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Watching Sherlock Holmes Online Film Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Film Studies
Wordcount: 3196 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Those who grew up reading the adventures of Sherlock Holmes as written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are looking forward to the screen adaptation of the notorious sleuth. But you do not have to wait until the premiere to watch it. You can watch Sherlock Holmes online. But before you do so, wouldn’t it be cool to read up on interesting facts about the movie? This will then give you an idea of what you are getting into when you enter the cinema.

Movie Rating

The movie rating for “Sherlock Holmes” is said to be PG13. This is good news. There are children younger than 13 who still want to catch the movie. They can do so by tagging along with their parents or older siblings. It’s not only the adults who should enjoy the movie. Children should also be introduced to this detective.

Movie Release

The movie is scheduled to be released this Christmas but there are movie goers who can’t wait any longer. They want to watch the movie as soon as possible and since the Internet can give them the access, they make the most out of this. Well, there are Internet users residing in different countries who would have to wait longer. At least with the access to watch Sherlock Holmes online, they can watch the movie way before others do.

The Actors

“Sherlock Holmes” has a stellar cast. Robert Downey Jr. is the title role. Now don’t confuse this to be an “Iron Man” film because it’s not. Besides, Downey is fully capable of varying the characters he takes on. Jude Law steps in as Holmes’ right hand Dr. John Watson. Law who is always cast as the dashing leading man is now the dashing sidekick.

The beautiful Rachel McAdams joins the cast as leading lady Irene Adler. Now with three names being said, you’re sure that you’ll see eye candies when you watch Sherlock Holmes online. That is another reason to catch the movie as early as you possibly can.

The Villain

If you watched “Stardust”, then you’d know the actor who played the villain Septimus in the movie. British actor Mark Strong is the villain Lord Blackwood. There is something so mysterious and evil about him. But then again, we know how movies can get and we’re not really sure whether Strong is the nemesis or there could be some kind of a twist.

The Movie

“Sherlock Holmes” is helmed by Scottish director Guy Ritchie. Aside from being known as Madonna’s ex-husband, Ritchie is a well-respected director whose credits include “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, “Snatch”, and “Swept Away”.

This is the first movie with Sherlock Holmes after twenty years. “Without a Clue” starring Michael Caine was released in 1988. Caine played Sherlock Holmes.

The Locations

In order to make the movie authentic, “Sherlock Holmes” was shot in various locations in England. These are Bromptom Cemetery, Bunsen Street, Chatham Docks, Finsbury, Freemason’s Hall, Little Lever Street, Liverpool docks, Manchester Town Hall, Mangle Street, Newton Street, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The scenes that were shot there brought the cast and crew to different towns in the United Kingdom. “Sherlock Holmes” also had on location segments in New York.

When you watch Sherlock Holmes online, it will seem as if you are in the United Kingdom. You wouldn’t doubt the authenticity of the places. These aren’t mere sound stages. These are the actual locations.

The Effects

Robert Downey might have played the title character in “Iron Man” and would be seen in the sequel, but “Sherlock Holmes” is completely different from the franchise. It does not rely on visual effects. Instead, the gadgets of Sherlock Holmes and the story telling will project the audience forward and have them hooked in no time.

Reasons Why You Should Watch Sherlock Holmes Online

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So from music and TV, the boundaries have definitely been pushed. Movie lovers can just search those rare films and download these. Better yet, there are sites that allow you to watch the latest releases online. You don’t have to pay $11 for a ticket, not to mention theater food. You can just watch those latest films in the comfort of your own home.

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Did you know that you can watch Sherlock Holmes online? This action comedy starring Robert Downey Jr as the notorious sleuth is slated for release this Christmas. Since it’s not even Thanksgiving, you really can’t wait for it. So why not just go to the site where you can watch Sherlock Holmes online and enjoy the movie. It is one of the most anticipated movies this year – and the possibility of you watching it even before the rest of America, or better yet, rest of the world watches it, is high.

Can you not see it? You’re in the TV room with your family and you’re all set to watch Sherlock Holmes online. If you watch movies online, you not only save money, you get to bring the family together.

Of course, everyone will enjoy “Sherlock Holmes”. After all, it has a stellar cast, the director (Guy Ritchie) has been acclaimed in directing action comedies, and this is a nice way to let your children be familiar with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous private inspector.

But why exactly do you need to watch Sherlock Holmes online. Aside from saving money and bringing your family together, here are other reasons why you need to just resort online to catch this film.

1. Availability. You may be working forty to fifty hours a week so when it’s the weekend, you just want to stay home and chill and relax. You’re just too busy to catch the movie in the cinemas. Therefore, it is understandable why you’ll choose to watch Sherlock Holmes online instead of heading out and lining up and all that. If you’re a very busy person, then just watch Sherlock Holmes online.

2. Comfort. When you’re home, you can be yourself. You don’t need to be on your guard. You just want to kick back and relax. Besides, when you watch Sherlock Holmes online, you can do so with you lying in your bed and your laptop on your lap, as opposed to sitting on an uncomfortable chair at a cinema. You can really enjoy the movie in your home sitting.

3. Control. If you and your family love discussing the movie, then it’s smart that you watch Sherlock Holmes online. At least when you are in the comfort of your own home, you can word out your thoughts to each other and not worry about disturbing the other people who are watching. This is often the case when you are watching it at the cinemas. You have to keep your mouths shut – for theater etiquette. Then again, you don’t need to do that when you watch Sherlock Holmes online. It would be so cool to discuss your sentiments with your family members.

Interesting Facts to Know Before You Watch Sherlock Holmes Online

If you are a cinephile, you want to know as much information as you can possible when it comes to the making of the movie. You don’t have to wait for those coffee books that will take you behind the scenes. You don’t have to stay up late for those showbiz news so that you would be updated. You can just read on and be in the loop about Sherlock Holmes trivia. Therefore, the minute you decide to watch Sherlock Holmes online, you will see the movie differently.

1. Colin Farrell was considered to play the role of Watson before Jude Law was cast.

2. The first Sherlock Holmes movie to reach the United States was twenty years ago. It was the comedy “Without A Clue” starring Michael Caine as Sherlock Holmes. This was released in 1988. In the movie, Caine’s character’s name was Reginald Kincaid but he earned the nickname Sherlock Holmes because he was a private investigator.

3. When they were filming the movie, Robert Maillet knocked out Robert Downey, Jr. So when you watch Sherlock Holmes online, look out for that scene. Thanks to editing, they didn’t have to include the moment when Downey sprawled on the floor after a punch.

4. In order to prepare for the role of Sherlock Holmes, Downey read tons of Sherlock Holmes stories and watched “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” which was released in 1984. Downey has been known to extensively prepare for his roles.

5. Downey must have seen an episode of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” with Law in it. The latter had a role in an episode entitled “The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes”.

6. Before her ex-fiance (Law) joined the cast, Sienna Miller was in talks for the role of Rachel McAdams. Think of how it would look like when you watch Sherlock Holmes online. You would probably wonder how these actors held their own when they shot scenes together.

7. If you are a follower of the “Harry Potter” movies, you would notice a similarity when you watch Sherlock Holmes online. This is because the set for the detectives’ home was also used as the set in Sirius Black’s home in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”. Check if you can remember because that film was shown two years ago.

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8. Michael Caine previously played the role of Sherlock Holmes. Jude Law plays Watson. Law and Caine have worked together in the film “Sleuth”. But before that, Law took on the role originated by Caine in the 2004 movie “Alfie”. When Law was first starting out, he was often compared to Caine. Law gained attention when he appeared alongside Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke in the sci fi drama “Gattaca”.

9. In the middle of filming, there have been rumors that Brad Pitt was cast as Moriarty and there were re-shoots. But like most rumors, these were denied.

10. James Downey, Robert Downey Jr’s uncle, is a long time head writer of “Saturday Night Live”. He played the role of Sherlock Holmes in a sketch during a season when Downey was a cast member.

Now these are just a couple of trivia about the movie. When you watch Sherlock Holmes online, surely you’ll be reminded of these. That’s the whole purpose of the trivia. It lets you take a peek on the filming of the movie. If you watch the interviews of the actors, you will get more trivia. You’ll also get a couple of behind the scenes scoop when you watch those “Making of Sherlock Holmes” specials. You gotta admit – the trivia that you read just now is pretty interesting.

The Casting Twist You’ll Notice When You Watch Sherlock Holmes Online

Guy Ritchie has taken the helm in the latest movie adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective – “Sherlock Holmes”. It stars Robert Downey Jr as the title role. He is joined by Jude Law as Watson. Filming started early October 2008. The production brought the cast and crew in different towns of England. When you watch Sherlock Holmes online, you will see the authenticity of all the places because these were all shot on location.

Now, you can watch Sherlock Holmes online. That is if you choose to not wait one month more. “Sherlock Holmes” will be released on Christmas. Unfortunately, there are Sherlock Holmes followers that would have to wait for more than a month before they could follow the adventures of Sherlock. Good thing there is streaming. One can watch Sherlock Holmes online. He just needs a good Internet connection.

The plot goes like this. Detective Sherlock Holmes, played by Robert Downey Jr, and his ever loyal sidekick Dr. John Watson, portrayed by Jude Law, participate in a battle of brains and strength with their arch nemesis who poses a threat to England. They need to outsmart him before it is too late.

Since this is an eagerly anticipated movie, there have been paparazzis roaming the locations where they shot the film. If you watch Sherlock Holmes online and saw some of the pictures that were released early this year by the paparazzis, you would see that they were in fact in those locations – as opposed to the standard sound stages.

However, the pictures that were released to the public stirred a debate. That the roles should have been better reversed. This means that Law would have made a better Sherlock Holmes and Downey a better Watson. Those who read the book and have tuned in “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” religiously could instantly seet he difference.

Law is very slim and this is a perfect match for Sherlock Holmes. When one flips through the illustrations of “Sherlock Holmes” books, one would see that Watson is quite slim and Watson is aging and more round. Now, Robert Downey Jr, is in fact aging and rounder when set alongside Law.

However, since Downey and Law are professional actors and have been in the industry for as long as they could remember, they have mastered the art of transformation. As the production of “Sherlock Holmes” went on, the actors were able to become their characters. Downey looked younger and Law looked older – so for some reason, the casting turned out to be okay.

“Sherlock Holmes” aficionado will always wonder about that casting. Then again, directors know best and Guy Ritchie might have something in mind on why he cast the actors in those roles. There have been reports that the directorial approach taken by Ritchie was to show the audience that Sherlock’s intellect was a blessing and a curse. He also made it contemporary so that it would engage the audience. He wishes to introduce Sherlock Holmes to the younger generation because it was over two decades ago when moviegoers had access to anything related to the sleuth.

Critics have been predicting that Sherlock Holmes franchise will be in demand again after this movie. This might be a bold statement but in order for you to know whether they are correct, you can watch Sherlock Holmes online. Just check whether they allow you to stream. If not, you can always download it.

Another interesting similarity between Downey and Holmes is that they are both hooked on their drugs. Downey has been convicted several times for possession while Holmes regularly takes opium. And then again, we doubt that the movie will even shed fragment of a light on that angle. But it would have been so nice.

Watch Sherlock Holmes Online

“Sherlock Holmes” is the upcoming film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary masterpiece about the popular sleuth. This is directed by Guy Ritchie and produced by Joel Silver. Screenplay was written by Michael Robert Johnson, Anthony Beckham, and Simon Kimberg. Robert Downey Jr. takes on the title character and Jude Law steps in to play Dr. John Watson. The movie opens on Christmas Day.

The film is set in 1891 but Ritchie assures that the approach will be contemporary in order to lure young viewers in. The rating is PG13. Children under the age of 13 can come with their parents and their older siblings. This will help them become familiarized with the franchise.

For those who have watch Sherlock Holmes online, they know that it opens with Holmes apprehending the cult leader Lord Blackwood. The antagonist is played by British thespian Mark Strong (best known as Septimus in “Stardust”). He promises to return from the dead as his revenge. Now that being said, the film seems to have a horror aspect to it.

Before you watch Sherlock Holmes online, it is interesting to know a couple of trivia here and there. First and foremost, you might want to know how Robert Downey Jr got involved in the film. It all happened when he was visiting the offices of Joel Silver. Ritchie personally believed that Downey was too old but after seeing his audition, the director changed his mind.

As for Law, he takes on the role of Watson differently from the one which actor Nigel Bruce popularized in the earlier films. In real life, the actor is a Holmes fan so he is knowledgeable of the story. Ritchie initially wanted Russell Crowe for the role, but again, he changed his mind after seeing Law’s audition and hearing about the actor’s interest in the film. When they were filming, Law had a notebook of phrases from the stories which he used in his dialogue.

Joining the cast is Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler. Irene is a femme fatale from New Jersey who was the only one to outwit Holmes. Therefore, the detective gives his respect to her. Ritchie at first thought that McAdams was too young to play Downey’s interest but to the people who watch Sherlock Holmes online already would agree that both actors do have chemistry and they look good together.

Producer Lionel Wigram wanted to present Sherlock Holmes in a contemporary light which he believes was accomplished in this film. Here, Holmes is more modern and more bohemian. He dresses more like an artist and a poet. Also, in order for the character to appeal to the ADD audience of today, Warner Brothers opted to share some similarities with Batman in “Batman Begins”. Therefore, the estate of Sherlock Holmes has a lot of gadgets as well.

Ritchie loved “Sherlock Holmes” when he was a young boy at a boarding house. He and the other pupils used to listen to Sherlock stories through the dormitory speakers. He would listen until he fell asleep. He felt that Holmes spoke to him even when he was just seven years old. Therefore, he wanted to make the film more authentic to how Doyle visualized it to be. He wanted the brilliance of Holmes to be seen onscreen.

Ritchie also wanted his version of Holmes to have costumes that play against the image that has been thought by the public. Downey chose to keep the fedora. Ritchie also maintained the tradition of the apartment of Holmes and Watson as really messy. This is decorated with scientific objects and artifacts that they collected from continents they visited. When you watch Sherlock Holmes online, you would see these artifacts. It is also interesting to note that the apartment that they used as Sherlock’s was the same as Sirius Black’s in 2007’s “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”.


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