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Effect Horoscopes Have On People Cultural Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 1922 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Horoscope is the guesses of daily activities in our every day life and a Birth map is a depiction of the wheel of our planets, houses and positions in that and the explanations of our plan wheel point out the potentials and weak points in our physical and emotional composition which gives us imminent on how to narrate and obtain along with others in order to create our life a better-off and valuable voyage and a scheme to observe if a match between us and another will present us a greater possibility at pleasure based on the mixture of our charts.

A Compatibility statement or Synastry explanation and graphic representation combine our chart and a companion to form a new entity (individuality) called relationship.

The sign, the growing sign and other position, in most cases, will be different than either your chart or your companion’s chart. This shows what potentials you will be able to call upon in the relationship and what flaws to conquer.

A Birth Chart and Interpretation or either a Horoscope and compatibility statement cannot be precise for everyone born under a exact Zodiac sign unless the Astrologer has correct information about the moment of birth, date of birth and place of birth.

Place of residence is important in the directing of daily Horoscopes. At times the moment is not known and an Astrologer will use 10:05 P.M. which, while not as correct as it should be, will put you as close to the target as possible.

Without exact information everything we read about our sign anywhere will be generalized information.


Astrology is not only influenced by transmissible factors and the surroundings, but also by the position of our solar system at the time of birth. The planets are regarded as central life-forces, the tools we live by as well as the basis of our very gist. These forces take on different forms, depending on their zodiacal arrangement and on the manner they relate to one another.

The aspects formed between the planets depict their relationships, the placement of the planets in relation to the place of birth tells us about their appearance in the specialty of life represented by the astrological houses.

The function of these players (the planets) and their eminence (the elements, signs and houses) and creating a fusion, astrology is able to present an inclusive and ample picture of the person and his potential, based on the biological horoscope.

Biological Astrology tells about the behavior and individuality that you will have as well as some of the most important practice that you are intended to experience.

Ptolemy establishing the base of Astrology, which has not changed much and in West it’s still in use

Astrology is the origin of medicine and astronomy. Till 18th century astronomy and astrology were the same sciences.



Babylonian Empires

In Babylonian Empires era people were trying to associate happenings like famine and war with other incidents they monitored in the skies. At one point it was considered by historian and archaeologists that all astrological arrangements invented in Babylon, but that conjecture was rejected because of the separate astrology which exists between the Mayans and Aztecs.

Babylonian ministers were frequently called upon to use their associations with the gods to calculate the future, and their two rule ways of doing this were examine the liver of animal and analyzing signs in the sky. The aged known astrological manuscripts are written in the first half of the Hammurabi Dynasty, around in the middle of 18th century BCE.

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Attempts at analyzing the sky ultimately widen into astrology that we have today. Between 612 and 539 BCE, the sky was separated to twelve fractions, comprising the twelve symbols of the zodiac. Once numerical astronomy expanded under the Persians (539-331 BCE), it became feasible to determine some of the movement of diverse planets and the moon, permitting for the improvement of horoscopes related to what we observe today.

The oldest known horoscope is a natural horoscope not different the type formed by astrologers in this century. There is not actually missing of the unique tablet, and all we can read of the forecast itself is fundamentally, “things will be good for you.” Even then, astrologers had started perfectly the art of non-false able statements.


I am focusing on Horoscope in astrology that is why it’s important to give brief introduction about horoscope

Houses of Horoscope

These twelve houses of horoscope tell us about the different regions of our lives.  The foundation of every house is called the cusp.  Each house has natural symbol and natural ruling sign. Here is the chart of signs beginning with Aries and ending up at Pisces.

Mentioned introduction, history and background of the astrology and horoscope because I think for any research you should have acknowledged about your topic. Horoscope is becoming popular. People read it may be just for fun or they have strong belief in it. Media is promoting horoscope through magazines, radio, television, and internet. So people have easy access to it. In newspapers and magazines there is a separate column for it. In television we can see people having laptops in their hands and they take live calls and ask for one’s time and place of birth so they can tell them what their predicted future is, in radio we can hear our daily horoscope. Apart from newspaper, TV, radio we have an access of internet and on that we can subscribe our email address to specific website or astrologer and they can email us our daily horoscope. Basically this research paper is focusing on horoscope and why do people believe in that.


What are the factors that are leading people to believe in astrology and what gender is more prone to believe in it?



Hectic and tough routine of life made people to believe in horoscope. They find it easy to know about their future before hand. So they spend their day according to that. Women used it for households and men in business matters. People are keen to know about their love life, career, luck etc. These things have been affecting our generations because we have started believing and relying on it so much and feel satisfied. High competition among people forced them to believe in superstitious possessions. Every body wishes for best and want to fulfill their needs. But the frenetic life of people made them to go for horoscope so they have better understanding of their forecast.


According to research females are more inclined towards horoscope. The reason may be they have enough time to think on these issues and they are more curious than men. Men leave their homes early morning and come back late. They spent most of their time outside and have busy schedule. When they back home their preference would be their family. But it doesn’t mean that women are free all the time. It’s just a natural phenomenon that women are more inquisitive about their family and enthusiastic to know what will come next in their lives. Females are more superstitious which makes them eager to compare their current lives with the horoscope that comes in newspaper, television, radio and magazines. Men, by nature are far more realistic. They believe in facts more rather than going for horoscopes.


Love life

The interesting fact is that people read their horoscope because they are keen to know about their love life and if they are in relationship how long it will go. The attuned factor is also involved. They wanted to know that the temperament of both is similar with each other or not. And what personality features are different.


People are eager to know what color, number, or stone is lucky for them e.g. when they come to know about these specific things they try to wear that color or stone on special occasions of their lives and try to keep special things on dates that stand for their lucky number.


People read horoscope and consider it as a guide. Many people are addicted to it and can’t spend their day without reading it. They feel satisfied when they have an idea about their future and try to act accordingly what’s written in their part.


Some or many people read astrology just for fun and take it as an entertainment. It’s just because they don’t believe in it and read it to pass time or may be to reduce their curiosity. And most of them read it because they believe every body else is reading.


People go for horoscope because they want to lighten up their selves. Life is like a test and they want to pass the test by knowing the future ahead. It gives them an opportunity to plan their daily lives according to the predictions provided in horoscopes so they can achieve the maximum success.


Horoscope is another way of escaping from reality. People are infuriated of their chaotic routine and want tension free time so they go for horoscope.


People want control over their lives; have desire for reducing their worries so they read, view or listen about their horoscope. By horoscopes people believe that their future has been forecasted earlier, this gives them an opportunity to make their decisions according to it. It gives them the satisfaction that they will never fail as they have taken all the precautionary measures. This way they actually try to control their lives and make everything impossible, possible.

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Some people are not interested in knowing about their own horoscope. They are curious about what’s going on in their beloved’s life and how will be their future and will they be the part of their lives or not. Or the other thing is that they wanted to know what kind of personality they have, and what zodiac would be the best companion for them.

For the believers, it is important that you find two astrologers for yourself and observe who is telling you the right picture. And what other has missed. The one you find better stick with him/her. A good astrologer is like a good mechanic. An expert mechanic fix out the problem for so long whereas, a bad one may take more money but his work would not be reliable. Same is the case with good and bad astrologer, a fine astrologer see all aspects and tell you nearly accurate and qualitative portrayal about you, while a bad one does not focus on every aspect and gives his prediction over all.

Recommendation and conclusion

This research paper views that people are dependent on horoscope. It helps them in building up their confidence that what is going to happened in their future. Tensions and pressure of daily life made them to search the cure, so they go for reading horoscope. By knowing about their future they will be able to prepare themselves according to the coming situation. This need of people has increased the value of


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