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Benefits Of Water Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay

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Effects of Water Pollution: The effects of water pollution are wide-ranging and these are highly dependent upon the type of chemicals that are dumped into the major water sources. Water pollution has an adverse effect on plants and creatures living in the water. In nearly all situations, the effect is destructive not only to the areas and individual species, but also to the natural biological populations.

Sources of Water Pollution: The sources of water contamination are classified as being a point source or a non-point source of contamination.

Point Source: Point sources of contamination take place when the damaging substance is produced straight into the stream.

Example of a Point Source: A pipe spewing toxic substances straight into a waterway is an example.

Non-Point Source: A non-point source takes place while there is run-off of contaminants into a river.

Example of a Non-Point Source: When fertilizer from a field is carried into a river by surface run-off.

Cost of Water Pollution: In the leading inclusive evaluation of its kind, the SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute), grounded at Tufts University, has presented a white paper with a title “Valuing Florida’s Clean Water”. The document discovers that plankton and red tide outbreaks produced by water contamination cost the Floridians around 1.3 billion dollars to 10.5 billion dollars every year.

The EPA will decide soon either to accept the state-written water contamination plan or to step in with more powerful federal rules and administration.

Why the Cost of Water Pollution is Measured: Water that is fresh in our sources, ponds, rivers, coves and oceanic masses provides clean water, numerous fish, oyster and crab populations, enjoyable and safe swimming and boating prospects and various other advantages, for example attractive water views, increased values of property and healthier aquatic life. When this fresh water becomes contaminated through excess sediments, nutrients or poisonous chemicals, it requires the cleaning up water and minimizing the chances for the occurrence of contamination. Moreover, there are several other expenses that result to travel and leisure loss, recreational and fisheries-based financial systems, the difficult-to-value and the property values, but impossible to substitute environments, animals and plants that are really dependent upon healthier waters.

Benefits of Water Pollution: There can be various advantages to certain kinds of fish or sea creatures. Such as, a species of carp may not be impacted much by contaminated water, but a trout-fish will die from the contamination. Therefore, the carp will possess the advantage by having no other fish to contest with for finding the food and region. Hence, the carp specie will grow in a better way.

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Though, there are valuable things that are the reasons for the occurrence of water contamination. Manufacturing plants, energy production plants, oil drilling rigs and chemical manufacturers all offer powerful advantages to community, but unfortunately, this leads to serious water contamination. However the contamination is not valuable, the reason is, and hence cannot be done away with. Such as, would we slightly have oil or amazingly clean oceans? Noticeably, oil is more valuable in that case. This is the major reason why there is contamination control which helps to minimize the disadvantages.

There are advantages to the polluters as well. It is less expensive to release the waste products into the closest water resource or soil as compared to process or treat that rubbish. However, this is not a benefit to humankind in general.

Problems of Water Pollution: Various water systems near metropolitan areas (towns and cities) are highly contaminated. This is the outcome of both rubbish thrown out by people and dangerous substances lawfully or unlawfully thrown out by production sectors, health industries, educational institutions and market places.

The major issue caused by water contamination is that it destroys the life of living organisms that are based on these water bodies. Crabs, dead fish, sea gulls and birds, dolphins, whales, and various other creatures usually wind up on seashores, killed by contaminants in their environment (living environment).

Pollution also interrupts the natural food chain. Pollutants for example cadmium and lead are eaten by tiny creatures. Then, these creatures are consumed by shell-fish and fish, and hence the food chain carries on being disturbed at all advanced levels.

Ultimately, people are also impacted by this process. The human beings can get illnesses for example liver disease by the consumption of poisoned sea-food. In any third world countries, there is always occurrence of cholera and illnesses due to the inadequate water treatment from infected waters.

Ecosystems (the collaboration of living organisms at a place, based on one another other for life) can be seriously changed or damaged by water contamination. Several areas are now being exaggerated with reckless human contamination, and this pollution is returning to hurt people in several ways.


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