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Examples Of Soil Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay

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This Air pollution plays an important role in the life cycle of pollution because air pollution only makes the human beings into lots of defects like asthma, cancer, breathing problem, etc. Not only for the human lives its also affects the animals and greens.

When looking to Geographical this Air pollution affects the Ozone Layer and made lots of hole in that and it can cause health problems such as lung inflammation, skin damage, headaches, burning eyes and scratchy throats. High concentrations of certain air pollutants are extremely dangerous and can cause severe injury, cancer, or birth defects.

Individuals with respiratory problems, people with heart or lung disease, children, elderly residents, athletes and pregnant women are at high risk for health problems from air pollution. Those who play, work or exercise outdoors breathe pollutants deeper into their lungs, which can increase the chance of negative health effects. Chemicals and particles in the air also reduce visibility and can damage buildings and monuments.

Air pollution harms our loved ones, our environment and our property. The frequency of Air Pollution Watch and Warning days indicates our serious

(ii) Water Pollution:

Water pollution is any chemical. pysical or biological change in thequality of water that has a harmfuleffect on any living thing that drinks or uses or lives in it. When humans drink polluted water it often has serious effects on thier health. Water pollution is not just something that big chemical plants make improvements. This Water pollution also play a vital role in the affects of pollutionthere are sevaral classes of water pollutants; The first are disease-causing agents. These are bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasitic worms that enter sewage system. A second category of water pollutants is oxygen-demanding wastes; wastes that can be decomposed by decomposed by oxygen-requiring bacteria. When large populations of decomposing bacteria are converting these wastes it can deplete oxygen levels in the water. This causes other organisms in the water, such as fish, to die. A third class of water pollutants is water-soluble inorganic pollutants, such as acids, salts and toxic metals. Large quantities of these compounds will make water unfit to drink and will cause the death of aquatic life. Another class of water pollutants are nutrients; they are water-soluble nitrates and phosphates that cause excessive growth of algae and other water plants, which deplete the water’s oxygen supply. This kills fish and, when found in drinking water, can kill young children. Water can also be polluted by a number of organic compounds such as oil, plastics and pesticides, which are harmful to humans and all plants and animals in the water. A very dangerous category is suspended sediment, because it causes depletion in the water’s light absorption and the particles spread dangerous compounds such as pesticides through the water. Finally, water-soluble radioactive compounds can cause cancer, birth defects and genetic damage and are thus very dangerous water pollutants.

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The safety of our drinking water is often taken for granted in America. In recent years, however, environmentalists and the media have drawn attention to the dangers of ground water pollution and the health risks of lead, chlorine, pesticides, organic chemicals, and various microorganisms that have been found to contaminate our public water supplies. Outbreaks of waterborne diseases are a common occurrence and have involved entire city populations, sometimes leading to serious complications and even fatalities. The potential carcinogenic effects of long-term exposure to certain organic chemicals in our water supplies are under government scrutiny.

(iii) Soil Pollution:


Examples of Soil Pollution:

Land pollution is the degradation of the Earth’s land surface through misuse of the soil by poor agricultural practices, mineral exploitation, industrial waste dumping, and indiscriminate disposal of urban wastes. It includes visible waste and litter as well as pollution of the soil itself.

Soil pollution is mainly due to chemicals in herbicides (weed killers) and pesticides (poisons which kill insects and other invertebrate pests). Litter is waste material dumped in public places such as streets, parks, picnic areas, at bus stops and near shops.

Waste Disposal:

The accumulation of waste threatens the health of people in residential areas. Waste decays, encourages household pests and turns urban areas into unsightly, dirty and unhealthy places to live in.

Control measure:

The following measures can be used to control land pollution:

anti-litter campaigns can educate people against littering; organic waste can be dumped in places far from residential areas; inorganic materials such as metals, glass and plastic, but also paper, can be reclaimed and recycled.

Two billion hectares of soil degraded

According to FAO, human activities have degraded 15% of the earth’s non-submerged surface. The main cause in the last 30 years has been a desire to boost food production, with erosion being the main threat, affecting 84% of degraded land. Farmland area has grown steadily in developing countries, the exact reverse of what has happened in developed countries. A full 23% of usable land has deteriorated so badly that its productivity has suffered.


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