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Social and Legal Issues associated with Multimedia Industry

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Wordcount: 3513 words Published: 18th Aug 2017

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Section A – Identify and discuss legal and social issues of the multimedia industry

Multimedia” the name itself indicates it’s a combination of multiple media content, all the digital devices, electronic machines utilized this generation and future generations mainly aims to focus on delivering high quality multimedia content in their desired product. As the Quality of the products or service is good, such organizations have huge reputation in society. Apart from goodwill there are also some other side effects in multimedia industry (Adjeroh and Nwosu, 1997). The media content can be served in many forms text, audio, and videos by stealing others digital property or morphing media content and providing false reputation to organization. Majorly Copyright issues cause much loss to film industry, by duplicating media content, and selling illegally earns money.

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Most of the organizations in media industry are using advanced tools in designing graphics, logo creation, banner creation, 2d animation, 3d animation and wedding works etc. But along with pros there are some cons existed in this field. This paper presents all the pros and cons, legal and social issues in depth knowledge to improve its performance, effectiveness and remove its difficulties for future generations as well as it helps for technology vandals. Some of the major issues in media industry are copyright issues, Health and safety, Employer liability, Employer rights, Confidentiality, Accuracy, Privacy, Harm and offense, Misuse of technology in social media are critically evaluated in this paper. Other part of paper will discuss purely about design and implementation of application show case, the way animation is planned using appropriate tools and its sub options. In depth explanation of the way how individual objects are re-shaped and grouped as one object.

Copyright Issues:

A medium used for protecting rights of media creators from various illegal technologist by providing proprietary ownership (Browell, 1997). These basic rights are already formulated decades ago to protect individual copyright. But with the use of internet and technology these laws are subjected to modifications. Individual has a “Right to freedom” but no right to interfere or utilize others media content without their concern. Many authors in related field of research have mentioned similar qualities and illegitimate use of copyrighted documents or content. Recent times ­­­­Latest techniques have emerged in protecting and identifying illegal misusers of media content using water marking process. According to US legislation have some protocols released on Copyright act of 1976 a notice on such issues it says that offense of using or selling others work without purchasing its rights.

Health and Safety policy:

This policy clearly describes about some sectors of multimedia industry such as Film industry, news channels, discovery, cartoon which gives support and advice to public (Adjeroh and Nwosu, 1997). Before telecasting media content certain risk assessments are taken to avoid miscommunications and social issues.


Misuse of technology by creating unrealistic media content and misguiding the public and provoking them to unwanted emotions causes severe social issues which have been identified in this research. So it is advised to not to modify the facts for their own self to acquire profits. This may cause huge damage and mistrust on media industry reputation.


The primary aspect of multimedia industry is nothing but privacy, it always advised to not interrupt with any individual life before telecasting multimedia content (Cuttler, 2011). The telecaster must be aware of laws and have permission of rightful person whom it concern before providing publicly.

Harm and offense:

Some Television broadcaster and every civilian have right to produce righteous content and information to public. By keeping kids and youth on mind unsuitable content must be avoided. In order to prevent from socio ethical issues on misguided multimedia content (Multimedia, 2016).

Here, there are some other issues which are related to moral principles based on ethical way in media industry creating trust with appropriate information will create trust else subject to issues.

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Section B – Evaluate your multimedia application, discuss using critical judgment and reflection its effectiveness

The starting state of multimedia application development that is designing the logo and poster based on given Project forRevolution Films’ production with the movie name: ‘Interstellar Battalion’ which is released in 2016.

Then started using adobe Photoshop tool to design my first logo in which set up background colour and border with distinct colour with alien image middle of screen with given criteria 50 * 50 mm size. This software contains various options to design a professional logo and poster for film industry with less effort in short time. The poster of A4 size international format utilized gradient tool and applied some filter to blur the image and look good.

When designing another format multimedia content form i.e. 2D animation which is of 1 min animated movie clip based on given scenario aliens invading into earth and attacks on china, Russia and Europe. These three attacks are classified into 3 days’ scenario every time a new layer is created then selected starting and ending key frames to have an action. Motion tween is used to provide an object or character move from one place to other. Other similar functionality of classic tween is used to move objects on a particular background screen. Text option is used display textual content on image. An alien and spaceship characters are designed to give full justification to given scenario of title “Interstellar Battalion” which is designed Adobe Animate.

When comes to 3D animation design, there are several objects are included in the tool such as rectangle, square, circle and sphere etc. Each object has its associated properties to reshape the object into desired shape. But initially to reshape an object, it must be converted to editable poly to get advanced options to reshape such as vertex, edges, polygon etc. Different shape and coloured objects are taken reshaped according to image of spaceship and alien robot. Further group certain objects and then done cloning option is utilized to get similar create object then changed direction to flip and look grouped object in correct direction.

Then created application show case with the above designed all animated designs using adobe premiere. By adding all the animated clips into given screen, using some shortcuts f5, f6,f7 and f8 and finally exported a video on the above delivered scenes and a sample video mixing clip is developed using sample application. Initially took some sample video clips on YouTube and edited according to film scenario and added other clips and created sample video. This application is best useful for video editing and mixing.

Initially while designing the film there was some problems faced but the material and the guidance provided by the professor helped me to finish the film. Apart from the university material lot of you tube videos has been useful in completing the film successfully.

Different kind of software’s has been used for the designing of film like logos have been designed using adobe Photoshop, posters have been designed using adobe illustrator, Adobe animate was used in doing 2D works which has an alien, spaceship, spaceship with legs and the film shows three days’ attacks that take place. 3D work is done using 3DS software and adobe premiere was used for making the movie trailer.

Initially when the project was started different kind of logos have been designed which are scary and which contains too much texts. Later, it was observed that the logos should be clear with good colour and texts and should be clearly understood by everyone. Then the logos have been designed differently. Different logos have been designed and one among them is chosen finally for the film which is the best one.

Once after finishing the design of the logo poster was designed. Poster was to advertise the film. Different posters were designed and one was chosen from them for the film.

With the completion of the film become familiar with the software’s that have been used. If there was more time the film would be have designed more effectively by doing the repeated work and making changes to it to get the good work

Section C – Designs

The below sketches are the different ideas of logos, posters, aliens, spaceships.


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1. Introduction:

Internet has changed the world in many possible ways, with the inception of internet and World Wide Web communications and interactions have started a new phase. With Social Media becoming a daily life essential, it has turned into a new place to expresses opinions and feelings. There has been now a huge increase in demand for tools which can analyse the individual behaviour and in social media and internet. Social media analysis has now divided into multiple branches and there are many applications. This project would analyse the tweets and makes a sentiment analysis of a on a specific topic.

2. Aim:

The Aim of the research is to study the Opinion mining and Sentiment analysis and the various applications of it. Also, to analyse the challenges of sentiment analysis and build an artefact with collaborative Opinion mining and Sentiment analysis model from an external source (like Twitter).

3. Objects:

  • To study various types of Opinion mining and Sentiment analysis and techniques
  • To study the features of Sentiment analysis and analyse its applications.
  • To build an Artefact produces a processing model for Sentiment analysis which gather information from external source like twitter.
  • To Investigate the future scope of Sentiment analysis and its challenges.
  • To get a detailed report analysing the various challenges and treats in applying Sentiment analysis for industry.

4. Research Ethics:

The ethics to be dealt with to do research are called as research ethics, and it is carried all along the research. No personal or confidential information would be collected from the people, and the results are produced without any personal biases, research would not take place on a vulnerable group. All University rules and regulations are strictly adhered. All the requirements and deliverables would be discussed and their suggestions would be considered for. And it is also ensured that no personal information would be accessed through the data collected from tweets generated for the project, and that data would not be made public either. The survey conducted would not hold any personal information like name and contact information. And only copyrighted and open source software would be used for the project. And it is made sure that any pirated software isn’t used with in the project.

5. Intellectual Challenges:

1) Creating an interface with twitter server using public and private keys and to extract data directly from the server requires good configuration management, as the data fetched has to be perfectly pipelined and fine-tuned for the project.

2) Analysing the tweets, which are in the form of semi-structured data requires good analytical skills and the Hive Distributed File System Format would be used to store and analyse the data as it is semi-structured data.

6. Deliverables:

  • Producing a detailed project plan and complete documentation.
  • Data collection includes primary and secondary research the both methods for the project.
  • Producing a detailed literature review.
  • Analysing various challenges that had to be addressed during the project development.
  • Building an artefact which extracts the data from twitter by creating a twitter API.
  • Producing the design models in the project documentation.
  • Testing the artefact and the results obtained.
  • Critical evaluation of the project is done.
  • Analysing the future scope of the project and document it along with conclusion.

7. Resources:


  • Processer: Intel Pentium Dual Core.
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM.
  • Hard Disk: 10 GB HDD.


  • Front End: Hadoop, Scala, Spark, Sqoop.
  • Back End: H-Base or MYSQL.
  • Operating System: UNIX Operating System.
  • IDE: Eclipse or Intel IJ

8. Research Approach:

A mixed method approach is used for this research, in this method both the Quantitative and Qualitative data are used. And the result gained would be based on analysing the both methods.

Qualitative approach, is to collect the data from already existing literature such as standard journals, IEEE paper, research publications etc., also a subject matter expert opinion or an individual feedback which is obtained by their research, experience or individual feedback and this can’t be indicated in percentages or the data that can’t be quantified.

Quantitative data is the data which can be measured in numbers and percentages which makes the result in numerals and this is obtained in case studies or questionnaires and online surveys.

A sample survey is carried for this research with a short questionnaire and this questionnaire consist of some sample questions like how often do you use twitter? What types of tweets do you generally tweet? Etc. are carried on the questionnaire. And this gives the quantitative data for the research.

A lot of standard literature is referred to get the qualitative data for the project. And the combination of both the qualitative and quantitative data would be make the research more authentic.

9. Literature review:

Throughout the history humans always want to interact with others socially. And, this has been keep on changing from time to time. It started with signals, symbols, radio communications, telegraphs and telephone till internet. Information technology has completely changed the face of communication and socialisation. As per the report by Nelson (2010), the internet consumers spend most of their time online for social networking followed by online gaming and e-mail in United States of America.

2.1 Social media and Data Collection:

There are many social networking sites currently available and this has given an alternate to media and connect with known people like friends and transfer required information directly. The different social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn which are all web based applications which creates and exchanges large amount of user generated data. The social network can be considered as mapping of different individuals, where individuals can be taken as nodes and the way they are related can be taken as edges.

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Currently, millions of people across the world use social media for expressing their views, share ideas which generates data. Conventionally, mailing services are used in sending and storing data and social networking is used for connecting with people and for bloggings. Social networking has a remarkable increase in popularity and usage in a very short span. Statica (2016) claims that there are about 1,590 million active Facebook users, and they generate millions of data updates constantly such as communications, blogs, post, etc. However, Rashid (2011) discusses that social networking has played a key role in the Middle East revolution of 2011 where the activist used Facebook for scheduling the protest, Twitter for co-ordinating and spreading information and YouTube to share the progress to the world.

Number of Active Social media users for different applications.

Social media can be used for both personal and business needs and thus can be done by an account creation, contacting the other users, creating post either personal or business related and all this activity create data. And creating such data by millions of users regularly is large and big.

Social media is a fastest growing internet application and this started with the inception of a social networking sites called classmates.com in 1995 and this has grown in an un-predicted manner.

2.2 Data Analysis:

The artefact built is used in analysing the semi structured data, the data that is in the form of limited characters and this data is like the data in emails, log documents, word and text files etc.,

And analysis such a huge amount of data and in a semi structured format can be done with the traditional relational databases such as SQL, MYSQL or DB2, so we can do that with some Hadoop databases and the data must be stored using the Hadoop frame work databases such as H-Base, Couch DB or Mango DB.

Sqoop is used to extract the data and then a database is formed in the Hive format called HDFS i.e., Hive Distributed File system. And the data is extracted using Map Reducing Technique.

2.3 Sentiment Analysis:

The sentiment analysis is done by using some token words and all the tweets generated are assigned with some augmented words, and these are argument words are classified on three categories such as positive, neutral and negative.

And when the arguments are categorised all the positive words are grouped as a positive group and certain words can be grouped as negative group and all the tweets with words which don’t fall in both can be termed as neutral.

And based on the cumulative of the collected tweets the trend can be easily classified and is accessed, and thus trend can be easily analysed using sentiment analysis.

2.4 Extracting Data from twitter:

For the artefact, live data from Twitter is to be extracted, for this twitter account must be created and then by using APP. Twitter, a set of private and public keys are created and this keys are used in the creating a connection with twitter server.


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