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Cultural Globalization: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Wordcount: 1576 words Published: 26th Nov 2018

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February 14th is an important day for lovers. When this day most people will buy roses and chocolates give to the person they like. We called this day Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day is from Europe. However, China also has a festival like Valentine’s Day that is Double Seven Festival. Double Seven Festival is a Chinese traditional festival, in this day most of the girls would go to pray to get a better love. Nowadays most Chinese people do not know what need to do now. This situation tells us the traditional culture is losing.

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With the reform and opening up in China, lots of new cultures crowed into China. These cultures get into China, a lot of Chinese are interested in these new cultures. Because of this, Chinese culture with the world is getting more and more closed. Nowadays, most Chinese teenagers forget what we should do, when we are in some traditional festival. The major reason of this problem is technology, such as television, internet and transport. Maybe we will lose our traditional culture in the future. So we must to know some advantages and disadvantages of globalization and which thing can affect our culture. To be honest, we do not want to lose our traditional culture. So there are some ways to save our culture. In this ways, we may make the world know more about our culture and learn it. So protect and spread our culture is what teenagers like us should do.

Background Information

As we know, there are 56 ethnic groups in China; China has a large number of cultures. The Hui nationality is major one of this. Islam from the middle Tang dynasty was introduced into China, by Song dynasty to Ming and Qing dynasties; it has a history of more than 1300 years. By some research that more than 2000 cities and counties in our country, more than 95% of the Hui nationality lived. Hui clothing apparel and han the same generally, men with white hat, women wear a white hat and hair all packaged in it. Now most of the Hui nationality only when hui festival wearing like this.

Another one is Miao nationality. Since 1949, Miao has been an official term for one of the 55 official minority groups recognized by the government of the People’s Republic of China. Miao main living in the south of China, in the province of Guizhou, Yunnan, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, and other places. According to the 2000 Population Census, the number of Miao in China is estimated that there are about 9.6 million. The Miao nationality includes Hmong people as same as other culturally and phonetically related ethnic groups who do not call themselves Hmong. These consist of the Hmu, Kho (Qho) Xiong, and A Hmao. The White Miao (Bai Miao) and Green Miao (Qing Miao) are Hmong groups. Nowadays, some young Hmong people do not speak Hmong or only know a little Hmong. Because of this, we know that our culture is losing. The major reason of this problem is globalization.

With the rapid development of science and technology, globalization has not only to promote the development of our economy but also changed our culture. However, the impact of globalization on traditional Chinese culture not only disadvantage but also advantage.

Disadvantages of Globalization

There are three main aspects in the impact of globalization on culture. One is demise of the traditional festivals, than is limit our cultural innovation another one is control cultural autonomy. This problem can make our losing our culture. These problems can make the loss of our traditional culture so we must pay more attention to this problem.

First of all, demise of the traditional festivals is the major effect. In the process of globalization, with the expansion of the cultural exchange and spread of western culture is like the flood into China. However, the reality tells us that as the western festival culture was introduced into China, more and more Chinese people have a special liking to those foreign festivals, and some traditional festivals of China’s national culture are possible, even forgotten. Such as Double Seven Festival and Valentine’s Day is similar but many Chinese people know how to do in Valentine’s Day, do not know to do in Double Seven Festival. Because of this blind obedience and discomfort, which leads to the process of globalization, the traditional festival in the Chinese culture is facing great danger, and even some traditional festivals towards a decline.

Next is limiting our cultural innovation. In the process of globalization, we in the production of a large number of advanced high-end technologies imported from abroad. But too much reliance on foreign science and technology, we will actively introduce embodied in, and less on their work in the digestion and absorption. Such as, too many products we just copy this not to learn its specific principles. So we just followed the footsteps of other countries did not go beyond those. These are reflected in the process of globalization, the culture shows lack of innovation.

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Another one is controlling of cultural autonomy. The process of cultural globalization will inevitably lead to world culture full range of conflict in the world field “, occupy a leading global cultural transmission performance for the US-led Western culture in the position of the dominant culture. This situation makes the Chinese people pay more attention to the Western festivals. If this situation continues, we will not have our own traditional festivals. So we need pay more attention for our traditional culture.

Advantages of Globalization

As we all know, globalization is a double-edged sword. It not only to brought some of the threats and challenges, but also brought us a number of development opportunities. There are two benefits of globalization, one is strengthened, and it attaches great importance to the government for culture. Another one is show the world the Chinese traditional culture. So these two things can accelerate the development of our country.

Improving the government’s emphasis on culture is a main benefit of globalization. The process of reform and opening up, Chinese government issued a series of measures in national cultural preservation and development, through the cultural legislation, protection system and policy, cultural management, and other means, effectively resist the globalization to culture risk, for example, from central to local government departments, actively take advantage of our unique national culture to declare world cultural heritage. In legislation, the Chinese government has Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, Qingming traditional festival of the national legal holidays. And as Beijing Beijing folk culture rescue project spend large sum of money; Sing “big cultural province” construction in Hebei province. Nanjing has a history of 2,500 years, held in April 2004, the world’s historical and cultural city of Expo. These are reflected from the side, the government began to pay attention to China’s national culture.

At same time, show Chinese traditional cultures to the world are another point. China as an Oriental ancient civilization with a history of 5000 years, appears to have been in the west is a full of mysterious place. Since the “Marco Polo mind” has been popular in Europe, Westerners have been the Chinese national culture has a great interest. With the ever-accelerating process of globalization, foreign exchange and dissemination of Chinese culture rapidly. For example, China has been established in many countries in the world “Confucius institutes”, the world set off a wave of Chinese hot already. More and more foreigners are attracted to China’s national culture unique charm. This shows also happens to be that “the more national, the world”, the harmonious thought of ancient Chinese Confucian culture, to solve the conflict of international relations at present stage, also has a great significance. Many Chinese classical philosophies contain simple dialectics thoughts, and in comparison, western philosophy also showed unique charm. In the process of globalization, through international exchanges and interaction of culture, China’s national culture has on the world stage showed a dazzling brilliance!


The Chinese nation has a long history of 5,000 years, the culture of grandeur to the development of human culture in the east, and even the whole world widely profound influence, this is enough to worth us forever proud. However, we want to know, the Chinese culture is one of the world culture is very important and extremely characteristic of strengths of Chinese and western culture. We have a lot more than western things, there are also many less than western. Under the international background of the globalization, the development of our national culture is facing the severe test, and full of new opportunities. All in all, it is necessary for us to grasp the cultural globalization, in the spirit of courage to open both absorb useful to Chinese national culture essence of western culture, and emphasize the inner spirit of national culture value, make the national culture and foreign culture blend in the new development opportunity, realize the modernization of Chinese national culture.


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