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Eliminating Murder's Capital Punishment

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Criminology
Wordcount: 1161 words Published: 18th May 2020

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The world is changing rapidly, but even so there are ground breaking solutions to the problems  whether it’s something as basic as more of a road pothole to the growing number of feral cats in a suburban neighborhood and this could become relevant in the issues that arise from capital punishment like the trauma for families of the accused and the defendants victim. Taking a look at some of these problems when one man or woman has the simple argument that this was an issue leaves you wondering why all those other laws cannot be changed as well to prevent any deaths at all.

Eliminating Murder’s Capital Punishment 

There have been debates over whether the court and the institutions of law will abandon the conventional penalty of death for murder. Human existence is meaningful and therefore should be maintained independent of what actions that one person takes into action, but it is not our duty as an ethical human to decide when and how to remove another person’s life. A human life, it is so sacred that this should not mean we have the right to eliminate even the violent people from the experience of life. This paper will examine why capital punishment by execution is ineffective, unnecessary, and immoral and suggest certain alternative methods of punishing capital criminals in a way that, as per the leading human rights activists, a criminal can not pay for a crime by being killed, even if it is the worst criminal.

The Law

Nevertheless, the law implies that life can be protected if there are no justifiable reasons to deny the right to live to an individual. When a prosecutor wants to request for the death sentence, underneath the Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994, they must appeal to the Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division within the Department of Justice, who then distributes the death penalty to the Office of Capital Case, who determines the possibility of a capital case against the defendant in order to ensure that the prosecution is consistent and fair, but the final claim on seeking and implementing the remaining procedures held in court to implement a death sentence is through the Attorney general who’s decision is reviewed by their peers on the Review Committee on capital cases.

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For the Death Penalty.

There is a multitude of rebuttal-arguments that certain citizens choose to forfeit their right to live by committing violent crimes punishable by death, for instance, the murdering the offender cannot and should not merely remedy the situation he created. Generally, the belief that the person has no regret for the murders themselves and was always intending to be a bad person is mostly used to justify the defendant’s execution. In a series of studies carried out by the Department of Psychology at Texas A&M University evaluations of a suspected psychopathy highly expected approval for his execution and taking into account all the drawbacks of the research, it indicates that after being able to understand the defendants socially unacceptable personality traits relative to attitudes about the sanctioning of criminals(Edens, 2013). However, it can be understood why the death penalty would be seen as a reasonable punishment for murder.

Wrongful Death

Capital punishment should be abolished and replaced because while there is intention of punishing the guilty it has the continued potential to affect innocent people. Innocent people may be deliberately killed too because their innocence is not preserved. In a court setting, some errors can happen, prosecutors and trial lawyers can make mistakes and end up falsely convicting people. This problem can add to people’s fear and hatred towards the court systems. About one hundred and thirty prisoners now are freed as well from the death row after being found innocent. That figure has grown substantially over the past few years as more people are starting to investigate many of the death row cases. This example demonstrates errors made in the courts of law.

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Trauma Behind Each Death

The death sentence is unethical because it is such a form of revenge instead of a solution for the perpetrator and the family of those to whom the suffering has been dealt. Criminal homicide is viewed as revenge, yet this does not explain that murder is wrong through killing the guilty parties convicted of crimes such as murder. Murder brought a barbaric urge of vengeance to people rather than an educational outlet. Now the people left behind are still left to be tortured by the deaths emotionally. This has caused the death of several convicted criminals through vigilante justice because people think murder is the only justification.

Capital Punishment Alternative

To eliminate corporal punishment, there are several options. Prisoning for life is essentially a better alternative. The person’s life sentence gives the person the opportunity to learn the role of law enforcement and dwell for the rest of their life on the error of their ways which can introduce the potential for change. There will be opportunities for improving skills and improving life. The government should set an example by providing alternate punishments such as a longer sentence i.e. life imprisonment where some psychiatric tests or evaluations can be used for educational purposes to protect anyone else from getting affected or placed in a life imprisonment situation. A revised legislation should also have been taken into consideration the death penalty makes our culture barbaric. (MacDougall, Mark, Karen &Williams, 2018). The criminals ‘ recovery is more worthwhile than killing them and the potential educational resources be can mine from the way their brain worked towards making the conscious decision to take a life would be beneficial to creating a safer society. Studies have continued to show that the system in use of murdering repercussions has not offered a remedy to the rising crime levels but has rather left a cruel alternative that does little but takes more persons from the world.


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