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Global warming is biggest problem

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 1098 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Part of: Global Warming

Global warming is becoming the biggest problem in the world and it is constituted one of the most climate changes. Moreover, Howden,(2007) believe that global warming is the mounting slow increase of the earth surface temperature. There is increasing fact that this change in Earth’s atmosphere will due to climatic changes and major global problems. There is main reason for global warming by human activities includes three causes such as greenhouse, industrial revolution and deforestation. In addition, this essay explains effects global warming includes agriculture, livestock, and human health.

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Firstly, greenhouse gases constitute the major gases in the world and the earth’s atmosphere consist of natural gases the same as greenhouse gases, but greenhouse gases component of extra gases can be invented by humans. For example, carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide, ozone and chlorofluorocarbons. Moreover, these gases caused pollution of atmosphere; therefore, they increase the earth temperature. In fact, James, ( 2001 ) believe that climate change is determined it sensitivity by forcing sources; for example, water vapor is evaporation from ocean’s , but ozone is invented in the atmosphere by sun light. In addition, humankind synthesize the CFS component and to release in to atmosphere. Finally, other gases such as CO2, CH4, H2O and NO2 are released as a result of biological processes. ( James,2001 )

Secondly, industrial revolution has developed through the last two centuries by human activities. In other words, humankind has increased activities since the industrial revolution. The most important carbon dioxide is biggest sources of fossil fuel processes from different types and these types issue huge amount of CO2. Moreover, James,( 2001 ) write that humankind use burning fossil fuel, such as coal, petroleum and natural gas result in the product of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, which cause the pollution in atmosphere. Finally, the pollution which is a major cause of global warming from transport such as cars and trunks due to the use of fuel.

In addition to greenhouse gases and industrial revolution, deforestation may contribute role as effect which forests became drought as a consequence of loss of trees, increasing the range of desertification. Forests cover a large part of the earth surface, but deforestation processes reduce of precious environmental. For example, Howden,( 2007) write that (the land mark stem report the last year, accepted that forests offer the signal largest chance for cost of effective and direct reduction of carbon emission ) . Also it has possible to cause problems on climate change because of increasing of CO2 emission atmosphere.

There are three major effects of global warming. The first global warming effect on agriculture that gas emission is being driving force by the agriculture segment to cause climate changing. Moreover, Karki ,( 2008) state that agriculture involves to greenhouse gases rise through practices, irrigation and chemical substances such as herbicides, insecticides. Besides, the environment impact on agriculture in especially power of soil drainage, soil erosion, as a result crops reduce production. In addition, agriculture processes contribute to greenhouse gases emissions; for example, CO2 release connected to deforestation, rice cultivation and fermentation in farm animals release methane and fertilizer use release nitrous oxide. Finally , Karki,( 2008) state that sea level is probable to rise to one meter higher by 2100 and the increased level of sea have a terrible effect on agriculture land loss in specially regions; for instance, East Asia, Erosion, submergence .

A second global warming effect on Livestock production in a large study in cattle and other animals’ production depend on stability between water provision and pasturage the cause of droughts of many areas. Furthermore, live stock activates too give disproportionately to land use impacts because of corps; for example, corn and alfalfa are cultured to supply the animals. In addition, lives stock output in the world occupies 70% of all ground used for agriculture, so climate change impact on livestock output. ( Karki, 2008 )

Thirdly, warming climate of the earth surface may causes risk on human health; thereby resulting in wet air is providing a good medium for growth of bacteria and diseases that they threaten human life. Moreover, Kasotia,(2008) write that Global serious diseases increase in warm regions and air water pollution can be increased by higher temperature, thus, it hurt human health. In addition, enormously hot temperatures raise the figure of persons who die every day for some causes, for example, the concentration of ozone at land level is increased by higher temperatures. Therefore, persons with heart and respiratory diseases are increasing problems. Furthermore, ultraviolet ray reach to the earth’s, but it reduce at atmosphere, so ozone cause many problems such as asthma and other diseases. Finally, climate change may also rise serious infectious diseases for example, malaria.( Kasotia,2008).

In summary, global warming considers the most important role in climate changes, and it is major source rising of earth’s temperature because of greenhouse gases, industry, and deforestation. Other results of climate change include agricultural yield, animal’s product and increase of diseases. In the future people are trying to reduce the danger of proliferation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so they will use several methods including the use of solar energy, wind energy and hydropower.


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