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Distinct Canada – Evolution of Canadian Land

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Worldwide, geography has affected relationships between nations, their history, their friendships, and their people. This is because people immigrate to other countries looking for opportunities or to spend their time outside their homeland and explore new domains, bringing wealth, and culture. Even though global tourists bring in wealth, countries make most of their income from other supports such as trade, resources, and building relations with other nations. Canada has the world’s second biggest land mass that connects the three oceans: the Pacific in the West, the Atlantic in the East, and the Arctic in the North. This allows Canada to be autonomous in trading with other nations. Canada has a lot of natural resources as well, and it is surrounded with natural beauty, bringing new immigrants and tourists to Canada, diversifying its economy. New tourists and immigrants intend to visit Canada due to its great beauty and gets amazed by Canada’s great culture, and freedom. Geography is Canada’s identity; it has established dominion over its economy, defense, urbanization, and tourism.

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Canada is renowned for its terrain which amazes many tourists from other nations. Canada is gifted with immense land, with its natural beauty extending from British Columbia all the way to Prince Edward Island. Canada is divided into six different regions: the Appalachian region, the Greatlakes-St. Lawrence region, the Canadian shield region, the Prairie region, the Cordilleras region, and the Arctic region. Every region has its own unique topography, animals, and attractions. Canadian Shield is Canada’s biggest region which reaches from the North West territories all the way to Labrador. It is one of the most beautiful regions of Canada, containing amazing wild life and a diverse set of habitats. “Canada is one of the planet’s most comfortable, and caring, societies. The United Nations Human Development Index cited the country as the most desirable place in the world to live” (That Famous Canadian Hospitality). Many tourists come to Canada for an amazing experience of our Canadian ventures. We have countless attractions with diverse landscape of our six regions. Niagara Falls, Banff, Toronto’s CN Tower, Whistler, and Calgary’s Stampede are some of Canada’s great attractions that bringing many tourists. Canada’s terrain shows Canada’s uniqueness through its great beauty, culture, and tradition, influencing the hearts of many tourist intending to visit Canada.

In Canada’s history, canoe is one of our national symbols. We used to transport resources such as furs, fish, and timbers by canoes. Canoe was mainly used by voyagers, and First Nations for exporting, therefore, it plays a huge role in the development of Canada. Explorers used water-ways to go in land. According to the trade route, different types of canoes were used. The goods were light weight, waterproof, and often small to go through canals. Waterway was the best route which gave voyagers an easy access towards exploring Canada’s markets, boosting its economy and making great relations with the Aboriginals. “The Hudson Bay was the first company to build trading post across Canada who got the trading rights in 1670 by king Charles II” (HBC Heritage – The Canoe). Due to our Geography, waterways were used in exporting Canada’s resources, bringing culture from across the world. It also changed Canada’s identity due to the formation of relations with the First Nations and French people.

Most of Canada’s economy is developed through its natural resources. Canada’s economy is mostly based on exporting rather than importing. The main reason is that along with Canada being gifted with an immense land, it is also gifted with an abundance of natural resources. According to the government of Canada, “Canada’s economy includes three main types of industries: service industries, manufacturing industries, and natural resources industries” (Discover Canada – Canada’s Economy). Service industries provides jobs and services like education, health care, and banking. Manufacturing industries make products such as paper, food, clothing, machinery, and other goods, which are then sold to other nations. Natural resources industries exports Canada’s natural resources to many other countries. All these three economical industries are mainly based on exporting or providing services. The natural resource industry is one of the most profitable industry amongst the three. Canada is known for the abundance of its natural resources which is traded amongst many nations around the world. Some of the resources we have are: gold, silver, nickel, copper, natural gas, Crude oil, Coal, Uranium, Potash, and Diamonds. Saskatchewan is known for its great agriculture, and its resources such as potash, and uranium. Alberta has oil, gas, and coal. Canada trades most of its resources with the United States, The United Kingdom, and China, maintaining great relations. According to the stats of 2017, “United States is Canada’s top trading partner who has imported US $319.6 Billion worth of products from Canada” (Canada’s Top Trading Partners). The James Bay hydro-electricity project dam in Quebec provides a lot of energy to Canada. The Atlantic provinces provide minerals, hydro-electricity, and fish. All these resources are transported to many other nations. Canada’s geography has played a significant role towards building our economy, as well as building relations with other nations.

Defense and Canada’s geographical location are the biggest factors making Canada the safest country. Canada’s location is very isolated which is surrounded by three oceans. This makes almost impossible for an enemy to cross the vast Atlantic Ocean. We are neither patrolled by any nations nor do we have any disputes with United States. Canada share the same land border with United States with a friendly relation. United States has great relations with Canada due to its great trading partnership. Having a great relationship with United States makes Canada fearless from the threats of other nations. Canada is a peace-keeping nation which does not have any disputes nor have any issues with other nations that may lead to war. All over the world, Canada is known as a peacekeeping country which allows its society to accept diversity rather than being standardized. Geography has infiltrated our hearts through its landscape making us an indivisible nation.

Most of Canada’s population is located in the Southern zone of our country. The reason is due to its moderate climate, and trade routes. “Over 80% of Canadians live in the urban centers.” (Urbanization). Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are the three biggest urban cities. Being a part of HAVE provinces, immigrants are often drawn to the urban areas. HAVE provinces are often well developed which is the reason why a lot of immigrants can be found in these places. Along with its great environment, Canada’s urban cities have a great trade route. Canada’s urban cities are located near United States, and it opens many water-way trade routes which gives an easy access to transportation of goods to other nations and also helps us towards making relations with other nations and also connects our core identity of canoe to our history.

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Geography is what gives Canada its identity. Canada’s geography has established supremacy through its economy, defense, urbanization, and tourism. From the past till the present, Canada has demonstrated superiority through its geography and has always been exceptional from the rest of the world. Canada’s geography shows how Canada is really different by influencing the hearts of many tourists and immigrants through its diverse culture, and tradition. Tourists and immigrants who intend to visit Canada are astonished by its natural beauty surrounded by great attractions and joyful environments. Along with its great topography, Canada also has abundance of natural resources. Canada trades its resources with other nations and builds strong relations with them. Canada has always been a peacekeeping country, and through its geographical location, Canada has always remained safe and secure from threats. As Canadians we should be proud of being a part of Canada. Our Prime Minister had said, “I am so excited about Canadians ruling the world.” (John Diefenbaker). History shows that geography is the only reason behind Canada’s success. Canadians receive different services such as health-care, education, banking through our economy. Our economy is developed through our geography. At present, Canada is striving towards success. People come to Canada intending to become its citizen. People have a strong desire of being a part of Canada due to its stable, diverse, and free land. Unlike other countries, Canada lets people have rights and freedoms through which they can express their feelings, allowing our society to develop and progress. Geography defines us as Canadians, differentiating us from the rest of the world; it has affected our history, international relations, trade, and its development, making Canada a symbol of unique culture, diverse tradition, and freedom; it is Canada’s identity which governs our future and our people.

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