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Computer Dynamics Network Proposal

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Computer Dynamics is a company with 300 computers in three adjacent five-story building with 100 computers in each building. The LAN’s are similar in each building with a data center is located in one building on the second floor. There are no other office locations. The current system is poorly designed and must be completely replaced. Develop a logical design for this enterprise campus that considers the seven network architecture components.

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The first thing that I would do is conduct a site survey of the company’s existing network and obtain any documentation  such as site names, locations contacts, cabling layout, server room location, and operational hours. I then would run a network analysis of the entire network to check the efficiency of the current system. Faults that are defined during the test then I would addressed them prior to the new system install. The assumptions that I have made are that each building will have twenty computers per floor and the main building will also include the data center on the second floor.

I would then meet with Computer Dynamics Company to identify the requirements of what they expect for a network. Topics to address would be the type of applications that are being used and any future application requirements that they may expect, goals of the company, and if any limitations or constraints they may have. Gathering the preliminary information from the customer I could then start the design process.

The proposal to Computer Dynamics Company would be based off the seven network architecture components.  Each building LAN would be designed using a physical star topology that would connect the twenty computers on each floor with shielded twisted pair cable to a twenty four port 10 gigabyte switch. I would also propose a wireless network for each building along with a wired network. The wireless network would involve replacing the existing access points with 802.11ac access points three per building. The placement of the new access points on different channels would be placed on floors one, three and five of each building.

The twenty four port ten gigabyte switches installed on each floor of the three buildings would be connected to a main switch located on the main floor of each building. They in turn are connected to a router placed in each building on the first floor. The connections between the five switches to the router in each building would use multi-mode fiber optic cabling as well as the connections from building to building.

The designated main building will contain the data center on the second floor which contains the servers for the company. This data center would also contain the e-commerce edge enabling potential customers along with their existing customers to the view the company website. Each of the buildings LAN’s would connect to the data center through a switch with a fiber uplink port. The main building networks along with the other two buildings would be terminated via the other end of the fiber cable into ports on the main building data switch.

Any connectivity to the outside via internet service would be connected through a gateway router that is connected directly into the main data switch. The need for a 10/100/1000 service needs to be provided by the companies ISP. Using this design would enable all 300 computer to have internet access and the ability to connect to any company server located at any of the other buildings.

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The last part of my proposal would be to test the new/upgrade system to ensure it meets Computer Dynamics requirements. I then would propose Computer Dynamics company use the network for an established period of time so they can monitor, verify, and make recommendations as needed. Once they are satisfied with the operation of the new network system, I would provide them with documentation of the site names, locations contacts, cabling layout, server room location, and equipment upgrades or changes of locations.

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