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Wuthering Heights: Questions and Answers

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Mr. Lockwood remembered he was sleeping on a wooden bed and the wind and tree branches were hitting the window. He was so upset by the noise, while, in a dream, got up and tried to open the window. He failed, because seems the window was welded, and then broke the glass with his fist and pulled his hand to remove the annoying branch, but instead of the branch he felt a small icy hand, touching him. He was terrified, and wanted to remove his arm, but the little hand grabbed him while he begged her to let him go, Mr. Lockwood asked him who she was and she replied: Catherine Linton, she said she got lost and she was back home now. He did not know why he remembered the name Linton, although he had read twenty times the surname Earnshaw. He looked and saw the face of a girl through the window. He was horrified, trying to get rid of the girl, she was grabbing his fists against the glass, until the glass cut his fists and the blood came and soaked the sheets, she kept moaning, “Let me in,’.

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Mr. Lockwood was completely terrorized. He asked her to let him go, the ghost of Catherine eased the pressure. He put his hand inside through the gap of broken glass; He tried to put books in the whole of the broken glass, and covered his ears, avoiding to listen the painful plea. He waited some time, maybe fifteen minutes, but once again he heard the same plea. – Go away! “Mr. Lockwood told Catherine.

Catherine’s ghost seemed to enter and push the books, the scream terrified.

That scream was not a dreaming. Steps approached the door of the bedroom. Someone opened the door, Mr. Lockwood sat in his bed, sweating, trembling terrified.

  • Make some predictions: Heathcliff next begs “Cathy” to come to him once more. Who do you think this older Cathy might have been? Why might she be haunting Wuthering Heights?

I think Heathcliff was in love with this older Cathy; she must passed away and left him alone in pain with his love.

Chapter Four:

  • Mrs. Dean explains the relationships between the various characters so far. Refer to the Family Tree that you created for the Character Activity; it shows a near-incestuous series of intermarriages. Choose the letter of the correct completion for each sentence below:

Heathcliff is Hareton Earnshaw’s

i. Father

ii. Uncle

iii. Father-in-law

iv. Step-brother

Catherine Linton is Heathcliff’s

i. Daughter

ii. Foster sister

iii. Wife

iv. Daughter-in-law

Hareton is Catherine Linton’s

i. Step-brother

ii. Brother

iii. Cousin

iv. No relation

We now have two narrators for the novel. Although the novel is told through a first person point-of-view, Bronte’s strategy results in more omniscience than we might normally expect. Explain.

Choose the correct explanation for Heathcliff’s arrival in the Earnshaw family:

Mr. Earnshaw went to Liverpool on a business trip and brought a gypsy boy home with him. Mrs. Earnshaw objected strenuously, but her husband insisted that they name the boy after their dead son, Heathcliff, and that they raise him as their own. Both Cathy and Hindley hated the little stranger and bullied him well into his teens.

Mr. Earnshaw returned from a business trip with a black peasant boy that he had rescued from the city streets. Named Heathcliff, he proved to be a quiet, uncomplaining child, even when ill. Nelly Dean was his only ally, however, as no one else in the family would have anything to do with him. Hindley beat Heathcliff every chance he got, and Catherine left him on the stairs rather than permit him a bed in the house.

Mr. Earnshaw went to Liverpool on business, and brought a ragged, dark child home with him. Heathcliff, as he came to be named, became Mr. Earnshaw’s favorite, over his own two children, which caused Hindley, the eldest, to hate the newcomer. The rivalry between Hindley and Heathcliff sometimes turned violent.

Chapter Five:

  • Identify two Gothic elements of the novel from the first five chapters.

Bad weather accompanies unpleasant events. Lockwood meets Catherine’s ghost during an unseasonable and unexpected snowstorm, Mr. Earnshaw dies while a high wind blustered round the house and roared in the chimney, and Heathcliff runs away while a storm came rattling over the Heights in full fury

  • What is the main event of this chapter?

Mr. Earnshaw started to get sicker and his character was getting worse, and more and more he preferred to Heathcliff over his own son, the relationship between his son and Heathcliff got worse by the day. Mr. Earnshaw protected more Heathcliff than Hindley, until finally he sent his son away from Wuthering Heights, Mr. Earnshaw finally died one night in the company of old Cathy.

Chapter Six:

  • Chapter 6 employs a time-honoured strategy for throwing together potential lovers: the lady becomes ill or injured and cannot leave the gentleman’s home for a protracted length of time. Explain why Catherine went to the Linton’s in the first place and describe the event that led to her remaining at Thrushcross Grange.

Heathcliff and Cathy went to spy on the Linton’s family just to get away from Hindley, but the dogs found them and got Cathy from her leg, she was hurt and was asked to stay at the Linton’s while Heathcliff was asked to leave. She stayed at Thrushcross Grange five weeks until her ankle was complete cure. She came different, was not a savage anymore instead was a pretty lady now.

  • Heathcliff isn’t invited to stay because he is so ragged and dirty. He was not always this way. Why is he no longer Catherine’s equal?

Because his protector Mr. Earnshaw died and since he didn’t have anyone to take care of him and Hindley hated him, Heathcliff was reduced to be a servant and to do more work, Hindley did not let him live as part of the family anymore.

Chapter Seven:

  • Nelly Dean finds fault with Heathcliff’s face. What advice does she give him to improve its “expression of a vicious cur”?

Nelly Dean recommended Heathcliff to change his attitude and try to learn to smooth away the surly wrinkles, to raise his frankly, and to change that expression of an angry dog.

  • Nelly disobeys Hindley’s orders and allows Heathcliff to have some of the cakes that are reserved for Catherine and the Lintons, but Heathcliff has no appetite for them. Instead, he is meditating on what subject?

Heathcliff is meditating in how Cathy forgot already about him and comparing himself with Edgar Linton, he felt miserable and lonely.

Chapter Eight:

  • Hindley’s son, Hareton, is born, but his beloved wife dies. First, describe Hindley’s reaction to the death, and next, explain how we know that Hindley can be dangerous.

Hindley seems to live his son in the beginning however he started drinking too much, losing control of his acts and one day he tried to kill his own son dropping him from upstairs when Heathcliff unintentionally saved him. Hindley was violent and willing to hurt anyone when was drunk, It was definitely no save at all for anyone of the house to be with him.

  • Catherine reveals her unpleasant side. What two things does she do?

Cathering ordered Edgar to stop crying because his brother was coming, after Heathcliff threw a tureen of hot apple sauce in Edgar’s face and neck. And was very rude to Isabella being sarcastic, asking her if anyone hurt her, because Isabella was crying after the unpleasant incident between Heathcliff and his brother Edgar Linton.


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