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Malaysia Administration System

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  1. Introduction

Malaysia, Malaysia (Malaysia) for short, is one of the Southeast Asia by thirteen states and three federal systems composed of district federal countries. Kuala Lumpur, the federal government is located in the city. August 31, 1957 (Ding You years) independence. Western half is located in the Malay Peninsula, often referred to as the “west”, the north Thailand, and south across the Johor strait, as opposed to a Singapore and Indonesia’s Riau islands; The eastern half is often referred to as the “east horse”, south Kalimantan, Indonesia.

As early as the 6th century BC, and now the Malaysian region to establish a “Kedah” kingdom. 14 real “Malacca” kingdom centered in Malacca, the unification of most of the Malay Peninsula. 1511 Portugal conquered the “Malacca.” “World War II”, the United Kingdom, such as the Penang Malay maharaja 9 merges it to federal, Singapore as an independent British colony. Federated Malay States in 1957 independence, the Federated Malay States in 1963 with Singapore, Sarawak, and Sabah merged to form Malaysia. 1965 Singapore quit forming the current Malaysia.

The members of the British Commonwealth, the non-aligned movement and members of the organization of the Islamic conference, is also one of the founding of the association of Southeast Asian nations countries. Mainly involved in military action defense alliance with the five countries and the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

  1. Administrative structure in Malaysia

2.1 The legislative branch

2.1.1 at the federal level

  • YDPA

Malaysian Supreme Head of State as head of state, commander in chief of the armed forces and Islamic leaders from the nine hereditary rulers of the meeting in accordance with the candidacy of Sudan Sudan Aging’s age and became drawn up the list, the highest elected a seniority Sudanese head of state, a term of five years.

Supreme Head of State is the head of state has the legal status of the Federal Constitution and the Act of Parliament expressly bar out of his country representative for Malaysia, the highest legislative and executive decision-makers.

  • Senate

A total of 69 members of the Malaysian Senate, where 26 is indirectly elected by the state legislature elections in 13 states, in addition to the 44 heads of state from the federal government to the highest recommended for appointment. Senators must be over 30 years of the Federation of Malaysia citizen, a total term of three years, regardless of whether the continuous average term renewable only once.

  • House of representative

A total of 193 members must be at least 21 years of age and shall not serve on the Members.

Under the five-year term of office of members must be regular and comprehensive re-election, Mr. Election, when voters in the constituency Members voting seats, mining relative majority decision made it past the post voting. Known as “YANG BERHORMAT”. Responsible by Congress in Malaysia, the task of amending the law and repeal, directly under the Aging of Malaysia.

2.1.2 at the state level

  • Rules

Heads of state leaders is highest, according to the country’s constitution, the head of state has the right to recommend the principles of action, as well as the rules and the powers to appoint and YDB YDN, for the appointment of the Minister of State has certain rights. You can refuse the request and agreed to dissolve the legislature of each state, but for the requirements of the rulers of the Council, to be met, the head of the Malaysian Islamic religion give respect and satisfaction.

  • State legislative assembly

13 states, each state has its own legislative assembly, every member is elected by the people themselves, this tradition has been maintained for five years, the election over the age of 21 people, they were known as’ YANG BERHORMAT”’ Council is responsible for the drafting of the legislation, and debate on them, but a person cannot be at the same time a representative number of constituency, representing a district only.

2.2 The Executive branch

2.2.1 at the federal level

  • YDPA

YDPA 2.1.1 has been discussed in the above

  • Council of the rules

Council of the rules is made up of nine rulers in Malaysia and four appointed head of the state under the federal constitution 38 provisions of the Council, the main functions of the parliament every 5 years is selected in the nine hereditary ruler supreme head of state and deputy supreme head of state, but only the hereditary ruler has the supreme head of state of the right to vote and the right to vote. Other features include a duty to protect the legal status of the Malay and Islam; Involving Islam problem on a nationwide scale for final decisions; In addition, the ruler has the supreme legislative power, the highest judicial power and administrative power, but in actual operation, he must consult the opinions of the prime minister.

  • Prime minister

Malaysia’s prime minister was the leader of the administrative organ in Malaysia. In Malaysia to clarify in the constitution, the supreme head of state must appoint a congressional majority support members of the House of Commons as prime minister.

1. From the parliament’s lower House of Commons

2. Be born in Malaysia citizens

  • Cabinet

Malaysia’s cabinet is the Malaysian government administrative department, the cabinet led by the prime minister and the cabinet minister report to congress on a regular basis. Cabinet members must be elected by congress, which was given the highest approval rating of MPS in the house of Commons will be elevated to the prime minister, then according to the list submitted by prime minister elected cabinet ministers and deputy ministers, cabinet ministers in a cabinet meeting every Wednesday on a regular basis.

2.2.2 at the state level

  • Rules/YDN

Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy in the country. It’s symbolic head of state rulers called Malaysia (Yang Di-Pertuan Agong), namely the Agong, by seven Malay States – Johor, Selangor, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Pahang, Tengah House Sultan (Sultan), plus serious side Raja Negeri Sembilan and Perlis served in rotation, either every 5 years. Four other states in the state by the symbolic head of state (Yang Di-Pertuan Negeri) rule.

  • State executive council

State cabinet-is headed by minter bear.States that do not have a sultan-is headed by chief minister.Peninsular-state executive council.Sabah-cabinet, Sarawak-supreme council.Responsible for forming various state policies, Implement them and acts as advisor to the ruler.Members of state cabinet head certain portfolios.Practices “collective responsibility”. Malaysia consists of 13 states and 3 Federal Territories. Federal; Territories: Kuala Lumpur, Island of Labuan, Putrajaya

2.3 Judiciary

Malaysia’s legal and judicial system is complex, Malaysia’s judicial system is exquisite and meticulous, and it is rooted in the cultural diversity of the colonial history and things. Malaysia’s judicial system involves many aspects of the legal system in Malaysia; Malaysia ruled by the British for a long time, belong to common law legal system. Criminal justice is an important part of Malaysia’s judicial system, based on the defendant equality against the judgment of the illegal interrogation officer leading way on the basis of. This system includes three components, namely the court, the prosecuting authority and defense agencies. It’s the highest law as the United States constitution of Malaysia. Malaysian court structure can be divided into two parts, namely the Supreme Court and lower court. Lower courts consist of judgment court and district court, but it is the things both impartiality-or otherwise-of the higher court, an appellate court and the federal court. The federal court’s predecessor was the Supreme Court; it is the highest in the Malaysian legal system of institution and the final court of appeal. The appeals court to Malaysia’s operation from June 24, 1994 began to take effect. The special court was set up in 1993.Special court will trial all rulers and supreme head of state of civil action. The courts presided over by the federal court, and the other four members, namely what horse two impartiality-or otherwise-of justice and two judges appointed by the Malay rulers conference.

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A member of the federal court for federal court justices, long appeals courtyard, Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak justice and seven other federal court judges.At present there are 10 in Malaysia the appeals court judge (not including the appeal yard long).The Malayan impartiality-or otherwise-of has 47 judge, Sabah and Sarawak impartiality-or otherwise-of ten judges. In the lower court, there are 60 district court judges, of which 52 in the west, Sabah and Sarawak each four. Judgment court judge has 151, including 122 in the west, ma 10 in Sabah, 18 in Sarawak and 1 in Fujian federal territories.The federal court is the judicial Malaysia’s supreme leader. The federal court, the appeal judges, west horse yard long, Malaya, federal court judges, the appeals court judge and impartiality-or otherwise-of the judge is the supreme head of state in refer to the advice of the prime minister appointed after meeting and consulting the Malay rulers.

3.0 Explain your country system — china

The judicial organs of China including the court, procurator ate, public security organs (including the state security organs) and judicial administrative organs and their leading lawyer organization, notary organ, re-education through labor authorities, etc. The people’s court is an organ of the state trial; the people’s procurator ate is the national legal supervision organs; the public security organ is the public security organ, is responsible for the investigation of criminal cases, detention or pre-qualification and arrests. Has the nature of the public security organ of a state security organ; Main responsibility is to management of the judicial administrative organs of the prisons and labor camps, lawyers, notarization, people’s mediation and legal publicity and education, etc. Judicial organization refers to the lawyers, notarization, and the arbitration organization. The latter is not the judicial organs, are essential in the judicial system and links.

4.0 Comparison with Malaysia

Malaysia government and society:

Constitutional monarchy (a constitutional monarchy is divided into dual monarchy and a parliamentary monarchy, Malaysia belong to parliament monarchy). Rulers meeting by the Johor, Pahang, Selangor, Mei LAN, knight, Deng jail floor, Kelantan, Kedah, glass city nine states of hereditary Sudan and Malacca , Penang, sand, the more, the Shaba of four states of heads of state. Its function is highest in nine hereditary Sudan in turn elected head of state and deputy supreme head of state; Review and promulgated by the national laws and regulations ;Has the final decisions on Islam problem on a nationwide scale; Review involved ethnic Malays and Sabah, sand the privileged status of indigenous peoples and other major problems. Without the consent of the meeting, and shall not by any law rulers of privileged status.

China government and society:

National nature: the people’s democratic dictatorship of socialist countries. The socialist system is the basic system of the People’s Republic of China. The socialist system by any organization or individual is prohibited destruction. “After Hong Kong and Macao return, because of historical reasons, the implementation of “one country, two systems”, namely in mainland China practices the socialist system and capitalist system in Hong Kong and Macao shall, because civil war failed to unify Taiwan, presently for the system of capitalism, return also suitable for the “one country, two systems”, still practice the system of capitalism.

Government: the people’s congress system. “PRC” in article 2 of regulation: “all power in the People’s Republic of China belongs to the people. The people exercise state power of authority is the National People’s Congress and local people’s congresses at various levels. The people in accordance with the law, through various channels and forms, management of state affairs, manage economic and cultural undertakings and social affairs management.

5.0 Conclusion

Malaysia’s special political economic and cultural background as well as for its unique geographical position, one of the world famous. Malaysia pursues an independent foreign policy, neutral and nonaligned. Priority to the development of foreign policy cornerstone for the association of south-east Asian nationsASEAN), relations with ASEAN countries. Great importance to developing relations with power. Is a member of the commonwealth, and its member states more exchanges? With the establishment of diplomatic ties in 131 countries.

6.0 Reference list


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