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New Zealand Gym Business Analysis

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Wordcount: 3861 words Published: 13th Sep 2017

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Answer 1.1) As from the case study we know that Pro Fit is an organisation in the New Zealand which is the fitness gym. Its main business is to give the training to the masses which go there to make their body physically fit and they are doing really good job. The main objective of their success is their service which they are giving to their customers like the regular cleaning of the gym is done. The trainers in the gym are very cooperative with the customers and give full necessary knowledge about each exercise and each move.

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The Pro fit is expanding their business day by day and the masses which have used the Pro Fit once they will never go for other one because they are providing the new technology of machines by which the peoples can have the result of exercise in their body. Moreover the councils of every areas have also check the safety of all the equipment and they have given the A+ grade to all the branches which makes the faith of the customers.

In today new era is having a great competition in fitness industry and so it is very hard to maintain the customer loyalty. Like after some time the peoples change their gym and join new on where they get best deals. In order to make new customers the organisation is providing combo deals and family packages. The members which are already have join this organisation the trainer have built a personal relationship with them and offer benefit which they are getting from their gym that they should not leave or change the gym.

The Pro Fit have maintain their status in the market by giving the best customer service by every staff member because if they will fulfil the needs of the present customers then they will give positive feedback to their known once which result that new persons will be attracted towards the gym. Moreover the organisation also have organised a weekly trail for new customers to show them their standard of service that in which way they will fulfil the requirements.

Like in today’s modern era every organisation know that without the promotion no business can be run so the Pro Fit also do their promotion by giving pamphlets in public area and advertise in newspaper. The organisation has launched the free cards for one person with each person entry and special vouchers for customers to attract them more. The organisation also has use the social media for promotion by organising page with their name and by app also. (insight) (training)

Answer 1.2) Needs: the Pro Fit is running their business on good level but they want to generate new more customers because their goals is to be unique from other competitors. So they have decided to expand their goals by upgrading or adding new into old once. They just make the necessary changes to have more and more customers and the changes are done by customers expectations.

Demand : The New Zealand is a very good country in which every person is very serious about their body posture so they do a lot of exercises. By this interest of the peoples there are so many companies who are running their business by opening fitness centres from different franchises. By This interest the PRO FIT also give their best to fulfil all the demands of customers by performing several methods.

Market: As more and more peoples of different age group want to make their body fit. And the Pro Fit makes different strategies to have more and more customers to grow their company in market. Like they are give discounts on payments and give gift vouchers to the customers.

Marketing mix: It is known as business tool because it is used by the marketers in marketing to give their best in the market. And in this four things are there which the marketer focus to sell their products in market are price , product, promotion and place. So the Pro Fit also have used all four of them like they first arrange the price according to the customers need that how much they can pay easily and they keep below to the other fitness centres for making place in market. The equipments in the gym are good up to dated technology which is attracting the people. They also used several ways to promote their business in the market by advertisement in television and newspapers. Moreover they have open their branches in that areas where every common man can go easily in daily busy life to do exercise.

Promotion: As every business need the suitable promotion to be on a good level and so the Pro Fit also decided to promote their business by television and newspaper. They give pamphlets also in public areas. By this promotion they tell everyone why they are different and better from the other one . Moreover they give information about their offers and deals.

Public relation: It is define as the connection between the person as seller or service man and customers. As in the Pro Fit the trainer talk with the customers with friendly nature which makes a very good bond between them by which the customer will not be bored in the gym and did not want company of any friend if it is not there.

Service: The staff in an organisation plays a very important role for success because if the staff will give good service to the customers then only more and more customers will come. So the Pro Fit is also giving the best service by which the customers get attached to the trainer and the other working staff by which they will not change the gym in coming time.

ADVERTISE: As every organisation is advertising their organisation by several methods like by social media , television and radio. They give the information about deals and offers. They also show their status by showing the video or pictures of organisation by which the local peoples get know about it.

(mind tools) (wiki)

Answer 1.3)

Range of marketing media




There are so many peoples who don’t like to watch or other social media and they just like to hear radio. For this kind of peoples the advertisement for Pro Fit by radio will be good. By radio the persons who are travelling from one place to another they can also have the information by listening radio in car.

The disadvantage of advertisement by radio is that the peoples cannot watch the advertisement and sometimes the peoples do not get the proper information by just listening.


The today’s modern era is spending their some of the hours from daily routine life to watch television. So this mode of advertisement will be effective for doing promotion of Pro Fit and by this the peoples can have a view of gym prom inside. They can also see the functioning of the equipments and can be attracted to join fast.

The disadvantage of doing advertisement by this method is that this is too much expensive and it can increase the budget of advertisement.

Media print advertisement

In this mode the advertisement can be done by giving adds in newspapers by which every person can be ready and the pamphlets in the public areas also can be distributed.

The disadvantage of this style will be that some of the people do not read newspaper. The people are not much informed by this mode so they loss their interest.

Media print editorial

In this the people can be informed by giving information about Pro Fit in magazines by giving pictures of the peoples who are doing their exercises in gym. Moreover the feedbacks from the customers will be also there which will motivate the new customers.

The promotion by this method will be little much expensive. And some of the masses do not have habit of reading the all magazines.


The brochures can be send to the people by which the they can read the benefits of Pro Fit and the information for joining and contact can also be get. The brochures can also be send with letters to the common peoples home by this they will read them also.

In this method the brochures will work effectively if they are handed to every customer and in doing this a lot of time will be taken. Sometime people are busy in their daily life so they do not have enough time to read.

Tele marketing

Now a day’s every organisation is using this method to do promotion and Pro Fit will also be promoted by Tele marketing because by this method the more interactive and personal sale service will be given to the customers and by this the technical issues will also be cleared.

The telemarketing can replace a sales team in organisation which could leads to negative feeling among employees.

Public relationship

The importance of public relationship is that by this the organisation can hold the customers for long time in a single gym. And can have a good bond between staff and customers.

In public relationship the message from sender sometimes not be cleared to the other receiver.

Answer 1.4


Market strategy

Target audience

Training and dance activities

The perfect training will be giving to the every person regarding their health and any other issue. To be different from other organisation the Pro Fit will also organise dance classes also by which exercise will also be continue and the masses not be bored from the gym.

Age between 5 to 24

Aerobics Programmes/or seminars

With the gym exercise this extra service will also be provided by another specialist coach which will helps in decreasing weight. More and more new customers will also be attracted towards it.

Age between 25 to 38

Meditation and yoga classes

The Pro Fit have research that how they can make fit to the older age peoples and they have organised a meditation and yoga classes which the older age people can make their body disease free.

Age between 39 to 60

(advertisemnt )

Answer 1.5 Service : The Pro Fit staff is well trained in their respective field so they will give good customer service by which more and more new customers will come. The staff will also give proper training to the regarding the exercise so the people can get change in their body in short interval of time. Moreover the staff will be friendly with customers by which they can make bond with them by which they can solve the customer problem without any hesitation.

Price : The Pro Fit have first researched the market that how they can give best price to their customers by which they can beat the competition. So they have decided to make 80 $ per person for month which is cheaper then other organisations. Further they have also decided to give family package by which the whole family can have proper gym in less money.

Promotional strategies : The Pro Fit have decided to do the promotion by several methods by using the social media and television. Moreover they have decided to organise seminars by which they peoples can be attracted towards their gym. And they given add in newspapers and magazines by which they people who are not using the social media would also be know about their gym.

Distribution : For the distribution of the Pro Fit they have plans like they will arrange a team for promotion only and make all efforts to increase their business.

Task 2

2.1 Answer: The needs and wants of the consumers is satisfying known as marketing. Consumers have funds to buy the products or service and marketing characteristic are important to fulfil the consumer needs.

Brand of organisation


Good environment of the business

Pro Fit is a organisation in market of fitness centres which gives the training to their customers to make their body physically fit.

In the market of New Zealand so many organisations are running their business in the field of fitness centres and due to that the competition is very high. Pro Fit is a organisation which is giving their best to be different from other once and they give so many special offers to attract the customers.

The Pro Fit is the fitness centre which is giving a very good service to their customers. The equipments in the gym are very well organised and the areas in the gym are neat and clean.

As so many companies are there in the market and the organisation in competition are Jetts , City fitness, Physical Club.

(small business)

Answer 2.2 Offered services : The jets, city fitness and physical club are the organisation which are running their business but from so many years they just on same level on which they have started their business because they are not giving the good service to their customers. But the Pro Fit is giving better from them by fulfilling the customer needs and guide them in well manner.

Prices : The competitive organisation in the market are charging 100$ per month from their customers but the Pro Fit is charging 80 $ per month and giving the best service by which the customers can do exercise in well manner.

Promotion for Pro Fit: As every business needs the promotion and it plays a very crucial role in organisations success. The competitor organisations are not doing a lot of efforts in promoting their business but Pro Fit is doing by social media, television and so many other mood of advertisements to get more and more customers.

Answer 2.3 Internal : It is the factors or changes which are done inside the organisation and these factors can be for upgrade the organisation standard.

External: It may be explained that the things which are happening outside the organisation.

social: The masses come to a place and be together have talk or gossiping with each other by this they get in contact with people and can spend their time in gym. So by this the Pro Fit have become a source of socialisation in today’s busy era.

Culture : The Pro Fit have three branches in different locations of Auckland and as you know New Zealand is a multicultural country so peoples from different community come to the gym and get interacted by each other so in this way they get know about different cultures of the peoples from other countries.

Technology: The every customer want the new thing or which are different from other once so in giving something different to the customers the technology play a very crucial role. In Pro Fit also the equipments with new technology attract the customers and by that they can do exercise in well organised way which will help them to have better result in their body.

Economic : Its is very important part because the person is to be economically good if they want to run business and if any new technology comes in the market to buy that also the money is needed.

Regulatory : As anybody wants to run a business in correct method then it is very important to follow rules and regulation which are provided by NEW Zealand government. And the Pro Fit also have to follow the rules like they have to pass the safety test of the equipments in the gym.

Demographic : It is very important to keep this in mind while opening the business selection of the place is very important ,so Pro Fit also have target the most common place like Auckland city where most of the people will go for gym.

Competitive : This condition is that when number of companies are running their business in same field then they have competition between them. And to win this competition the organisations are fulfilling the demands of the customers. Pro Fit also give new technology equipments and facilities which will impress the customers.

Answer 2.4


1 ) The Pro Fit is charging less then other once as in other organisations they are charging more and plus they are charging 70 to 90$ as giving trainer.

2) As the organisation are giving the training for the exercise by the trainers only but the Pro Fit is the only organisation in which a lot of the exercises are done by new technology equipment.


  1. As the other competitive organisations have their branches in the whole New Zealand but the Pro Fit have just three branches in Auckland region.
  1. The Pro Fit do not give membership cards or VIP cards to their customers.


Answer 2.5) After the research it is cleared that the Pro Fit have to increase their branches in the country and they staff have to improve their customer service by which the new customers will be satisfy with the staff service. The locker rooms and the areas inside the gyms have to be cleaned every day by which the customers can feel good. Moreover the gyms will be going to open for 24 hours by which every person can go when every they get time.

Task 3

Answer 3.1) According to the chart for the customers satisfaction we know about the different things which are to be improved for the customers. Like the instructors are use very well method for the exercise by which the percentage goes to a very good level. The customer needs for the equipments in gym is also fulfilled because there are variety of machines. A little bit of customers are not happy with the gym cleanliness and the equipments condition. The gym organisers have to open the gym for 24 hours by which the customers can come in their free time. Moreover the staff have to improve their customer service and they have to be available at every time by which the customers can have their help.

Answer 3.2) The objective for having the survey is to have the customers views about their organisation by which they can make suitable changes in their organisation. By survey the organisation can make their future better by fulfilling the needs.

The organisation have the survey and find out the problematic areas on which they have to focus on. And they know about the present stage of their company.

Answer 3.3) The both the charts explains the needs of the customers that why they want to join the gym and which things they want in gym. Most of the people go gym to maintain their physical fitness of the body and weight loss in good environment and with new technology equipments. A less number of peoples are going to enhance their sports performance. Some of the people just want to build their body to look good. Moreover most of the people look at the fee of the gym and some just want to have personal trainer.

Answer3.4) The actual need that we can say it is when we need just thing which is general and the perceived need can be define as thing with something special or extra.

Physical fitness and medical reasons can be considered as actual needs while socialization is perceived.

Task 4

Answer 4.1) executive summary

The main motive of this report is that how the whole marketing plan for Pro Fit will be generated. This report tells how the Pro Fit is running their business and it explains the needs of the customers. By that needs this also tells which things are to be changed to run this business and achieve all the goals.

Current marketing : The Pro Fit is a organization which gives training to people to be physically fit. They are having three different locations in Auckland region. The Pro Fit is not just targeting on 16 to 28 age groups, they have planned for 5 to 24 years masses and some type of special exercise and diet plan for 25 to 38 aged peoples. Moreover they have decided to give special yoga and meditation classes for old aged peoples.

They are providing the safely using equipments and makes the customers comfortable by music. And increase the socialization.

Market strategies : The Pro Fit have decided to make the promotion by various ways like by using the social media and television. They will use the radio to because people listen mostly by traveling. Moreover they will also give pamphlets in public areas.

Action program : The action programs may be like that dance classes for child. Further yoga and meditation classes also be provide to older age people. And to do all that new staff would be used which will be professionally trained. They will identify the problems and give suitable suggestions for it.

Implementation : The equipment in the gyms will be provided which will works well and they will be updated. The staff is also be well trained which will guide the customers in correct method.

Recommendation: It is very important to good customer service to the customers.

The fee or price for the gym also be affordable to everyone.

They have to open the gym 24 hours.

Hire the HR manger which will look after all the business and make the suitable changes which are needed.

Conclusion: As by this full report the Pro Fit knows there current position in market so to improve that they have to use suitable marketing strategies and plans by which they can have more and more customers. They also have to make some changes like improve the customer service to be on good place in coming years.

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