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Waste To Wealth Program Environmental Sciences Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Environmental Sciences
Wordcount: 4074 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Urban and rural areas of India produce so much garbage daily and suffering by many types of pollutions which are increasing very fast in terms of area and environment. Most of households of urban area are not using dustbin or not getting facilities to put their domestic garbage and they through on the road and way. This activity is change into bad habit because of lack of facilities and knowledge. People are suffering from air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution even they involve to through the garbage anywhere. People want their neat and clean environment even they don’t know how to get it. In these days people are using plastics and it is become a part of a life, which produce the chemical poisons. Many hazardous waste in urban comes from industries and factories also which are the release so many harmful chemical but another side we have recycle units are converting in the useful elements. In the rural area farmers are also involve to use the chemical fertilizers so land is becoming unproductive land. Another thing plastic products are also dominating in the rural area and cause of degrading land and rural cattle also are eating this that’s why cattle’s death happening in the rural area. Because of environment affect it is necessary to protect and change the behavior of people. We need to change our habits and protect our health, well-being by providing reasonable measures and information for re-use and reducing the consumption of plastics and throwing the garbage outsides.

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In the cities households are wasting food and plastics and throw on the road and some places and in the colonies and real-states colonies households don’t have option to separate their domestic garbage so they use to put in one plastic bag and put on municipal-party garbage-bin. Reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering of waste behavior can make changes our environment. Through this concept it may treating and safely disposing of waste and it is possible to prevent the pollution and ecological degradation. Through the waste our youth can get employment and can promote the economic and social development. In this activity so many people are under the target and focus group, which may become beneficiary and part of this program. In many states have rag-pickers in various places that are involving to collect the garbage and part of our social and economic situation. They are not aware about their health because of financial problem and education. Involve the rag-pickers and unemployed youth, it is possible to promote and ensuring the effective delivery of waste from household and they will pay some amount of services in weekly or monthly. In this service households will get two separate bin for plastics and food wastage and unemployed youth can get employment with through promotion.

Food waste should not be waste which can be converting into compost and vermi-compost, and farmers can get bio-fertilizers or manure with low price and collaboration with recycler industries, rag-pickers can get good amount and better living standard. In this program public place and productive land will be clean from waste and secure from contamination.

Genetics the problem.

Only households are not responsible to create problem even school, college’s mess or canteen, restaurants, hotels, offices and theaters and mandies or markets, these are the things direct throw the garbage outsides. Mostly garbage goes to drainage and dumps the drains which become a cause to create odor and mosquitoes etc. and drainage goes to some water resources and through the harmful chemicals. Harmful chemicals reach to cultivated field through supply channel of water resources and also animals are affecting to drink and human.

Many states government have many schemes to control pollution and garbage on the road and they have different system to manage these things through municipal party. In Uttar Pradesh at Kanpur, so many industries are releasing the toxic chemicals in the river, as well as institutions and households are also caused of garbage. Chromium (harmful chemical), which has two forms, “trivalent & hexavalent” and when chromium salts change from trivalent to hexavalent, which depend on the pH, it become poison and cause of cancer. Another thing is cattle and animals who loitering here and there, they are taking garbage as a feed and dying. Grand truck highway to Allahabad at Kanpur has dumping problem of hazardous waste and citizen are suffering from bad odor and dirty place and in the rainy season people use to suffer from dirty water. People do not have safe drinking water and who are taking water from bore-well which is just 100 feet away from sludge heaps along the roadside.

Many tones mixed waste comes from city to near rural area of district Lucknow and most of places of side of highway road are covering by garbage. Through the mixed garbage use-full gas can produce and the actual energy balance to see whether the energy plant will be a consumer or producer of power, at enormous cost to the taxpayer. Plant is getting 200-400 tons/day of pure organic waste and 50 percent organic content in mixed waste and in between they are getting banana leaves waste, which is as halting in the plant but they could go for vermi-compost. Many stakeholders are active to manage the waste and they are supporting to implementing agencies (govt. or private). Waste management agencies are getting waste from UP Kisan Mandi Parisad and plant has good source to get waste to produce biogas through gas buffer tank.

Here genetic problem means follow the other’s habits and hierarchical activity. Every people know that if they will throw the garbage on public place, other people will affect including them also. This activity is continuing since many decades and also some effort are using against this activity but people are not aware about it. In the waste management, rag-pickers are playing very important role and they are reducing or make safe place from some poisons, which are the harmful for human. In this nation population is growing very fast and they do not have opportunity to live in proper place and they also encroaching the place and another thing is who will manage the waste releasing by households. Their children are also doing continue same activity, whatever they observe around them, if they do not have knowledge and right place (environment) to live and learn from difficulties. Households are having mentality of “use and throw” things and they do not want re-use the things. In India we don’t have quality technique to recycles the wastes and children of rag pickers family also forced by their parents. They are suffering from some diseases and some harmful things like, metals, needles, infected things etc. before taking food they are not washing hand properly and usually not wearing slippers or shoes.

Program components

Clean and green environment of urban and rural:

Make money (employment) from waste for unemployed poor people:

Rural and urban collection centre (program implementation centre)

Make better life of rag-pickers:

Change the behaviour of people (BCC):

Soil rehabilitate by waste compost (organic):


Collaborate with recycle industries and linkage with different stakeholders:

Clean and green environment of urban and rural:

Program have some objective to implement this series of steps to be carried out and seeing to sustainability of program it is necessary to good outcome. Where program is going to implement, that context will have some expectation to get better environment. Program will work on both contexts urban and rural which is part of this program and both are very important to implement this program. Program will provide the two types of bin for plastics and decayable. From the urban area, garbage will come to units and it will be convert into vermi-compost or pit-compost so urban area will safe from dirty place and polluted environment and same strategy could be run as well as rural area can get vermi-compost in cheap price for productivity of their land.

Make money (employment) from waste for unemployed poor people:

In the urban and rural area most of people, specially poor youth are not getting employment, so interested people and youth can get job or employment through this program and in this process without invest that much financial things to make money to produce organic fertilizer as well as clean and green environment. Employee will collect the garbage from household for giving services weekly and they.

Rural and urban collection center (program implementation center):

For producing the organic fertilizer and separation of recyclable components units to be necessary and whatever material will collect from urban after that it will go to centers for processing of compost and package of plastic to send recycle industries. Centers are main point to decide the all activities of fixed location, from where employee will get their information and delivery of material from households to center.

Make better life of rag-pickers:

In this program only people are not involve even rag-pickers have good option to join this program. Rag-pickers collect different type of recyclable things. They have good environment to learn many things to improve their skill and knowledge and as well program will change their behavior because they are not aware about their health and suffering from various diseases. Program will provide some classes and protection material to collect garbage. They will get some trainings of “how to act before, during and after collect the garbage. Through this program they will get good physical and financial status as well as social also.

Change the behavior of people (BCC):

Avoiding and reducing the generation of waste through the cost of reflective and increase or create the awareness. Program want to change the unnecessary habit of people which are the harmful for their health and environment and continuity of unnecessary habits affect to others and create problem of their selves. In this activity people will know and be aware about pollution. Generally Rag-pickers suffer big problems of health because of unawareness and they do not use protection elements during collect the garbage. Their habits are a hierarchical so through the program their parents and same community can get facilities. Through the behavior change program would like to increase reuse and recycling rates of products and reduce the percentage of recyclable material to landfill.

Soil rehabilitate by waste compost (organic):

Rural area has good opportunity to rehabilitate the land and farmers also can get vermi-compost in cheap rate. It is possible to produce the organic fertilizers through the garbage which will come from urban waste and rural waste. This program has units near to rural area so it is easy to reach the rural and farmers also can approach to units.


It is necessary to ensure the protection of the environment through the effective waste management. In these days urbanization is happening very fast so which is cause of deforestation. So as well as organic farming and soil rehabilitation, urban and rural area will get plantation facilities which will help to make green and good environment. It may possible to get financial strength by fruit plant and plantation on the side of road will provide the shade to passer. In the rural area people could get fuel for food and could also earn from it.

Collaborate with recycle industries and linkage with different stakeholders:

The primary focus of this program is to achieve the objectives of waste hierarchy which is set of broad and economic perspective related and collaboration is necessary activity of this program which will fulfill the objects. The program will collaborate to recycle industries, municipal party, government and privet market and institutions. Many stakeholders are involve in this program and they are the main components of this program who are the part of program success

Need assessment


This program will run in the cities of Uttar Pradesh and there are waste is very big problem and people need the solution of this problem. On the basis of data this program will select the cities and rural area where program could fulfill the all problematic situations. Most of cities are going to finish their popularity and tourism is also going to reduce or to be affected, because of odour and dirty places.

Community needs;

Community will have some expectation from this program and also community is part of it. It is made by based on their needs and with seeing the difficulties of community; program will try to fulfill their expectation or needs. Based on the experience and data some area will cover by this program. Urban households will get some services to remove the garbage and people will get relief from dirty or polluted place. Other stakeholders (schools & college or universities’ mess, hotels, restaurants, markets, shopping mall and other institutions etc) also will get facilities and they need their neat and clean environment which is help to maintain their quality if life also. This program will fill the some community need:

Neat and clean environment


Income generation

Protect the health

Prevent the pollution

Sustainable development

Make better life

Community resources:

Program has specific target groups who want to fulfill their needs and secure their life and economic part. Community resource means, how can they contribute in this program. Community contribution is must for it and they will contribute. Based on their needs and structure of program, the most essential part of some experience of the approach is to group for waste management which is show the value chain a series of steps, which will be based on the descending order of priority. Waste cannot be avoid by community because they knows very well, it will create problem in the future and this is not become waste for them. Households and other institution or stakeholders will pay for services and unemployed youth will get employment to collect it and rag-pickers also will get money and from collaborated recycle industries through this program.

Vision and Mission of the program


Advancing livelihood through waste management as well as green & clean environment


Poverty reduction of community through

Phases of the program

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


3 years

4 years

3 years


Reach to households and other stakeholders

To protect health, provide well being and environment

Change the behavior of people to reduce, reuse, recover the waste.


4 Cities of Utter Pradesh

Expansion program in other areas

Reach to rural area for remediation for contaminated land


Waste avoidance & reduction through services,

Recovery, reuse & recycling the waste

Treatment & processing


Clean and green environment

Pollution free environment

Reducing the poverty from waste Income generate by itself

Logical framework

Intervention logic

Objective verified indicator

Means of verification

Pre-condition & Assumption

Goal- Reducing, re-using, recycling and recovering waste.

Promoting and ensuring the effective delivery of waste services

Identified the focus group

Their living standard

Identified the location

Collect the primary & secondary data

People unaware about environment and unknown from reduce, reuse and recover

Objectives- To change the behaviour of people to reduce, reuse and recover of waste by recycling. To make the clean and green environment with effective waste management. To provide the employment for people with waste management.

Facilitate to farmers for cost effective farming with organic fertilizers

Involve the unemployment people, rag-pickers, people and other stakeholders

Impact of program through feedback

The act of observing

Change the behaviour of people

Make better life of rag-pickers


Organise the citizen and people

Good environment

well-being and income generation

Make better living standard

Reduce the waste through change the behaviour

Reduce the generation of waste

Prevention of pollution and ecological degradation

Remediation of contaminated land

Recover the all dirty places of cities


Funds, infrastructure of units, skilled and unskilled human resource

Initial investment



Evaluate the program

Impact study of per event

Some institution is working in this field but not effective and in a proper way

First focus group will be households in the urban and rural area, from where primary waste will come and they will get two types of bin plastics and decayable things.

Collection garbage from households and others

Employee will collect the garbage weekly and households and other institution will pay of service on weekly with take receipts.

Collect the plastics and other metal

Rag-pickers are very important part to make clean and safe the public place. Work with the rag-pickers and collect by them the plastics and other recyclable elements which spread the harmful chemicals and pollute the environment.

Recover and separation of material

After collection the input, it will go to the separation units where other employees will cover the material and make separate it and also maintain the document and register of covering the households and tally the paying receipts.

Use for compost and recycle

After separation the material employee will send it for recycling to recycle industries and decayable things for vermi or pit-compost.


Reducing, re-using, recycling and recovering waste.

Promoting and ensuring the effective delivery of waste services


To change the behaviour of people to reduce, reuse and recover of waste by recycling.

To make the clean and green environment with effective waste management

To provide the employment for people with waste management.

Facilitate to farmers for cost effective farming with organic fertilizers.

Note- Nothing is waste until you make it waste

Methodology / implementation:

Program will run by staff member and employees and support of other stakeholder and in the program, program manager will make strategy to work on particular location and linkage with govt. and private institution and establish the some awareness program and campaign and control the all staff of location. Here area manager will define the location and implement the program and make report to the program manager. He will conduct the all meeting of employees and arrange the all needs of units. Here marketing manager has responsibility to search the market of organic products and make strategy to direct reach to farmers and others. Supervisor will control the all employee and see the problem of area and facilitate to collection centre and as well as accountant will make and prepare all document and record of financial things.

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Cost-effectiveness of the program:

Program has initial investment and it will provide the some necessary facilities which is prevent the possibility of future investment.

Community satisfaction:

Community will fulfil their needs through the program and get some services and benefits and they have some contribution without extra effort and financial things.

Attainment of goals:

Work with community and other stakeholders and fulfil their needs as well as program will reach to own goals and fulfil the all objects.

Program sustainability

In the development sector people are working for poverty reduction and promoting livelihood etc. with various strategic plan and community also adopting this kind of strategy because they have to reduce their poverty and get better livelihood. One side people are focusing to get money and better living status but another side they also facing problem of poor health and environment. They know what they are doing but they don’t know which impact is affecting of their life. People are wasting so much what is part of their financial and environment. This program is considering and caring to the next generation and community also care of their generation but they do not think that their next generation will suffer in the future.

Waste management program will provide the facilities to many stakeholders and focus on the future and next generation and how they can get good environment and better livelihood through waste management. Program think that “nothing is waste until you make it waste” and waste is the source of economic and it is possible to make better life through waste management. Urban people will get neat and clean and pollution free environment with their contribution in the program as well as unemployed people will get employment to provide services to household and other institutions through this program and rag-pickers have so many benefits to work on it and they will get good standard of life and can reduce their poverty and poor health.

Financial guideline

Initial invest is very necessary for this program which is consider the one of the base of program and aim of program is provide the facilities to community which will be consume the financial things of dustbins and the units of collection centre and arrangement of units and some instruments for producing the vermi and pit composts. For collection the garbage employee need the some vehicle, so in that program need sufficient fund to cover all needs, obviously it depend on the area or location of the implementing program. Program has also thought of protection of their employee because of they will work on the dirty component so they have to secure their life first and after that they can protect or secure of others life. Program need the approximate fund Rs.5 crore.

Staff structure and qualification

Sr. no.




Program Manager

Post graduate and computer knowledge


Area manager

Graduate in engineering and computer knowledge


Marketing manager

Post graduate and computer knowledge



10+2 and computer knowledge



Graduate in account and computer knowledge

Way forward

This program has very long vision to run it and in the future it would like to some technical aspect like GPS system, what will help to know the covering area or location and selected area. Linkage with different stakeholders and work on other social work related to environment and livelihood of people and which could make better life. Through the plantation and organic cultivation, program could promote JLG and producer group and provide the education of other facilities to rag-pickers.


This program has very specific concept to remove unnecessary thins from social and environment and work with community and focus group. For sustainable development it is possible to reach the program goal and fulfil the objectives. Program will work with different stakeholders and staff members and make better living standard with income generation from waste. Most beautiful thing is people involvement and they could change their behaviour.


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