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Controlling Organized Crime

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Criminology
Wordcount: 1054 words Published: 18th May 2017

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Crime is a part of society. It would be naïve to believe that a society could completely rid itself of crime. Crime is based on the perception and the actions of individuals. Some see their actions as good and some see them as bad. The problem with this is that sometimes the perception of those committing negative acts that society views as crimes do not see their actions as criminal. Crime is based on the actions of the individuals and depending upon the moral statutes that the society has brought upon them the society deems what is criminal by what they perceive and have implemented as illegal. In this paper an attempt to identify the problems, which are obtainable, and the innumerable associations recognized through organized crime will be established. We will attempt to designate the legitimate boundaries correlated with contesting organized crime, involving an analysis of the general national laws and stratagems that sustenance this exertion. We will also attempt to propose a convincing clarification regarding controlled organized crime by examining and assessing the efficiency of organized crime examinations.


Although most issues related to social control or moral regulation have a political aspect to them, discussions related to ‘organized crime’ are steeped in politics-from the creation of illegal markets in the first place, to the declarations of the size of the ‘threat’ and the passing into force of extra-ordinary legislation to attack the problem (Beare, 1999).

Organized crime creates various problems by the relationships that it establishes. Much of these problems come from the idea that organized crime is involved with and has its influence over politics. When organized crime is involved in politics this can have many severe and negative effects for the citizens of the United States as well as for the policy makers within the government. When those involved in organized crime begin to be involved with those elected to make our policies and laws that we live by the representatives of the people to forbid being representing the people any longer, and this makes them corrupt. When our policy makers become corrupt the legal system and what it stands for fails. Corruption in politics created by organized crime is just one example of a problem that these types of relationships can create.

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Legal Limitations

Organized crime presents the leading contemporary challenge to federal and state law enforcement officials (Miller, 1965). The problem that these create occur with the legal limitations and difficulty that serve law enforcement officials concerning charging and arresting is with how these organized crime syndicates perform their illegal activities. They use cloak methods through intricate business transactions through store front, hidden, and fictitious businesses that they use to mask their undercover activities. This method is used to hide the amount of money that the organized crime groups are making through clever bookkeeping and hidden transactions.

The goal of the United States law enforcement is to combat illegal activities. The primary legal limitation that is found with organized criminal activity is much of the activity is financial. The schema is presented is that the majority of their actions are based on violence. If this were true an arrest, and a charge would be easier to create but that the majority of the activity is hidden and cloaked financial transactions it makes it much more difficult to track and ultimately catch.

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“The police do not have magical solutions in its battle with organized crime,” (Khoury, 2006). In short many believe that organized crime will never end. It may be combated, it may decrease over time, but it will always exist. The key effort should not be in eliminating organized crime because this is widely viewed as a part of our society that will remain, but more along the lines how those involved and have taken actions that are illegal can be prosecuted. The solutions to preventing organized crime will come through finding ways to track down those involved and charging them with their crimes. The largest and most effective means of deterrence will come from showing those involved that their actions can and will be punished. This should come from more effective training for law enforcement and providing them with a better more efficient means of conducting investigations. Once the criminals involved in the processes of illegal organized crime activity the punishments should be harsh and severe. The deterrence will be extremely effective if those involved will see that the risk they are taking by experiencing involvement is not outweighed by the rewards. Those involved in organized criminal activity need to be aware that if caught their punishments will be severe.


Organized crime are acts carried out for profit or power, by more than two people acting together over a long or indeterminate period, through the abuse of commercial structures, the use of violence or intimidation, and possessing an effect on political life, the media, public administration, justice, or the economy (ideaconnection.com, 2011). Organized crime has existed after that crime has existed. When there are laws that people disagree with that prevent them from making a profit to improve their lives, those people will find a way to circumvent that law to achieve their goals. Organized crime is largely based on a desire to perform an activity, which is deemed illegal to the gain of the group that disagrees with the law. They see it is a preventative measure to keep them from being successful. Those involved in organized crime have chosen to live a life of crime and use what our society has deemed to be illegal as a profession. They are employed criminals. It would be naïve to say that this will ever end or that there is a specific way to solve or eliminate this from ever happening. The laws and regulations already in place do not work and only prevent law abiding citizens from achieving more because obviously those involved in organized crime already do not abide by the laws. The only way to prevent organized crime is to make fewer things illegal.


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