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Should Middle Schools be Drug Tested?

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Wordcount: 700 words Published: 2nd Aug 2017

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Drugs are ruining everyone’s lives and it’s killing children and adults. We all know the damage it leaves, by causing families to suffer from addiction or death. Kids are getting money for drugs by stealing, their parents, or even friends, its hard to say when they start and how far gone,  since not everyone is open about their addiction. We do have a chance to fight the drug war by drug testing in middle school. Drug testing kids in junior high would identify behavior issues, effect they learning, the effects of long term abuse and the most important addictions.

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Behavior issues is one of the most obvious tell of abuse of drugs paranoia, aggressiveness, and impulsiveness are the most common things to look for. People who are consuming drugs lose their sense of compassion or even common sense. It shows that drugs strips you of what makes you human and gives you this need to fill a void that always empties in the end. They slowly lose themselves to a never ending need that will deter people, so they will be forced to live alone leading them to be introverted.

Abusing drugs eventually leads to you slowly kill your brain cells therefore killing any chance to learn again. Drugs hijacks your nerves to flood your brain with dopamine but the problem with that it floods your system, and just like a regular flood there is a abundance so you are drowning your brain in dopamine. Draining you of both memory and focus so your losing the memory to do basic things like get up in time, personal hygiene, balancing eating, and sleep.

Addiction is the absolute worse effect, making you want more of your fix leading you to a destructive circle. It’s much easier for a teen to get caught in this circle and once there caught it hard to break out. Your life starts to circle around the drugs you take; you start hanging out with other people who also do it, so you can get more drugs. You work more to get more drugs; even waking up just to get another fix in order to keep your body in balance. The more you do the drug the more it becomes a part of your life; but when it hits a certain point there will no help to break you out of the circle. Once you fall in the circle you will start to feel a physical need to your fix once you go a time without it your body start to shut down; leaving you with no immune system getting you sick more of the time. After all the sickness and getting more drugs your emotions connected when you get another dose you start feeling normal, but as soon as you run out that’s when desperation kicks in. leaving you to lie and steal more drugs or things to sell to pay for them. All that leads you to is a life of crime running or going to jail doing all you can for your little drug to feel normal again leaving you back to the decision that got you here.

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Drugs cause a much shorter life expectancy because of all the health concerns a few major one are cancer, strokes, and even abnormal heart rate. Cancer would just be a lingering thing that will follow you throughout your life ether slowly killing you or just being an everyday thing dealing with it. Your body is all you have why would you just give it a deadly debases that will be a slow and painful death. Strokes are a thing that can happen to anybody the only thing is it increases the chances to get them. The strokes affect your whole body giving your body a weakness and numb feeling making everyday thing much harder. Not to mention the increase heart rate can lead to all kinds of problems a few are faintness, dizziness, loss of coordination, and lightheadedness. In any case increase heart rate for too low will cause much more problems than the benefits of taking drugs will ever give you,

In conclusion I agree with the idea of drug testing of junior high students for purpose of identifying at risk students for potential drug addiction.  By identifying the students through behavioral issues as well as learning problems, we can start to break the chain of addiction and ensuring we get them medical help to these students who become more productive and valued members of society.


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