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There are several examples of company in Malaysia using different types of interview method such as partner interview, competency based interview, selection interview, and technical interview.

Partner interview focus on more discussion than formal competency based interview .Normally, senior manager would ask the candidates to describe how they will act if given a particular situation. For instance, a question from PricewaterhouseCoopers Company in Malaysia (PwC) for the candidates, asking that if you were senior partner at PwC, what would keep you up at night? Besides that, partner interview also focuses on commitment to career and commercial awareness competencies in PwC. Commitment to career is a capability should enable candidates to illustrate in job interviews. Interviewers will always try to investigate how much the candidates know about their organization. For example, the position they apply for, the industry they will work in and what they will be doing if they are employed. Hence, commitment to a career is a highly valued capability to employers because they can determine whether a candidate is a good investment. Furthermore, commercial awareness is the competency to observe the scenario from a commercial or business perspective. It follows what makes a business successful by the purchasing and trading of goods and services and the factors that affect success.

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In addition, the interview in PwC will also have a competency based interview conducted by their Manager from the line or service Senior Manager to which candidates had applied. It is given approximately 45 minutes to conduct the interview. It will focus mainly on candidates’ resumes and previous experiences. Candidates will be evaluated on core competencies. PwC have judged are vital to all employees to possess. These are commitment to career, commercial awareness, teamwork, motivation, initiative, flexibility and communicating with impact. Interview questions that will be provided for graduate candidates at PwC, just like the others of the Big 4 Company, are standardized. They normally will be asked some interview questions like, “What are your development areas?”, “What do you think is your strengths?”, “What is the reason that make you want to leave your present job?” and many more.

Candidates should withstand PwC’s Global Core competencies in mind during their interviews as what they will be tested on. At interview, they are expected to be able to give examples on how they show these efficiencies in the previous organization. Moreover, they will be supposed to give responses according to the experiences within university years such as work, education and extracurricular. Generally, PwC interview will more on flowing conversation between candidates and interviewer. Although the interview will be competency based, however, the examples graduate candidates are asked by manager may be related to their resumes or general discussion about their accomplishment. However, speaking in English fluently also makes the candidates easy to communicate with the interviewers to deliver their messages efficiently.

The other example of company in Malaysia is Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) shows a procedure of hiring and recruiting for public view, which is known as selection interview. The hiring process and procedures will be available for applicants in BNM’s official website. While, there is no apparent evidence that states the steps are properly adhered and executed, demonstrating like the right choice for employer in a sequence of work passes from initiation to completion, and delivers the right message to the candidates that the company conducts the hiring process seriously. The BNM is looking for the employees that possess the ability of passionate, high achievers, k-workers like those who have the knowledge and creativity to face challenges and team spirit.

The above illustration shows the interview and recruitment process. Normally, for those who applying for a position in Bank Negara, they will experience a few recruitment processes, which are divided into 3 sections. Firstly, the Filtering or the Preliminary step will be involved more on resume screening, which screening is made on the candidate’s working experience, academic qualification and professional requirements. Candidates may be called up for the first round interview. Next, for the professional positions, as prior condition, candidates are required to achieve 3.0 CGPA, which mean 2nd Class Upper or equivalent, in the tertiary education, as well as scoring a Credit in Bahasa Malaysia and English in SPM. Once the candidates pass the initial screening, they will call up for the next screening process, which implicates paper assessment, and as well as a behavioral interview. Behavioral based interview is more likely assessed in the personality, character and communication skill rather than their technical skills. Finally, for those candidates who pass the interview and assessment will be hired by Senior Manager and get confirmation from the management department, Human Resource and the hiring division. Therefore, an offer will be prolonged and the offer letter will be sent to the succeeded candidates.

KPMG in Malaysia also conducts technical interview in their firm. This is a kind of interview that representively significant questions to the role candidates have applied for, brain teaser or numerical reasoning questions, or both. Technical interviews are commonly used to assess candidates for specialist graduate job positions. For example, jobs in Information Technology, Engineering and Science rather than common graduate schemes. Candidates should have the computerized skills; demonstrate personal skills, ability to face the stress in order to achieve the organizational goal. Besides that, communication skill is important when they are requested to present their proposal during the interview.

For example, in the KPMG accounting firm, candidates will be asked in detail about the technologies that were applied on the project and the processes employed .Candidates are required to explain their role was to ensure the system work smoothly. Furthermore, if candidates managed a team then they will be asked about their management style and how they ensured their team worked effectively and the progress they had made. Sometimes candidates may be asked about specific investment products that they have worked with, if it is on their resumes, they can use these ideas in the position that they are applying for.


Interview is the most common method for a company to gather job analysis data. It provides those realistic information about what actually job incumbents do. Most of the company managers use these method for developing job description as well as job specification. An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain more information from the candidate through oral responses to oral inquires.

There are several kinds of interviews that apply in the work setting of an organization. For instant, there are appraisal interview, exit interview and selection interview. There are also three types of selection interview structure such as unstructured interviews, semi-structured interviews and structured interviews.

Selection interview have pros and cons. In the pros view, we can determine whether the candidate has the requisition necessary for the job a not, interviewer can obtain supplementary information, and etc. For the cons view, a subjective evaluations can be made in which decision tend to be made within the first few minutes of the interview and the remainder of the interview used to validate or justify the original judgement, and etc.

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Interviewer can classify interviews based on the content or types of questions to ask the candidates. There are situational interview questions where the candidate being interviewed to describe about the action they will take in a given situation. Another type would be the behavioral interview where interviewer asks the candidate to describe how the candidate reacted to actual situations in the past. There are also job-related interview questions where the interviewer asks the candidates about questions that are related to job that focus on relevant past job-related behaviours. Besides, there are also stress interview which an uncomfortable situation is deliberately created during the interview in order to test how the candidate is going to react under pressure. The aim is supposedly to spot sensitive candidates and the degree of stress tolerance of candidates.

Every company have different ways administering the interview of their company such as using unstructured sequential interviews which interviewers ask the candidates questions as they come on mind, using structure sequential interview which the candidate is interviewed sequentially by several persons and each interview rates the candidate on a standard form, using the panel interview where interview conducted by a group of people and not just by a single interviewer, using phone interview where interview for employment is conducted on the phone when it is not convenient to meet in person, using video or web-assisted interview which the firms use the web to do selection interview, and using computerized interview.

There are similarities and differences among countries all over the world in assessing the interviewees. In Australia, the interviewers emphasize the first impression that the interviewees portray before the interview session begins, during the interview and after the interview session ends. The first impression includes both the physical appearances and non-verbal behaviours of the interviewees. The interviewees are expected to dress neatly and properly when attending an interview. Interviewees are also advised to have more eye contact and show high level of energy in an interview session as this may help them to succeed in the first interview. The non-verbal behaviours that interviewees in Australia show are shaking hands with everybody in the interview room before interview begins and before the interviewees leave the room, maintaining eye contact with interviewers while talking and sitting down only after the interviewers invite them to do so. These non-verbal behaviours are almost same as Americans. People, in western countries such as America, prefer addressing people with first name while people in eastern countries such as Japan and Malaysia prefer last name basis in greeting. Punctuality is important in interview as it show that the interviewees are interested in the job that they applied. Biases in the aspect of gender in found in a portion of interviews in eastern countries. In western countries, people emphasize on the higher position of job and qualifications. However, most countries apply similar factors when assessing the interviewees.

In Malaysia, PricewaterhouseCoopers Company apply partner interview and competency based interview in interview session. Partner interview focus more on discussion, commitment to career and commercial awareness competencies. Competency based interview emphasize the candidates’ resumes and previous experiences. Candidates will be evaluated on their core competencies. Candidates may respond to interview by relating the answers to their previous experiences. The type of interview that Bank Negara Malaysia applied is selection interview. Interviewees have to undergo a few recruitment processes. The preliminary step is resume screening. After this, candidates may be called up for first interview. After candidates pass initial screening, they will be called up for paper assessment and behavioral interview session. Finally, those candidates who pass the interview and assessment will be hired and get confirmation. KPMG conducts technical interview, which is used to assess candidates for specialist graduate job positions. Candidates will be asked about the technologies applied and process employed.

Although there are several types of interview that companies can apply, an effective interview is the most important aspect for the companies to hire the best candidate that are applying for the job. The interviewers are expected to prepare for the interview, formulate questions to ask the interviewees, conduct the interview and match the candidates to the job that suits them. The interviewers should make sure that the candidates know the requirements of the vacancy such as job description, experiences and skills that are required. The candidates’ details and application data are read and any questions or clarifications concerning the details are prepared before conducting the interview. Questions relating to the skills, experiences, and knowledge should be asked too. Interviewees should also be prepared for the interview, uncover the interviewers’ needs and relate the answers to their needs, make good impression by arriving on time and dress neatly, think before answering and ask questions relating to the organization or job.


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