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Concepts of Cultural Artefacts

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Wordcount: 1348 words Published: 7th Aug 2018

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This paper discusses about cultural artefacts and the concepts of the cultural artefacts. It also provides the artefacts of the cultural in order to represent the cultural events, economics and the entertainments. This paper analyses the details of the artifact that related to the values and the beliefs of the culture and it also investigates the deep cultural roots of the artefacts. It analyses the historical roots that are allowed to the artefacts of the culture. This paper examines the influences of the artefacts to the development of the cultural period. It also concludes with this concept by providing the better evolution that might undergo to the cultural artefacts.

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Cultural artefacts

The artifact is the one that made by the human being and typically it is an item of historical interest. The cultural artifact is made by observing something in a scientific way of investigation and that is naturally presented. The artifact is the element in which the historical events, situations, entertainment, heritage can be identified by the human being. The artefacts include the function, architecture the designs and so on for the identification of the cultural influences. It is the historical tools that can deliver the environment of the earlier cultural people. The cultural artefacts have the deep roots in the case of representing the philosophy, religion, and economics of the earlier culture.

In the case of African culture, the music was the main artifact on their culture and the impact of the music on the African culture positively. Their society and the regions are contributing the musical traditions. The music was the better influence on the African culture and they impact their heritage, entertainment and the social perspectives of the African culture. In earlier, many languages were spoken by African and those languages led the connection among the music in their local cultures. The African music influenced the language, the environment, politics, a variety of cultures, and the population movement of the Africans.

African culture had characterised by the cultures, traditions, beliefs, religions and the artistic expressions. African people had integrated music in their daily actions and the music was the inspiration part of their lives. The forms of the music influenced their traditions, beliefs and religious and the artistic expression and the values. The forms of the music also contributed in the case of love appreciation among the African people and their music involved in the case of community participation.

In African culture, the musical practises have influenced the social, economic, and the political structures and they impact the African people positively. The musical traditions of Africa were dynamic, and the music practises had modified the African culture throughout the creative and the traditions were articulated inter-generationally. The musical traditions of Africa had impacted by various factors that are trade, colonialism, religious expansion, and the migration. The African music traditions were popular and they got the positive feedback from other countries by their performance in the case of composing music.

The African music became very famous in the case of expressing their opinions, contentions, share philosophy and display the critiques. The African musical traditions were utilized for the communication, synchronization, adversity and so on. The music was composed not only for entertainment and but for delivering the philosophical messages and the concepts of the African culture. African students were engaged to discussing the variety of artists for the evaluation of the musical direction and so on.

African musical practises were provided with emotion, power, rhythm that are through the field hollerers, work songs and the blues. African music had set the standards and they became the source of the perfect music styles in their culture. The African musical traditions were very popular when compared to other cultures and hence they have the capability to cover the audience. Musical traditions were the functional in African’s ethnic life and that were accompanying birth, marriage, hunting and political activities. The music traditions were involved in the case of politics, economic and the social perspectives of the African culture.

African people were traditionally ensures the passage of the cultural practises from one generation to another. The historical accounts of the African music and the dance can be found from the oral literature of the African culture. The aesthetic and the utilitarian were the functions and they were served by the African musical traditions. The functions involved in everyday activities of the African people such as child rearing practises, national ceremonies, initiation rules and the agricultural activities. They were considered as the historical roots of the African musical traditions. The musical practises of the African were played a vital role in the case of religious influence. The number of musical songs was provided for the Christian services and hence the musical practises encourage the Christianity in African culture.

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On the other hand the Islamic and the Arabic people were also composing the musical concepts for their culture and the religion. In the case of political activities, the African musical practises were utilised for addressing the activities in the African culture. The African political department recognized the musical practises to enhance the entertainment of the African people and to enhance the society of the Africa in the case of music. The one of the music historical root was politics for the musical artefacts in Africa. The social, political and the economical factors were the historical roots of the African musical practises.

The political ways of approach was the responsible for the musical development in Africa and they allowed the music to enhance in future. In traditional cultural period, the African music was motivated for the enhancement and the musical cultural period was from 1889-1990. During that time the music composers were developed and now also they are providing the better contribution in the case of developing the musical artefacts. The major development has occurred in the case of musical artefacts between 1889 and 1990.

The anticipation will be effective in the musical practises to the African future generation. The musical technologies will be developed more in future culture of Africa and the people will be excellent in the case of composing musical and the dance artefacts. They will be the best music composers in the world when compared to other cultures. This musical artifact will be passed to the future generation of the Africa as perfect and they will be also motivated the musical composers and this artifact will get the higher value among the future generations. This entertainment will provide the better outcome to African culture and to the future generations.

In future, the evolution of the musical artifact will be rhythm, melody and the harmony and they can provide the better musical experience to the musical artefacts. The evolution of the music will be effective for the future generations and the music artefacts will be delivered with the various technologies in African culture. African culture was the sources of the musical artefacts and they could only provide the various types of musical methods. The African culture will be modified by the utilization of the western music artefacts and this will be future evolution.


African cultural artefacts and the importance of their artefacts were discussed. The relationship of the musical artefacts with the beliefs and the African cultural perspectives were described. The historical roots of the African culture were detailed and the cultural periods of African artefacts were examined. The future evolution and the anticipation of the musical artifact was concluded.


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