Human resource management is the process of hiring people who are qualified for a specific job. In order for Mohammed to manage the human resources, he should put job vacancies available for people to apply for. He can advertise them through newspapers, magazines or websites. Job descriptions and personal specifications are provided in these advertisements together with a job application form details on where to find them if they are not attached in the advertisement. After they apply, they are to go to the company for a job interview and go through a specific course if necessary. The person has to have all the necessary skills both personal and employability so as to get the job. If he/she passes the course, it is when he/she sits to discuss about the salary and starts to work after given a specific date to begin.

Mohammed should know how to motivate his employees in remaining in the company for a long period of time. This process is called retention.Business Burrito (n.d), “When people aren’t motivated, they become less productive, less creative, less of an asset to your company.” He should have a promotion system by which an employee earns it for his/her hard work to the company. This will motivate other employees to work harder providing more work force to the company and the company to be known more by others and at the end they get their rewards on their hard work.

Training should be provided to the employees through taking them to courses concerning a certain task since technology changes after a period of time. These courses can either be indoor or outdoor. Indoor meaning inside the country and city and outdoor meaning in a different country. Training Today (n.d),“Training is crucial because it:

  • Educates workers about the effective use of technology,
  • Ensures competitive edge in the market,
  • Promotes safety and health among employees,
  • Creates opportunities for career development and personal growth, an important factor in retaining workers
  • Helps employers comply with laws and regulations, and
  • Improves productivity and profitability”

Through having this new knowledge on a certain job, it is easier for the company to attract more customers since the competitors won’t have the knowledge but when they know that the company has it and it is useful, they would go obtain the knowledge so as for the competition to be stable.

Security guards are there to protect theft from happening. Competitors might act in unethical manner and hire people to steal things from the company and eventually getting them. Itcan happen when clients’ competitors would want to destroy the publications and eventually break in the company so as to get them. These guards are there to protect anything from happening to the company at any time.

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Physical resources are there to provide a good and appealing appearance to the society. These resources are noticed by people and they are satisfied by what they see so they agree to deal with the company. These people will spread the word to others and fortunately the company will gain more clients than before. The physical resources such as computers and printers makes work much easier and effective because they are essential in this kind of business that using free hands in drawing on papers and use them as publications to advertise to other people. This won’t generate a lot of clients because they would think that the company is too old fashioned and cannot afford the modern technology and has no knowledge of it.

Technological resources improve the performance of a company in such a way that protection is provided to them through the security cameras and smoke detectors. This makes the work conditions safe for the employees to do their jobs without any threats coming between them.

Having publication machinery makes it possible for work to be done in a certain period of time without asking other people to do it for you and pay them at the end. The machines help in production of the publication in a short period of time and get on with the next employee’s agreement. Good quality publications that are advertised can lead to the attraction of more customers into the company.

Projectors will provide update to the clients through the presentation that is prepared by the company on what the company is getting at in the process of publication. The communication devices will make it possible for communications between the company and the customers when it comes to appointments and informing them on where the process of publishing and advertising has reached. This makes the customers to have trust which is a good thing and get to spread the word to others.

In conclusion, all these human, physical and technological resources are very important things in a company. They cannot work without each other so without one, the other won’t work as effective as it used to be and the company won’t be successful as it hoped to be.


It is true that managing resources and controlling budgets costs can improve the performance of the business. This happens when controlling a budget costs can also control the resources in a company which are all human, physical and technological resources.

Consider human resources, instead of having more employees a company can only have two employees. Since Mohammed is the owner of the company, he has to recruit two employees who are able to do all the work needed in advertising and publications. Since the technology is growing, the only thing needed to know is how to design and put it out online for people to see it. They should have skills like sales and computer designs in conducting this kind of business. Courses are to be given to them if they lack one of these skills to reduce the cost of more employees and save money in paying more instead you just pay the two employees who keep working hand in hand helping each other. Online meaning in websites and mostly on Instagram since most people nowadays use most their time surfing the internet for information and some just for their own goods. When they see the advertisement, they wouldn’t mind looking at it and get a clear image of what the advertisement is about and maybe get interested in knowing more about it.

In physical resources, the production of pamphlets and brochures should be stopped. The company has to stop the ordering of these papers used in the production process since they won’t be needed anymore. This will save more money because the cost of ordering these papers abroad includes the cost of shipping them and their prices are not cheap.

Publication machinery won’t be of use since the production of brochures, flyers and pamphlets will be stopped. This is because due to the technology upraise, people read news and information online and not through papers as how it was few years back. In couple of years there will be no papers publications in advertising world so it’s better that the company starts that now. This will reduce the cost of buying machines and also the repairing and servicing of the machinery after a certain period of time.

Technological resources are very hard to manage and control since they change every after a while and it is difficult to cope with it. Barton, R (2013), “Technology is innovating and expanding at an exponential rate. It’s difficult to grasp how dramatic is the growth of 2 x 2 x 2 x 2…” The only way that it’s possible to manage and control is by allowing the employees to get courses of these new technology in the world and eventually apply them in the operations of a company in advertising.

Controlling resources will lead to managing the budget cost since he won’t paying more employees, not buying more machinery that would need services after a period of time and it also costs money. This money that will be saved can be invested in more of the company’s activities than using it in areas that might be of waste. These activities include expansion of the office to a better location or bigger office and getting known all around a targeted area.

According to the consumption and saving of money during controlling and managing both resources and budget costs, it is the right way to conduct business since it makes the company get more than what it uses. Mohammed should consider doing this if he doesn’t want to have risks in his business operations since this will make him use less money and gain more than he expects.


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