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Advantages And Disadvantages In Cross Culture Communication Cultural Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 1615 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Managing across culture. Its impact on people and business. Summary about Various levels of culture. Topic compared on Cross culture communication and Quality management “a cross culture outlook”. This topic include communications between different cultures and quality of work depending on cross culture and findings of some advantages and disadvantages in cross culture communication and few bias in impact of culture in quality management


Culture is nothing but the values and beliefs. It’s an action of information assign by group of people. In somehow culture matters a lot for many people in different cultures and community. It’s a communication of group .It’s also a cultivated behaviour of religion. Communication includes a group’s, information, belief, principles and reasons. Sum of learned person’s conduct of a number of people that considered generally a tradition of that individual and are communicate from generation to generation.

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Culture is ethnology must be handled carefully. Modern era it is much often used word. It’s like group of people in same community and also people from different community performing activity. Every People in this world have their own values and beliefs which resembles their cultural activities. Main problems is that the use of the word – as a cross culture- is very wider sense. There is wider difference between notions to nation’s culture, their nation’s activities in such a way that individual from different nations hard to understand and also its takes lots of time adopt and also there is a chance to that person may not adjust to culture of different country which causes “CULTURS SHOCK”. It is easy to talk about culture, but real problem comes when it’s faced. To find out problems of a particular group of different culture one person must know the do’s and don’ts particular culture. Every cultural groups act differently, thinks differently. There is no standard rule that different culture group have identical features there may have some features but all the way. Knowing culture among groups person must adopt other group culture. It, Stills, calls for decision when handling with different groups.


There are two different to topic like Cross cultural communication and impact of cross culture in quality management. Each topic has their own definitions Says Cross Culture Communication is the communication between two sects or more in order to exchange their views ideas emotions feelings etc… Cross Culture shows a big emphasis on quality management on the business organisations

Here are the some of the findings of cross culture communication

Cultural Knowledge

Assembling different cultures

Worldwide involvement

Inter Culture awareness

Education system

Cultural Knowledge:

Before giving international assignment, it is best known ones cultural activities and good to know the cultural differences among the existing country and home country. If the bias exist, one must give conclusion how much extent the person can adopt changes. There are few accepts which are common where people can easily accept (like greeting), and some other accepts May gets some adjust (like problem solving). To find the solution of cultural knowledge is no easy task it some so much of time to solve. It’s better to provide continuous theory classes, Video classes in order adopt cross culture activities

Assembling different cultures:

Gathering different culture in one place so that they can exchange views, ideas, thought so that it makes them to adjust with each other that help the cross culture people mingle. There may be some disturbance of thought because of cross culture behaviour but that are to come extent only. The data that collected from congregate may helpful for further assistance

World Involvement:

In past 20th century they are some organisation who are not much concentrated in culture activity because they are more concern with inner- country development. In modern era every business forms has changed a lot they are more concern diversifying there business that directly impact on the behaviour and activity of a perticular of a country. In order to sustain the business they must aware

Cultural activities of the country. So that they can make good profit in the organisation

Inter Culture awareness:

Every culture more to say every religion has its own coustom of doing thing. As culture is group of religions performing the similar activity of their own away. In that sense one group may have domination and other may not. Domination religion has power of judgement that was followed by other too.So knowing of cultural activity of a purticular or all in whole it will be easy to act like a intar cultural person. That make the person or a group to adjust and it is one of the best way to avoid cultural shock

Education system:

World is divided based on geographysical sector. Every country individually has more cultural reasons. So if our education system teach about culture behaviuours of different country that makes easy to an individual to adjut with cultural behaviours

Impact of Quality Management by Cross Culture Behaviours:

There are different studies done bye the researchers know what activity in the organisation impacting more on the quality management. They said developing countries industrial sector not developed when that compaired to developed countries. All the difference formed on various aspect in that one of the specific one is Culture Bias. Lots of argument made on Culture activities. Some conculded that behaviour and cultural aspect of a perticular individual is going to effect TQM (Total quality Managemet) of an organisation.

Below are the some of the findings of Demostic Business and cultural impact on it

Demostic Business Operation

International Operation

Effects on TQM

Ad hoc Culture

Demostic Business Operation:

Every organisation has to own individual operation who are concentrated on particular set of people. Here cultural behaviour does find much impact on business. As the business is viewing on group of people. Here the individualism can act a major picture. Individual decision can be admitted as the business is concerntated on particular group. In this point of view quality management will be apporiate

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International Operations:

If the Demostic business wants to diverse. The major research will comes to picture is cultural behaviour of foregin country. All the levels of business will be carried on foregin country where there is limited scope of foregin managerial fuction to carry. Basing on cultural behaviour on foregin people function must me made so that organisation is going to have good quality business#

Effects on TQM:

There are various difference of cultural activities carried out from one country to the another because of diversification. And every cultural behaviour impact on total quality management. Every country has there own ways of implemenations of TQM. Home country business we can well come individualism but when its come to global business individualism will not be considered if its is done so that effect the quality management – vice versa

Ad hoc Culture:

If the organisaton carrying out there operation for a specific purpose and selected a set of religious people say like Haleem makers they select group of people of there own religion and market the product here culturally concentrating groups so obsicouly quality management will be high


“Your Way”, “My Way”, “Our Way”. Individual Group Cultural behaviour, Different Group Cultural behaviours the both are two different boats having their own character. Many researcher conducted great research on Cultural aspect that are effecting to organisational business. Each have their own disadvantages say like Individual group individualism impacts more. Desecion made by one dominative group which as to follow by others. Even though judgement may not like by the others but they have to follow. Inorder avoid this inter cultural communication must be nessary. If we takes different view thats helps for better desecion making that effect organisational profit.

When come to group culture every culture is superior than the others. They are some people who not intrested to adopt the different cultural behaviours that people are good loss to the organisation. Human are such a creatures where cultural and relegious behaviour impact a lot because they are social animals they have to obey the rules and regulations of purticular. Their society made rules such like that where thay can adjust and have a happy living. Organisation has to form the managerial function such a way that they dont disturbe individual cultural and group culture as well

Every Culture in the world made by values and traditions. Values may concern with Individual values or group values. In this business world pesonal and group values palying a vital role. If the orgatiation protecting the values all the groups and people that result very huge profit to the organisation. Human Resource are the major factor of production to an organisation. So the organisation has to protect the Values, Culture, traditions etc of human resource that result optium result…Vice Versa


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