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What Is The Effect Of Mcdonalds On Society Cultural Studies Essay

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Most prominent changes came with the arrival of fast food restaurants like McDonald’s into foreign countries, transformational have taken set which could be clearly as favorable or undignified to that culture. There are 1.5 million franchises in the US but there are about half of the total franchises are outside of the U.S. in over 120 countries. All the reputation and destiny of McDonald’s, there are fear about how the broaden of standardization of the franchise is affecting culture, manner and the environment. In fact, the McDonald’s has proved to the local culture to adopt their culture. The globalization of McDonald’s creates many argues on equally both sides of the issue. The pro- globalization hopes are that it develops culture rather than ruin.  .

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McDonald does also modify its regional menus to proof to local taste. There has been a effect of traditional values with the arrival of nontraditional food items into the culture of foreign countries. The kinds of food items are representative to particular regions, religions and society. To give an example, Indian Hindus and Sri Lankan Buddhist people, believes that the cow is to be holy to their religion. Diversity can be originated in India’s food and its culture. McDonald’s is viewed as American and the society away from conventional foods towards fast food is measured to be Americanization of the diet. This perception has more far attainment effects than is seen on the surface. The Americanization of the food also shows that the culture and a way of thinking which in not acceptable to many states.

Although they have done many changes in the eating habits of the nations influenced by the culture of McDonald’s there has been many positive aspects. With the development of technology and communication the world it seems to be moving faster. The initiation of fast food into foreign cultures allows the opportunity to keep up with this fast development. Culture is ever changing and thus McDonald’s moving to another step in the growth of culture with the changes. Now the menu has given people a new choice over the traditional foods eaten in the past.

Strategies of McDonald’s

The company’s ability to determine what consumers want and need and adapt to that is a major strategy they are using according to the culture differences of countries.

Another great McDonald’s strategy is, such as the delivery service offers even though in crowded cities such as Shanghai. Not only does the company make more sales by catering to the traffic-challenged, time-constrained, and lazy, it saves itself some money at the same time, because delivered meals require no table clean-up at the restaurant.

Currently government around the world criticizing the fast food items because of the health issues, some countries are taken some actions to band TV advertisements of such fast food items due to the health conscious. Therefore McDonald’s have done dramatic changes on their menu items with healthier salads, fruits and small portion size to encourage the balanced and healthy life style.

Rather than implementing new technology to replace human labor, McDonald’s is using a youthful workforce in an every country. it has beautiful appearance , brightly lit and climate control, seats ,tables , kids play materials, organized vehicle park, shiny counters creates open and cheerful environment in all country of McDonald’s. Employees wear bright color and neat dress and smiles at customers while they working efficiently. Even employee has responsible for cleaning the toilets and floors work in a discipline manner. Outlet menu displays in the behind of the counter with soft backlighting and the photographic image of the food items. And open , clean, kitchen are shows to the customers how the hamburgers and fried chicken are prepared. It seems to be conveying gender equality and attracted the female consumers. And adjustment in behavior of McDonald’s outlets in other country culture is a great strategy of McDonald’s. Earlier McDonald’s operated it services till the evening hours, but now days 40% of McDonald’s are staying at night ours also because of the culture of night works.

Culture Diversity of McDonald’s

McDonald’s in Japan

In 1971, first McDonald’s was established by Den Fujita, president of Fujita Shoten in Japan in 1955. Perhaps the culture of Japan is almost like Asian culture the code of their food preparation is shows their culturally oriented society. The lunches are made by home and must be consumed quickly and entirely by sharing. Rice is so symbolically vital to Japanese culture that Japanese say they can never feel full until they have consumed their rice at a particular meal or at least once during the day. Here food preferences shows their culturally oriented. Earlier look and feel of both the products and stores of McDonald’s were similar to those in the United States.  After some experimented they have done slight changes in their menu of food items according to the Japanese culture under one of McDonald’ guiding principles which is known as a commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

And there is a wonderful culture they are having like Asian, eating together at one table, is innermost to the Japanese. It creates a sense of community. It is the essence of a food that bonds families and creates social relationships. But McDonald’s hamburgers are meant to be eaten individually and cannot be shared therefore they introduced like Mc rice in Asian counties.


And also their cultural physical arrangements of restaurants also changed to their expectation. Japan had neither tables nor seats; there were counters in which customers were expected to eat their meals on the go. So they included tables in the layout, although the first floor of the restaurant is to ordering foods and others for seating areas.

It is not only a place for great fast food in Japan but also a wonderful place to take a nap when they are coming from a late nights work. There are always people sleeping in McDonalds and also can see people studying over there, they most probably leave their stationery items and bags there. Often can see somebody’s bag just left on a seat or a table – it’s the owner’s way of saying “this is my seat – don’t even think about it.” They walk in, leave their bag where they want to sit and then go to order their food. It is look like a cafe, having comfortable seat. (Appendix-1.1).

Mc Donald’s of Japan is having different culture rather than other country McDonald’s. Generally if you left your belongings on the tables like that, people would just leave them alone, However, I haven’t heard anyone sleep or study in McDonalds before. According to our culture if anybody did it will be made as a guilty thing for them, but it is happening in Japan published photographs in websites are proving that. It is showing their culture of Cinnamon melt – anyone who’s try them should agree they are the best, McDonald’s adopting their culture and providing services according to their culture.

Although McDonald’s uses Australian beef unaffected by mad cow disease, the fatal brain-wasting ailment, Japanese consumption of beef – and Big Macs – dropped sharply at the time

McDonald’s in Hong Kong

The first McDonald’s of Hong Kong was established on 1975. Already they had the culture of fast food. They are giving more preferences to time, so other restaurants.

Now eco-ethnic- pretentiousness is going out of the way. Generally Honk Kong wedding – especially for the working class and the rich is a pressure and often financially crippling ordeal. Typically Hong Kong couple spends $29,000 on their wedding, and their average monthly income in Hong Kong is about $2,250. And they have the traditions, viewed as so troublesome by many young Chinese thus their wedding falls to a joyless, domestic and societal responsibility that leaves them with a heavy debt and little in the way of loving memories. Therefore they introduced Mc Wedding in Hong Kong to have a great wedding for young couples. It will be the first city in the world to roll out McDonald’s wedding packages for couples introduced on January 1st, 2011. Wedding package starts around $1,000. And the package is include with a ceremony, reception, decorations, personalized menu and catering, complete with an apple pie wedding cake, dress made out of party balloons, kiddies party favors for guests, and catering by McDonald’s.  Now many people in Honk Kong celebrating their wedding at McDonald’s, it shows they are adopting the culture of American who’s celebration typically as joyful and independently.

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Although introduced joyful wedding celebration strictly Alcohol is banned, so newlyweds will have to toast their union with soft drinks instead to maintain McDonald’s guiding principles. McDonald’s changed the young culture in Hong Kong, but it would be great impact to their culture might be create the unhealthy nature and environmental impact of fast food. It does issue for many cultures, would be effect their own culture value, rather supporting the community through improvement.

McDonald’s offered a rice burger – a meat patty sandwiched by sticky rice molded into a bun – in Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines and Hong Kong who giving preference for heavy meals. Like the Japanese, the locals in Hong Kong viewed hamburgers as snack food. The corporate culture of McDonald’s has traditionally been to offer value meals but,

Identifying a way to collaborate McDonald’s food with the Hong Kong culture and he has been successful. McDonald’s has a research centre in North Point (Hong Kong) where it studies the quality of foods.  The areas that this office focuses include Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and 37 markets of Africa.  This centre has created many new products within the McDonald’s market.

Today, McDonald’s in Hong Kong continues to offer plain hamburgers at breakfast, but the dietary preferences of the locals are now more compatible to American’s.


Eventually concludes that the Mc World theory is somewhat do changes to exceeding customer expectations under their guiding principles.

It is difficult to convincing from


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