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Ways To Overcome Plagiarism

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As we know, plagiarism has becoming part of life among colledge student. They cannot live without doing plagiarism because of it is easy way for them to do their assingment. Almost al the fresh graduate nowdays is not in high quality because of their plagiarism while their studying. They doens’t really understand what they been studied and this will affected when they started to work. Their perfomance are poor because of no experiences and understanding while studying. Employers will complaints and not satiesfied of their work and this will increasing the number of unemployed people.

However, there are many ways have been found to solve this plagiarized problem. For example colledge have reacted to this situation with writing rule which is student convicted of plagiarism will go through application to graduate school,job application later with one word clear that is “plagiarised”.

There also have been created a program that can detected that the report or work is a plagiarized or not. This program are known as Turnitin that can detect that the report is a plagiarized or not. This program work to identify the passage or paragraph and it will tell you where it have been found.

With this report I have been listed what is plagiarism and plagiarism that happen among student. I also suggested some ways that we can used in order to overcome this problem.



Professor Amrin got a complaint from the industry about a percentage of gardutes from EITM does not perform well in their work. After he got the complaint, Professor Amrin had do a random check on their previous work. From the result he found that, the majority of studentd got the element of plagiarism because from their works had some same point. In this case, professor amrin expected that it’s will be give impact to the whole process being a genuine graduates. From that case, he found that plagiarism have many type. Some types of plagiarism is:

Total / partial copying

When you submit an assigment, report or project that you have copied totally or partially from a website, a friend’s work, or some other sources without acknowledgement, this is plagiarism besause:

You did not do any original research or writing.

The work is created by someone else and yet you put your name on it.

If you were to change a few words or substitute some words / phrases in the original text with your own, you would still be plagiarizing.

Plagiarized text with word changes. Qualitative research is an approach to research methodology in social sciences. Qualitative research involves a deep understanding of human behaviour and the reason that control human. It relies on reasons behind various aspects of behaviour.

Cut and paste

Another type of plagiarism involves copying large chunks of text from one or more original sources and inserting them into the assignment. For example, suppose you are doing the above assignment on “Qualitative Research” and you include a few sentences from the wikipedia website. Unless you present the sentences as a quote with full citation, you are committing plagiarism.

Inappropriate paraphrase

A more subtle type of plagiarism is the “Inappropriate Paraphase”. In this form of plagiarism, the quoted text is:

Altered only slightly from the original and no acknowledgement of the original author is given.

Extensively paraphrased but with acknowledgement of the original author.


Professor Amrin suggest and generate new ideas. The ideas include what to do and what not to do.


A quotation is a word for word presentation of what is said or written in someone else’s work. It’s presented by using quotation mark (“….”). The sourceof the quote must be cited in the text and reference list. Sometimes quotation referred to as a “Direct Quote”.

What To Do:

Quote only when necessary – the quoted part should only be supplementary to your own work. Copy the sentence(s) exactly the same as the original. Emti is committed to the fight against plagiarism. Use quotation marks (“……”) At the beginning and the end of the quote (for a long quote, use an indented block set off from the main text. Identify every source of the quote; write its author, title of article / journal / book, volume number, year and place of publication, publisher, page number, website address, etc.

What Not To Do:

Substituting just a few words in the original text and passing it off as your own also borrowing large portions of the original work.

Manage your time

If you have to meet a deadline, start work early. So you have plenty of time to research and write. Lack of time is one reason many people, especially stressed-out students, intentionally or unintentionally plagiarize.


A paraphase is a restatement of what someone else wrote or said (in your own words).

What To Do:

Use you own words. Your paraphased text can be shorter oe longer than the source. The source of the paraphase must be cited in the text and reference list.

What Not To Do:

Use the original words, phases and expression. There than that omit details of the original source. The third way, lose the original sense of the source and replace only a few words in the original. Then rearrange the order of words or sentences.

Reference List / Bibliography

At the end of your work, you need to acknowledge the information that you have referred in your text by providing a list of all your sources. This reference list or bibliography should be based on whichever particular style your faculty uses. Once you are familiar with the references style, you need to note that all references in the references list must be cited in the text and the site of the references must be include in the reference list. Therefore it should start with a new page. The title of the list should be “Reference / Bibliography”, centre at the top of the page and the references are listed in alphabetical order by author’s surname, while the reference list should be double spaced with a hanging indent for the second and subsequent lines.

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Professor Amrin related his emotion and feelings on plagiarism. In this case, he feel scared about the technology because rampant plagiarism and it make very afraid what could happen. He as a professor and also as a Head of the Undergraduate Thesis Evaluation Committee feel frustrated over plagiarism. This is because that they fear they are missing a change to teach student. He also felt anger and betrayal at student who turned in work that wasn’t original.


From the view, Professor Amrin find that the plagiarism also have some benefits. There is :

Energy saving – “copy and paste” uses far fewer resources than does thinking your own way around any subject.

Time saving – its quite obviously, time not spent doing your own research and your own thinking, it also can be spend in other and more worthwhile pursuits. Meanwhile in finding other people to steal from for instance.

Esteem of colleagues – what writer could help but admire a person who can meet the assignment deadlines with efficiency.

Evolution – the plagiarist will, after all and be teaching his/her children that it is perfectly acceptable to misuse the property of another, especially if you can do it without having go through pesky details such as permission. Surely the advantage to the body politic of that child’s adulthood is self evident.


Professor Amrin give penalties for plagiarism. He think plagiarism is a very serious academic offence, and can result in serious consequences for you as a student including:

A “fail” grade for your work (assignment, project thesis, course).

Suspension of one semester or one academic session.

Expulsion from the university.

Withdrawal of your degree.



A summary is a shortened version of the original source without changing the meaning. Students have clearly identify the main points and leaves out details and examples also the source of the summary must be cited. They must not to change the original meaning of the text.


A citation is an identification of the source of a quote, paraphrase or summary. Academic and professional writing requires a full citation that there are in text, in a bibliography at the end of the text and includes author and title of article / journal / book, volume number, year and place of publication / publisher, page number, website address and etc.


College plagiarism seems to be on the increase. So we round up and decry the usual suspects. The rise of the internet and the decline of student writing. To be sure, there are term papers for sale on the internet and the vary process of surfing the web encourages looseness in borrowing and surely fewer student seem to master the art of sustained research and argument in long papers these days. Each semester a term paper time a few of the colleagues invariably seek computer help for diagnosing and tracing suspected instances of plagiarism. By then it is almost too late. For many teacher or lecture the labor of proving suspected plagiarism is a formidable obstacle to face at the end of the semester. If the plagiarism is to be combated, it must be done regularly throughout the semester and not just at the end.



You can change the sentence of the article or journal, but it is still plagiarism. You need to do more research to get more idea and information for your summary or it’s more better if you use your own word and idea. Each time you choose your words, order you thoughts and convey your idea, you can improve your writing. Practise make perfect.


You may combine the new idea and more information from your friends or lecturer during discussion to your summary or thesis. One solution has many weakness but combination of many solution may overcome the weakness. It will give your summary and the thesis much stronger to avoid the plagiarism.


You cannot copy the other person idea to make it for our assignment. If the own writer know that you copy their journal, the writer can sue you in the court. You need to create by own self with elaborate that word or use more journal to classified your jounal as one jounal.


Now a days, people are more brilliant to make plagiarism like sham paraphrasing, illicit paraphrasing, verbatim copying, recycling, ghost writing and purloining. But we can’t do it like that because it stills same we copyright someone work. It is still plagiarism.


You can use your current idea to the markets and industries if your idea is still not plagiarism. We need to be more creative to discover and think the new thing or method.People always measure your originality of your work and appreciate the originality that you do it than you just copy from someone else.


You need to read a lot of the journal or article and make your own summary that you understand from your reading. You also have do some research to more understand what you want to simplify from the article.


It is still plagiarism if you do that way even you change their word. To avoid the plagiarism, the better way that you need to do is just thinking the new idea even your idea is not much, at least you already try it.










Aziz Yahya, Aida Nasirah Abdullah, Hazmillah Hassan, Raja Roslan Raja Abd Dahman, ” Critical and Creative Thingking Skills”.


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