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Development of Education in the UAE

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Wordcount: 2665 words Published: 15th May 2017

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UAE social development is heading in the right direction. Education and its development is one agenda that top the lists of UAE government, be it development of primary, secondary, and higher education.

The attempt of this paper thus, is to trace the theme of “development of education in UAE”. The methodology undertaken focuses on the primary and secondary resources as defined. Structurally this paper is organized to brief the purpose of the research, followed by subject matter issue, the research questions and literature review, as a step to reach an analysis to the core subject matter in relating to the discussion and finally its conclusion. .

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Knowledge as one basis of human life is an important aspect. But how does one acquire knowledge? We can readily agree that education is one factor of it Education in the contemporary context is very vital. A lot of talks in recent time among global leaders and educationist also have gone at length to emphasize the need of education as one basis of human life and growth.

Debate surrounding the development of education in many nations around the globe also is one heated theme. As we take a leap towards knowledge economy, the need and requirement of education cannot be sided apart. As human, we have the capability to learn. However, in that regard education also plays a bigger role in the society to impart the learning process. This is where we can begin our arguments encompassing the subject matter and the theme in general encompassing “education and its developments.”

Summing it all up, education and the role that it plays in the society today is very crucial. However, factor surrounding the same is that proper facilities and infrastructure also have to be met with as far as fostering quality education is concerned. The state machinery also requires a through look into the matter of such great importance to facilitate a process that is meaningful and feasible to expand the realms of education and its reach among people.

Purpose and objective of the research

The purpose and objective of this research in particular is to take an analytical look into the theme encompassing education and it developmental phase in the society today. Together with it, reason behind the study also is to have a better understanding on the theme of education primarily as one factor to take an in-depth analysis that limits itself to the ‘development of education in UAE’.

Thus, to simply the objective and purpose of this research, it would be prudent that the following is also highlighted:

To have a better and deeper understanding on the topic of “Development of Education in UAE” in recent time.

To emphasize on the study and research encompassing how education machinery works in UAE.

To understand the educational system and infrastructure in UAE, when it matter to primary, secondary and higher education process and its development.

To know about the different aims and objectives of Education policy and the machinery of educational development phase in UAE in the contemporary context.

Most important objective was the experience and learning objective that can be garnered by doing a thorough research on the subject matter, which we are of the opinion provides a basis for a better and deeper understanding on how the development of education in UAE is taking shape in recent times, which would otherwise have not been possible without undertaking this project.

Subject matter issue

The subject matter issue of this work limits itself on “Development of Education in UAE’. In that reasoning, we feel that there is no lack of issue to be identified.

For example, UNESCO also have highlighted in the recent report that dates back to 2000 “on the prospects and necessary change required to strengthen the UAE economy and to build a future of bright minds and solid leadership in the country. Not surprisingly, the report states that the UAE have taken a great and formidable stride as far as development of education in the society are concerned. In that respect the development of education in UAE also have made substantial progress to facilitate a foundation for basic education in the society and is machinery towards the ambitious goals of providing education for all.” (WorldEducationFurum, 2000)

From this analysis in parts, we can identify as where to reflect the basis of our subject matter issue. There is no doubt that education processes in UAE is heading in the rights direction. However, how far such progression is, or when it matter to the reality surrounding the development of education in UAE is still subjected to debate, which this paper and the attempt made herein is to identify the pros and cons of the development of education in UAE today, and in particular how the educational machinery in the state works.

Research Questions

Following the subject matter issue as briefed above, the research question that arises in that regard are detailed as follows:-

What are the educational machinery and its developmental processes in UAE?

What role did the UAE government played in the development of education in UAE?

What are the measures undertaken by UAE government in making the education practices in UAE at par with global standards?

What are the goals and objectives of the new organizational framework for the development of education in UAE? In that regard, how has the ministry of education and youth affair in UAE contributed to the ambitious goals of education and its development in the society?

What are the roles played by private and public educational undertaking in contributing to the development of education in UAE?

Finally, do the UAE and the society at large have proper educational facilities and infrastructure to be at par with global education standards that strives for quality, assessments, feasible learning environment of the student community from the primary level of education until the higher education level?


To gather information about this project on the theme of ‘Development of Education in UAE’ much of it has been gathered through electronic sources relevant to the subject matter that relates to the UAE and in particular to educational forums that discusses the topic.

Literature reviews and study in that regard also is one crucial methodology undertaken to reach an understanding as far as education, the value attached to it and most importantly the development stage in the contemporary society today.

Simply, the methodology undertaken for the study of this research is differentiated between primary and secondary methodology.

Primary Research Methodology: Electronic sources that assisted in gathering information relevant to the subject matter analysis can be accorded as one primary methodology, which has been vital for in enabling the research to focus on the core of the subject matter. In those aspects, resource acquired includes news articles and reports.

Together wit it, the questionnaire developed for the purpose of the subject matter is also one aspect of the primary research and methodology. Apart from it, forum for educational discussion such as the UNESCO reports that limits itself to UAE and its educational phase is also one aspects of the primary methodology.

Overall, it can be sum up that the primary resource and information gathering in that capacity is to justify the facts that are salient to the subject matter, which to a great extent news reports have been feasible for the analysis overall.

Secondary Research Methodology: For other secondary information, literature review related to the theme of the subject matter has been beneficial enough to provide a clear understanding as far as the subject matter concerns.

Literature review also provided a basis to lay emphasis to the crucial issue surrounding educations and its processes in general, which further assisted to limit the analysis in crucial arena that reflects to UAE and educational development in that regard.

Literature Review

To begin with in this note, we are of the opinion that education is one significant factor and there are several noble goals attached to it. Above all, Plato, one of the most renowned Greek thinkers also asserts that “the direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.” (Plato, 1996)

This quote in particular gives a precise and clear impression as to why education is of valuable importance. When we begin to ponder on these thoughts and to limit our analysis on educational and its developments, we see that many nations around the globe today also stresses that education and its foundation in the society today is significant as a measure undertaken to strengthen the foundation of the nation and its future.

As the contemporary society takes a leap and bound as far as growth and development is concerned, education and its developmental phase also find a place of representation in that regard.

Many renowned personalities and leaders also have emphasized the fact that education is one tool of empowerment and a powerful tool indeed. To begin with in that regard, scholars also are of the opinion that “schooling is unavoidably a moral enterprise, and its impact in that regard also is both intrinsic and extrinsic.” (Pandey, 2005, p. 1).

Driving home from this point in contention, we fully agree that educational facilities and learning environment that are fostered through schooling have a powerful impact on the morality of human and their behavior. This salient factor of education is the basis of analysis when we reflect from a social and cultural context.

Together with it, many “educationist who advocates the values of education also relates to the fact that education as one basis of it all in the cultural and societal realms provides a formidable foundation to learning, especially when it matter to embodied the aspects of self-esteem, community services, multicultural educations, civic education, etc to name but a few.” (Pandey, 2005, p. 2)

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Hence, from this part of the analysis, we can derive as to where education finds its place of representation in the society today. It is not surprising that policy makers also take a great measure to address the value of education. That is why we see reason enough that measure and initiation undertaken for the development of education readily register with the society and policy makers who are aware that the value of education in the society also marked the foundation of empowerment of individuals and as well as the future of the society.

The Development of Education in UAE

As far as UAE goes, one important point to relate to the theme of the subject matter can be related to the latest reports available with Arabianbusiness.com “in which it is highlighted that the president of UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, also stresses the need of the hour is to formulate policies for the effective development of educational processes, which tops the Agenda of the government.” (Attwood, 2010)

In that essence we can emphasize as to where the basis of education and its development in UAE is progressing. As we are aware, the foundation of education system in UAE is already there. Take for example the fact that “investment taken by UAE government and policy makers as far as education is concerned is impressive, either when it matter to the structure that gives importance to primary education, secondary education and higher, plus technical education, where the foundation of infrastructural needs and system machinery are all being met out.” (UAEInteract)

Together with it, what we can further augment the fact of educational development in UAE also can be related to the “social development aspects of education in UAE. What the news reports highlighted is that since the foundation of the state of UAE way back in 1971, the UAE government have emphasized to showered greater importance and interest in the development of education in the society, especially the development of education system in the country.” (UAEInteract, Investment in UAE education sector on the rise, 2010)

Hence, on the basis of this report, we can relate as to where the development course of education in UAE is heading. The foundation and roots of educational system in UAE have been there since the emergence of the state way back in 1971. However, recent measure undertaken by the government to initiate programs such as free and compulsory education for all is also a positive step of the development phase, which showed in the way of the literacy rate that have shot up “from 53.5% in 1989 to 79% in 2000”. (ArabianCampus.com)

Furthermore, the education system in UAE in particular also is structuralized to meet the standards of global education. Add to it, the basis of the educational system in UAE also “is to meet the requirement of the society for comprehensive education starting from the primary level till the secondary level, as well as university education. What is crucial to note is that educational sector in UAE have blossomed tremendously as a measure to reach individuals in the society and their needs for formal education.” (ArabianCampus.com)


When we lay emphasis to the analysis above, we can drive home the idea that the development phase of education and its process also have taken a new leaf of life in the contemporary context. In that respects, discussion that follows also reflects the opinion of public in UAE as per the survey carried out by GulfNews.com surrounding the theme “Money vs. education”, which is interpreted below.

As per the reports available with Gulf News relates, many readers in the survey undertaken viewed their opinion that education provide a foundation “to be financially sound as well as to be educated.” (Khan, 2009)

Some other readers who participated in the survey also are of the opinion that “money and education are both important. Yet the greatest response that has been reached among participants in the survey is that education is very important and most respondents are in favor of education as a factor to means to earn money. The adage ‘knowledge is power’ also represents the responses of respondent.” (Khan, 2009)


This study has been crucial to understand the salient aspects surrounding education, especially the matter of the theme that relates to “Development of Education in UAE”.

Thus, what we can conclude is that education is very vital in today contemporary context. The measure undertaken by UAE government to facilitate formal education in the society and necessary actions undertaken to invest in the development of education is impressive. As we have highlighted above, measure undertaken by UAE government in context of educations, be it providing free and formal education, setting up infrastructure for educational purposes, investing and attracting investment in the private educational sector overall reflects what we can conclude as the development stage that have reached its pinnacle.

Yet there is every reason to belief that a lot of development in other fronts is also required to be undertaken. Hence, setting the standards of education that emphasize on meeting the objective to be at par with global educational system is also crucial, given that today education emphasize on a global arena and plays a pivotal role for employment and empowerment.


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