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Reduction Of Global Warming And Maintaining Sustainability

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Global warming is defined as an increase in the earths atmosphere. It is really harmful for environment. Pollution is also one of the big cause of global warming. Pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and greenhouse gases contribute to the global warming. Greenhouse gases particularly human produced carbon dioxide are responsible in increase in global warming. Global warming could result various deadliest effects such as spread of diseases, warmer water and more occurrence of hurricanes, natural disasters, migrations, conflicts and wars and so on. In order to avoid such effects, global warming cannot be totally eradicated but it can be reduced drastically. Global warming needs serious attention about its effect and measures need to be taken to reduce global warming in order to maintain a proper sustainable environment.

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Global warming apparently is an increase in the global temperature but the change of temperature will not be uniform everywhere. The change in temperature is also called greenhouse effect. Troposphere which is known as the lowermost layer of the atmosphere traps heat by natural process due to the presence of greenhouse gases resulting into the change in temperature of the earth. The more the concentration of the greenhouse gases, the more is the amount of heat being trapped. The temperature of earth would be very low but in the presence of greenhouse gases the temperature of earth is comparatively very high which we called global warming.

Researchers estimated that the earths mean temperature will rise between 1.5 to 5.5 degree Celsius by 2050, if the input of greenhouse gases continues to rise at the present rate (Indian Journal of Science &Technology). Another effect of global warming is the rise in sea level. It also changes in pattern of rainfall which affects the distribution of vector borne diseases such as malaria, elephantiasis, and so on. Global warming has also big negative impact on agriculture. Soil moisture and vapor transition will increase which may drastically affect agricultural production. The increase in temperature and humidity will increase pest growth like the growth of vectors for various diseases.

Several measures were taken in the past to control global warming. There are more measures constantly being taken every now and then. The main idea is to cut down the rate of use of Chlorofluorocarbon and fossil fuel. Agriculture also helps in reducing global warming. Now a day’s most of the farmers use chemicals in their crop to grow them faster and make them more attractive .This has bad effect on our environment which is also indirectly increasing global warming. This cause pollution as well as make most of the people sick. So, chemicals shouldn’t be used in agriculture. Farmers should think about environment rather than money. Natural pesticides does not harm environment. So, natural pesticides should be used to make crops healthy. Small things which are unnoticeable also have big effect on environment. So, all of us should be more careful and think about its positive as well as negative aspects.

Specially recycled, less using, and re using is a very important method to not only less using the waste products but also to help maintain the budget which keeps the economy flowing. Products such as papers, plastics, aluminum cans, and glasses can be recycled for re utilizes purposes. We should reduce using waste which cannot be recycled. Also we should not throw papers everywhere. Instead we can start from our home by collecting papers and later on give it to recycle. Reusing or recycling programs have to be maintained in every place from house to school as well as businesses and streets. In fact, by recycling half of the waste product 2400 pounds of carbon di oxide can be saved annually. For example: In my college we have two trash cans nearby in one its written waste only and in another its reuse. So, those students are throwing papers, plastics in reuse and other unnecessary trash on waste only. It will be easy for them to re-use the papers and save from pollution.

Now technology is stepping forward day by day. They are making new ideas, new programs and new inventions. They are making different electrical production from which we can reduce using fuels and things which harm environments. For example: I am from Nepal and when I was small my mother used to cook food by burning woods but as I get older I saw many changes coming, then my mother started cooking food from fuel. Now we are here and my mother cooks food from microwave or oval which is electrical. Not only in the case of making food .Cars, computers and other many things has changed due to the progress on technology. Few years ago cars used to smoke emission which made air pollution and the sound from that made noise pollution but now here is car with no pollution. Slowly we are saving our environment. New techniques are making our environment as well as our life better. Also not only environment but its reducing global warming.

On the other hand, usage of energy efficient products could help in reducing global warming. For example, if we buy a car that offers good mileage doesn’t not only save fuel but also produce less carbon dioxide which helps to protect the environment. In fact, any vehicle that runs by battery would be better than any other vehicle that runs by fuel. Also drive less and drive smart is another technique that can be used practically in our daily life. Less driving means fewer emissions and fewer emissions means less chances of global warming. I have hybrid car and I am saving lots of fuel. I think cars like hybrid should be made more which will help in reducing global warming.

Apart from that, we could also plant a tree which is another method to reduce greenhouse gases. Plants and its photosynthesis process are really very important for environment. Photosynthesis is a Natural process in which plants absorbs carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen which indicate safe environment. According to a report by environmentalists, a single tree absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide during its life time. Cutting tree will affect everyone. When plants are removed, the soils they observe also come out which cause heavy rainfall and destroy everything. With that removal of forest or tree there will be more carbon dioxide and less oxygen which totally harm environment. Deforestation is very dangerous for our environment which causes global warming. We should reduce cutting tree but if we really need to cut tree then we should plant another tree which will help in reducing global warming as well as balance the environment.

Everyone is thinking about reducing global warming. Besides following all the possible methods and techniques to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, it is very important to be aware from personal level to help reduce the global warming. Population is increasing day by day. And growing population has biggest effect on global warming. The way they live, the food they eat and everything affect environment. So, less population will surely help to reduce global warming. Education also plays one of the biggest roles in reducing global warming. Many people don’t even know what is mean by global warming. So, every individual should be made aware of the effects of the global warming which would help reduce the increasing temperature of the earth due to global warming. It’s a tough task to reduce global warming and every individual should contribute as much as possible in order to reduce the global warming and maintain the sustainability.

Since there is little doubt that global warming is influence by human actions, it can also be stopped by our own actions. Something should be done to stop it before it turned out to be very bad. We can act towards things that produce little greenhouse gases as much as possible. Our own approach can makes a difference in protecting our environment and making it sustainable as much as possible for the generations to come.

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