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The Personal development as strategic manager

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The course of acquisition of extra awareness, skills and understanding in order to get better the way you do your present job and your prediction of future service and endorsement, and, more commonly, to develop your individual talents and fulfil your individual potential.


Strategic planning is a management tool, period. As with any management tool, it is used for one idea only: to help an association do a better job – to focus its energy, to make sure that members of the organization are working toward the similar goals, to measure and regulate the organization’s direction in response to a altering environment. In short, strategic planning is a well-organized effort to make basic decisions and actions that form and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it, with a spotlight on the future. (Adapted from Bryson’s Strategic Planning in Public and Non profit Organizations and Strategic manager is a management quality of a manager to accomplish planned goals of the organization. individual development is essential in today’s world as this is a planning process through which managers gain leadership skills and knowledge required to accomplish long term goals of the organization.

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the organization i have chosen for this report is tesco which is one of the world major in retail sector. Tesco is one of the major food retailers in the world, functioning around 2,318 stores and employing over 326,000 people. It provides online services through its additional, Tesco.com. The UK is the company’s major market, where it operates under four banners of Extra, Superstore, Metro and Express. The company sells almost 40,000 food products, including garments and other non-food lines. The company’s own-label goods (50 percent of sales) are at three levels, value, normal and finest. As well as expediency produce, many stores have gas stations, becoming one of Britain’s largest autonomous petrol retailers. Other retailing services offered include Tesco Personal Finance.

Personal development as a strategic manager at tesco is a much emphasized area and i would discuss to recognize the personal skills essential of managers to attain planned ambitions of tesco.


1.1 strategy direction of tesco

first of all we have to define the strategy which is the mean through which goals are deliberately and steadily pursued and obtained over time. Now we will see what are the strategy direction of teso.

worldwide growth, e.g. in USA with ‘Fresh

and Easy’ high quality food expediency stores


(health and beauty; clothes;

consumer electronics)

Retailing services: on-line shopping; financial

services incl. banking and car insurance; energy

price evaluation

Tesco mission and vision statement

Giving customers what they want 24/7′

About 30% UK market share

Doubled group sales profits > £2 bn

Tripled number of stores to over 2600; increased

Employee numbers to over 270,000

Sales to rest of Europe up to 13% of group sales;

Asia: 11%

Tesco strategic direction to achieve the strategic goals


in S. Korea – Home plus chain of 138 hypermarkets and express stores

-BUT lack of suitable partner frustrated

intended entry into India Acquisitions :

•E.g. of Co-op stores in Slough, Nottingham, South Shields

•In S. Korea: Purchased 36 development based on standard

PLUS selected tailored product ranges AND a range of formats

-Collaborations: Tesco Mobile venture with O2;

joint venture with Samsung Home ever discount hypermarkets from the E-

Land group for £958m

strategic skills required to achieve strategic ambitions

Tesco plans to expand its Retailing Services Division including TPF, tesco.com and Tesco Telecom to GBP 1 billion in profit. In order to achieve this, Tesco may be considering launching mortgage products or even current accounts, viewing the current economic crisis as an opportunity to break into a highly competitive market. The retailer is also considering expanding the service into international markets such as China and South Korea.


leadership in any organization is very important to bring success and growth. so keeping this idea i mind Tesco is always take great care to produce great leaders to meet the current fast pace business environment and always devise the plans and strategies to develop its leaders for future needs and enable them to face the upcoming challenges of businesses.tesco knows that leaders are the source of inspiration and motivation of its employees and they are the people who have to take important decisions at crucial circumstances and also very important to achieve the strategic goals and without their proper in put success is almost impossible to get and so tesco is always up to the task and therefore it always run different programs and plans to improve the capabilities and skills of its employees so it can achieve its strategic objectives and take Tesco further to success and growth. now i would also discuss what are the important aspects or skills desirable to produce good leaders.

Leadership involves many management skills, but generally as a secondary or background function of true leadership. Leadership instead relies most strongly on less tangible and less measurable things like trust, inspiration, attitude, decision-making, and personal character. These are not processes or skills or even necessarily the result of experience. They are facets of humanity, and are enabled mainly by the leader’s character and especially his/her emotional reserves.

Now we look some of the important qualities the leaders should have to get the assigned strategic goals which are

Leaders should be good communicator and have to maintain all communication channels opened from top to bottom to effectively communicate the messages and strategies to make them successful

They have to be problem solver rather than problem creator and should know well awared about the company policies and rules.

The leaders should be good decisions makers and they should take right decision at right time without time delay because thats what they are there to do and trained for as well.

They should have good interpersonal skills and good attitude towards the organization and employees as well.

They should be very good as far as political skills are concerned and in other words they should see every matter tactfully and wisely and should aware what happening inside and outside the organization.

Leaders should keep making or devise plans time to time to grow and produce new leaders and arrange different programs to improve their employee’s skills and make them ready for future prospects and make them ready for crucial times in order to empower them.

Despite all these above qualities there are some other as well which good leaders should have which are as follows










1.3 relationship between existing, required and future skills to achieve the strategic ambitions of Tesco.

Assessment of current skills and abilities .Tesco always take great care to produce and bring good Interpersonal skills, time management skills, ability to take initiative etc into its managers because these are very important for the success of the organization and always help to give it competitive edge on other organization.

Skills required to achieving the strategic ambitions of tesco.

Tesco always take serious actions to bring and develop Environmental scanning skills, ability to build alliances etc in its managers and also know that by doing so its market reputation will enhance and it would bring more profitability and success to the organization.

Tesco always keep i n mind the Gap analysis i.e. analysis of the gap between existing and required skills to achieve strategic ambitions of the organization

Assessment of future skills needed to achieve future goals

Tesco tries to bring the Change management skill into its personal development programs through various trainings and know that it will be required in the future to achieve future goals of the organization .

2.1 Tesco opportunities to support leadership development

Tesco Identifies development needs through various tools and methods as mentioned below

To develop store structures to better meet the needs of both customers and


· To provide our leaders with coaching to support their teams better

· To get more people in to work more of the time

· To reduce our management vacancies down to a minimum. Benefits to Our

People are our most important advantage, and important goal is to select and keep the best. We therefore offer our workers an striking benefits package, including flexible hours and leave, profit-share, an award-winning define benefit pension, discounted meals and childcare vouchers. Through our concession Card scheme, all staff with over 12 months’ service receive a10% discount on their shopping at Tesco. They are also able to take advantage of discounts at Tesco.com, on our financial products, holidays, gym membership, childcare vouchers and health cover. Each staff member receives a Benefits Book annually to explain all the benefits they can take advantage of, and a personal Benefits Report summarising their total package.


Tesco SWOT analysis, 360 degree feedback analysis, psychometric assessment etc are another tools to support leadership development programs and play an important role for its success and effectiveness.

Identifying the opportunities to support leadership development which includes the Educational opportunities, training opportunities, development opportunities, carer planning opportunities etc are also very important and vital to support the leadership development programs and tesco always take these things in board whatever the circumstances are there because without these tools its very difficult to achieve the desired strategic objectives.

personal development plan to direct leadership development

in my point of view its very crucial to Formulate personal development plan to direct leadership development and the main points to bear in mind doing so are to Conduct a skill audit, identify skills to be improved, devise activities to improve those skills, identify the resources to perform those activities, identify the measures to record progress, and work out a timeline because without all these elements it is not possible to make an impact on leadership development .

the four steps we need to produce in our personal grooming plans.

Recognize the some important areas in your life that you would like to improve. look at your thoughts, objectives and personal ambitions, what are the five (plus or minus two) important aspects in your life that you want to grow? What are those some important competencies that will have the biggest influence on your life, career or objectives?

Search for means in these areas. List the resources that you may require to find that will help you in growing in each of the aspects you’ve recognized. This may comprise books, blogs, tapes, seminars or training to be there. List the means that you are going to explore to help you in your individual growth.

Position away an hour a day devoted to your personal growth. You will require to make and hour each day implementing your development plan. This is a usual time set aside to spotlight on growing the areas recognized, used for understanding, writing and reflecting.

Search mentor and make relationships with other rising people. This is one of the most undervalue aspect of personal growth. Relationships with rising people, will help you to develop more quickly than any other source I know. search for mentor to help and direct you in each of the important areas recognized, numerous mentors are usually improved than one, as it’s improbable you’ll be able to find a single person to help you in all your important areas. List the possible mentors and rising people that you are going to vigorously increase a relationship with.


Tesco implementation process for the development plan

the important aspects we have to keep in mind while devising or making implementation process for the development plan are

Using a development log

Identifying your key development goal

Capturing leadership feedback

Planning step to achieve your development goals

Monitoring progress against goals

Continuously reviewing and refining your approach to deliver superior performance

Tesco uses all the above mentioned implementation processes to judge its development plans and make sure that each one of them is adhered and well executed during the process.

3.1 Assess the achievement of outcomes of the plan against original objectives

The important things to analyse whether the achievement outcomes met with the designed are

Assessing your PDP records and action plans

Development need, objectives, outcomes, need met? Yes/no? With evidence, outcome,

what went well?, what didn’t?, what would I do differently next time?

Now we discuss briefly the importance of pdp paln and its effectiveness in personal development program which is very important because it provide us the current progress comparison with the past and help out to change or amend policies at the right time to achieve the original goals and objectives and many good organization are already working on this so do tesco and it has ver good data base which gives it a competitive edge over other organization and enable it to track down its progress and help to make realistic and achieavable objectives for the future and this is one of the main cause of its success so far another important thing is the development need objectives outcomes which provide the answer in yes or no regarding our planning continuity and put a clear picture in front of us of our progress and as tesco has some set goals so these things help a lot to make them successful and fruitful for the organization.


the impact of the achievement of objectives on strategic ambitions

tesco keep Demonstrating the impact of your achievement of objectives on organisation strategic ambitions and the key elements which keep influencing on the achievement of objectives to get the strategic ambitions are

Development need e.g. aspirational visionary style

Objectives e.g. i will develop a new vision statement for my organization

Relevant strategic ambition e.g. a new strategic marketing plan to promote products into new markets

Impact achieved? Yes/no? Evidence e.g. yes, new vision statement is integrated into marketing material; new customers are impressed by this new statement; new business has resulted in £30k profit increase

Research shows that of the six management styles, the futurist one is most efficient, powerful in every feature of environment. Take lucidity. The reliable leader is a futurist; he motivate people by building clear to them how their work fits into a larger image for the business. commanding leadership maximize assurance to the organization’s objectives and plan. When he gives presentation feedback, whether positive or negative, the singular decisive factor is whether or not that presentation furthers the vision. The principles for success are clear to all, as are the rewards. Finally, futurist leaders give people the liberty to innovate, test, and take planned risks.

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Because of its positive brunt, the futurist style works well in almost any trade situation. But it is mainly effective when a business is floating. A futurist leader charts a new route and sells his people on a fresh long-term idea. But the method will not work in every condition. It fails, for example, when a leader is working with a group of experts or aristocrats who are more experienced than he is; they may see the leader as arrogant and out of touch. And if a manager trying to be commanding becomes haughty, he can demoralize the democratic spirit of an effective team.


Review and update the leadership development plan

Tesco always keep Reviewing and updating its plan in terms of progress

Are all development needs met?

Have all the development objectives been achieved?

Have all the outcomes been assessed?

Has the impact on strategic ambitions been evaluated?

Existing development needs still to be auctioned

Existing development objectives still to be auctioned

New development needs identified

New development objectives identified

The above are few important things to note down specially to make a development plan and to answers these questions solve the mystery and help in achieving the desired goals and objectives needs of any organization or business changes with the time and requires update as when tesco was in its initial phases to start it works it felt the need that it requires to exopand as the demand of market was increasing and the same it did and kept doing and invested more money on development of the organization and people as well and it resulted out to be a great investment and now it got the status of one of the giant in reatail industry and still its focusing on the need and trying to be fitted in the same competive frame of mind to review and update leadership development plans which give it a great competitive advantage and put it in healthy competition.


4.1the impact of corporate and individual health and safety responsibilities on the Organisation.

Tesco holds a very close and restrict monitor on its health and safety responsibilities because if the employees are fit and healthy than the company always holds the upper edge on the compeptitors and it proves a valuable asset for the company because of this reason tesco has defined a very good and effective health and safety policy and some of its benefits are mentioned below.

Defining health and safety

It is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment

Health and safety responsibility on your organization

Setting a health and safety policy and objectives

Creating a suitable organizational culture

Development and implementation of health and safety plan

Monitoring, evaluation and review of plan

Assessing the impact of health and safety responsibilities on your organisation

Reduced costs and reduced risks

Less employee absence and turnover rates

Fewer accidents

Reduced threat of legal action etc.

tesco have a comprehensive risk management process to identify and minimise occupational health and safety risks across the business. We constantly monitor and review our performance and seek feedback from our people. Every store measures health and safety performance and reports on it three times a year through the Staff Forum. Safety campaigns are launched three times a year at Staff Forums to focus our people on how we can improve safety in our stores.


4.2 organisational culture of quality on the achievement of strategic ambitions

Tesco has organisational culture of quality on the achievement of strategic ambitions and some of its attributes are as follows.

Promoting a health and safety quality culture

Motivating, engaging and involving staff in health and safety issues

Awareness about ‘safety first’ etc.

Estimating the impact of health and safety quality culture on achievement of your

organization’s strategic ambitions

Accidents reduced by 35percent; Profit up by 8 percent, Sickness is below 3 percent etc.

All this has helped the organization achieve its strategic ambition of promoting products into new markets etc.

Because of all those things which have mentioned above tesco managed to remain a strong contender in the retail industry and would keep doing so as long as it would adhere these policies with continuity.


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