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Looking At Parallelism Of Frankenstein And The Scientist English Literature Essay

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Wordcount: 800 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein revolves around two main characters: the brilliant but miserable scientist and his greatly misunderstood creation, a creature that was conceived without a chance of acceptance. Though, because of Frankenstein’s neglection and the creature’s subsequent bad decisions, the creation and creator are constantly in conflict with one another. However, even with this continuous conflict, the two share very striking similarities. Throughout the novel, the parallelism between Victor Frankenstein’s personality and that of his creation become more and more apparent as we see their shared craving for knowledge, yearning for revenge and their appreciation of the nature around them.

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After the murder of William, Clerval and Elizabeth and the unjustified execution of Justine, Frankenstein’s new found for living was based solely on revenge. He dedicated his life to carrying out his revenge and spent all his efforts on tracking down his creation, chasing him across the continent. He suffered the feeling of the bitter cold temperatures and fatigue but yet, through it all, Frankenstein remained fervently determined. This “…revenge kept [him] alive” and [daring] not to die and leave [his] adversary in being” (Page 178), he continued his pursuit through all trials and tribulations. Again, much like his creator, the creature who now becoming much more like a monster, also lived a life dedicated to seeking vengeance. After he was chased out the cottage by Felix, it was then that the monster’s heart was consumed with hate. He spent hours of his days watching and learning to love this family and they were now betraying him by not even trying to give him a chance. He took this betrayal and turned it into motive, stating that he would pleasure, in the “…[destruction] of the cottage and its inhabitants, and [would glut himself] with their shrieks and misery” ( Page121). Frankenstein’s creature felt this same betrayal when Frankenstein refused to create a mate for him, stating that as his creator, he owed him this one happiness. Frankenstein first agreed but then changed his mind and took apart the work on the mate that he had started. The creature realized that the only way to make his creator understand how it felt to be truly alone was to make it impossible for him to feel the love of those closest to him, even promising that he would be with him on his wedding night. The monster fulfilled his internal quest and murdered Frankenstein’s best friend, Henry Clerval and his newlywed wife, Elizabeth. We see that through both characters determination to seek revenge can be very potent and they have both stopped at nothing to get this revenge.

Even with the maliciousness and cold-set heart it takes to be that determined in obtaining revenge, both characters have this beautiful side that they get very in touch with when they are around nature and are often eased by the sheer natural beauty of it. After the murder of William and execution of Justine, Frankenstein still manages to see the tranquility found in looking upon the glaciers of Montanvert, how it filled him with a feeling of “” (Page 87). Even while Victor Frankenstein is feeling the regrets of having to create another creature as a mate for his first, while on the Rhine River he took a look at the beauty of nature surrounding him, “” (Page138). In the same way, the creature also finds peace in nature during his times of emotional strife. After being chased away by Felix, Agatha, and De Lacey, he is truly disheartened but still found peace and beauty in “.” (Page 121). Though the monster had spent his whole life in solitude, he found a true sense of comfort in wandering around alone and indulging himself in the naturalness of the environment he was in. He even once described how “” (Page 106). Through this, we see how truly similar both Frankenstein and the creatures love for nature is. Not only did they enjoy admiring nature but both used it to escape those times when loneliness seemed to be almost destructive. This proves how genuinely human and humane the “monster” was and one can see that both man and monster have a place in and use for nature.

One cannot help but notice the extreme parallelism between these two characters who spend the entire book at opposition with each other. We are with them through their shared desire to acquire knowledge, determined lust for revenge, and love of nature which all are apparent through both characters’ actions. This proves not only that both characters are very alike but also that Victor Frankenstein’s creation is more human than he realizes.


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