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Project Scope And Limitation Computer Science Essay

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Wordcount: 836 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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3D or 3D Computer Graphics is graphical designs that are using three dimensional illustrations of geometric data which is used for performing calculations and manipulation of image data, (wapedia.mobi, no date).

A web is defining as World Wide Web (WWW or W3) that interlinked hypertext documents contained on the internet. The web pages which consist of text, images, videos, graphics, animation and other multimedia objects can be viewed by web browsers (Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others) and navigate among them by using hyperlinks.(Freebase, (no date)).

This port-folio will clarify about the 3D Web and the prototype design techniques by using its concepts.


According to Aaron E. Walsh and Mikaël Bourges-Sévenier, (2009), Web 3D is a general term that used to describe the protocols, file formats, languages and other technologies which are used to convey real interactive 3D content over the Web. Particularly, Web3D is a set of standard technologies recommended by the Web3D Consortium that used to deliver the 3D content over the internet.

While, according to Andrew Starling, (2002), 3D web is an enhancing perspective and shadow on manufactured graphics to make the look further three-dimensional as real photographs or excessively three-dimensional to go beyond the perception and shadow found in authentic images.

Project Scope and Limitation

The prototype is intended to produce a 3D Web with combination of audio, video and animation which would contain information about the 3D computer graphics. The target audience for this project would be teens and adults in the age range of 13 to 40 years old. An appropriate and exciting text, images, videos and animation would be embed in the web as to outfit and impress the audience. Due to limited knowledge in 3D animation, the programming of the proposed prototype would be complex. Hence, the final output would be only prototype without fully featured application, so there will be a limited functionality in the final presentation. The 3D implication on this proposed web would not be able to implement as the real world environment of the 3D animation due to the restricted time frame, limited knowledge on 3D animation, technologies and others. However also, the prototype would enhance the knowledge and skills of 3D computer graphics towards the peoples. The final presentation meant to be kind of educational program which would broaden the people knowledge on 3D computer graphic and animation that would be exhibit through the proposed 3D web.

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Media Tools

The multimedia tools that will be used to develop this prototype are as Microsoft Web Expression 3, Notepad ++, Adobe Flash CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3. The Microsoft Web Expression is use to design the interface/GUI of the web site as it to look like a professional site. The notepad++ is used to write the source code of the web page. While the Adobe Flash is used to create 3D animated text, images and videos to embed it into the web. The flash is chosen because, it is interactive, dynamic and good in creating animated applications. The Adobe Photoshop will be used to edit the images as it to look like real pictures which will be used for the animation purpose. Apart from that, the Cool Edit Pro sound editing application will be used to edit and encode the proper audio file that would be embedding in the prototype.

Current Application

I have discovered that, the 3D webs are not widely implemented as they should be. According to lateral visions.com, previous 3D web typically had truly poor usability because they have been burdened with over sensitive and unintuitive controls, lack of flexibility, and clunky interfaces.

The first global 3d online world with user produced content on the web was launched by Frenzo Ltd (2010). The website allows teens and adults to generate an avatar, 3d chat in animated scenes, create and sell fashion & content, all within their internet browser.

Apart from that, the current application is also widely used commercially by government and defense department, corporations, manufacturing companies and in entertainment fields to create 3D movies and cartoons. Those applications are developed to outfit the virtual reality environment concept. (3dxplorer.com, (no date)).


The 3D web is also could be defined as a virtual world which intended for its users to populate and interact as interactive 3D virtual environments whereby all the 3D objects as avatar and others would be animated graphically.

3D web could be composed by using the existing multimedia technologies and tools. However, privileged concern should be taken to ensure that the 3D web network conditions are in good even without any lag in accessing and exploring the sites. Besides that, implementation of avatars in 3D web is essential to make a particular 3d site extraordinary.


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