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Antivirus Is Protective Software Computer Science Essay

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Antivirus is protective software designed for protecting your computers system & smart cell phones against Virus, Trojans & Hijackers etc. These all Viruses, Trojans & Win32 etc are called Malicious Software in computer world. All Antivirus software run in the background at all times to protect & defense your computers system & smart cell phones & some antivirus are automatically updated through internet & some antivirus are needs manual updated through internet to protect your systems against Malicious software.

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Antivirus software provides an many essential layer for multitude of the Virus, win32, Trojans & worm etc. The first document removal of the computer viruses was written by “Bernd Fix”. There are two types antivirus application in the computer world so that the time of the “Atari ST” platform designed in ‘1987’ & the first one was “G Data” & second was “UVK 2000” made by “Bernd Fix” in ‘1987’.The word ‘Antivirus’ is come from the word “Antibiotic” which means implies combat with an invading force of the programs. “Fred Cohen” designed the strategies relative to an Antivirus software & program in ‘1988’ to solve the virus problems. The old & previews years Antivirus software are not so good because those software only detected the Virus & Spyware etc & remove it from your computers system & damage your some operating system files inside your computers & now AntiVirus software much better than old ones because it detected the virus & remove it without deleting your operating system files inside your computers & it also fight against new malicious software which come from internet network. Well in the preview years Antivirus software are not completely free downloadable on the internet means you could only find some antivirus software with trial version & now Antivirus software are completely free download without trial version . New Antivirus also checked the incoming & outgoing mail, email attachments etc. It also have internet security for internet threats.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Antivirus software is very useful in the preventing, controlling, virus & many more viruses program, which can damage the computers components from inside & operating system files to.

Antivirus software are used for the methodologies for searching killing Viruses& some of the well knows patterns of computer data & programs.

Antivirus programs are very effective against the viruses program, whose is the biggest threat for your computer systems.

Antivirus program has some limitations & drawbacks on the other hand, which effect on the computer system performance.

In the computer world, inexperienced users can have many problems with the antivirus programs or software such as inabilities to understand, threats of the software & success of the antivirus programs & software are dependent on the ability of the user to understand Or knowing the right kind of balance between the positives & negatives things in the computer world.

Antivirus software or programs can cause problems during the installation window in the computer system or upgrade the Windows Service packs in the computer system.

Antivirus software can be hampered some few software programs because it used it own firewall to block application to store in the computer system. e.g. True Crypt.

Some Antivirus program will not knowing by the policy assessment before make it own policy when it install in the computer system.

There are three major types of detection which is used to identify the potential threats in the computer system such as: Signature based, Heuristic based & File emulation method.

Signature based detection:

In this method, you can identify the viruses & malware virus software. Antivirus software can also compare the content files of the computer system to dictionary files of virus signatures because viruses are embed into themselves in the files shape or in pieces shape to infect the computers.

Heuristic based detection:

In this method, you can only detect malicious activity relative to viruses & identify unknown viruses in the computer system.

File emulation:

In this method, it has using the heuristic type approach which it executing the program in a virtual environment & which effect the action of the program performs & it also carries out the disinfection actions relative to the programs which run in the computer.

What is a Virus?

Viruses are the category of malicious program code & software, viruses are used for attempted to breach security value & break them & damage data of the computer system & display unwelcome messages on the display screen & when the antivirus program for gabbing user passwords on a networks are called “LOGIN.EXE”. These real “LOGIN.EXE” programs which have intruder or infect the user programs are called “Trojan Horses” & when viruses program fall into the Trojans category than these viruses program have the ability to reproduce themselves again & again until user’s computer systems slow down performance & processing to any application & it infected the your operating system

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Why Do Viruses Exist?

Now-a-days every computer virus programs are written by someone who wanted it to infect & damage other people’s computer systems & smart cell phones our world. So these Viruses program coding pass from computer to other computers system & these viruses may be not have direct effect on the some computers but it affects on the other resources like(Disk space & Memory) that’s why these viruses are harmful & it coding are very complex & it also contain some serious bugs which damages the computer system pretty badly.

How do I know if I have a virus & want to protect my computer systems?

If the someone computer systems are very running slower, freezing it & displaying error messages again & again than you should have the viruses in yours computers or operating system than u must install Antivirus software & scan your computer system with latest internet updated of the Antivirus programs security to clear your computer with viruses.

How did I get this horrible viruses on my computer system or operating system?

Computer systems can be infected by viruses because:

User using the Internet without having the latest updates of the Antivirus programs security installed into your operating system.

User using the Internet without having a working firewall on the operating system or Antivirus software.

User who opening the email attachments without knowing that who’s will send him or her.

User visiting unreliable website pages than viruses automatically stored into your computer because these website pages contains the infected viruses programs.

How do I get rid of the virus?

To get rid of the Viruses you should used latest Antivirus software or latest Antivirus program security updates & now-a-days many new Antivirus software are able on the Internet free cost with one yeas updates free e.g. Norton Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus & Kaspersky Antivirus etc.

What are types of Virus in the computer world?

There are several types of viruses in the world which your computers & your operating systems for examples: Worms, Trojan horses, Logic bombs, Mutated viruses, Polymorphic viruses, Bounty hunters, Boot sector viruses & Macro viruses etc.


Worms Viruses are used to spread over a network of the internet & hacks the computer system or operating system which connects with internet networks.

Trojan horses:

Trojans viruses are used to create a security hole in the computer programs or operating system & infected the system files inside.

Logic bombs:

Logic bombs viruses are used to trigger the specific event means computer systems date & programs of remote activation etc.

Mutated viruses:

Mutated viruses are used to rewritten by hacker users to change the behavior or signature of the programs & made the multiple versions of the same viruses that infected the computer programs or operating system. So these viruses are also called variants.

Polymorphic viruses:

Viruses which are used to automatically change their appearance, like a chameleon by giving the virus a signature of the programs in encrypt-decrypt function so virus can only be recognize its own signature of the program. This kind of virus is called Polymorphic viruses.

Bounty hunters:

Bounty hunters viruses are used to modify signature program stored by Antivirus program in order to render them inoperable in the operating system.

Boot sector viruses:

A boot sector viruses are used to infecting the boot sector of a hard drive of the computer system.(just like MBR “Master boot record”) & it also have infected the speed of the processer.

Macro viruses:

Viruses which came from email, email attachments etc to damage the operating system or hack the computer system


What is Firewall & Spyware?


Firewall is software or program which have security tool to help limit internet network traffic with hackers or viruses to getting in your computer system. Firewall helped & protects your computer from future hackers & new incoming viruses.


Spyware are used to a multitude of malicious software programs which access your computer system. When Spyware viruses infect your computer system or operating system than it will slow down your operating system speed & performance & your computer system going to hang again & again.

Issues relative with the Antivirus software:

Unexpected renewal costs:

Some of the commercial antivirus software which includes end-user license agreements which effect on the subscription automatically & renewed it, cost so much which you not expected.

False positives:

Antivirus software can used to identify non-malicious files which having the viruses so that it will be cause serious problems for the computer system because false positive make operating system files very unstable because of the viruses.

System & interoperability related issues:

When the multiple antivirus programs running on the computer or operating system than it will degrade the performance of the operating system & create conflicts in every programs running on the operating system. So this concept is called Multiscanning & If the functionality of the few software programs can be hampered by the active antivirus software on the operating system.


The effectiveness of antivirus programs have been decreased in the previews year because of new & good Antivirus software launch on the markets & computer threat going dropped from 40-50% to 20-30% in this preview year.


Rootkits are major challenge for antivirus programs on the operating system & it had admin area access to the system to control, invisible & hidden the EXE from the running processes of the task manager on the computer system.

What is Cloud antivirus method?

Cloud antivirus method is a technology that used the lightweight agent software to protect the computer system or operating system &it also used for analysis the data with provider’s infrastructure. To implement this Cloud antivirus method we used the multiple antivirus engines which scanning suspicious files from the operating system & this concept is called Cloud AV. Cloud AV was designed to send programs on the internet network where detection programs are used to improve the detection rates with multiple antivirus behavioral on the internet network.

Online Scanning:

Some of the Antivirus provides maintain of websites with free online scanning on the internet with the entire computer such as like local disks, critical area & files relative to the computer systems. Well as you know that internet becomes the vehicle for communication in this world & people using digital communication on the internet with very fast speed & scope so that new kinds of viruses are increasing & spread all over the world of the internet network. If someone will not want to install antivirus on his or her computer than he or she can easily scan his or her computer online this is quickly & possible solution.

What do u means by the birth rate & death rate of the viruses?

The Birth rate of the viruses:

The birth rate of the viruses depends upon the one infected computer system or operating system which can spread this infection to other computer system or operating system.

The Death rate of the viruses:

The death rates of the viruses depend upon the infection found on the computer system or operating system & destroy that computer system.


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