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The Reasons For Human Resource Planning In Organisations Business Essay

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HR planning is a systematic analysis of HR needs in order to ensure that correct number of employees with the necessary skills are available when they are required (What is Human Resource, 2012).

An organisation’s HR department complete several tasks relevant to its workers, include recruiting, training, career development and retirement services. HR planning is one of HR’s most important aims because it deals with recruiting and the employment advertises. HR Planning includes collecting of information; creating objectives, goals, and making conclusion to let the organisation achieves its goals.

The reasons of using HR planning is to find out how many employees do the company have; what kind of workers does the organisation have; how a organisation should use their available resources and how can the company stay and maintain its workers. HR planning makes the organisation to progress and be successful and it shapes an important part of management information system. HR planning is that it compensates uncertainty and alters. It provides extent for improvement and growth of workers through training. It assists to satisfy each need of the employees for the promotions, salary and improvement. However it helps to improve and develop human resource assistance in the structure of increased productivity, sales and income.

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Outline the stages involved in planning human resource requirements

There some steps in HR planning where it used by organisations. One of the step is, collect data on the organisational aims and goals to find out where the organisation wants to go and how it wants to obtain to that position. The next step is to take stock of the current workers in the organisation. The HR record involved to data relating to numbers, ages, locations and analysis of individuals and skills.

The next stage is auditing, this stage involves the analysis of the strategic environment in the light of the organisation’s strategic objectives. The audit looks at what had happened in the past and at current in terms of work turn over, training costs and lack. By identifying these information they can be able to forecast what will happen to HR in the future in the organisation.

The anticipate step investigate the demand for, and supply of, work in terms of number, kind and quality of persons that the organisation should employ to suit their requirements and cover accepted turnover.

The next step is HR resource plan, where organisations look at career planning and HR plans. The main reason of this is that the organisation’s goals may associate as close to as possible, or organise, in order to provide good possibilities for the growth of its employees.

Monitoring and control is the final stage of HR planning, when the plan accepts then it has to be control. HR department has responsibility to follow up to view what is occurrence in terms and conditions of the available resources and they use this idea to make sure that they use all the available talents.

Evaluate the recruitment and selection process in two contrasting organisations

Recruitment is the process of finding out about someone who wants to work for an organisation, where the applicant fill the job application and sent to chosen organisation. Selection is the process of choosing suitable candidate to fill a post, where the organisation point out for which applicant they provide work on their organisation. Recruitment and selection is regularly offered as a programmed based on reason activity. See (Appendix 2)

There are two types of recruitment internal and external. Internal recruitment is when the business seems to fill the available job from inside its existing employees. Internal sources of recruitment are available to an organisation where they use sources for transfers, promotions and re-employment of their employees. It also saves time and is cheaper.

External recruitment is when businesses look to fill the available job position from appropriate applicant outside the business. It takes lots of time and it is expansive.

The external sources of recruitment include – Job centres, where they are responsible for helping the unemployed people and find jobs for them and it is free to use. A Job advertisement is another external source, where will found in local and national newspapers, notice boards, recruitment fairs. Recruitment agency is also an external source, where it offers employers with information of appropriate applicants for a job. See recruitment process in (Appendix 3)

Tesco and McDonalds recruitment:

Recruitment takes the attention of the right standard of applicants to apply for vacancies. Tesco advertises vacancies in different ways. Tesco first look at it is internal employees to fill a vacancy, which means that they look at their current employees for a move, either at the same level or on promotion. If there are no appropriate persons to fill the vacancy, then Tesco advertises the post within on its intranet websites.

For external recruitment, Tesco advertises vacancies through the Tesco website, also through vacancy boards in stores, through offline media, television, radio, magazines and newspapers. Tesco look at the most affordable way of attracting the correct applicants. It is very expansive to promote on telly and radio and magazines, but occasionally this is important to inform the right people to get learn about the vacancies.

Tesco makes it simple for people to find out about available jobs and has a simple application process. By using the Tesco website, applicants can find out about available jobs. They have online application where it fill by applicants and submit directly. Applicants can apply in Tesco’s stores with their CV or register though Jobcentre Plus. The store arranges a waiting list of applicants who apply in this way and calls them in as jobs become available.

In other hand, in McDonald’s recruitment plan, each restaurant has responsible to fill the vacancy. For recruiting employees, McDonald’s use some possibilities. Vacancies are normally advertised in the restaurant. They use local job centres, career fair and other local facilities. It is very important to use effectual employ stuff with an understandable message targeted at the right audience.

A recruitment exercise often generates more applications than there are positions available. McDonald’s directs applicants to applying online at their website. People who cannot access the web then they can call the recruitment line, or pick up a pre-paid Business Reply Card from a McDonald’s restaurant.

Tesco and McDonalds selection:

Tesco selection includes choosing the most appropriate applicant from those that apply for a vacancy, whereas maintenance to employment rules and regulations. Screening applicants is a very important part of Tesco’s selection process. This ensures that those selected for interview have the best fit with the job requirements. In the first stages of screening, Tesco selectors will look at each applicant’s CV. A well-written CV helps Tesco to consider whether an applicant suits the requirement for the job.

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An applicant who passes screening participate an assessment centre, where it take place in store and are run by managers. Applicants are given a variety of exercises, including team-working activities or problem-solving exercises. Applicants who are accepting by the internal assessment centres then have an interview. Line managers for the job on offer take part in the interview to make sure that the applicant fits the position requirements. See the process of Tesco selection in (appendix 4)

McDonald selection is a bit different where the manager will select the applicants to be interviewed and will conduct the interviews. Their selection process starts with online psychometric test. This test creates a first achieve. The applicant then attends a first stage interview and is presented “On Job Experience” (OJE).

This is a two days assessment in a restaurant, then a successful applicant goes to a final interview, after which the manager decides whether or not to employ the applicant. McDonald provides a welcome meeting for their new staffs. The welcome meeting gives an indication of the company, including: job role food, hygiene and safety training, policies and procedures, training and development.

The effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in two organisations

This process attracting and recruiting the most qualified applicant, through system and personal invitations.

Recruitment and selection can play an important role in determining an organisation’s effectiveness and performance, if organisations are able to obtain employees who already possess appropriate knowledge, skills and talents and are also able to make a correct guess about their future abilities.

“The recruitment and selection of employees is basic to the performance of an organisation, and there are convincing reasons for getting it right. Inappropriate selection decisions decrease organisational effectiveness, cancels reward and development strategies, are often unfair on the individual recruit and can be difficult for managers who have to deal with unsuitable employees”. (Pilbeam and Corbridge, 2006)

In order to stay competitive, companies need to have the best talent possible. Tesco and McDonald’s recruitment process usually start when employee in the organisation leaves and this opens up an opportunity to another applicant to fill their position.

The major effectiveness of recruitment and selection for Tesco and McDonald’s is that it help the decision making of the higher management to fill a gap; it helps them find the right applicant with the accurate qualifications and skills to be able to do the job not taking in to thought their race, age, gender, colour or nationality. The recruitment and selection process is important to both organisation but the process can be expensive. It is very time consuming as well and a lot of thought will need to be taken by the managers in order to choose the right applicant. Also Tesco and McDonald’s transfers their employees work or place if the management wishes to transfer them to the place of their choice.

However, advertising is an extensively accepted technique of recruitment and both Tesco and McDonald’s use technique to provides different sources, information about the job and company for applicant and attract them to apply for job.


Employees’ planning is very important if a business is to get together it is future demands for workers. It lets a business time to teach active staff to obtain on new responsibilities and to recruit new employees to fill up vacancies. Tesco wants to have employees with the accurate skills and behaviours to maintain it is growth and development and they provide different ways of applying for jobs and a reliable approach to recruitment and selection. McDonald’s considers that the achievement of the restaurants and the company is attaining through the staffs it employs. The company aims to employ the greatest people, to maintain them by presenting continuing training related to their position and to promote them when they are ready. It is recruitment strategies; procedures and exercise reveal the company’s strength of mind to complete it is aim.


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