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Impacts of Global Warming

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Wordcount: 1140 words Published: 18th May 2020

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 In “Global Warming Led to Scorching Heat in Europe. Leaders Must Take It Seriously”, the editors of the Washington Post argue that the heat waves in Europe are potentially linked with global warming. The heatwave has also caused some casualties, but this problem has not attracted much attention compared with other disasters. Global warming means that a large amount of carbon dioxide and carbon emissions in the atmosphere come from human activities, which leads to climate change and rising temperatures. Part of the reason for global warming may be man-made, such as people drive a lot and waste natural energy, leading to global warming and environmental pollution. High temperatures can cause many serious problems, such as In France, “major school exams were postponed” (Washington Post, 2019). While “in Germany, authorities sprayed down trees to keep them cool. Heat damaged Swiss train tracks. Wildfires blazed in Spain” (Washington Post, 2019). It is obvious that it has a great impact on people’s lives and the environment. People need to pay attention to global warming because it is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: the survival of the animal, climate change, and human daily life.

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 Some animals may be endangered because of global warming. Continuous global warming will accelerate the melting rate of polar glaciers, resulting in a rise in sea level, which will reduce these areas of animal activity. For example, the habitats of polar bears, penguins, and seals are seriously threatened, although they are good at swimming near the coast. But their exhaustion, low body temperature, and weak resistance are caused by the long search for food at sea. If they encounter strong winds and waves in the sea, they will easily drown it. Moreover, polar bears begin to kill each other when they can’t find food. This will directly threaten the survival of polar bears and other animals. So, the massive reduction of glaciers caused by global warming is fatal to Arctic animals. Secondly, the increase of carbon dioxide concentration in the air will lead to the acidification of water, unsuitable for animals to survive. This will gradually lead to extinction, which reduces the diversity of organisms.

 Climate changes are one of the most intuitive changes in global warming. As a result of a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions, there is a sharp rise in high-temperature weather, which has an irreversible impact on our environment and ecology. For example, fog and haze frequently occur in Beijing, China. In fact, the main reason for Beijing’s grey sky is global warming. Scientists say, “Changing weather patterns linked to rising global temperatures have resulted in a dearth of wind across northern China, according to several recent studies, exacerbating a wave of severe pollution that has been blamed for millions of premature deaths” (Hernández, 2017). I have been to Beijing when I was twelve, the sky was blue in my memory. To my surprise, the changes caused by global warming in a short period of time are indeed so huge. Smog in Beijing not only has a tremendous impact on the environment but also on human health. People may have respiratory-related diseases when they breathe small particles in the air. In recent years, China has been experiencing a warm winter. This is also one of the manifestations of global warming. I live in the south of China and remember as a child that it usually snows during Christmas time. However, when I returned home last Christmas, there was no snow on the street, instead, it was a warm winter with sunshine. The continued of global warming may not only bring about changes in climate. The world may undergo more unpredictable changes due to global warming in the future.

 Global warming will direct and indirect influence on the daily lives of humans. Global warming leads to evaporation of the ocean, and floods may occur in some areas. At the same time, it will evaporate the land and cause severe drought in some areas. Large-scale drought will reduce grain production. Insufficient food supply will seriously threaten people’s lives because food is the most important necessities of human beings. Without food, human beings will not be able to survive. More importantly, abnormal climate and abrupt temperature lead to heatwaves, floods, storms and sea-level rise, which directly affect human health and daily lives. For example, typhoon Lekima occurred in the coastal areas of China on August 11 this year. “At least 28 people have been killed and more than a million forced from their homes as Typhoon Lekima hit China” (BBC News, 2019). Meanwhile, global warming will also affect the supply of water resources, aggravate air pollution, and have indirect effects on human health. Besides, high temperatures will also lead to increased mortality from heart disease, as the intense hear in summer accelerates the beating of the heart, increases sweating and increases the blood pressure of people.

 Global climate change has seriously affected the living environment of animals, the change of climate, the quality of human life, and the threat to human security. Global warming has become a very difficult trend to reverse. It and rising temperatures have caused very serious consequences for human beings, brought great impact on the Earth’s organisms and seriously affected people’s lives, but people didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem. It is urgent to protect the environment and people should take active measures to deal with it.

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