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Human Resources Management In Commercial Bank

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The objective of human resource management is about managing people, relationships between employers and employees. Specifically, it implies the use of labor productivity to achieve strategic business objectives of the organization and meet the needs of individual workers.

In economic activities, in addition to physical factors and capital, the human factor is decisive. Workers and human resources in general to become the leading factor determining success or failure of any business does. The main reason that human resources and human resources management in meaningful business activities in general and banking in particular.

With knowledge of human resource management gained in the learning process, working in the banking sector, we choose a theme: human resource management in commercial banks.

In view of modern administration, the administrators agreed, management activities include five basic elements: Planning, Organization, Staffing, Commander, and Check.

The content management component in all human-level knowledge, well informed business done. Thus, personnel and HR issues are content, a basic function in the process of general administration and general business management in particular.

Strict sense, human resource management is the use of, arranging the current labor force of an organization into parts, location, and specific tasks to perform the respective tasks, to achieve objectives that the organization has outlined a most effective way.

Broadly, human resources management with due consideration to organizational change and organizational environment, the factors that create new jobs, better as the perfect career, creativity, skill and application deal with the challenges, loyalty, friendly atmosphere of harmony … to implement the long-term development program, or dynamically adapt to frequent changes of environment depth. Specifically it is the recruitment, training, staffing on the specific job, leaders, motivate employees to work with the highest potential, helping staff to complete assigned tasks.

1.2 The role of HRM in commercial bank

Human resource issues and management is important especially for an organization in general and for bank managers in particular.

– Helps administrators to complete tasks and achieve goals through other people, most efficiently, an administrator can complete the planning, design organizational structures with parts and units clearly Of course, there are resources in the hands of fully modern, know how to monitor accurately. However, if you do not recruit the right people, arrange the wrong place, wrong time use, management activities have failed to go to space.

– To develop skills and improve labor productivity per employee

Unlike machines, materials, technologies … are things senseless, sense, influenced by the idea of ​​unconditional subjectivity of the user, and can work under its impact predetermined formula.

– Decide on the number of quality staff organization. The good governance will help to use a labor force to complete a reasonable amount of work assigned to the time and lowest cost.

– Human Resource Management decide working atmosphere. Implies the spiritual relationship that an employee feels when they work together with the collective self.

Quality decisions and effective Human Resource Management Diversity Objectives of the organization. Human Resource Management, as described above, is not simply a human arrangement fits into a certain position corresponding. More important is the performance of management, these new elements active substances are produce, and this new fundamental to ensure successful and continuous ongoing development of the first environmental organization constantly changing.

Human Resource Management determines the success of the business. Personality is crucial ability to access knowledge and to apply them in practice.

In practice, many countries, although business has a very low starting point, very limited in science and technology, resources and money, but due to respect human factors and performance management methods result, the country still has many enterprise successes. Miraculous growth of Japan and some East Asian countries have demonstrated vividly the assertion above.

1.3 The mission of HRM management in commercial bank

-Recruit and train staff

– Maintain and develop a close cooperation between individuals and individuals, between individuals and departments.

– Monitor, supervise employees, motivate employees to work enthusiastically, as businesses such as second home, creating a bond between employees’ interests with business interests.

– Explains policies and procedures for employees.

SECTION 2: Content

2.1 Views on HR

2.1.1 The views of organizations

That motivating employees to work as wage, so to exploit the ability to work of employees must be adopt by the organization, reorganization, arrangement, rational division of labor.

2.1.2 The views of human

Labor productivity does not depend on individual ability, which depends on personal relationships group. The payoffs have a profound effect on the action, the attitude of the staff. Reflect the employee’s collective rather than personal. Good employees want to use to care, train staff, respect the environment and the spirit of collective relations.

2.1.3 The views combine

Recognizing both the point of views, both attach importance to the division of labor organizations, both attach importance to the personal development, respect the collective relationship.

2.2 The types and level of human resources HR the type of human

2.2.1 Executive Administrator

Administrator executive leadership of the Board, the Executive Board is the Highest-level management, is responsible for making human resource programs and policies to the best use of human resources including policy wages, reward and punishment policy, operational control of subordinate employees and assist subordinates as necessary.

2.2.2 Operational Administrator

Direct, daily contact employees, staff assignments, supervise employees who work. Management level has very large role in the operating system; maintain a favorable working atmosphere, reasonable layout work, coaching staff, the transfer of experienced staff.

2.2.3 Specialist

Who have highly specialized knowledge, experience some certain areas of expertise. Type the employee needed for all levels of management consulting for long-term strategy, as well as actual work every day. They can be the training and transfer of experience for employees.

2.2.4 Staff

Who perform specific work under plans set out the orders of the management level. Their job is to complete the quota according to ability and prior knowledge, and coordinate with other staff to complete assigned work.

2.3All levels of HRM

2.3.1 Administrator level 1:

Administrator level 1 called senior management (Board and Board of Directors), in charge of directing the strategic direction of the bank.


Establish and explain business objectives of the bank, the scope of activities. Predictable situations occur and give remedies. Determine the outcome desired, approved line-oriented, organizational and personnel deployment.

Approved organizational structure, planning activities of the bank.

Administrators select level 2, assign responsibilities, delegate.

Identify resources required, allocated to the department to meet budget for each department.

Approved staff development program: recruitment, training, salary, promotion.

Report before the Board on the results of operations and take full responsibility for their activities.

Documented control measures: reporting, inspection and evaluation activities of the bank.

2.3.2Administrator level 2: Administrator-level 2 is intermediate administrator (Director of branches and transaction Director, Head of department at head office) will direct the implementation of policies and measures granted by the administrator higher offer.


Mastering purposes, require that the organization delivered, grasp the relationship between the parts together. Recognizing the critical stages of the job, there may be difficulties and proposed remedies.

Master the responsibilities and powers have been entrusted.

Executive decisions on the organization of senior personnel

Superiors responsible for their work.

Regularly monitor performance by itself responsible and report superior results are achieved.

2.3.3 Administrator level 3:

Administrator level 3 as the administrator carry out the specific second-level administrators assigned.


Understanding the desired end of the unit and the relationship of the units.

Understand the powers and responsibilities assigned

Tracking task executor often

Building action plan Relevance: Distribution of work, staffing and time to do the job.

Application of measures to encourage employees to complete tasks employees.

Construction standards done, with the participation of the person directly.

Always interested in the ways of change, plans and laws. For example, credit officers should study the new policy regime to submit the said development for lower-level implementation. These are issues that need to clearly delimit who is studying the new text? who is responsible for implementation? Who must comply?

Entirely responsible for all assigned work and their own decisions when assigning work to subordinates.

2.4 HR processes

2.4.1 Job Analysis

– Concept:

Authority to determine responsibility, skill level and time amounts necessary to meet the job requirements.

– Meaning:

Job analysis is the first job of the administrator. By the following reasons:

+ Scientific analysis, accuracy will make clear basis for the recruitment and staffing in accordance with the requirements of the work itself.

+ Routine analysis helps administrators detect errors and adjust discrepancies in the arrangement of people into certain jobs.

-The basic contents of job analysis

n Identify needs to perform job analysis

n The method of collecting information to analyze the work:

In the banking sector to apply two methods:

+ Interviews with individuals or groups of employees

+ Questionnaire: Basically a list of the questions are printed.

Job descriptions and work standards table:

+ Group Job Description: Summary of responsibilities and powers to execute the job of reporting relationships, checking performance of work, working conditions and standards to be achieved according to job requirements or working position.

+ Group standards work Summary of requirements on personal qualities, educational qualifications; professional staffs … need to meet job requirements or working position.

2.4.2 Recruiting

Forecasting cruitment

– The main factors affecting: Ability to develop, such as scaling, service development, new products, expanding the area of ​​operation, the technology changes lead to changes in quantity, quality staff, because the rate of transfer of care retirement, severance, transfer work, mobilization, etc. ..

-The method of forecasting recruitment needs:

Trend analysis: Using the statistical data on recruitment in previous years to forecast recruitment needs. This method suitable condition held steady development.

-Analysis rate: Using the relationship between a higher proportion of the workload with a quantity of the work norms, thereby determining the number of employees needed.

-Expert method: Each expert was given a proposal of the plan based on analysis of factors inside and outside organizations related to the level of the employer. Feasible schemes will have a legitimate argument or synthesized separate from the plan.

Identify sources of recruitment

– From within the organization:

This is the source of recruitment is a top priority, especially when you need to fill the gap for the title of the work, because there the following advantages:

Meet the requirements of the aspirations of employees promoted

Staff was challenging responsibility, loyalty, ethical behavior

But this supply has its limitations, specifically: possible degradation phenomena in the administration and handle the job stereotyping, imitating the method, the working style of his predecessor.

– From labor market:

+Advertising media

+Contracts with suppliers of labor

– Determining the sequence of steps to recruit staff

-Step 1: Implementation of preparation and determination of standards to recruit staff, establish HDTD

-Step 2: Recruitment, can take various forms:

Advertise on media

Contract with the labor supply

Bill of front organizations, or in public places are allowed.

-Step 3: Collection and research records in order to remove the unsatisfactory employee recruitment as prescribed.

-Step 4: Check the candidate. This is an important step for the organization, because its results are the basis for selecting the right people.

-Step 5: Check your health. It is also necessary steps to ensure that although the applicants have passed the required expertise, but necessity may force long-term good to work with the organization.

-Step 6: Decision recruitment.

2.4.3 Recruitment administrator

This point is recognized variable room: “Managers play a decisive role.” Therefore, the selection problem administrators have talent and virtue is the leading concern of the organization said the department generally and in particular human resources management particularly in the banking sector. The selection of administrators should pay special attention to the following requirements:

– Professional ability and good organization: Requires broad knowledge in various fields. Capable of deploying tasked, getting people involved made him the job.

– Administrators have a legitimate ambition: He is passionate about the work spirit, have determined to go to the objectives and motivation to continue to promote.

-Capable of analyzing, reasoning: Be aware that, on the actual situation of the organization and surrounding environment, said the idea of ​​personal conversion and mission of the organization into action to identify all the arguments chsinh convincing.

2.4.4 Professional training, management capacity

– Trends identified individual career

+Actual trend: These people tend to prefer jobs that require skills in operation, operation, and control of machinery and technical equipment. For example, computer operating …

+Research trends, discover: These people are often attracted by requiring observation, analysis, evaluation and problem-solving research. In banking, the areas of expertise appropriate for the type of this orientation is consulting, strategic planning, training, professional training.

+Social trends: Persons with social trends are often fascinated with the extensive work of communication, help, and advice to others. The area of ​​expertise is appropriate investment advice, reception, head of personnel.

+The normal trend lines: People have this tendency to like to do vector data or require meticulous work, the job is appropriate: accountant, secretary, and bank check.

+Business trends: Whose business is people tend to prefer working with others in the position of leader or counselor, like persuasion, enticing others into the operation of socio-economic. The job is suitable production management, credit financing, and securities brokerage.

– Professional and technical training

+Training in the workplace: The process includes a series of four steps: observation, memory, learning and following. This method is easily implement, can proceed simultaneously with many people. However, this method also has limitations: the lack of guidance pedagogy, seal training, and enthusiasm does not communicate knowledge, experience, and professional know-how.

+Training lectures: This method is applied when needed to provide expert knowledge system. However, costly, long-term results depend on the quality of teaching and training places.

+Training guide: Training is directed at each of the listed tasks, the order made together with the key points to note when making to guide students to practice each step.

Evaluate training results

+Response from the people trained

+They are firm knowledge that the program provides training or not?

+They work better than the untrained or not?

– Training Administrator

Meaning: Different staff training and technical expertise, accountability of management in a broad range of responsibilities than many. Therefore, the quality of their work will have a major impact on the level and depth to affect the entire development process of an organization.

– Classification

+Senior Administrator: This includes the administrator head of the organization, their mission is planned, strategic policy direction, general operating activities of the organization.

+Intermediate-level administrators: The mission implementation plans and policies have been planned for each area of ​​expertise of the organization, direction, and coordination of activities within the scope of their professional responsibility.

+Administrator level: As the administrator at last in the hierarchy of management. Deployment plan tasks, assign tasks to each employee, guide, supervise, control and supervise staff.

– Develop the skills required at each level of management

+Technical Skills: A skills belong to professional, these kinds of skills needed for the administrator level than high-level administrators and intermediaries.

+Human skills: This skill relating to all levels of governance in all organizations.

+Theoretical thinking skills: Type of skills needed for high-level administrators to edit, strategic planning policy, analysis and interpretation of phenomena, situations, to make decisions timely and lucid.

SECTION 3: Conclusions

According to above analysis, the issue of human resource management in general and human resource management in commercial banks in particular, require managers to apply the basic understanding of theories of human resources management, such as job analysis, to understand the meaning of job analysis. Based on which will provide solutions for the recruitment, training staff, administrators at all levels, with the aim of bringing high benefits Most human use. Based on the theory of human resource management, we have highlighted the role of human resources, the human resource perspective, pointing out the role and responsibilities of staff, administrators at all levels of bank trade in Vietnam at present. Also, preliminary analysis on the process of human resource management in commercial banks in order to propose some solutions to the commercial bank management in an appropriate manner.

Work to human resources management in commercial banks with high efficiency, the strengthening of measures to improve the efficiency of workers needed, we provide a number of measures as follows:

3.1 Measures to improve the efficiency of human resources

3.1.1 Promotion material Salary

Wages are the main income for workers to help maintain and improve their living and their families, help them integrate into the level of civilization of the society in which they live. Bonus

Bonus material triggers other important work to promote employees enthusiastic, responsible, continuously improving work efficiency. Material incentives than salary and bonuses

General reward beyond materialism also works to create harmonious atmosphere, friendly staff level between different castes in an organization. The other material benefits:

In addition to salary and bonus, plays a fundamental role in encouraging policy matter for the staff, the organization also made to pay more for employee benefits such as:

+Paid vacation time, holidays

+Gain benefits during sickness, maternity or loss of working capacity

+Unexpected difficulties subsidies


+Long-term loans without interest

3.2 Encourage the spirit

+Improving the quality of work life

+Unpaid bonuses worth, rational

+Is facilitating development of their talents

+Held to honor, cherish achievement

+Be treated equally

Measures to encourage the spirit of

– Annual competitions should have expertise towards improving skills, manipulation skills of the staff. The contest was held serious, awarded the utmost solemnity and attract many participants.

– Anniversary of the establishment of organizations is also an opportunity mean very big motivation. On this occasion can be combined with the overall award, intimate receptions to honor the many achievements, have in a long process with the organization.

– Established traditional rooms released the annual journal to record outstanding achievements, the historic milestone in the development process of the organization.

– Twin organized exchanges, launched the competition to complete tasks between departments, as these measures work well for strengthening internal unity, to create did not work for everyone lively.

– Choose clothing with colors to represent the organization as cultural nuances of human resource management will bring good results.

Due to time limitations, the study of this subject is limited; we only focused on solving some of the most fundamental issues of human resource management in commercial banks in Vietnam in general.


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