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Work and employment

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Work – is the most important thing in life. From all the trouble, for all the ills you can find only one escape –

at work.


Life without work is not possible. People spend most of life time at work, position at work shows person’s position in life, good career position shows person’s achievements in life.

Also work – is person’s identity: it means that profession and sphere of work influence person the most, it determines his knowledge, his view points and also a way to show who a person is. Work is something where people constantly discover themselves, their potential, their character and talants – it is a mean of self-identification.

It is necessary to point out the view of sociologist William Julius Wilson about the impact of employment on people: “In the absence of regular employment, a person lacks not only a place in which to work and the receipt of regular income but also a coherent organization of the present – that is a concrete system of expectations and goals.Regular employment provides the anchor for the spatial and temporal aspects of daily life.It determines where you are going to be and when you are going to be there.In the absence of regular employment, life, including family life, becomes less coherent.Persistent unemployment, and irregular employment hinder rational planning in daily life, a necessary condition of adaptation to an industrial economy.” (Dubin, R 1998)

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The work – a very important part of life, a working man gets colleagues, perhaps with friends, he has a sense of community with fellow workers, the purpose and schedule of the day, its status allows us to determine among others, gives a sense of dignity, a pride in personal achievements. Most every conversation with a previously unknown person begins with the words: “In what area do you work?”.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, published by the United Nations, “the right to work” is one of the most important rights of every person. However, this right is not always guaranteed. Job stability depends on many things – starting with the state of the local economy and ending the situation in the world market.Nevertheless, when people lose their jobs or when they face this danger, the consequence are often protests, riots and strikes.

What is a good job?Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this issue.For some good work – is the use of advanced technology, freedom of ideas and participation in future projects.For someone – a stable job, a good team and career prospects.Moreover, one of the key points of the company is to create better conditions for work, which correspond to the expectations of employees.

The role of work in human and social development lies not only in creating the material and spiritual values, but that in the work man himself reveals his ability to acquire useful skills, complements and enriches the knowledge.The creative nature of work is reflected in the emergence of new ideas, advanced technologies, more sophisticated and high-performance tools, new products, materials, energy, which, in turn, lead to the development needs.

While working people enter the social and labor relations, interacting with each other. Social relations allow to determine the social significance, role, place and social position of individuals and groups.

It is important to point out the main reasons of importance of work.

  1. Economical reasons: work – is a mean of earning for each person. Employment means a stable earning to person, his financial independence, and confidence in good and safe life. Nowadays employment gives also a lot of social guarantees and assurances, like medical insurance, paid vacation and so on. Employers often try to create better conditions for work of talented and skilled professionals, offers a high salary and a variety of incentive programs for employees.Employers are concerned about creating comfortable conditions for work, pay for lunch and sports activities for employees – these are social and economic preferences of employed people..
  2. Psychological reasons : work not only generates income but also contributes to psychological well-being.The work satisfies the desire to be a useful member of society and have meaning in life.In addition, from it to some extent depends on self-esteem.Therefore, someone who has more money than enough to meet their needs or who are eligible to retire, still prefers to work.Yes, work is so important that its absence usually entail serious social problems.
  3. The word “work” has always been associated with emotions”. As a psychologist I. EB Duvoye said: “Going back to work, you should be pleased by the work itself and from the fact that the world needs it. With these lives – the heavens, and they are as close as you can to reach them. Without this – with work that youhate, which is solid boredom, and which does not need the world – your life – hell. ” ()

  4. Sociological reasons: social activity of the same importance for the maintenance of human health, as sports, diet or medication.Each person understand how important it is to be in a social group and identify themselves with any particular group.

The study of British and Australian scientists published the London newspaper The Daily Express shows that active communication within different social groups and communities reduces the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke and even influenza. Many diseases, first of all, are the psychological consequence of lack of positive communication rights. (Dubin, R 1998)

When person is employed, he fulfills certain economic and social role in the society. Different people can fulfill different kinds of work, and it is important to note that all the professions and all workers are important for society.

Also, work and employment are connected with the term “social division of labor” – the process of separating different types of work between different members of society and social groups, the simultaneous coexistence and interaction of different types of work.

So, being employed person gets a certain position in the society, he becomes of certain value and importance for society. On the professional basis people unite together in r groups, that is always people engaged in the same type of work.So when person chooses his working sphere and place, he becomes accepted into a certain group of people with their own ethical norms, rules, principles, values and lifestyles.

Also, employment and work make people dependent on society and country, on economic and political situation in it. Employed person becomes dependent on country’s policy of employment, he begins to have certain rights and responsibilities.

So, work and employment make people both dependent and independent, but anyway work – is an integral part of human life.

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