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The Ethical Issues Faced In Business Commerce Essay

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There are a wide range of ethical issue in business, covering many professional ethics and perticularty relating to professional like doctors, lawyers and employee rights. Its rights Include fair wage, safe working envirnment and non-discriminatory policies. Ethical issue is also exist in sales and marketing areas in business. For example, it allow anti-comprtitive practices like price fixing and break copyright laws.

Ethical issue in business is also importent to remember that companies should have environmental and ecological ethics. As depending on industry its simply ensuring that energy saving practices are used daily running an office, to ensure that pollution kept minimum, and investing in invironmental and much more in business ethics.

It is quite difficult to know that any business across the globe, is based on princeples of ethics, but mostly businesses, in environmental and ethical information are puting together. By demanding these kind of characteristic and showing that to consumer is care about company ethics, and diferencies for any organisation can be made less ethical.

Business Ethics and Profits

Many believe that business ethics and profits do not go hand in hand, i.e. if a company tries to follow busniess ethics it has to forego a portion of its profit and on the other hand if company is aiming for high profits it might has to sacrifice on busniess ethics. But i dont agree with this statement, i believe that if a company keeps in mind the concept of business ethics and social responsibility while making the overall business strategy. A company can achieve its target profits and will also be able to follow business ethics. As business ethics will be embeded in the company’s overall strategy and goals for every department will be set keeping to achieve the overall strategy of the company and as the company’s main strategy was to make profits while following business ethics, this way profits and business ethics can be achieved at the same time.

Business ethics can be profitable

Ethics in business can not only be profitable, but it successful for any business, no matter how businesses are large or small. For example integrity and responsibility for its employees, business establishes itself as trustworthy and engenders loyalty among not only employees but also customers and potential customers.

Eethics and business almost sounds like an oxymoron. If we read the headlines we can see something like “CEO” involveed in corruption, and some illegal activities or Corporations harms the environment. Company’s have the ruthless reputation and they just mak profit. It`s true because most profitable company has it mission to return profit to is shareholder.On the other hand it is fixed idea because it does not mean that ethcis and profits can not peacefully exist together. There are many organisation, which are ethical and profitable.

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If business do something unethically may be they can get financial incentives for short term, but overall damage of business can effect its integrity and reputation. Businesses are depend on confidenc, trust and respect which can receive from customers. If once break this trust, company must spend a money, time and resources to solve this problem.In first place good practices in business ethics is to avoiding issue in every part of the business operation, its not leads to the high profitable and its avoids the cost of damage which is not needed for the company. The most well-non company or other hand most successfull companies understand the importance of business ethics.

While some companies do engage in unethical activities to follow the profit, in the long run we can see their demise rather than their success. They might attain some quick short term profits, but this isn’t going to sustain them in the long term.

What some profitable companies management fail to make a decision is that establishing a good ethical foundation in any organization can gives a company to increase their profits. Profits and ethics can be suitable and even one can improve the quality to another.There are many significant advantages to integrating a philosophy of ethics in business. While profits is important consideration there is no good reason ethics can’t play a part of any business.

Solid reputation

In the businesses ethics are regulerly prectic to attract consumers. When businesses act in ethicaly, it gives good business impression and it result, can achieve a positive impect on business. Good press and word of mouth are positive direction and if business receive the stamp of approval from customers, news and reviews than it can increase chances to be a more profitable business.


Honda is one of the biggest Automaker company in the world, which has provided best example that a company can be profitable while following business ethics.

Business Ethics at Honda

Company History

Honda Motor company is a best known automaker in the world. It is third largest automaker in Japan, but company has its own roots speciale in motorcycles, and is the world’s most popular motorcycle manufacture. Its best market in USA, where its majority of sales are generated. Honda automobile products accounts are approximately 90 % comes from its sales, and its includes well-known, top saler brand like Accord, Legend, Civic, Prelude, and the luxury Acura. Accord is second most purchesed car in US, in fact Accord is a most stolen vehicles. Its also produces motorcycles such as Super Cub, Foresight, and Shadow 750. Companies power products division makes other items that improve its annual sales, like agricultural and industrial machinery, portable generators, small boat motor, and all terrain vehicles. (http://www.fundinguniverse.com)

Environmental Technology overview

Honda has always involved in large market to have the great impact on fuel economy and clean air. Honda work to improve its existing techonology, and at the same time they using the power of dream philosophy to develop the vehicle of the future. Honda believe the importanc of its existing advance investment of internal process in engine technology. They introduce gasoline engine for new generation all over the world, which is extremely low level emission and new engine also increased its fuel efficiency during this time they improve driving performence. In further their goal to improve energy efficiency and developed new gas-electric hybrid vehcile which is achieve ultra-high fuel economy.

Environmental Vehicle

When honda come to talke about enviornment, they let their products in market to speak themselves. In 1974, its introduce very simple Civic CVCC engine, which changing its fule efficiency and low emmissions, CVCC engine showing their spirit to commite enviornmentaly responsible technology. In first hybrid vehicle sold in North America which government first certified fuel-cell car. It first Honda product, to show their legacy of inovation and acting on their beliefs, from the Civic GX Natural Gas vehicle, FCX Clarity Cell vehicle, and the Civic hybrid.

Natural Gas

It is very importent for Honda to find its new ways to improve gasoline, and today world it is a necessary part for the company. In the history of advance technology to the internal process of engine, Honda attacks its fuel ceonomy simultaneously, that reduce it fuel consumption at the same time they minimizeing exhuast emission. These all things to maintaining real world driveability and long term reliability. These are necessary efforts to keep their precious environmental resources and reducing their dependency on oil. Honda Civic is a gasoline powered which is Ultra Low Emission vehicle. Honda Accord is first gasoline powered car sold in california, which is meet the stander of Super Ultra Low Emission vehcile in 2000. Two years later, Honda introduced a new generation of gasoline engines around the world, with extremely low emission levels and increased fuel efficiency that also helped to improve drinving performance.


Taking it a step further. Honda has made vast improvements in the efficiency and cleanliness of the internal combustion engine and in the quest for viable alternative fuels. But at Honda, they are never satisfied with the best they can do. So they have focused on perfecting hybrid technology and bringing it to the mainstream. Gasoline performs well and is convenient, with a place to “fill it up” on nearly every corner.


The Honda FCX clarity fuel cell vehicle

Honda began dreaming about a hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicle way back in 1986. Today, the fruits of their labour can be seen as the FCX Clarity is officially out on the road. For their two decades, their engineers have been dedicated to building a zero-emissions car that will help protect the natural environment for their children and future generations. Powered by an electric motor and utilizing a Honda-developed fuel-cell stack, the FCX Clarity emits no CO2, which scientists say is a major contributor to climate change.

The FCX Clarity

Emits only water vapour

Uses clean, domestically produced hydrogen

Significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions

Is a certified Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV)

Initiatives & Awards

Evironmental leadership of Honda are good for environments, society and for business, over three decades. They have award to prove it environmental leadership. They developed a new Home Energy Station (HES) which can produce hydrogen from natural gas that can use for fuel cell vehicle, during this time they supplying electricity and hot water for homes. New HES system that has been jointly established with strategic fuel cell partner, Plug & Power is located in Reseach and development department at Honda in California, America. Is intended to demonstrat and calculate the quality production of hydrogen, storage and fuelling, which is part of coutinuing reseach into hydrogen energy source.

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Honda kept its view that hydrogen fuel cell power is potential for the next generation, that power plat needs to find the related problem to the development of different fuels, that can reduce gas emissions and good impect for global warming. Its ongoing reseach improv their efficiency of hydrogen fuel production process and vehicles. In each day, new (HES) system generate enough hydrogen to refill the tank of Honda FCX, and that process takes few minutes.This system consists a major processes and components that are:

To improve system that remove hydrogen from natural gas.

To give electric power that can utilizes to removed hydrogen.

Factory facilities can be improved thats allow to remove bad substances from hydrogen.

After refuelling, needs high-pressur tank unit to store hydrogen

Green Factories

Mostly Honda plants all over the world are fully committed the ISO standard, that covering all environmental areas, like treatment of water, waste disposal and energy.

Environmental Awards for Honda Vehicles in North America

This idea is nothing if they are not put into action, that makes company progress ver well. Honda founder said over philosophy is, that drivers drive their associates to make, The Power of Dream in daily rutine at Honda. Honda think it is nice to know thats many other in market they all are concerned to save the plante as honda.

 Greenest Vehicle

Honda is able to prove during the role as a leader of environment, in American Council of Energy Efficient Economy, they recived recognation for their four vehicles, as the greenest vehicle of 2006. In Honda, their 9th ennual Green Book “The environmental Guid to Car and Trucks”, they ranking their vehciles as a environmentlly responsible. Their tow models are top of the list as a “Greenest Vehciles” of 2006, one is Civic GX power by natural gas and second is Insight Hybrid. These both Cars are also top twelve greenest Cars of the year.

In year 2007 they receive a title from the Union of Concerned Scientists as a “Greenest Automaket” . In the fourth following time, Honda earned a good velue. Union give this award in every tow year to the company with the production of low emission and global warming emission in its automobil fleet at US. In Honda company most of its are the greenest automaker in US. They use clean technology in across the fleet of cars and truct thats makes company to performe well as a environment friendly.

Additional Awards

In the list of Edmunds.com Honda is top10 most Fuel-Efficient Cars in 2005.

Honda Insight receive Highest Rating of EPA Fuel Economy in 2005.

Honda Accord Hybrid Sedan wins best Kiplinger’s Fule Economy in 2006.

In 2006 Honda is in third place of Edmond.com list for Most Fuel Efficient Cars

In 2008 Civic GX is named for “American Greenest Car”.


Honda Annual reports 2008 and December Monthly Sales

If we analys the sales of the company which proves that a company can make profit while practicing business ethics. Uptill 2008 annual vehicle sold by Honda was1,428,765, Honda Division’s 2008 annual sales was 1,284,261. Honda Division’s December monthly sales was 75,405. Annual total car sales of 794,421 for the Honda Division increased 1.0 percent and set a record for the fourth consecutive year. Accord, the top-selling Honda model for 2008, achieved annual sales of 372,789. Civic sales totaled 339,289 for the year, up 2.1 percent. Annual Fit sales of 79,794, up 40.9 percent, set a record for the third consecutive year.

“American Honda’s sales mirror the industry’s current condition,” said Dick Colliver, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “We believe Honda will be in a strong position when the market stabilizes.”



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